Jon Favreau Is FURIOUS With Lucasfilm & Gina Carano Fired Situation (Star Wars Explained)

Now that the mandalorian season 3 news is looking have also been confused over the gina carano fired situation over at lucasfilm when it comes to the mandalorian and rangers of the new republic. This star wars leak will be diving into new details of kathleen kennedy and even Jon Favreau. These star wars leaks will also involve Gina Carano and her character Cara Dune. Its is very surreal for some fans that lucasfilm fired gina carano from the mandalorian. Later we will be going into BIG News for The Ahsoka Series & Luke Skywalker to be Recast plus more on the Andor Series as well and whats to come for the kenobi series. Many people now want to cancel disney plus after this entire situation unfolded.


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100+ comentarios:

David Lynch
David Lynch:
The irony is that Disney firing Gina proved her point.
Doktor Zhigonzo
Doktor Zhigonzo:
Disney: "we were looking for a reason to fire gina"
Me: i was looking for a reason to cancel disney+
Diane mcGlon
Diane mcGlon:
Why didn't they fire Pedro Pascal for doing the same thing.
It’s good to know Jon is not on board with her being fired
adam david
adam david:
Disney fired
Gina Carano and threatened to stop doing business in Georgia over their heartbeat bill.

Yet they filmed Mulan in an area of China with actual concentration camps and thanked the people responsible for them. :))
Jason Springer
Jason Springer:
If you understand everybody has their own views you would understand that she should be allowed to have one as well. Passive aggressive authoritarianism is still authoritarianism
Heytan76 - MAGIC ARENA
Heytan76 - MAGIC ARENA:
Fire Gina for a post confirms exactly what she has denounced.
J0 Fiz
J0 Fiz:
Disney is a political movement. They even chose locations so that the money they invest in those areas can be used to drive politics. Georgia and China for example. I just cancelled my Disney+
Abigail Elizabeth
Abigail Elizabeth:
He hand picked her and named the character after her!! She did all her own stunts. This woman is bad ass!
An Tran
An Tran:
Get rid of your Disney + and drop their stocks. That is the way.
Everyone has their own views, but only some people are allowed to express them.
Phaenix _
Phaenix _:
I love Gina. Her character is badass and the Kathleen Kennedy Klub just had to ruin it. No more StarWars for me. Disney+ can die.
I will not be watching Mando w/o Gina, I will not be watching Rangers w/o Gina. I respect Jon Favreau and love his work, but watching his shows means supporting Disney after they pulled this crap. If Disney wants to see another dollar from me they better beg Gina to come back.
T Worth
T Worth:
Honestly, if Disney is going to continue to respond to " mob mentality", they can stuff it....
I read her tweets. Anyone who found themselves triggered and offended needs to grow a pair.
Iron Sights
Iron Sights:
When you look at what Gina was tweeting and how people's reactions cost her the job; these events prove the points she was making on social media.
Evidently Disney is more concerned with being woke rather than respecting the 1st amendment rights of their actors who happen to not share a woke demented mentality.
So basically, disney fired Gina because of a political opinion! The World has gone crazy
Robert Alario
Robert Alario:
I think she has a case against Lucas film since someone having different political views should not be a reason to fire someone. Just because you think a different way. It’s Marxist Communist socialist to do that. It’s a political viewpoint and it was not anti-Semitic
Ed Crosbie
Ed Crosbie:
"The project is still on"
Me: couldnt care less i wont be following disneys abortion of the star wars universe from now on anyways!
Question if Gina Carano is such an ant-Semite as Disney claims. Then why would a Jewish person (Ben Shapiro) hire her a couple of days after she was fired!!!
“She rubbed things the wrong way”!!?!?!? All she did was tell the truth and be accurate and she was fired for it!! Total joke, Disney should apologize to her and rehire her immediately! This cancel culture needs to stop, favrau should quit out out principle!
Gitfiddle 7766
Gitfiddle 7766:
So Disney finds a strong, bad ass, self-empowered female character, and then fires her for being a strong, bad ass, self-empowered person. Uh huh
Edward span
Edward span:
The woke crowd is the minority and the majority is tired of them.
Rosco Coltrane
Rosco Coltrane:
