Joy Reid Explains the Breonna Taylor Case

Joy Reid breaks down the details of what happened to Breonna Taylor, including the police arresting her boyfriend Kenneth Walker for trying to defend her.

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Joy Reid Explains the Breonna Taylor Case


100+ comentarios:

Weston Kenyon Music
Weston Kenyon Music:
Wow, this is so heavily sugar-coated.
Garry Skaggs
Garry Skaggs:
What about the dead guy found in the car that Breonna Taylor rented way before any of this happened. Asking for a friend.
Peter Michael
Peter Michael:
"according to the boyfriend". Credibility lost. 1:28

"hands up don't shoot" also a fiction, came from the same reporting style.
"shooting Breonna while she is still in bed"?? come on Joy, you're killing me!!
Fly LeWuff
Fly LeWuff:
Hey Jimmy you tryin to compete with CNN now? In this case, I am out and unsub.
Björn Eriksson
Björn Eriksson:
She was lying shot on the floor.
She was sleeping when they shot her.
She was sleeping on the floor?
Lee Xiong
Lee Xiong:
But she skip all the Facts tho....
Stacy Tucker
Stacy Tucker:
This is the funniest thing I've ever seen on the Fallon show. 🤣🤣. Of course I haven't watched it since 2016 when it became clear he was an alcoholic libtard.
Jess B
Jess B:
May her soul Rest In Peace
Samantha B
Samantha B:
This lady and her “facts”
Fallon looks like he's been partying and still going....
Did anyone read the transcripts recorded prison phone conversations? The transcripts with Breonna & ex boyfriend talking about the money he is moving through her , her house. Glover was using her they broke up in 2016 . They have surveillance on both of them. Breonna current boyfriend wasn’t even scratched in the shooting, was he using her as a shield.
Jeff Landry
Jeff Landry:
Wake up people. LEarn the facts....
she's literally lying, wtf jimmy....why did you have her on?
Jonathan Gullett
Jonathan Gullett:
This is an alternate view of reality.
Mel Mel
Mel Mel:
Joy looks so much like Gwen Ifill in this interview that it's scary.
Jean Silva
Jean Silva:
Esperando a Anitta 🇺🇸💚💚💚😭
Bella Kleininger
Bella Kleininger:
Hard to respect law enforcement and the DOJ
David Pumpkins
David Pumpkins:
Jimmy Fallon has now joined fake news. He should work for CNN.
Andrea Pappas
Andrea Pappas:
This is crap ...look at the report on the tatum report
This is all half truths and lies
Such BS!!! Liars, I swear, these liars will be outed one day!
Well this isn’t aging well 😂
Lee Bailey
Lee Bailey:
10:20 onwards.
How can this change.
What are the alternatives - as a society.
Therese Larfield
Therese Larfield:
Wow..... a lot of miss information.
Anne B
Anne B:
3:14, says she’s not the target of any investigation, she’s committed no crime.....but her name was on the warrant. So isn’t she part of the investigation if her name is on the warrant?
Thirza Cook
Thirza Cook:
i thought sje was fired from being an emt years ago?
some of these comments are hard to tell which side people are on lol
L C:
Great breakdown
Debbie Hunt
Debbie Hunt:
At this day and age, not having a body camera on the officers as they performed this raid was stupid
Ant's Place
Ant's Place:
Everything the cops did was fine they had a warrant signed by a judge
Michael B.
Michael B.:
Fallon and Reid: Meeting of the circus clowns !
Tyler Cole
Tyler Cole:
😂😂😂 this lady needs to read what happened in this case
Is it a requirement to use body camera or audio in Louisville?
Still trying to justify it! Wow! Know your facts!!!
Kay Rene'e
Kay Rene'e:
thanks Joy! You got these cheese smellin muts BOTHERED, honey! ✊🏿🤎
Mr. Porter
Mr. Porter:
“Horsetrading”, the practice of colluding with defense attorneys to agree to get some of their clients to plead guilty in exchange for letting others off.
Gay Person
Gay Person:
I’m done. there was no “suspicion” it was because she was a woman of color. this is why cops are like this
The Wolfman
The Wolfman:
I love the words she used to make the police look like the enemy. She is all for drug dealers running the streets! This woman is the issue!
Jay Vieira
Jay Vieira:
Its all hands on deck this election year I see.
Theresa Potter
Theresa Potter:
Joy is AWESOME sauce....BRILLIANT.....SPOT ON.
Elizabeth Medina
Elizabeth Medina:
Oh crump...hrs like the "Larry Parker" of NAACP BOGUS claims
Advice From Jay
Advice From Jay:
Derrick Askew
Derrick Askew:
Reparations NOW 🔥🔥🔥
John B
John B:
Who even watches late night shows anymore?
Klumpfuß MacDudels
Klumpfuß MacDudels:
Wow. This is sad.
i rivas
i rivas:
Jimmy you should of had a guest that has a police report on their hands and inform the public where they can go online to look at all the facts instead of having someone just come on your show talking about what mainstream media has been talking about these past few months which is not all true.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas:
Her neck is glossed up nicely...
Cindy Quale
Cindy Quale:
This is an outstanding summation!!!
Talia Young
Talia Young:
honer among thieves .. interesting she said that
You get the picture that Joy Reid does not like the police...



