Hear from Jose Mourinho after he addressed the media for the first time at Hotspur Way ahead of Tottenham Hotspur's Premier League clash against West Ham United.

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The Jose effect. Everyone's watching spurs now.
Dani RLA
Dani RLA:
Am I the only one who wants Mou to succeed with Spurs?

I'm not even a Spurs fan lol.
“I don’t know bcus I’ve never lost a champions league final “ 😂absolute class 😂😂
Jose Mourinho "I am humble."

Five minutes later, Mourinho was asked if he thinks losing the Champions League final affected the Spurs squad: "I don't know because I never lost a Champions League final."

He's baaaaaaack!!!!!
Danu Arzani
Danu Arzani:
I never imagine myself to watch Tottenham Hotspur press conference and never skip it a single second
Elias Mikealson
Elias Mikealson:
Who would've thought that we'd be watching Tottenham freaking hotspur's press conference eh boys ?
"I am not Chelsea, I am not Inter, I am not United. I am all of them"
My god, this man is pure class
X T C:
Millions of people don't realize, they're watching Spurs press conference for the first time.😅
Tommy G
Tommy G:
Put any other manager as the manager of Porto. Then tell them win the Champions League. The Special One is back, that simple. Porto, Trophies. Chelsea, Trophies. Inter, Trophies. Real Madrid, Trophies. Man United, Trophies. Tottenham, soon come. Tommy Gee
"To be a big player, you have to make other players better." Straight into the face of Pogba!
SimpleM CriTick
SimpleM CriTick:
Im following tottenham just to see jose
Ali Aburas
Ali Aburas:
Am I the only one who is welling to watch the whole 41 minutes only because of Jose?
shady baby
shady baby:
Barcelona fan right here to watch every other game of Spurs from now on.
Ogbeide Kelvin
Ogbeide Kelvin:
Spurs just won more fans, mourinho displayed class by giving his warm wishes to his predecessor.
younes Marghich
younes Marghich:
we'll be watching lot of tottenham games just for this man's football
Karl Conrad
Karl Conrad:
Jose is my spirit animal. Wishing him the best!
Salah Sudi
Salah Sudi:
Let me clear this ok I never watched 41 mins any press conference am fan of Liverpool this is the power of mourinho
paul campion
paul campion:
Love him or hate him, football needs these characters. Good Luck Jose
amani muhindo
amani muhindo:
Who else became Spur's fan from the moment Mourinho signed...
John njoroge
John njoroge:
who thinks that jose will transform spurs.......just reply by giving a thumb
Rishi Raj
Rishi Raj:
Everyone saying here: I can't believe I watched spurs interview.
I did too for the first time being another club fan
But when there is quality simply you can't miss,
And just for the sake of pride if you do so , you are a fool.
Jay Something
Jay Something:
As 3rd generation Gooner...I cant believe I watched a spurs conference to the end.
olarker Martine
olarker Martine:
Interviewer: Do you think you
have got your mojo back

Mourinho: "Moho"!!??
Modou A.S Jallow
Modou A.S Jallow:
I already bought my Tottenham Jersey.
Śûdãis Żâmāñ
Śûdãis Żâmāñ:
Meanwhile at Arsenal.....

“Good ebening”
Shiva Shankar
Shiva Shankar:
King of press conferences. Love him or hate him, you can never ignore him.
Minmin Li
Minmin Li:
The only time we hate him is when our team is playing against his team lol
This has been the most interesting football press conference I have ever watched.
If this was an interview for a job, he f*kg nailed it 😂
Mike PenceTD
Mike PenceTD:
Haha, how Mourinho critized Pogba without even telling his name - hes a BOSS
M M:
Pogba must be watching and trying to learn from JOSE now
Mohannad Abbas
Mohannad Abbas:
We should call that “ press confidence”
Junior Azeez
Junior Azeez:
2019 Mourinho: The Humble One. 🙏
Omg he’s glowing and so happy
Will start watching spurs just because Mourinho hes the goat
Zach Smith
Zach Smith:
Tottenham straight hired him for the PR boost

It's just a bonus he's a great coach.
Charlie Ratcliffe
Charlie Ratcliffe:
Jose is definitely helping tottenham everyone will be supporting them now
Hi Bye
Hi Bye:
Spurs needs identity and Jose will give them that on the world stage
Phantom Tig3r
Phantom Tig3r:
Mauricio taught us to dare

Mourinho will teach us to do
erado m
erado m:
Spurs will be one of the most famous clubs...the special one has arrived
Fabricio Ycaza
Fabricio Ycaza:
My favorite coach, now Spurs is my team, just like that.
Rohan Natraj
Rohan Natraj:
"I Sync"
- Jose Mourinho
Nick Alfidi
Nick Alfidi:
Even as a Chelsea fan, I’m happy to see Jose be back. Even at Spurs. He seems happy, and to see him be his joking, confident self is great to see. See you on Dec 22!
Abdoul Nagib
Abdoul Nagib:
Mourinho: “ I am not going to make the same mistakes, I am going to make new mistakes.”