They pressured her to apologize and the minute she did, they took that as an admission of guilt. Stick to your guns and don’t give in otherwise the cancel culture will eat you alive.
Chris T
Chris T:
I wonder how Chris Pratt is feeling atm. Those SJW britches have their eyes set on him to.
J Marshall Presnell
J Marshall Presnell:
"Never Forget" was the important phrase to remember. Never forget what they did to us, and make sure to prevent it from happening to anyone else. So, DSNY not only forgot to not forget, but actually aided those they were not supposed to forget in their authoritarian zeal to cancel (read as 'erase') one of their own. Tone-deaf doesn't even begin to describe their idiocy. Stocks liquidated, and my company will not renew its contracts with DSNY in two months.
Gina Carano did nothing wrong, she was fired by neo-Marxist activist narcissists who cannot stand anyone who has a different opinion.
Gary Spry Jr
Gary Spry Jr:
She didn't do or say anything that should be considered "controversial".
Perfectly Good Slouch
Perfectly Good Slouch:
History is repeating itself, She was Correct in every way who cares about anything else at this point
Knawd Limbz
Knawd Limbz:
Gina Carano did nothing wrong she is an extremely nice extremely talented woman who happens to Not bow down and that's what causes the problems
Tristram Coffin
Tristram Coffin:
Disney: Hires Gina Carano because the character calls for an independent, strong woman.
Also Disney: Fires Gina Carano for being an independent, strong woman.
Glen Silva
Glen Silva:
She spoke the truth, that is all she did. She educated herself and checked out the worlds history and then put it out there for people to read. She spit FACTS!
Christopher Garn
Christopher Garn:
Love the fact that she was fired with the cry of "cultural insensitivity" for evoking the analogy of Nazi fascism causing violence toward the Jewish people and then was immediately hired by practicing orthadox Jew. Hows that working out for you trevor.
Dustin Hardy
Dustin Hardy:
The Mandalorian was a shining star in the Star Wars universe. While the movies have been a propagandist disgrace, the Mandalorian was supurb and interesting. She was not wrong in her statements, and is now missing from the universe. The masterful creation Jon Favreau was putting together, is now missing a key component. Due to propagandists and authoritarian hypocrites.
joseph lameris
joseph lameris:
Her being fired is just further proving the point and concept of her IG post
Wo Jurera
Wo Jurera:
Glad he's furious, she's a Phenomenal and Patriotic Actress👊😎🇺🇲💥💨
Gina getting fired for her post just proves her point .
William R Gordon Jr
William R Gordon Jr:
I love Gina she does a good job in the things that she plays in and Hollywood’s just a bunch of babies, if you don’t agree with them they try to blacklist you thank you.
Dale Murphy
Dale Murphy:
They literally proved her point by firing her
Gina Carano: Hatred and intolerance of neighbors is what led to the Holocaust

The Internet: Nuh-uh you bigot! We hate you and we're going to have you fired.

Yep. That just happened.
They didn't fire Pedro Pascal though did they? Talk about double standards.
Gina is a welcome actress, she fits her character.
Ryan Platt
Ryan Platt:
I'm so sick of the way the country has become. She was literally my favorite on the entire show.
They fired her the way they did right before the quarterly investor call because it was a power-play plain and simple. The Kennedy faction at Lucasfilm was taking a shot at Favreau and his growing influence at Lucasfilm and at Disney in general. I may not agree with everything Carano said but let's be clear here several Lucasfilm employees have made public statements just as bad with no consequences. There is a certain level of hypocrisy I just cannot stand.
Coach Lance
Coach Lance:
This is ridiculous, there was nothing wrong with her having her own opinion....i thought we supported strong independent women....🤦🏽‍♂️
Evil Jim
Evil Jim:
The fact that Gina was fired for having an Opinion is the Real Issue. Allowing Disney to fire an employee for not towing the companies political ideologies is a Slippery Slope of Authoritarian Madness which validates that very opinion. It's "1984" for Real !!
Jackie Crisco
Jackie Crisco:
I'm done with Disney, they shit the bed with the new trilogy big time trying to force sjw on people. Now fire Gina when Pedro is doing the same shit from a liberal stance the double standards are shocking
I am so mad at Disney rn..

