Joseph Quinn | Best Moments

eddie has quickly become one of my favorite new additions on the show and i鈥檓 so happy he was played by joseph. he has so many funny videos and i knew i had to make this! enjoy 馃挋

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person: joseph quinn

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i had no idea who this guy is a week ago and now my whole life revolves around him
When he is in his comfort zone he is the best!
Kicking my feet and giggling. His personality is such a beam of light he's so funny and adorable.
He has this like aura around him. Very charismatic 鉁
everyone else: we worked really hard on this

joe: it was two and a half years of my fucking life

I swear to god I love this man so much 馃槶
he has the prettiest eyes, haha.
Sydney Hanna
Sydney Hanna:
1:43 鈥渉ave you SEEN jamie?鈥 our thoughts exactly joe
Amazin Lynn
Amazin Lynn:
I fell in love with Eddie as a character and looked him up. I love this guy!馃槀
Abby Gail
Abby Gail:
Joseph's Northern Irish face haunts me in my dreams but in a good way
the death grip this man has on me rn lmaoo
Jacky Ripley
Jacky Ripley:
2:42 "getting down in the upside down" is my favorite he looks so done with himself xD
Emelie Lindberg
Emelie Lindberg:
His introverted soul gives me LIFE鉁
when he's shy at the premier it kills me he's so adorable goodbye
Speed _Queen
Speed _Queen:
Aww whenever he鈥檚 in front of a ton of people, you can tell how nervous he is.馃ズ Bless him! We love you, Joe! 馃挄
He looks so much more grown up when he's not dressed as eddie. Like I'd see him with a cup of tea reading a newspaper 馃槶 so weird
That evil little smile 1:23
Edit: I wonder what he was thinking about
Georgia Pugh
Georgia Pugh:
I PHYSICALLY CANT EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I ADORE JOSEPH !! He鈥檚 such an amazing person, he literally never fails to make me smile 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
And now they need to bring back Chrissy so we could have a Joseph Quinn and Grace Van Dien moments
0605 Cherrie
0605 Cherrie:
Uhhh he is SO CUTE!!!! There鈥檚 no reason not loving him馃ズ
Alina Gomez
Alina Gomez:
He鈥檚 exactly my type 馃槶
Hannah Davis
Hannah Davis:
The effect this man has on me is unhealthy
Kennedy Carter
Kennedy Carter:
I genuinely feel like he could play jack sparrow if they do recast him
crystal dawn
crystal dawn:
He's so funny and cute and just seems so genuinely chill. I would love to be his friend lmao
Really cool guy hope to see more of him
my lord, Joseph's attitude and personality is amazing. we don't deserve him馃槶
seeing this with a broken heart after watching vol.2 of stranger things brings me a bit back to life
Theory why Eddie WONT die

The thing I've been seeing most people say is that Eddie is going to sacrifice himself and die after his guitar moment in the Upside Down. And that he has to die because the people are Hawkins are after him because they think he killed Chrissy. I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but Dustin is on the roof of the trailer with Eddie when he's playing his guitar. If Eddie was sacrificing himself to save Dustin, why would he be on the roof with him? He can't jump off and run without getting hurt. They used a ladder to get on top of the trailer. There's no roof access.
Also, in the trailer, there's a shot of Dustin and Eddie back to back with weapons then another one where Dustin is cheering and Eddie is next to him. So, I'm assuming whatever the plan with the guitar is works. And Eddie is there to celebrate with Dustin. (Also, monopoly already spoiled that when Eddie plays the guitar he is luring the bats from Vecna鈥檚 lair he鈥檚 not saving Nancy hence why Nancy is okay in the teasers)
Anyway, I see where people are coming from, but my problem with all of that is that it's too predictable. I shared part of an article recently where Joseph Quinn said how they're pushing for Jonathan and Eddie to interact in Season 5. The response to that post was mixed.
Some people think he's lying, which I get, or that the comment means nothing. The thing is, Jonathan and Eddie interacting in Season 5 is the most mundane thing to lie about. Like, what kind of fake tease is that? Ya know? So, I don't think that was a lie. I think it was something that just slipped out. I think his death is too predictable and the Duffer brothers want you to think that he will die. Also, they mentioned that a character will die and it will be a huge impact etc so it must be someone from the original cast as Eddie is new.
On top of that, I think he could be valuable going forward especially that he鈥檚 bonding with Dustin its like he might possibly replace Steve as the babysitter? In other words, I don't think his purpose in Stranger Things is limited to his story this season.
Also the whole town is out to find Eddie and the rest of the gang they鈥檙e obviously all gonna witness something all together that will clear Eddie鈥檚 name otherwise what would be the point of them searching for him if he dies in the upside down, that storyline would lead to nothing and Eddie would die with a bad reputation!

