Joseph Capriati Boiler Room Napoli DJ Set

► Joseph Capriati leading the charge in Naples and taking no hostages.

#boilerroom #DJset

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100+ comentarios:

From now on take all boiler rooms to Mexico, that's where the best crowds seem to be.
get well soon, my hero!
Luca Frösler
Luca Frösler:
wtf? the music is insanely good and people are barely moving
Clive R
Clive R:
This is one of the very best sets I've heard in a long time. Absolutely banging! If You can't move and dance to this, there's something wrong with you..

Unequivocally 5 GOLD STARS awarded.
I saw Joseph about 6 times, He is awesome never disappoint
Luke Ayling
Luke Ayling:
This will be a very popular Boiler Room set
Thanks!! New Charles Fenckler's 'Frozen Room' 1:15:00 🙌🏻
Ernesto Mendez
Ernesto Mendez:
I love Amsterdam, here u won’t see security treating u like a potencial threat, nor people going further the “work space” of the DJ. Here you dance and it’s enough to show appreciation. Dope set.
Matthew Tavolieri
Matthew Tavolieri:
DRUMMM CODEE love this set such a talented DJ. Really has a heavy unique sound!
the way he loves his set
Where's the ELLUM GUY when we need it?
Alti livelli di musica comunque , grazie.
Mark shelford
Mark shelford:
Joseph Mate you take People on a journey..Good Job Man
John Donohue
John Donohue:
Phunking WICKED!!
pan-pot - your attention ( nicole maudaber remix) the best song this year, when i heard it live from Joseph last december in marco polo , my year was complete and i will rembember that moment forever
grazie molto Giuseppe! il DJ numero uno!
Ashe Narayan
Ashe Narayan:
Can't seem to find the tracklist on the page though, :(
Conner Hughes
Conner Hughes:
The First Track after the intro is: XHEI - Maniaco [Micro.fon]
33min: Cleric - Solar Fields [Figure]
Stefan Mizzi
Stefan Mizzi:
Capriati number favourite sound.
Octubre Pablo
Octubre Pablo:
Capriati es un Crack, eso nadie lo discutiría a estas alturas.