I thought they were better than this?

she has her own opinion, sorry that everybody thinks differently.
Adam Nelson
Adam Nelson:
"If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."
They had one successful, well-liked star wars production. ONE. And they blew it. Ok, no more money for you.
Omega Man
Omega Man:
After this I won't be watching ANYTHING Lucasfilm makes from now on. That's enough!
Gunnar Power
Gunnar Power:
Hollywood doesn't like working with people that have morals. I can't wait to see her new movie with Daily Wire.
Christopher Skaggs
Christopher Skaggs:
Lucas films is going to regret firing Gina I hope they fall on their faces for violating her freedom of speech
Paul Gott
Paul Gott:
Love Gina! She was my favorite character on this show. SAVE GINA!
He's so furious he's said nothing publicly about it.
David Stalnaker
David Stalnaker:
Funny that everyone loves a rebel on TV but when you speak your mind in real world they hate you love you Gina you are great woman God bless you
Don Lidtke
Don Lidtke:
It's fantastic news to see that Daily Wire picked up Gina so I wonder if she would want to go back and deal with the POS Disney.
Initially I was about to agree with you with the whole idea of "Down With Social Media", BUT the reality is... We The People live in America!!! This is the United States of America DAMN IT!!! We have a Statue of Liberty... We're supposed to believe in FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! Where's the Equality, when one group silences the MAJORITY? THIS SHIT HAS TO END!!!
Raptor Films
Raptor Films:
Disney should just change their mission statement to: "Making cool stuff, but firing anyone who disagrees with our political stance"
Míster Poniente
Míster Poniente:
Meanwhile on the Lucasfilm offices...