Rant over :)
david ruteaga
david ruteaga:
He went from being such as irrelevant character to one of my favorites, hope to see more from him in the future hes so talented
i literally love him
Helo铆sa Bezerra
Helo铆sa Bezerra:
Ele 茅 t茫o t铆mido e extrovertido ao mesmo tempo kkk
Can鈥檛 wait to see more content of him 馃馃徎馃槏馃馃挴 he鈥檚 my favorite actor of the moment
Sani E Zehra
Sani E Zehra:
i fucking love how weird he is. im in love with him, didnt even know about his existence a week ago
Ashton Hirikoshi
Ashton Hirikoshi:
little did I know while watching the new stranger things season that this man was about to take over my whole life
Natalie Jones
Natalie Jones:
When he is with Joe Keery, I tend to be like 'why are they being adorable?'
Thalita Alves
Thalita Alves:
A melhor coisa que aconteceu na s茅rie! Fofoo鉂
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa:
Love him! He acts so much like the character Eddie! Very silly and outlandish and witty too!
justice for eddie!!
The way he gets on with the cast as a new member!!! He鈥檚 just a great guy 馃槶馃槶馃槀馃ぃ
Would absolutely die for him
1:43 鈥淗ave you SEEN Jamie??鈥 He speaks for us all
Raine Mishka Alcantara
Raine Mishka Alcantara:
bye hes so cute
Belu Montenegro
Belu Montenegro:
Es muy carism谩tico, adem谩s de representar a mi personaje favorito de toda la serie 鉂わ笍
Jaimie Martinez
Jaimie Martinez:
He's my favorite now, no hesitation 馃槍鉂
watching this video now after vol.2 came out and laughing because he's the one who would want a demobat tattoo 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Kelsey B.
Kelsey B.:
The choke hold this man has on me 馃槱鉂 His laugh is so adorable
Estou completamente apaixonada por esse homem
Mary Smith
Mary Smith:
I love this man! He's hilarious 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
Ernestina Moreira Da Silva
Ernestina Moreira Da Silva:
A risada dele馃グ
robinbuckleylovess  #noahdeservesbetter
robinbuckleylovess #noahdeservesbetter:
4:04 Priah鈥檚 鈥淗i, I鈥檓 back鈥 and Joe鈥檚 reaction is the cutest 鉂わ笍
renayy oneal
renayy oneal:
"getting the upside down" LMFAO i love him
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley:
very charismatic can't help but like the guy
L铆via Andrade
L铆via Andrade:
Ele 茅 mt fofo,t么 apaixonada 馃グ
Nele B眉nz
Nele B眉nz:
he鈥檚 the most adorable person I鈥檝e ever seen in my entire life馃樆
0:04 i love his laugh so much 鉂わ笍
kimia esmaili
kimia esmaili:
" Have you seen Jamie ? " my favorite part 馃槀馃憡馃徎
Kat Keen
Kat Keen:
Comes across as a lovely grounded guy and great sense of humour; I hope the surge in popularity doesn't take that away from him. Advice to my fellow Brit from the words of Eddie to Dustin 'please don't ever change' 馃檹 馃挆 鉂
The fact that he would still get the bats tattooed even after what happened馃槶
Alex Holmes
Alex Holmes:
i dont think this delightful man realizes that he'd be on the cover of Teen Beat in 1986 if it was relative to his heartthrob status after Stranger Things
He鈥檚 so precious man 馃槶馃槶 I love him
0:40 look how close Joe and Joseph are. Joe even has his hand on his shoulder. 馃憖馃憖
...I can't imagine Eddie with British accent 馃拃 but now I kinda witnessed that and I won't regret anything.
Monalisa Cavalcante
Monalisa Cavalcante:
This is one of his best compilations ever! Great job鉂も潳
He is so adorable!! He is a breath of fresh air. 馃槏
I鈥檓 signing up to be in season 5 just so I can feel his presence
I love his energy!
鈿狅笍鈿狅笍SPOILER WARNING 鈿狅笍 鈿狅笍

