"JUDGE MOURINHO ON HIS SUCCESS, NOT HIS STYLE!" Troy Deeney talks all things Tottenham Hotspur!

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47 comentarios:

Yella Dean
Yella Dean:
Deeney getting more appearances on Talk sport than he is for Watford
shepherd ndhlovu
shepherd ndhlovu:
Spurs fans are tired of losing.. anyone using the " style of play " argument is just obsessed with being a loser.. #InJoseWeTrust #COYS
Ronak Kanabar
Ronak Kanabar:
You have a top manager. Everything is possible with mourinho as head manager.
Time is On the Essence
Time is On the Essence:
Jose plays attacking football once the defence is sorted, however what separates Jose with other managers is that he wants to reach the top of the league or close and will do that by grinding results if he has to, even if his squad isnt capable of it

Other managers continue playing their style and see where that takes them in the league. Not Jose
Olan Richards
Olan Richards:
Reporter: Jose what do you look for in a player.
....he's been that way since he walked into Chelsea and hasn't changed since.
Caleb Manders
Caleb Manders:
I couldn't care if he chooses to start 10 defenders but we must win a trophie
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong:
If mourinho wins the league cup that can install that winning mentality spurs have been lacking
They also have a shot in the FA cup and they're still in the europa and in the top 4.
This could be very interesting
Nate S32
Nate S32:
I’m not a Deeney fan at all but he’s spot on about Mourinho
Presley Lish
Presley Lish:
Seriously Deeney, just come to Spurs.
Big Sand Steel Band
Big Sand Steel Band:
At 2:26 Q. Would you like to be managed by Jose? Any footballer who says NO to that, is probably keeping a subs bench warm for most of the season.
The Bg
The Bg:
Jose’s the GOAT when it comes to managers
Sue Smith
Sue Smith:
I’ll take Jose style of football so long as it brings us a much needed trophy ..
David Harper
David Harper:
Mourinho is more attacking minded then he gets credit for, look at his Madrid team and Chelsea team
Wiser words were never being said. Period.
Xola Sidziya
Xola Sidziya:
Troy speaking facts.😤
Slobadan Mikôcyábych
Slobadan Mikôcyábych:
Troy still desperate for a call from Jose..
belfield haynes
belfield haynes:
Can i remind the panel that spurs have beaten both man u and city so if spurs had drawn them in the semifinals they would have lotof problems.
Gurtek Singh
Gurtek Singh:
Wonder if Deeney will start getting the TalkSport managers sacked as well ...
These delusional fans about style of football 😅. I like Poch, but he played fancy football and won nothing and now you’re in a semifinals playing “boring” football.
Igor Vlaovic
Igor Vlaovic:
Never perceive anything as being inevitable or predestined. The only absolute is uncertainty.
Roger Sterling
Roger Sterling:
Troy would be a good back up for Kane ..... and occasionally to come on in 70th minute along Kane
Alan batha Smith
Alan batha Smith:
Great performance last night. One negative. Please please stop Harry Kane taking free kicks h we love you but you're free kicks are scandalous. 😃😃😃
Saurabh G
Saurabh G:
Jose Mourinho is GOAT.
Dell Boy
Dell Boy:
Judge mourinho on his success 10 year ago 🤦 games different today. And he's struggled. Pep has changed football and I don't think mourinho has figured it out yet because near enough every team is trying to play the pep way these days
Troy Deeney knows ball.
Alex Benfield
Alex Benfield:
Nice football hasn’t got us anywhere, what is wrong with people?! Spurs fans always complaining, it’s painful being one, be happy if we win and are looking like we can genuinely do something this season, not just play pretty football
Rowan Katherine
Rowan Katherine:
Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️
24 7
24 7:
Mourinho is clear of Klopp
i would take troy at spurs, someone with aggression and no nonsense behaviour
les mitchell
les mitchell:
get this lady on espn
Only clicked as this link carefully implied it was Troy Deeney’ channel or something.( Maybe my misreading).. Let me guess. Another pretty bird sound-byting from the school of cliche’d meaningless lexicons. Talk Sport yeah.. enjoy the one click. School these morons Troy.
The naked rambler
Jonsi D
Jonsi D:
Mou go get troy !!!!!
Charlie Walters
Charlie Walters:
Can someone sort the subtitles out next time though. Poor as always. #COYS
Results over style.
S Y:
It’s all well and good saying enjoy the two of them and while I must say they’ve been ridiculously good this season....What’s going to happen when Kane gets his inevitable season injury? They’re going to go down quicker than hooker who’s seen a fiver 🤷🏻
KD Singh
KD Singh:
It’s a joke that arsenal have been shit for 10 years and Tottenham been decent yet arsenal 4 trophies in that time and they have 0. Biggest joke how can spurs fan laugh at arsenal ...
Jaydan Harper
Jaydan Harper:
Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
She is cute
The Art of Flying
The Art of Flying:
No Troy Deeny, I’ll judge him by his style as well as results the way I do with every manager. Why would I do anything different for that prick? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
M .S
M .S:
these videos are very boring. The thumbnail is more exciting than the content. Do something about it
Antony S
Antony S:
Judge Mourinho on his success...lets talk about the last 5 year's...*crickets*
Robert Hume
Robert Hume:
Been a spurs supporter all my life and sorry negative football is crap to just sit on one nil leads is wrong that has been proven . You can be solid without being so boring . He has great talent up front. When spurs were playing well with good football he had moura right Kane centre son left hen then got to top of table and changed it all .
Dan Neal
Dan Neal:
Why is a woman talking about football ?
Stuart Scott
Stuart Scott:
His style is garbage watching united when he was at old Trafford that was my worst time as a football supporter backwards sideways passing boring the life out off the supporters old Trafford was quiet and the crowd was frustrated every game not the united way and he certainly doesn’t suit spurs there supporters demand attacking football🤔
Ryan Flood
Ryan Flood:
If Jose wins the carabao cup it will be a disaster for Spurs. He will have hit his own personal achievement and the pressure will be off him. If you want a real chance at winning the league you need to lose the final.
Hussain Qureshi Waish
Hussain Qureshi Waish:
Mourinho is just a btec version of ole gunnar
David Thompson
David Thompson:
I will judge him on his success. He has failed to achieve his objectives for about a decade and left clubs financially worse off with toxic lost dressing rooms. That is a catestrophic for a "manager" and his insistence that Bergwijn deserves to play more than Dele is right up there with him thinking Oscar was better than Kevin De Bruyne.