Jose Mourinho reacts to Newcastle draw & controversial handball | Spurs 1-1 Newcastle | Post Match


Jose Mourinho spoke with Laura Woods after Tottenham's 1-1 draw with Newcastle. With a late controversial handball decision being a factor in the game Mourinho was still happy with his side performance.

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Sky Sports Football
Sky Sports Football:
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Elliot Francis
Elliot Francis:
I learned the Tottenham box is a special box.
Omair Sheikh
Omair Sheikh:
"If I want to give some money away I'll give it to charities, not to the FA"
What a baller XD
The Second Cuming
The Second Cuming:
I feel for Jose. But he learnt from his experience.
Had he criticize about the decisions, the media would be on him week after week like sharks smelling blood. She was baiting and baiting but he wouldn't bite. Jose is a clever fish
The new handball rule is nothing short of a disgrace. Seriously, wtf.
calamity jones
calamity jones:
if i speak am in big trouble big trouble..
"There are boxes in boxes and the Tottenham box is a very special box"
-Joe Mourinho's best quote
S W:
Teams need to start intentionally aiming at players hand’s in the box. This is the only way the rule can be reversed
light walker
light walker:
Much as I loved watching Mourinho stroll down that tunnel. This handball rule is a joke, and needs revoking.
I love the FA charity part
Aarnav V
Aarnav V:
This handball rule is somewhat sucking the life out of football...
" If I want to give some money away, I give to charities not to the FA". Epic.
Sing AboutMe
Sing AboutMe:
"we all know the danger of the box"
jose Mourinho 2020
Dermit Fleensworth
Dermit Fleensworth:
You can almost hear Jose's lawyer clearing his throat behind him.
Matthew Sykes
Matthew Sykes:
Dier literally couldn’t even see the ball when it hit him, getting ridiculous now
Sxlmxxn Ahmxd
Sxlmxxn Ahmxd:
He’s right, it was a very good performance, and that shouldn’t have been a penalty at all, the rule is very dumb
Mohammed Samir
Mohammed Samir:
Interviewer: what do you think about the penalty?
Jose: I think my team had a good performance
Maxi Skek
Maxi Skek:
1:19 "if i want 2 give sum money away i give 2 charities i dont want 2 give 2 de fa"
LOOOL classic jose
LozzaGaming 101
LozzaGaming 101:
As a Newcastle fan var and handballs are an absolute shambles
Johnny Dre
Johnny Dre:
This is a "I prefer not to speak" part 2.
Henry Harrison
Henry Harrison:
VAR a bloody joke, he was offside before da hand ball
Munsoor Rawoot
Munsoor Rawoot:
Jose got a point with his last statement..

Leicester had a corner but ref blow for half time.

United get to take the corner and win a penalty.

Big teams with history..
iMAXit Football
iMAXit Football:
This is a very bad day for football ⚽️
Handball rule need to change ASAP
dahir jnr
dahir jnr:
the way he walk away after whistle was legendry
Sakthivel Prakash
Sakthivel Prakash:
Jose:"if I wanna give money away,I will give to charity not to FA".🤣🤣The special ones trash talks are the best. Agree?
David Mihet
David Mihet:
Respect to Jose,
Corcu Zee
Corcu Zee:
Jose had every right to walk away. This rule is a joke
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Amazon documented the wrong season
Marc Brown
Marc Brown:
Why was that given but West Ham didn’t get a penalty when they played arsenal. Exact same situation.
W x B
W x B:
I think managers should be allowed to speak their mind in interviews if a decision is wrongly awarded. I would have loved to have heard Jose's view on it. The FA are nothing but cowards.
Mistic Games
Mistic Games:
I'd be fuming
evan pattesron
evan pattesron:
I’m a Newcastle fan and no way was that a pen GET RID OF VAR
James Dicker
James Dicker:
That decision was a joke...they have to change this!
B. Schuerenberg
B. Schuerenberg:
Masterful interview by Jose. Very proud to have him as the gaffer.
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
José Mourinho would give money to charities than Fa, he's a nice lovely kind man.
Hydra Hunter
Hydra Hunter:
He’s fuming inside
If I speak I’m in big trouble
F1 77
F1 77:
"I don't sink, I sink about the performance" 😂😂😂 gets me every time
Eric Konadu
Eric Konadu:
This handball rule is absolutely ridiculous.
The Purge
The Purge:
Now they can start a special training on aiming the balls at the hands of the defenders in the box . New football META
Alex Sevic
Alex Sevic:
Absolute joke VAR
Luca Mancini
Luca Mancini:
I love how Mourinho just walked away after the pen
tom domagalski
tom domagalski:
0:28 The Story of A Box
Mike #1
Mike #1:
1:18 like him or hate him, that's a brill answer!
when he’s in this mood he just seems like he can be impossible to interview well
sudesh paavana
sudesh paavana:
"I have nothing to say"
"If I speak I'm in big trouble"
"I prefer not to comment"

