Joselyn Cano

Joselyn Cano was an American model, fashion designer and Internet personality.

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I went to HS with her, the sweetest prettiest girl
Turquoise Blue
Turquoise Blue:
She was seeking perfection. 😥
memo Velazquez
memo Velazquez:
So sad !! She was so beautiful.
Meranda Smith
Meranda Smith:
RIP 🙏🏽
Esther Roman
Esther Roman:
Alicia Rodriguez
Alicia Rodriguez:
Triste tanta vanidad y ambición la mato
Jojo margaux
Jojo margaux:
This was an act of greed. This was never about having a nice body, if that was the case, she would be considered perfection. Look at her few last posts, her body was beautiful from the start, but she enhanced it, that’s fine, but having a platform of 13M young women look up to you, having these surgeries then acting like the gym gave you that arch and those curves it fraudulent and it cost her her precious life.

When is enough is actually enough. She’s rich, she’s famous and she’s 29 and have her life ahead of her. Why get surgical procedures every 12 months, you knew it an obsession when a check is perfect but can’t seem to come to term that perfection isn’t real, no one is perfect.

Mamma use to say, be careful with what you do with your money when you get rich, because it can make you and it can break you. You see when all these men goes to her page and post thirsty nasty msg, filling up her head with all these “ ohh baby you’re perfect, you’re the most beautiful girl that ever walk this land. BS!
Jordon Cano
Jordon Cano:
Cano is my last name
Turquoise Blue
Turquoise Blue:
I’ll be keeping away from Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants.
seazn furi
seazn furi:
When Narcissism goes Wrong!
Grace De Los Santos
Grace De Los Santos:
No le veo lo linda solo le vi las sirujias