Julia Michaels - ANXIETY LIVE @ The Fonda with Selena Gomez

So this wonderful thing happened - I performed Anxiety with Selena Gomez at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood ❤️

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Filmed and Produced by Miranda McDonald, Andy Edwards and Scott Kelly

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100+ comentarios:

Elise Tellez
Elise Tellez:
I think Selena sings good live when she’s comfortable
the fact that Julia used to write Justin’s songs and now she’s besties with his ex.
Zubaida Al-Alawi
Zubaida Al-Alawi:
The girl screaming "I'm doing just fine"
polar amondi
polar amondi:
This video is dedicated to all the 'Selena can't sing people'
Elizabeth English
Elizabeth English:
Can I just say Julia is a god damn amazing songwriter.
kcir allen matmat
kcir allen matmat:
Watch this after AMA
I love selena.
I just think she was nervous
During AMA
B Porche
B Porche:
Selena has improved so much as a singer. I love how relaxing her voice is
Amishah M.
Amishah M.:
Lol she says “hug the person next to you” *hugs selena* and the guy next to her tried to give her a hug as well and she dipped
Marcus Madden
Marcus Madden:
Best live vocals I’ve heard from Selena... probably ever
Yuri Barros
Yuri Barros:
Selena's voice is my anxiety therapy.
Ash Z.
Ash Z.:
here, you can tell she's completely at ease and having fun. at the AMAs, she was nervous and had a panic attack right before. your emotions can have a giant effect on how you perform. so before you comment on someone's singing, think about what they've been through
Clarice Ng
Clarice Ng:
most underrated song of the year.. seriously.
Caio Gomez
Caio Gomez:
Selena has an amazing and angelic voice and no one needs to sing Ariana's high notes to be a good singer
Why Don't Selena
Why Don't Selena:
haters : Selena cant sing !!!

Selena : hold my Anxiety live perfomance
Tattianna Shores
Tattianna Shores:
With Selena it's not just her voice, it's the beauty within shining through! She is so raw and classy. She really cares about people and it shows! She loves to sing and it makes her happy and I love her voice because it's so soft and gentle. Selena you are truly amazing!
Thea Koss
Thea Koss:
selena sounds so good. girlie needs to do more things like this. i know she often struggles with the huge choreography and big shows (bc of her anxiety and also because she has trouble with breath support sometimes, even tho shes an amazing dancer) but she always sounds BOMB whenever she's just sitting or standing, so she needs to do more things like that as far as live shows. she has an amazing voice, especially on stripped down songs or acoustic performances.
The Netflix Babe
The Netflix Babe:
She should do her next tour like this ,Sitting and being comfortable and singing at her best
this video should be Selena's response when asked abut the AMAs..
MISSme mister
MISSme mister:
4:00 That two in the front are killing it
Nick Cyrus
Nick Cyrus:
Came back here to make me feel better about Sel after her AMAs performance..
Now THIS is the only jelena we want/need
HK 1
HK 1:
Am I the only who literally just love how chill Selena is sitting
Ed Love
Ed Love:
1:54 girl, are you sure you FINE? 😂😂
This was literally one of the best 5 minutes of my life.

Btw Selana HIT that note 3:31 💜💜💜💜

And people say she cant sing 😒
Marta Calabrese
Marta Calabrese:
i love how julia made it comfortable for selena to sing with her
Becky Cck
Becky Cck:
Does anyone else noticed Selena's confident smile when she sang
'All my exes says im hard to deal with...'

just me? .ok
Moonlight bæ
Moonlight bæ:
living hope
living hope:
This is Selena's and Selenators moment so don't bring up Ariana in the comments💯💯
I haven't seen this kind of audience response ever!! This just shows how loved these two are..love you my queen and my angel
Liho Sumi
Liho Sumi:
Selena be like: If you're scared put your hand up, if you're scared... Uh..no..😅😂😂
I Love you so much Selena...🥰🥰
I hope I can get the chance to meet you one day
PS: I didn't forget about you , Julia😉
"Oh I try my best just to be social. I make all this plans with friends and hope they call and cancel" that is sooo like me😅
selena's breath control here wow can't wait for the ama's ❤
Hailey K
Hailey K:
To me selena is more than just a singer.. I don't call an artist "an artist" or "a singer" just because they hit high notes or something.. it's waaayyyy more than that.
sara kate
sara kate:
“You have no idea what you just did for somebody”