Legendary lines🔥
Blue Sky
Blue Sky:
If you drank every time the word "box" was said in the interview that would be one hell of a drinking game
Lemon man
Lemon man:
You can see the pain in his eyes 💔
Callum Baxter
Callum Baxter:
"The danger of the box" Hey FNG, can't wait to see some clips from this video on your weekly update ;)
T Moon
T Moon:
I love that Mourinho is managing an underdog team. When he wins trophies with Spurs, they'll probably make a statue of him lol
Student Vlogs - Dylan
Student Vlogs - Dylan:
You just know this interview is going to be interesting 😂😂
absolutely shocking decision, this new rule is seriously ruining football.
Tim Comley
Tim Comley:
There will 300 pens in the league this season at this rate
Meir Feiner
Meir Feiner:
what a legend
M Jig
M Jig:
"If I want to give some money away I give to charities, I don't want to give to FA" - the special one
bear boye
bear boye:
On a more positive note, Jose has written a book about his intimate relationship with a sink - titled "I Sink"
David Logan
David Logan:
"I sink, therefore I am."
Joshua Solomon
Joshua Solomon:
"if i am going to give some charity" he is saying that because if he says something, the FA will fine him lol classic Mourinho very clever
As a Liverpool supporter, I feel for Jose. I miss him as a Pundit, if that as per current rule is a penalty then they need to change the rule. Seriously, wtf.
The Institution
The Institution:
My man, after 10 years he resuscitated the famous box speech, he made that for the first time in 2009 i think, about Inter and Juve's boxes. 🔲
Neil Cassey
Neil Cassey:
Look on the bright side, Jose. I finally got off with my new neighbour last night.
The first time I've felt sympathy for Jose, this was an unjust decision.
"If I speak I'm in trouble"
Just watch it
Just watch it:
He has already started begging its just beginning of the season. 🤣🤣
Darren Yeoh
Darren Yeoh:
"If i want to give some money away, I give to charities, I don't want to give to the FA" smart reply
Mic Derin
Mic Derin:
“I don’t think , I think about my team performance”
Mujahid Khan
Mujahid Khan:
I love his interviews and press conferences..👌🏻
archan gel
archan gel:
this one of the conspiracies that Mourinho was always speaking about 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
This weekend taught me that even if the final whistle is blown a penalty can still be taken after that & even if the ball hits a players hand from the back it's still a penalty. Also Jose wishing he wasn't playing in any box instead 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😄
William Anthony
William Anthony:
He’s a walking meme please never leave spurs 😂
Sainzz Wrldd
Sainzz Wrldd:
He’s Fuming lol
"Our box is a special box" said the the special one.
orangi georges
orangi georges:
Var is killing the game
Johnny Demaggio
Johnny Demaggio:
I think Jose got a like for every time he said "box."
Leo Chung
Leo Chung:
Sonny got hammstring injury. Thats the big issue now.
Ziggy wiggy
Ziggy wiggy:
We've had more hand varball controversy than we have had all of last season. Hope arsenal Liverpool is a game talked about how good the football was instead of some bs Rule
jack lawrence
jack lawrence:
“If I want to give some money away, I will give to charities, I don’t want to give to the FA” 😂
Shivam Gaonkar
Shivam Gaonkar:
Newcastle get a penalty in the 97th minute against Spurs after Jose mentioned Ole and penalties. You couldn't make it up.
Xdeeheb Bcncccn
Xdeeheb Bcncccn:
I laughed for a good 10 mins when jose started waffling about ‘boxes’
“There are boxes in boxes”
“The Tottenham box is a very special box”
Mark Quinn
Mark Quinn:
Got to laugh at him sometimes haha
Kaivalya Shah
Kaivalya Shah:
Bait reporting. Just looking for controversies. Class from Jose.
He's learning. At chelsea he would've been like "It is very clear that the FA is out to get me"
I feel for Mourinho, the premier league var decisions have been a joke this season in regards to handball decisions. Roy Hodgson summed it up perfectly and needs to be heard to rework on rules.
Saurav Sukdeo
Saurav Sukdeo:
Interviewer: So Jose...
Jose: No I can't answer that
Jay Jay
Jay Jay:
Not a good move from Jose in the interview he’s just putting unnecessary stress on his players and I’m not even a spurs fan
Meir Feiner
Meir Feiner:
'the only thing we cant do is press balls in the air against the wall'
Prateek Pillai
Prateek Pillai:
"I don't think"
Frank Destroso
Frank Destroso:
Glory, glory, VAR Utd!
DJ Artistry
DJ Artistry:
1:24 who's heard this before
But var is a disgrace
Nawzad Ibrahim
Nawzad Ibrahim:
I learned that there are some important boxes in football. Thanks Jose
Gene Belcher
Gene Belcher:
Love the dig at Levy at the end for the lack of transfer's in. The meltdown starts earlier, with every club he goes to.
0:29 box.
Andy Ross
Andy Ross:
I actually laughed at Roy Hodgson yesterday, I'm not laughing anymore. This handball rule is killing the game I love
Kiki Nugroho
Kiki Nugroho:
"If I want to give some money, I'll give it to charity, not the FA" -Mourinho-
like if you know what it's mean
Zib Ndix
Zib Ndix:
"I prefer not to speak." Best advice around
made bymonkeys
made bymonkeys:
My special box is my fart box, makes me happy.
Sia Ahmadi
Sia Ahmadi:
I feel for the guy but he's really funny 😂😂
1:21 if I want to give some money away I give it to charity, not the FA LMAO!!!! Mourinho
Kirtan Muni
Kirtan Muni:
The man's a meme😂😂
Kirtan Muni
Kirtan Muni:
The man's a meme😂😂