Joshua Kimmich's intelligence is Unreal 2020!

Joshua Kimmich's intelligence is Unreal 2020!

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GustavoFilms HD
GustavoFilms HD:
Perfect mix between lahm and Schweinsteiger
Georges Rojas
Georges Rojas:
He was one of the best RB on the world, now he’s one of the best midfielders on the world, what a talent
he pisses all over frenkie de jong
Beste Broarmy
Beste Broarmy:
Das ist nicht mehr normal. Wenn man so ein Spielverständnis hat und dann noch so eine Zweikampfstärke. Einfach krank der Typ
Den Mas Eriek
Den Mas Eriek:
Found by Pep
Build by Jupp
Developed by Flick
Adityanarayanan Sunilkumar Nair
Adityanarayanan Sunilkumar Nair:
Defensively a beast.
Offensively a gem.
Passing like a machine.
Shooting like a rifle.
One of the most versatile player.
Just a LEGEND!!!
Johannes 14.6 Bayern
Johannes 14.6 Bayern:
Ohne ihn hätten es die Bayern echt schwer gehabt in den letzten Spielen
Einfach der Hammer
Diese chip pässe von kimmich und thiago sind einfach geil zum anschauen
Sumeet Chand
Sumeet Chand:
What a player he has been for Bayern München and Germany
Future captain of Die Mannschaft🤗
Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman:
Barca bought De Jong because they knew they wont be able to buy him from bayern
Vinícius Batista Silva
Vinícius Batista Silva:
Joshua kimmich definition : underated
Kio 10
Kio 10:
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Kimmich will be Bayern's & Germany's future Captain after Manuel Neuer and Müller are gone. And he deserves it with how much passion he shows!
Leon Goretzka ,Next
Leon Amann
Leon Amann:
Great clips, terrible music choice
Natsu D Happy
Natsu D Happy:
Niemals hätte ich gedacht, dass er sich so entwickelt. Und jetzt sitze ich hier und muss feststellen, dass er einfach weltklasse ist. Zum Glück habe ich mich geirrt!
kimmich is the biggest allrounder
change my mind
Perfect candidate for UEFA team of the year
Lukas Gontarz
Lukas Gontarz:
His mini Step looks Like Leo Messi , he is a fu****ing beast
Victor Rusy
Victor Rusy:
put him anywhere on the pitch and he’ll be one of the best in the world
Nur der FCB
Nur der FCB:
My favourite player 🔴⚪ I'm really proud that I have a jersey with his surname
aleksandra kekic
aleksandra kekic:
I agree with you.He is my favorite Bayern Munich player.
Just imagine his long range and chipped passes with Sané´s speed on the wing... :O
Der Pato
Der Pato:
früher brauchte man noch Lahm, Schweinsteiger und Kroos - heute reicht ein Kimmich. Unglaublich der Kerl
Wills Blanc
Wills Blanc:
The Dutch and German players have a similar way of playing football. Perhaps that's the reason why the derby between these two countries is always exciting
Don Juan
Don Juan:
Thiago and Kimmich are the best "Double 6" in the world. Makes me sad to this duo get separated.
Samir Förster
Samir Förster:
He run run the mos kilometers per game this year in Bundesliga.
2 1andonlyjs
2 1andonlyjs:
Wie er einfach immer die wichtigsten Tore macht
Sneaker Stephan
Sneaker Stephan:
Bayern Triple this year
He should be the best CDM in Fifa 21. 90 Rating. He has amazing passing abilities, is agile and is absolutely great in tackles.
Geordan Libertin
Geordan Libertin:
i have been waiting so long for a good kimmich video. thx bro‼️🔥
i got sucked into the lyrics from the first song.. had to rewatch LMAO
_ Johnsen
_ Johnsen:
One of my favorite players to watch atm🙌🏽🤩
Kymani Francis
Kymani Francis:
He’s also good at long balls
Human Beings R Eternal Beings
Human Beings R Eternal Beings:
Kimmich reminds me of Xavi.
Be dope if CL Final Bayern vs City,
Seeing as Pep identified Kimmich from 4th Division.
Sven Nisch
Sven Nisch:
Plays as RB - best in the world
Plays as CDM/CM - one of the best in the world
Kimmich for you
reminds me of lothar matthäus , kimmich was the best rb until the trainer put him in midfield position
One of the best players right know
Kelvin Sudirman
Kelvin Sudirman:
Idk if anybody else remembered him but Kimmich reminds me of fit Owen Hargreaves in his Bayern era. A beast on being midfield destroyer with stunning accuracy at long passes and set pieces.
Coach : What position do you play ?
Kimmich: YES
Linton Heidrich
Linton Heidrich:
The best German player. I am so happy he plays for Bayern.
Gandalf der Graue
Gandalf der Graue:
1:18 you know Neo hacked the matrix again, if a slow Kimmich overtakes and defends the fast Hakimi 😂😂
best dm in the world rn
Bernard Heine
Bernard Heine:
Großer Medizinmann
Großer Medizinmann:
I like the way he looks when someone fouled him. A short 'Well that hurts.' immediately changing to 'You will pay for it.'. That's an good attitude!
Nelli Schäfer
Nelli Schäfer:
Imagine him playing with Thiago next season...
Kimmich 🔥
R I:
Congrats FC Bayern!
Lejano Interior
Lejano Interior:
finally a great Kimmich video. Best DM itw right now... those left to right long balls are insane ;)
Ad Ing
Ad Ing:
Most versatile player.. GOATshua Kimmich
Jonathan Doll
Jonathan Doll:
Dachte letztes Jahr immer Kimmich wäre ein top rechts Verteidiger und sollte da lieber spielen wie auf der 6. Habe dann (vorallem
während den Spielen ohne Fans) gesehen was der Mann auf der 6 alles kann . Dort gehört er für mich viel eher hin . Man kann denke ich sagen dass er einer der besten ( wenn nich sogar der beste ) 6er momentan ist
Respekt an ihn💪🏽
Vinny Flores
Vinny Flores:
Future captain ❤️
Niklas Ra
Niklas Ra:
Nice video, but man this is the whiniest song I have ever heard
HenryAB 1991
HenryAB 1991:
the right back always do da right things
Gaston Astrada
Gaston Astrada:
Amazing video, amazing player
hope he will pick something up from thiago before he leaves
the thing about germans is that they are not that flashy, get the job done in a simple and efficient way, thats why I love the bundesliga.
Dieter R.
Dieter R.:
YES, and the best - he is a player of my favorite club!🤗
Vikas Shrestha
Vikas Shrestha:
One of the most passionate footballer. <3 #Kimmich
Jay Carnival
Jay Carnival:
Wtf is Kimmich heartbroken?
Bill Chen
Bill Chen:
He plays really like prime Schweinsteiger
Clayton Hart
Clayton Hart:
Absolutely world class luv d guy way of play elite mentality
The Majesty of the Night Sky
The Majesty of the Night Sky:
When Music sucks...
But is he good at goalkeeping?
Abd Halim 2787
Abd Halim 2787:
Lahm is Lahm, Kimmich is Kimmich....both are wonderful player , we can't compare they gameplay but we always know this people is amazing and lead the team +create chance to score ❤️🎉
Adrian _
Adrian _:
he was born and bis parents live 30 min from me town
sammy ham
sammy ham:
The next BOSS !
Bro why do use such a deep song for a football Video???
Minati Bera
Minati Bera:
He is one of my favourite player 😍❤️
Mohdfadil Mohdfadil
Mohdfadil Mohdfadil:
Made in bundesliga the best in the world..mia san mia 😍😍😍😍😍😍
John Jola
John Jola:
Luis Scholl
Luis Scholl:
Kimmich der neue Xavi? Was meint ihr?
gardening nice person
gardening nice person:
Imagine if Gnabry had a better first touch lmao
Simon II
Simon II:
Was listening to the Song more than I was watching the video
prison mike
prison mike:
why the depressive song choice though?
Max Negrelli
Max Negrelli:
man, what a song selection?! hahaha
Nice video, but the song made me sad because of my current situation :/
Isaiah Sperry
Isaiah Sperry:
I want him at Man City now, would upgrade even City's midfield options...
Xavier Bondwe
Xavier Bondwe:
His face looks mad when he celebrates a goal lol
Elijah Ajoku
Elijah Ajoku:
El Soberano
El Soberano:
Awesome player, awesome vid, thx mate.
Doctor Atan
Doctor Atan:
Effect pep Guardiola 😂 He really understood what pep said to him when pep trained bayern 😂🔥
when kimmich gives u the ball u just have to put it in the net :)
Pold yt
Pold yt:
In Germany we say Heulsuse
Best Midfielder In The World
great pictures, awful music
Everything's perfect about himm
Well except his weird boots
Er ist der neue lahm

He’s the new lahm

el es el nuevo lahm

il est le nouveau lahm
Mitja Marič
Mitja Marič:
where do you get clips from football matches?
Santiago Gonzalez Paz
Santiago Gonzalez Paz:
Jamie vardy sprints in the next
Im just as intelligent. I ways think to do the exact same thing. Its just that my body is 4 seconds too slow
And ppl thought Pep was crazy to pay 10+ millions for this 2nd league player from Red Bull Leipzig.
Simon Seibold
Simon Seibold:
right back btw
Johannes Emiya
Johannes Emiya:
Next national Mannschaft futur captain
Moe Mou
Moe Mou:
0:15 oia a pose
Benno D
Benno D:
Nice stats @fifa . Pogba definetly better then this beast... not
Christian Surges
Christian Surges:
Dude is always mad.
name of the first song?
Unboosty Me
Unboosty Me:
Had 20s unskipable ad bruh