Jonas Vingegaard Would Never Leave Tadej Pogačar On The Ground After A Crash

Jonas Vingegaard has no regrets after waiting for Pogacar in the final GC mountain battle of the 2022 Tour de France.

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100+ comentarios:

fernando g. aguirre
fernando g. aguirre:
He s an ambassador for his country, for his family and for a good human being. Wishing you bring home the Yellow Jersey! The world needs more people like Jonas!
pm trieve
pm trieve:
Jonas and Tadej are both racers with class. Have not seen that kind of sportsmanship in the pro peloton in a long time. Refreshing. Chapeau to them both!
Ken E
Ken E:
One of the finest moments in sportsmanship & one of the best TDF tete-a-tete battles ever. Two great pro cyclists. Glad to be able to see it unfold.
Matthew Bork
Matthew Bork:
Really wanted Tadej to win, but Vin really has won me over. He has had an outstanding tour and has the heart of a champion
Beautiful rivalry. It is a bliss to witness these two champion’s fight and mutual respect.
Jedi’s Dad
Jedi’s Dad:
Jonas is an outstanding example of Sportsmanship, Humanity and a True Champion.

So exciting to see both he and Pogacar
Adventures with Dave
Adventures with Dave:
How did we go from a—hole Lance to amazingly nice guys Tadej and Jonas. We are so lucky to see these guys battle during the race and yet wait for each other when bad luck strikes and handshakes after the finish line. Amazing gentlemen.
Ruben Andersen
Ruben Andersen:
There's a lot of winners in this Tour! So much respect and spirit all over - been such a joy to watch this year! One for the books!
Joanne leyva
Joanne leyva:
A true champion and class act. A tremendous show of respect and sportsmanship!
Road Glide
Road Glide:
100%. This is what a Champion looks like.
Erik de Been
Erik de Been:
It's so good to see this class sportsmanship combined with the hardest battle in the race. How Tadej attacks like there's no tomorrow but also is so sportsly to congratulate. And how Jonas is waiting after a crash from Tadej is really something I admire.

I have actually noticed the whole bunch of younger riders like Van Aert, Van der Poel, Alaphilippe, which are are fantastically strong and gifted are also displaying this sportsmanship and really are nice to eachother outside of the race. So the way Alaphilippe actually was happy for Van der Poel last year on his win and yellow jersey even while he wanted it so bad is and example. Wout van Aert is from another planet anyway....
tony del Fonso
tony del Fonso:
one of the greatest act of sportsmanship Vingegaard shows the world of cycling and sports. The world needs more people like you. Thank you!!!
Victoria Everglott
Victoria Everglott:
Jonas will win the tour but he will always be remembered for this gesture! thanks for an amazing tour Jonas and Tadej!
Dean Purcell
Dean Purcell:
A wonderful display of sportsmanship by both of them today!
Bruce Gelman
Bruce Gelman:
These men will be friends for life.
Chris Kilduff
Chris Kilduff:
Fair play and the utmost respect for Jonas absolute true sportsman and champion.
Paopao Lin
Paopao Lin:
Feel good to witness such a moment these two riders made tonight
To display such sportsmanship at the most highest level of a sport is both outstanding and unique; much respect to him - what a superb ambassador for cycling and sport in general, and what a role model for young cyclists and athletes around the world.
I cannot remember a TDF as exciting and inspiring as this one, Vingegaard and Pogacar have shown the world how to be ultra competitive, dignified and respectful all at the same time. It’s a shame there can be only one winner.
Mark hicks
Mark hicks:
i think that was the greatest act of sportsmanship i have ever seen. best wishes jonas.
Jonathan Marker
Jonathan Marker:
They are both amazing champs 🔥
Or Something
Or Something:
Just such class. Both riders. It’s motivating on so many levels!
John Christensen
John Christensen:
Have been watching TDF for more than 30 years. Must say these 2 guys gives us a show that has yet to be seen.....
sergio wilson ramos junior
sergio wilson ramos junior:
excepcional atleta e um caráter impecável. Parabéns ao Vingegaard.
absolute class act, both of them. making the TDF truly great again.
J E:
Doesn't get any better than this. True grit from 2 great riders.
Romeo Manuel David
Romeo Manuel David:
Tadej once chased a breakaway to tell them to slow down after a big crash happened in a stage last year so everyone can catch up and have a good race. Totally deserved the return
Joseph Obenauer
Joseph Obenauer:
After tremendous a-holes like Armstrong & Pantani, cycling gets a breath of fresh air.
Randal Bladel
Randal Bladel:
Class acts and deserving champions. Both of them.
I've watched every stage. This has been the best Tour I've watched and has set the example for all sports to follow. Our US sports could take a few pages out of the Tour book in terms of being good athletes and ambassadors.
Gheorghe Falcaru
Gheorghe Falcaru:
Marsh Jones
Marsh Jones:
In addition to both being great sportsmen, I have noticed that win or lose all three are sincerely smiling and talking after the race is done. That was something you simply did not see in the pro races years ago. I've wondered if not being terrified of a random drug test might have something to do with it?
Simon Mundy
Simon Mundy:
That's why cycling is the best sport in the world. Top man Jonas, you deserve to win the Tour.
im an american, who loves the TDF..... i love to watch TP, and hoped that he would win three in a row. this has not completely changed. im not too familiar with Jonas Vingegaard, ,,, BUT,,, because of his TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP in waiting for TP, i am NOW a BIG FAN of JV. if JV wins this tour, he deserves all of the respect of those that love the TDF, and this moment in time, when he waited will be the HIGHLIGHT of this TDF for me.