tony boro
tony boro:
When you left Manchester United, the premier leauge become meaningless, thanks you bring the light for this leauge again, the most awesome news for this year...
Tanaka Nyambanga
Tanaka Nyambanga:
Im now a Spurs fan. Welcome back Jose
julius assila
julius assila:
Damn I’m I a spurs fan or a Jose fan cause I have never supported spurs before but now I see my self watching a 41 mins press conference damn Jose all the way got much love for this guy
Sparky Malarky
Sparky Malarky:
Cannot waot to watch AFTV when spurs pump arsenal 😂
Alexander Abanobi
Alexander Abanobi:
Drop a like if you're just happy to see Jose in front of the camera again..
Iqra Mohammed
Iqra Mohammed:
As a real Madrid fan when Jose said I want real to be successful I was Soo happy thank you Jose 🇵🇹
Jose murinho has Harry Kane lmaoooo it’s a wrap spurs winning everything. All he needed was a striker that can score
Ville Jokela
Ville Jokela:
I never thought I would watch a full manager press conference.
I'm a Liverpool fan and I'm so glad to see this guy back in the Premier League.Good luck Jose Mourinho and Tottenham Hotspur's
Arunav Sharma
Arunav Sharma:
Who else is watching spurs just to follow jose?
Deleted Account
Deleted Account:
Im a Mourinho fan

and he will success for Spurs

Sam S3piol
Sam S3piol:
Being a United fan I am extremely happy to see him back, Klopp, Josey, Pep. Most watched league in the world for a reason.
Kevin Ku
Kevin Ku:
This guy, yes, this is the one who's going to lead Spurs to the promise land. No excuses, ownership, responsibility, accountability, and hating to lose above all else.
He looks refreshed after some time off, not the same guy as from Man Utd.
30:47 and that should finally explain, why it didn't work out with him and Pogba...
Caspean Sea
Caspean Sea:
Could you get better than this, Spurs fans.??
I guess I am going to watch Tottenham games now.
Watching Tottenham Hotspur's conference for the first time
The first time im following a club because of the coach lol
Muduvic Ahmed
Muduvic Ahmed:
The special one is Jose"" although i am an arsenal fan by blood
nelson monteiro
nelson monteiro:
"I'm not gonna make the same mistakes: I'm gonna make new mistakes"
This guy is so straight forward as opposed to some coaches that give you the runaround but are loved because they tell you what you want to hear.
Jay Say
Jay Say:
Spurs fan for years never seen one single press conference until now.
Lovren Cameron
Lovren Cameron:
"I won champions league with Porto and three months later i was playing against Porto" that's powerful 🙌👏
This could be the best version of Jose Mourinho we’ve seen. Wishing him every success at spurs #COYS
God Son
God Son:
Jose, please buy Nemanja Matić.

Tottenham Hotspur is trending for 2 days now WOW!!
Jeff Gorman
Jeff Gorman:
"Yeah, before I was sacked" haha what a guy COYS
D N:
Legit scared now , if hes sorted out his issues Spurs might become title contenders.
Péter Baumann
Péter Baumann:
Im a Chelsea fan but i wish him well.
Giedrius Grudzinskas
Giedrius Grudzinskas:
Real Football fans ,who is watching this interview Respect
Wtf, this is so surreal. Unbelievable.
Babatunde Ilias Odukaiye
Babatunde Ilias Odukaiye:
Good to hear "Jose is now an humble man" Chelsea fan passing by!
These adverts are a joke, every 5 minutes
Aamiriano Ali
Aamiriano Ali:
This man is funny i like him when he is talking 😂
Love how Jose call Tottenham my club so soon.
Gads Dsdn
Gads Dsdn:
As United fan I believe that he will be very successful. Perfect club for him
Subscribe for Instant luck
Subscribe for Instant luck:
Never in a million years I thought Jose being a manager at Spurs!!?

Well here we are😂
Julius Tetteh
Julius Tetteh:
I'm the biggest Mourinho fan on earth.
I love this man
Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas:
Jose: "I sink so, I sink, I resink, I analyze many sings"
Lukas Karlsson
Lukas Karlsson:
So fun to have Jose here, can’t wait to follow how everything goes‼️‼️ I believe in him
Gossip Heart
Gossip Heart:
The epl needs Mourinho.
He gained my respect when he casually walked over to the Barcelona bench dugout and put his finger into the Barcelona coach eyes, Real Madrid vs Barcelona
Onion X dipp
Onion X dipp:
I will watch all the Spurs games only to see Jose Mourinho
Richard EVANS
Richard EVANS:
Absolutely chuffed we now have a proven winner at spurs,
the guy with no damn brain
the guy with no damn brain:
Tottenham already won a trophy when they signed Jose Mourinho
Abhinav Anand
Abhinav Anand:
Ah Jose, good old Jose, can't wait to see his first game
Jack c
Jack c:
Excited to see you at the club Jose, your words are encouraging as always....time to put them into practise and bring life back into Spurs #COYS
Mzansi Patriot
Mzansi Patriot:
I cannot be happy if I do not win. I hope my players learn that too. 👌
Orlando Marques FOMKgamer
Orlando Marques FOMKgamer:
Sou de Angola e te amo Mourinho
I'm From Angola and i love you José
Man Utd fan here watching Spurs press conference lol
Stone Cold
Stone Cold:
Mourinho interviews and press conferences are pure entertainment
ɀҽɾօ էաօ
ɀҽɾօ էաօ:
There going to be a bible of all Jose quotes at press conference's
Kendy Japri
Kendy Japri:
When jose said the squad is good, can i say welcome trophy?
First time ever that i am watching spurs press conference because of JOSE. He will win trophies here in white hartline.
I am man utd fan.
Carlton mujem
Carlton mujem:
And we’re all happy that we can now anticipate your legendary press conferences
Abdur Razzak
Abdur Razzak:
“This morning I woke up with all my guys “😂😂😂
The premier league is better with characters like jose. The derbys have abit more fuel to the fire now.
Dece Metos
Dece Metos:
He seems more excited when talking about Inter