Un par de cosas; es asqueroso el instinto de querer grabarlo TODO en este maldito siglo, termina siendo de lo más atroz la inmortalización cristalina que muchos desean poseer para sí mismos, y termina en esto; en un desarticulado conjunto de gente que no tiene idea de lo que está haciendo, pero quieren salir a camara y ser protagonistas efimeros... parece que nadie fue a bailar, a pasarselo bien, a escucar nueva música, a presenciar las habilidades del Dj, no... todo eso sobra para esta gente. Solo la imagen y la presencia fatua que termina por estresar, por momentos, al propio Dj.... y hasta por momentos él mismo parece no saber lo qué está pasando a su alrededor, pero ni eso arruinó el set.
Jürgen v. P.
Jürgen v. P.:
Holy shit 1:49:56 is really completely insane. Listened to it over and over again.
phenomenal of good 2 hours driving on the Capriati buss. Just orgasmic
Martin Micheletti
Martin Micheletti:
I never heard such a perfect intro!! Track ID?
დათა გუჯაბიძე
დათა გუჯაბიძე:
cant wait to see him in sofia <3
Anthony Terrell
Anthony Terrell:
Get it Joseph! Proper Techno!
MisTer MiLosh
MisTer MiLosh:
this is Good Music!
He is never boring always deep, dark and colorful, 100% online totally in the rhytm and his set, love his expression while he concentrates on mixing.....a pure DJ. Napoli, you not only gave us pizza, but one of the best techno djs nowadays, mille gracie!!
1:04:00 Pan-Pot - Your Attention (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
finally a really good set where you dont fall asleep in the club.
Linda McGovern
Linda McGovern:
Amazing :)
the way he brings in the beat at around 1:14:00 is so awesome
3:25 i guess the boiler room has those new mixers when you get zapped every time your hands are more then 3 seconds on the mixer
É bellissimo vedere come gli piace il suo lavoro! Balla come se fosse a fare serata! Questo gli fa fare la differenza.. una delle migliori techno mai sentite.. orgoglio Italiano!❤️
Najo Gallego
Najo Gallego:
Glad Mr Beyer Saw your pottential just keep growing better..and better. yeapppah
Rhys Jones
Rhys Jones:
watched this live, why has it taken months to go up?
Rocca Rothman
Rocca Rothman:
great performance!!!! fantastic ...techno!!!!
Mladen Mioc
Mladen Mioc:
Deep and groovy set *******
What a sound, from Naples with love...that’s amore!
Fred Iba
Fred Iba:
Un régal pour les oreilles !!!
Najo Gallego
Najo Gallego:
smashing job mr C
Joni Papillon
Joni Papillon:
This set is fantastic! Too bad that the crowd dont dance! When will todays clubbers understand that dj's are not some rockstars you need to look at! They are there to make you lift up them knees and dance for fuck sake!
R R:
Vinci la battaglia piú importante, campione 💪🏽
sole forever splende
sole forever splende:
my god ,Amazing ..
David Kirvel
David Kirvel:
ge-ni-al !!! supercool. thank you :)
Omar Maffioletti
Omar Maffioletti:
0:16 religious silence before mass begins
Miranda Huiskamp
Miranda Huiskamp:
Joseph needs an ellum guy his music/set is great sometimes you need a mascotte or entourage to get recognition and free advertisement ;)
josh lincoln
josh lincoln:
sounds good very jumpy dj lol
Guccio Vuitton
Guccio Vuitton:
Do you think Joseph Capriati likes Charles Fenckler- Frozen Room? Good to see a DJ unable to hold himself back from getting into a track... track goes so hard
Cláudia Oliveira
Cláudia Oliveira:
Coisa boa 😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Ameya Pagrut
Ameya Pagrut:
Luigi Laezza
Luigi Laezza:
vaii peppiiiiiiiiii!!! <3 Go josephhh!!!!!! brake down the wall!!
Ivan Dinkoff
Ivan Dinkoff:
phones down, music on
2:02:50:Joton - Kill Switch (original;) Boooom:)
Aleja Stoker
Aleja Stoker:
sos todo un artista joseph ,
noah torres
noah torres:
So much talent .. you rock ..
Reform Official
Reform Official:
1.35.00 Reform - The Clear Path (Marco Effe rmx) / etb 025
Wally Baig
Wally Baig:
1:27:40 track id is : Martyn feat spaceape-is this insanity ( Ben Klock remix) :))
Lord Drumcode
Lord Drumcode:
1:04:53 TRACK ID:

- Pan Pot - Your attention (Nicole Moudaber Remix) / Steve Froggatt - Groove With It (Desos Remix)
Keith Pieterse
Keith Pieterse:
Thanks for the upload and above all THANKS to DJ Joseph Capriati! Loved the intro too!
Jesi ga Zacapiratiu! Tooooo samo sopajj!!! :D
Kerem Karalom
Kerem Karalom:
Joseph cok iyi egleniyor :P
Paula Cendron
Paula Cendron:
david pellejero perez
david pellejero perez:
es una puta makina este tio
Fabio Iovini
Fabio Iovini:
il migliore al mondo!!JC
Ka bé
Ka bé:
awesome .....
Santiago Ortiz
Santiago Ortiz:
Sentir la música... nivel Joseph Capriati !!!
Blayne Dalton
Blayne Dalton:
What a set ❤️
Gerald Garibay
Gerald Garibay:
luis paulo barbosa
luis paulo barbosa:
God of The edm Ever
dark start!!!
Äl Deep
Äl Deep:
Überragender Meister Joseph <3<3<3
T Gramatov
T Gramatov:
#quality#amazing set#TOP Capriati!
Rafael Di Paola
Rafael Di Paola:
ma come si muove in consolle !! XD
laaa puuuutamadre!!!! que capooooo !!!!! la rompeee !
Juan Da Ocampo
Juan Da Ocampo:
me lo soye en el freedom de medellin colombia ojala se repitiera
Tom Renshaw
Tom Renshaw:
Crazyyyyyyy ❤️
another god in the making :)
Carlos Castaño
Carlos Castaño:
Capo !!!
Michael Di Fiore
Michael Di Fiore:
Stay strong
Gianni Leotta
Gianni Leotta:
valentina Arias Parra
valentina Arias Parra:
JaJaJAJAJAJAJA chimba de lucesssssssss
toze feio
toze feio:
que som rasteirinho
Saif Gilani
Saif Gilani:
[000] ?
[008] Ilario Alicante - Temporary [Drumcode - DC152]
[011] Kitkatone - Seeing Through [Planet Rhythm - PRRUKWHT004]
[015] Rocco Caine - Hybrid [Fanciful - FANCILTD002]
[024] George Fitzgerald - Call It Love (Scuba's Angel Dust Mix) [Double Six Records - DS106D1]
[031] Tensal - C-B2 [Tensal - TENSAL 003]
[047] Klaudia Gawlas - Merry Man [MOD - MOD124]
[055] Roberto Capuano - Mirror [Drumcode - DC150
[059] Wally Lopez & Toni Varga - Nebula [303Lovers - 303L1542]
[064] Steve Froggatt - Groove With It (Desos Remix) [NightChild Records - NCR 0085]
[071] Chris Colburn - Neurotic Mother (Petter B Remix) [Organism - ORGA049]
[085] D-leria - Confusion (Pinion Remix) [Darknet Records - DARKNET014]
[095] Reform (it) - The Clear Path (Marco Effe Remix) [Etruria Beat - ETB025]
[098] Scuba - Black on Black (Len Faki Goes Black Remix) [Hotflush Records - CST002]
[107] Rodhad - Red Rising [Dystopian - DYSTOPIAN 007]
[110] DJ Emerson - Anonymous [CLR - CLR087]
[113] Joton - Red In The Face [Newrhythmic Records - NRLP001]
[120] Turbo Turbo - Nite Roads [GND Records - GN082]
[125] Slam & Gary Beck - Pressure Lights [Soma Records - SOMA 432D]
[129] Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise (Red 2) (A. Mochi Re-Edit) [Boysnoize Records - BNR102
[133] Laurent Garnier - Jacques In The Box [ Ed Banger Records - ED071]
Ubi Dj
Ubi Dj:
Tutti con te in questo momento 🖤
exelllentee, Big up Joseph, big up!
Nur Lan
Nur Lan:
Best to listen without video...
walid derouiche
walid derouiche:
hamdoulahhh alikom !! lol best boiler room bravo tech napoli
That's a very big boiler room.
David Farkas
David Farkas:
pravi techno!
Mirkko B.D.E.
Mirkko B.D.E.:
dj set spettacolare
Monika Meisenheimer
Monika Meisenheimer:
Einfach super
T Gramatov
T Gramatov:
Vane LM
Vane LM:
Che bellezza !
Mauro Zedda
Mauro Zedda:
grandissimo !
Cristobal armas crespo
Cristobal armas crespo:
Esto es technazo,me gusta más cuando pincha techo,y lo otro JJjj el público aquí no es x nada lo damos más,muy buena sesión una sesión que será marca de coleccionista old skool
L'Italia ti ama 💗🔊🔊
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez:
Techno marrano!!!!🔥🔥🔥
Rolf Nibotski
Rolf Nibotski:
Kevin Acevill
Kevin Acevill:
Eaaa la pura locura jaaa este meen está bien loco saludos banda locuaz
Luis Sillo
Luis Sillo:
30:05 🤖
Justin Powers
Justin Powers:
alotta good songs
Alberto Comelli
Alberto Comelli:
57:30 ????