THANK YOU JV ,,, ONWARD AND UPWARD for you and your team.
JV is just a class act. Hope he wins it
Dead enduro
Dead enduro:
I love that Vinegard waited. I am unhappy that flobikes picked up the tour in Canada. This is the first year I have not been able to watch all of the coverage. I hope things change in the future
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski:
Very sporting… reminded me of when Lance Armstrong was taken down by a spectator and Jan Uklrich sat up and waited for him.
Comments Enabled
Comments Enabled:
Polite and composed... nice dedication to his kids.... I like this new champion!!!!
So glad to see him wait for Tadej. I remember being angry seeing Contador attack on Shleck having a mechanical in the the Alps in (?)2010. Today was a show of sportsmanship.
daniel heideman
daniel heideman:
You are a Blessing to the Tour de France and to the Sport of Cycling
Daljit Singh A
Daljit Singh A:
Wow i was rooting for poga.. now i am a vindegaard fan
James Durant
James Durant:
I remember Jan and Lance waiting for each other back in the day. Loved it
Gene West
Gene West:
Pure class, well done 👏✔👍👌
Q H:
Great sportsmanship and maturity from such young but incredible riders, cycling is getting better with the new generation!
Absolute sportsmen!!!
Cyclingnerd Delux
Cyclingnerd Delux:
I wasn't a fan of his before this race. I sure am now. He and Tadje are great for the sport.
Ok, fantastic victory and one of the best tours in a long time!! The real question is what is attached to his hat?
Just the Pip
Just the Pip:
What a legend
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
They are both amazing champs
Alan Whittenhall
Alan Whittenhall:
Jonas you are an amazing person.
Drew Cama
Drew Cama:
He speaks like a champion. Bravo !
Melancholic Duck
Melancholic Duck:
Loving this Tour de France. Wish Primoz didn’t crash out like he did and be in the mix
Rui Calado
Rui Calado:
Very nice athelete and a great cyclist,he and Pogacar and all the new genaration of cyclists gives all the fans a good perspective for the future of cycling.
S C:
Absolutely the BEST moment is all of sports this year…
Helena Trela
Helena Trela:
Our world needs more people like YOU Jonas Vingegaard.
A true champion! More athletes should be like him!
Very good sportsmanship, u really deserve this year tdf JV!
Hiram Priggott
Hiram Priggott:
This race was a story for the ages. Pogacar and Vingegaard will define this year's Tour de France.
Gabriel Grover
Gabriel Grover:
very humble man
Ant Otico
Ant Otico:
Made me respect vin more!
Andrew Labat
Andrew Labat:
He wouldn't give them an inch while they try to get him to say he has the yellow wrapped up.. Being humble and smart..
James B.
James B.:
Sportsmanship. A word not used or seen in any other sport.
Andrew Watkins
Andrew Watkins:
Jonas!! You are without question....A True, True Champion. Denmark Rightly So Proud of you..
Matt Jones
Matt Jones:
But it looked like, as Jonas was about to high side, tadej was about to attack as he cleared the corner. If Jonas had crash, would tadej kept going. The strategy was to be aggressive in the descent to get time back.
Sergio lm
Sergio lm:
God Bless jonas tomorrow...
Good luck and i pray for your safety jonas.🚴🙏🇵🇭
liouy cnny
liouy cnny:
Class acts and deserving champions. Both of them.
Chris van Buggenum
Chris van Buggenum:
The King is dead. Long live the King.
Paul Solon
Paul Solon:
Way to go Jonas
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb:
Class acts and deserving champions. Both of them.
You fucking deserve that Yellow jersey Jonas.
It did look like he left him initially and then maybe a voice in his ear told him to wait. Whatever the reason it was a nice moment of sportsmanship and respect.
Zander Willoughby
Zander Willoughby:
What a guy
Emmanuel Buenviaje
Emmanuel Buenviaje:
Benjamin Karslund
Benjamin Karslund:
Proud Dane here! Kom så Vingegaard! ❤️🇩🇰
T. R.
T. R.:
When T.P crashed i thought he would attack i was surpriced
Would really like to hear the Team Radioes (On Team UAE & Team JBV) during the last 2 stages in the Pyrenees this year.
Charming and humble man with a funny accent.
Miguel Suarez
Miguel Suarez:
Class act!
Jonas did something that you never ever see an Italia or Spanish rider do.
"Where did you get so much power for the last 4 km Jonas?"