Numerous comments she made, show that.
Rain Koay
Rain Koay:
this is absolutely infuriating, the fact that none of the officers were charged with anything related to breonna taylor...
peggy okelly
peggy okelly:
Handydan Handydan
Handydan Handydan:
Her name was on the warrant
Damn... damn.. damn... A License to Kill!
brian v
brian v:
Thats a real stand up dude for not putting it on breonna, nowadays most people rat at the chance to get out
Jay Day
Jay Day:
She was no longer an EMT. The warrant shows pictures of her picking up the drug money from her ex boyfriend. Also the boyfriend said they were watching a movie together. Breonna was not asleep. She was in the hall when she got shot. A neighbor said the police knocked and announced themselves. The cop the got shot and fired back was the only one that came into the house. There is a lot of misinformation going on in this interview.
Sky Board
Sky Board:
If Walker had shot and killed one of the police officers instead would that be murder?
marieshe 711
marieshe 711:
Satan's army is growing stronger everyday. Watch who has joined from this comment.
Adam Grimsley
Adam Grimsley:
This seems to be a reason for gun control firstly
Evoke Spirit
Evoke Spirit:
A comedian is now a interviewer of moral intellegence?
Poof Shank
Poof Shank:
She sure has a lot of neck chins
Ophelia Nightingale
Ophelia Nightingale:
Wow the lies are real 😂
Raxstine J Rogers
Raxstine J Rogers:
They have created a bill in Breonas name about the type of no knock warrent used that night supposedly no longer will be used we shall see... I don't trust any of it!!
Lit Voyage
Lit Voyage:
It was already bad before I knew about all the police attempts to coverup and then falsely implicate Breonna in a crime. They need to be fired and charged!
stop being biased my god
hello there
hello there:
Jimmy looks kinda serious man.. without a suit😳
Breonna’s case reminds me of how Black activist Fred Hampton got killed! The similarities are startling. #RIPBreonnaTaylorAndFredHampton
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy:
" she's not the target of any investigation" but her name was on the search warrant, that sounds like a target to me. I'm not a fan of the drug war but she wasn't just involved in harmless drug trafficking, they found a dead body in the car that she had rented, she was no angel if she was involved with people that do that sort of thing.
Malter Might
Malter Might:
Collateral damage!
John50 Beach
John50 Beach:
Why is this stuff getting so much press now? I am 100% sure there have been many more gruesome violent murders in the past 3 decades that haven't received anywhere near this much attention
Aisha Judd
Aisha Judd:
Thank you Joy Reid
Rosco Ray
Rosco Ray:
How do you sit up and lie like this?
Ana Medina
Ana Medina:
Gangs of cops...
Mark Torrez
Mark Torrez:
Wait this lady works for the news and she's giving blatantly false statements we've known for a while!? She was NOT in her bed, how many times are people going to keep saying she was in her bed?
Scott Swinehart
Scott Swinehart:
Wonder what the family would say if they offered to prosocute the cop that shot her if family gave the 12 million back.
Ruben Bell
Ruben Bell:
Mark my words :-) these isolated incidents are getting so big and you are definitely going to have civil unrest and people fighting back until something major takes place so keep it coming
Keniano oficial
Keniano oficial:
rapper do Brasil aq🔊🎶🎶🎶🎶🎉🎉
hope jackson
hope jackson:
Tax payer money on settlement vs. court and covering accountability.
J Mac
J Mac:
there seems to be no truth to this story
joey Donis
joey Donis:
Hold the L
She Adjusted Her Crown
She Adjusted Her Crown:
Wow.. i didn't know that about the Ex.. This is outrageous. I'm so pissed about this. Justice has NOT been served. That 12 million given to the family was blood money. I hope those cops get everything they deserve.
martina lee
martina lee:
Oh my God!!!!!!!!
This lady is incorrect
We know who these cops are...
Robb Miles
Robb Miles:
Who shot first?
Ladii Mysteek D
Ladii Mysteek D:
Well.....umm... I ponder on Could Breonna Taylor had known/heard/saw something by her fellow officers that would've brought her dept. down? "I saw a package" No reason
DJ JustTry
DJ JustTry:
Princern Prince
Princern Prince:
No joy it shouldn't be the end. Take up arms and go settle it yourself meaning the family. Eye for an eye!
Ernest C
Ernest C:
This lady warped what we know a lot. Read the official transcripts, the 15 hr testimony footage, and SWAT body cam.
1. All 7 officers said they knocked. Every story was slightly different, but all 7 had knocking and announcing in common. Independent said he heard it was the cops, but changed his story a day later.
2. Walker shot first and hit Mattingly. This is debated because an independent source had conflicting evidence. They settled with the FBI’s conclusion that it was indeed Walker who hit Mattingly.
3. Breonna Taylor was killed in the hallway. She was not sleeping. Publicly released SWAT body cam shows the body’s exactly location minutes after the shooting.

I can go on, but this is what happens when a biased “pundit” goes in without full info and makes assumptions mixed with rumors. I personally believe no party (other than Hankinson) was in the wrong because this was one huge misunderstanding that was taken advantage of by media platforms to anger people.
Can someone explain why the case is "trashed"?? Im lost
A.M. O.P.
A.M. O.P.:
This year 2020 is just as if the entire planet went deep into a hellish state and everything that's not supposed to happen.. Just happens😔
Jacob Gardner! Say his name!
Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson:
You lie!
Police yelled out several times
It's amazing that people want to scream about how the populous needs to stop being dumb about covid and the environment but those same people disregard any fact presented to them when it involves the law.
Amoii Chhangte
Amoii Chhangte:
Please do research on your own
Katie Orr
Katie Orr:
I love Joy. Thanks for giving this matter attention.
lamart hart
lamart hart:
As soon as that 12million dropped the FIX was in......😑😑
deuce crane
deuce crane:
There is so much hypocrisy in so many different angles on this. Cognitive Dissonance is at an all time high.
Portfolio _cs
Portfolio _cs:
How u don’t wear a body cam
That’s should be illegal