...timeline suggests maybe gave them Corona? Lol
Hesoka ray
Hesoka ray:
Selena's voice so lovely I'm fallen in love everytime I listen to her voice
Saundaryima Malviya
Saundaryima Malviya:
I think Selena is singing better than ever not just because she has improved a lot in performing live, but also because she's not dancing here, there's no other physical exertion on her.. she's totally relaxed.
Haneefa Hussain
Haneefa Hussain:
Gosh selenas voice live is heaven😻
Jocie Luna
Jocie Luna:
This is how she should have sang at the AMA's 🤦🏻‍♀️
Zeynab Hoseiny
Zeynab Hoseiny:
Selena's voice makes my heart skip a beat. My queen.
swiftee for life
swiftee for life:
These types of performances complement Selena`s voice.
Gloria Ofori-Kwaah
Gloria Ofori-Kwaah:
understand this: you can sound confident and have anxiety. You can look healthy but feel shit, you can look happy and feel miserable inside. You can be good looking and feel ugly. So be kind, because every person is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
credit to Matt Haig~ the author
Queen D
Queen D:
Who is here after Selena's new album?? Rare ❤
Precious Terrell
Precious Terrell:
Let’s take a moment and realize how well those guys are playing those instruments.
when selena sang at the wrong time and julia hugged her
friendship goals 😄
aria banks
aria banks:
If someone says Selena can’t sing one more time I swear to god I’m fighting them
Hayley Meyer
Hayley Meyer:
The two girls in the front that are actually enjoying the moment and having fun without having to record it on their phones is what we need more of in this world
Thought that girl at the front was gonna knock herself out 😂
Who's here after AMAs
anupam691997 Singh
anupam691997 Singh:
this has to be the best thing i have seen in a long long time!!
Amanda Bergeron
Amanda Bergeron:
Honestly the vibe of them chilling on the stage as if a floor is cute cause it’s like a meeting but I feel like the vocals were fine and they were great but would’ve had more energy if the lead singer was standing below the higher stage or on top . Her lyrics she needed more of her body open and could probably project more. Or even if she started by sitting with them and when the songs becomes more powerful throughout, she could rise up and start singing with more power. This is a great song, great performance but as someone who doesn’t know much about Julia Micheal’s I would want to see her up and moving she her personality what she’s all about because these are what come along with a stage presence.