hmmmmm do I sense a hint from the biased female reporter?

Glad to be able to watch these two, CLEAN, and very talented pro cyclists. What a refreshing Tour this has been, and definetely one to go down in history!
christopher squires
christopher squires:
he and the rest of jumbo visma are great ambassadors for cycling and for bicycle advocates world wide who i being one in the state of connecticut are fighting for cycling infrastucture !!!!!!
Goat Bloat
Goat Bloat:
No mention of wva? Seems like he really helped in those final few kms.
Turcsek Bence
Turcsek Bence:
For me if someone do a mistake by his own, it's not unsportmanship if the other keep pushing, but amazing act by Vin
Honourable winner 🇩🇰👌
Milennial Zero
Milennial Zero:
TdF is a sport unto itself. This is more than sport. It's an inspiration.
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
Respectful... Jonas
Don't mean to ruin the feel good story and all, but imo waiting for Pogacar to come back was simply the most logical strategy. Not saying there is not a healthy rivalry and respect between the two, but in this case it was a rather cynical move from Vingegaard (and I don't blame him for it)

If he had used that opportunity to attack, he would have had to ride on his own for a while and manage this lead, which doesn't allign with his game plan ever since he got the yellow jersey (Being Pogacar's shadow, the safest and most optimal thing to do), he would have had to spend more energy and take risks in the remainder of the downhill section. He had his two minutes lead, attacking there, so far from the end, would have been potentially detrimental. By waiting for Pogacar, all Vingegaard had to do was to lure Pog towards Jumbo Visma's death trap at the end (Pogacar had no choice but to do that and bet on his own talent, he was running out of time to make a GC comeback) with all his teammates waiting to support him and contest Pog.

So yeah, cute storytelling around this whole thing, but I think that things aren't as pretty, much more pragmatic and calculated. I love what both riders showed today and throughout the tour, no need to inflate their relationship with this kind of doubtful narratives
Bob Haines
Bob Haines:
First class rider.......
one hour music
one hour music:
Alberto Contador be like:
Is that even legal? XD
Sym Chay
Sym Chay:
Wout was wow.....
Cherries 4life
Cherries 4life:
"You're still focused?"
Noo... you don't say!
Gary Webber
Gary Webber:
armstrong waited for ulrich and vise versa
Tadej would had not done the same. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
bob meadows
bob meadows:
K T:
Very likeable 👍🏻
Julio BZH
Julio BZH:
la Slovenie est un grand pays, la france a des médecins médiocres et on ne pourra jamais gagner le tour de france de notre vivant, mais on est honnête c'est bien....
Laszlo Zoltan
Laszlo Zoltan:
you see Lance, you dont have to cheat to win. cheaters are losers because they dont believe in themselves
Bruno Moreira
Bruno Moreira:
Let's not turn this into a bromance please.
I think Pogacar would have left him on the ground if the reverse happened.