This is how I cope with eddies death
Bren The Epileptic Gal
Bren The Epileptic Gal:
I love him. He is adorable.
Elay Ara
Elay Ara:
Love these videos but wished Jamie was in them too he has the best energy
Luisa Rodrigues
Luisa Rodrigues:
Ele muito fofo demais
I love this man more than life itself
Lauren Patricia
Lauren Patricia:
Literally this man is amazing.
Camille R
Camille R:
He's the Quinn of my heart 馃槈
hes so adorable but he looks like a lost puppy or goldfish sometimes
R氓iny Be盲牛s- Topic
R氓iny Be盲牛s- Topic:
Jessica Buckham
Jessica Buckham:
I'm sorry, I very much enjoy Joseph as an actor and am obviously watching this vid for him but the tiny mic at 0:50 stole the show for me
Liannys Jimenez
Liannys Jimenez:
I love this man so much 鉁ㄢ潳锔
Bethany Louise Houghton
Bethany Louise Houghton:
His responses are just so bloody English 馃槏
Joseph in time wasters is the most adorable thing I鈥檝e ever seen
Cheryl Y
Cheryl Y:
His laugh tho <3
Uhhh he is SO CUTE!!!! There鈥檚 no reason not loving him
Kate H
Kate H:
I鈥檓 so enamored with him 鈽猴笍鉂わ笍
Julia dh
Julia dh:
here to heal my heart :(
I love his look in Stranger Things, reminded me of Robert Downey Jr in the 80s.
Oni Kidman
Oni Kidman:
1:04 he was so English there lmao the way he鈥檚 sitting and everything
this man is all my thoughts
Lilly Wilson
Lilly Wilson:
He鈥檚 so underrated omg
螠螒巍螕螜螒螡螡螒 螔伪蟽喂位蔚喂维未畏
螠螒巍螕螜螒螡螡螒 螔伪蟽喂位蔚喂维未畏:
watching this to cure my depression after what i wittnesed with vol 2
"have you SEEN jamie?" LMAOOO
Yes No
Yes No:
The fact that hes a taurus is so cute as well
Artrijkrst _
Artrijkrst _:
Doing the Lords work 馃檹
Pancakes Flying
Pancakes Flying:
Im just here to rewatch these, while im crying. It helps...
gotta love him 馃槀
i love how much the older adults of stranger things are all kinda awkward in their own good way
he鈥檚 so adorable.
No Name
No Name:
Somewhere, there will be a Vecna Eddie fanfic, and I don鈥檛 think that is a bad thing. Foster creativity.
Maristela Ruberti
Maristela Ruberti:
He is such a talent and Lovely person.
his laugh is so good
omg i love him sm <3
Faith Mullineaux
Faith Mullineaux:
I was drawn to the moss agate point at the start of the reading but something was telling me to watch on to the Rhodinite Moon. I did and wow I can't believe how accurate the reading was.
My mum passed away from a long battle with Pancreatic cancer at the beginning of May and she had a Scorpio moon. I made her a promise that I wouldn't give up on my studies in zoology and I asked her (in a letter I wrote to be cremated with her) to help guide me through my life because I couldn't imagine doing any of it without her. She thought I should get a phoenix tattoo to symbolise my own struggles with mental health which made me get emotional instantly! I also have an Aquarius moon so the fool has always resonated very deeply for me. The sun card so resonated because I consider zoology and animal rescue and conservation to be my life's purpose, it is something I've always been passionate about and my mum was the main driver in supporting me through these endeavours. I've also had a blockage in my sacral chakra for a while and throughout the past few months have really been trying to clear it and get creative so that was quite surreal when it showed up in the reading! She also had her moon in Leo. Like the card says the eye of Heaven, I think she's watching me from wherever, or whatever Heaven is. The whole reading had a lot to say for me tbh, but the last half of the reading really really hit home so thank you so much for doing what you do, it really helps people like me to offer some perspective and gain a little bit of magick back in their lives after such long and drawn out hardships. You're the best, love and light 馃尀馃専