This is merely from an art perspective as a spectator no hate .
Am I the only one who thinks that Selena looks like wonderful with long hair? She is the most beautiful and pretty woman i have ever seen 😍💜
Nupur Madav
Nupur Madav:
After her amas performance.... those who believe she can't sing.....should at least watch this....she sounds so damn good SELENA ALWAYS ROCKS....I LOVE HER😍😍😍😍
Andrea Brooke
Andrea Brooke:
I know I’m a little late but Selena has always had a beautiful & angelic voice. For the people saying she can sing but not very good, trashing her AMA’s performance, y’all realize she was diagnosed with lupus right? Lupus can weaken your vocal cords. So yes, she may be off-key at times which results to autotune, but it isn’t her fault. She still has a beautiful voice and is a very strong and talented person. And yes, I’m a fan of hers because she’s an inspiration to every female who is afraid to be themselves, and who is afraid to be strong. I just don’t fan girl over her like everyone else but when I see comments like these criticizing her, it’s really irritating because she’s been through a lot and she still tries to inspire everyone else through her words and her songs. Cut her some slack.
ғяσsт owo
ғяσsт owo:
Lmao who else noticed a boy shouting they're doing just fine in the background
Why is everyone talking about Selena? She was okay in my opinion but you all are clearly sleeping on Julia Michaels. She can sing so beautifully
selenator 04
selenator 04:
Idk why but I loved Selena's live vocals than studio. Damn it! Now the haters got no point in hating her!!!!!
so freaking happy that they are making music for mental health awareness.
Alivia Eh 30
Alivia Eh 30:
I felt like I was in the crowd . That’s crazy, I’ve never ever felt like that in my life
this has to be one of the cutest performances i've ever watched
Douglas Wong
Douglas Wong:
Brought my 7 year old to this as her first concert. Gonna be hard to top.
Sheeps sleep while you stare
Sheeps sleep while you stare:
Selena actually sounds good and she's not whispering the words
Isa Gomez
Isa Gomez:
Selena Gomez is the most beautiful, precious, lovable person in this world. I love this woman with all my heart ❤️🥰
midnight and the dog
midnight and the dog:
"All my exes say that I'm hard to deal with because it's true" - Julia can confirm that🤣.
Aminata saidu Bangura
Aminata saidu Bangura:
Damn Selena that savage hair flips. She doesn’t need words her body is damn shows it. I love her so much ❤️👍👑
pedro carballo
pedro carballo:
i'm so happy for selena, after everything she's been through she seems to be happier than ever
angie gomez
angie gomez:
3:37 Selena sounds so angelic💖
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger:
I don't speak and understand English but their voice are beautifuul 😍
Gabriel Góes
Gabriel Góes:
Luisa Petinga
Luisa Petinga:
Selena's voice 😍😍😍😍😍
not today
not today:
The girl screaming the lyrics in back is such a mood
If you love selena Gomez like this ❤
Norbert Loránd Kerekes
Norbert Loránd Kerekes:
Real selenators❤️😅 4:03
bianka cseh
bianka cseh:
You can clearly see that Selena was comfortable and calm and her voice was so damn good
Kitana Jade
Kitana Jade:
Everyone on her commenting about Selena. Julia does an amazing job aswell. Give her some credit too
Tanvi Parmar
Tanvi Parmar:
I love Selenas hairstyle 💁🏼‍♀️
Lara Zurba
Lara Zurba:
that one girl SCREAMING " when i'm doin just fine" lmaoooo
Алина Ковалёва
Алина Ковалёва:
Why selena did not say "I love this song" at the end ?
Phoeb f
Phoeb f:
She said “hug the person next to you”
My anxiety could never
I love how she's not anxious in a live called Axniety lol
I’ve watched this so many times it’s unhealthy.
Itz._Videos .-
Itz._Videos .-:
I’m just happy that Selena doesn’t care if she messes up during a concert like with her friends
Tanvi Parmar
Tanvi Parmar:
Omg 😮 this is amazing 😉
Julia is good and Selena Gomez has an awesome 😎 voice xox I like the song, it’s the first time I’m hearing, I know it’s quite old but still lol 😆 🎶🌸💗❤️🤗💎🧡🤍💘🖤💓☮️
Ece Aknar
Ece Aknar:
one of the girls are shouting like a somebody is trying to kill her.
sophia michelle herrera
sophia michelle herrera:
Omg Selena’s voice ❤️❤️
"WHEN I'M DOING JUST FINEEEE!!! XD lol she scared the ***of me xD
cookiesncream ;
cookiesncream ;:
love selena's hair. she's such a cute girl
alexaaa c
alexaaa c:
selena looks so healthy and good omg 🥺 her singing has improved so much i’m so proud of her
this is so cute. what surprised me the most is that selena is good at doing harmonies which is not easy
Ori Jane
Ori Jane:
😂😂 at the person shouting " when i'm doing just fine" the loudest but I feel you bro
Excel Edward
Excel Edward:
OMG they both sound amazing I'm just happy for Selena she's singing live and it's amazing
This is proof that she was really nervous during the AMAs she sounds amazing when she's comfortable
They're so cuuuteee. Glad to grow up with Selena and see her happy with someone who seems cool!
Katie Griffiths
Katie Griffiths:
Just love love love this song, and these 2 💕💕💕💕
Emeline Simon
Emeline Simon:
Julia sings really good 💖 and Selena too
When Selena starts speaking, it feels like an episode of wizards of waverly place😍
Stela Kau
Stela Kau:
Selena's voice is so sweet
Kylissa Simmons
Kylissa Simmons:
I think Selena’s voice is soo good when it’s like this. I don’t care what people say. She sounds soo good hear
Style & Life
Style & Life:
Omg Selena has such a soft beautiful voice, pretty unique too. Sometimes no need to yell and reach highest notes, when you can sound THAT unique.