-Oh, Jon, I take it Gina has been fired then. I must said you're here sooner than I expected.
-In the name of the Star Wars Franchise, you're under arrest, President Kennedy.
-Are you threatening me, Jon?
-The Star Wars Fanbase will decide your fate.
-Not yet.
Canceling her just proved what she was saying all along on social media.
This makes me glad I just torrent these shows anyway. Never gave 'em a cent in the first place
Luis Leos
Luis Leos:
I think more than half of the American peoples agree with her views
Alvin Stone
Alvin Stone:
They didn't fire Pascal for saying the exact same things a couple years ago...
The Street
The Street:
One of my favorite drops Mike. And I’ve bee listening for years.
Justme Here
Justme Here:
Way to shill and Support Disney/Lucasfilm's thought policing and censoring. She was NOT fired for her latest post, she was fired because she didn't think the far left ideology, plain and simple
cRAzy A
cRAzy A:
Gina has the right to express her views,Kennedy is a cancer to Lucas film,George sold your soul in dealing with this rotten company.. cA
Had to cheat him to beat him
Had to cheat him to beat him:
It would be great to see condemned and closed Disney parks.
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart:
All Disney did was prove her right. Media/Govs will do what ever they can to demonize others to justify their treatment to them no matter how abhorrent the treatment
London Rhodes
London Rhodes:
With Mandolorian Star Wars almost had me back. After this crap though...
Constitutional Conservative
Constitutional Conservative:
This is how it starts! First they silence you, then they tell you how to live your life! America the future Soviet Union!
Forgetting/canceling history is what allows us to repeat it! 🤪
Psychotic Bastard
Psychotic Bastard:
She didn’t do anything wrong she wanted unity but the libs don’t want that this was bullshit
Trap Soul
Trap Soul:
Recasting would be such a fail no one would accept it
Anna D
Anna D:
I followed on Instagram immediately after I found out she got canceled 😂😂😂
Shawn Renaud
Shawn Renaud:
He has always been one of my favorite actors. Now I like him even more
Meh, SW died to me the moment I watched the farce awakens when I realized they just undid the ending of RotJ, regressed the character growth of Han and Leia and ultimately made their entire journey utterly meaningless. In fact, now they ALL died as failures...I'm amazed so many 'fans' were so captured by the pretty lights that they didn't realize the intellectual damage that garbage movie did to SW and needed to see Luke drink green alien titty milk before they noticed the rot, but whatever.
Rivka P.
Rivka P.:
I’m so disgusted that Gina got fired, but I’m also angry that I personally lost Cara Dune. I desperately hope Disney sends Cara off on an adventure in case she can return some day.
Nicholas Pesce
Nicholas Pesce:
Kennedy needed a way to fuck up Jon Favreau's vision.
Drew Needs more sleep
Drew Needs more sleep:
James Gunn, that’s all I’m saying
The irony of her post is that she was calling out the cancel culture behavior of the intolerant. The left me try to say that the writer Nazis, but the left are the ones who are using Nazi Nazi like behavior.
John Aiello
John Aiello:
Disney will now have the opportunity to introduce a new transgender character. They are salivating.
2 years ago Rugby Australia fired their best player for posting some Christian propaganda on social media. A bit later, he sued and won 10m$, went to play in europe, and now Rugby Australia is bankrupt, and they deserve it!
Michael DeBenedetto
Michael DeBenedetto:
It was a mistake to fire her. I read the post and there is nothing offensive. pascal tweets were far worse and nothing happened to him. She has a right to express her view. The problem is she has been canceled because she is conservative and wrote an indictment of the cancel culture crap the Disney and others are pushing
Robert Alario
Robert Alario:
Well I know they have at least one less if you were of the Mandalorian now I love the show. But I can’t go along with the reasoning behind firing her whether I follow her thoughts or don’t. Nobody’s gonna be able to have a job will be Republicans are only hire Republicans and Democrats will only are Democrats. This is crazy world
Jeremy Mullins
Jeremy Mullins:
I'll sail the seven seas from now on watching these shows.
Jon Rooney
Jon Rooney:
I love the fact that you didn’t trash her for her personal/political views.... a true gentleman
Logan's Hot Rod & 4X4
Logan's Hot Rod & 4X4:
They made an example of her, they’re sending a message to all of us, “we can take everything from you if you say something we don’t like.” The Bill of Rights only has power if we all stand together & support one another... yes, even if I sometimes say something you might not entirely agree with... that’s freedom, it’s precious, it’s fragile & we all have a duty to protect it.
Venger Satanis
Venger Satanis:
Well, it's the end of the new Star Wars universe for me. Unless Disney hires Gina Carano back, I'm done.
Libsr Windowlickers
Libsr Windowlickers:
Much love for Gina ! Will always be in her corner !
Adam Garey
Adam Garey:
Please stay Humble too We need caring Gentlemen like you!
Jade Fire
Jade Fire:
I loved the Mandalorian and was looking forward to some other shows on Disney+. But firing Gina Carano was my reason for canceling my subscribtion. Disney handling Star Wrs is a permanent disappointment
Nikola Tesla1943EE
Nikola Tesla1943EE:
This was the straw that broke the camels back. I'm done with Star Wars. I am done with Disney. They need to be cancelled, not a strong, beautiful women who stands up for herself against bullies. Cancelling my Disney+ account will likely make no difference, but at least my conscience will be clear.
I'll assume their inability to tolerate countering ideas will soon reveal itself in the blandness of their products.
Either all actors should shut up, or none of them should. The double-standard is blatant.
Grendel Prime
Grendel Prime:
Walk away from it Jon! Start something new!
Eternal Rivals
Eternal Rivals:
It’s ok to have a opinion that different from the masses. It’s called independent thought 💭.
WenDee H
WenDee H:
What she wrote was proved TRUE with her firing