Julian Assange: Wikileaks founder extradition to US blocked by UK judge - BBC News

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the United States, a court in London has ruled.

The judge blocked the request because of concerns over Mr Assange's mental health and risk of suicide in the US.

The 49-year-old is wanted over the publication of thousands of classified documents in 2010 and 2011.

The US claims the leaks broke the law and endangered lives. Mr Assange has fought the extradition and says the case is politically motivated.

The US authorities have 14 days in which to lodge an appeal and are expected to do so. This means Mr Assange is not likely to be freed from London's Belmarsh Prison - where he is being held - immediately.

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100+ comentarios:

We live in a world where hackers and whistleblowers get more jail time than killers and paedophiles
Willie Lim
Willie Lim:
He need a Nobel prize. He fight for humanity.
Weenis McBungus
Weenis McBungus:
Nothing less than a pardon is good news. This man has done the world a service and should be walking free.
Nigel nigel
Nigel nigel:
Wish America would go after prince Andrew with as much determination.
mc ifty
mc ifty:
If the Americans didn't carry out such wicked acts then they would not need to worry about being exposed
Julian Assange has had more prison time than those who committed the war crimes Assange exposed. What the actual fuck.

He’s a hero for exposing US war crimes.
Oppressed Democracy
Oppressed Democracy:
He is being prosecuted for exposing the war crimes Blackwater committed while Blackwater has been pardoned!!!! This is beyond tyranny!!!
Ghost M4
Ghost M4:
The UK Judge saved Julian Assange from torture in a US operated concentration camp in Guantanamo.
John Ford
John Ford:
Give him Diplomatic Immunity just like woman who killed the motorcyclist in Norfolk.
William Wäite
William Wäite:
They won’t extradite Harry Dunn’s Killer.
Say It Like David
Say It Like David:
Things are finally moving in the correct direction. Free Julian Assange.
Good news US should be ashamed for hindering the freedom of speech
S M:
I wish the BBC (as journalists) would educate the public that Assange did nothing apart from help expose the dark dealings of government. He should be rewarded not jailed
Heroboy Leyland
Heroboy Leyland:
How he exposes corruption then the people he exposed lock him up and the rest of the world turn a blind eye scary place to live earth
Ignacio Morales
Ignacio Morales:
Well done UK and Mexico. However, what a shame for US and Ecuador.
Geoff Clarke
Geoff Clarke:
Fantastic news. There's no reason for us to cooperate with the US when they won't permit the extradition of Anne Sacoolas.
Joanna Rees-Jones
Joanna Rees-Jones:
Release the man for God sake. Such injustice
Both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are heros for freedom of speech and should be treated as such.
These news hosts are saying he was "voluntarily" holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy? It was hardly voluntary. The UK police, in cahoots with the US, were waiting outside prepared to arrest him.
Manufacturing Consent
Manufacturing Consent:
Free Julian Assange and then send Tony Blair, George Bush and Dick Cheney to Iraq to stand for war crimes!!!
Best news for years, Free him immediately.
Do the Americans plan to extradite Anne Sacoolas anytime soon 🤔
The Judge said the charges weren't politically motivated?? What planet is she living on!
This is fantastic news.
John B
John B:
Assange is a political prisoner of USA fascist police state. Free him immediately.
Phil Collins
Phil Collins:
Uncivilized people would have his life. Justice for Julian!!
Crispy Smooth
Crispy Smooth:
there should be no extraditions to the US until the US extradites that woman who ran over that lad down south. FULL STOP
John Vicary
John Vicary:
Good decision - at last someone takes the right action against the US Government
He looks like he ages a year every week these days
nothing wrong to speak the truth 📜
GhostCity Shelton
GhostCity Shelton:
What about Prince Andrew? Is he still hideing in 'mums' Tower of London ?
He is a hero. He was handed a 'scoop' and exposed the corruption, the war crimes... and the US wanted revenge.
Today is a good day for free journalism.
Alina Isac
Alina Isac:
Good morning God bless This Man
Expect Biden/Harris to continue the persecution.
We need to flood them with messages: End the torture,
Free Julian Assange!
Eric Diaz
Eric Diaz:
We need more people like him exposing evil and corruption
Mariah Mckay
Mariah Mckay:
Danielle Engel
Danielle Engel:
Set him free!! This is horrific! Leave him alone.
James Nourse
James Nourse:
Gives me a belief in justice once again . Let freedom ring.
nelson 100
nelson 100:
This is great news.. It restores my faith in the UK justice system.. he should now be free even if the US appeals
Prem raj
Prem raj:
Finally...i was wondering if everyone has lost their heart!
Lorenzo Tanzi
Lorenzo Tanzi:
To me the most significant part of the judgment is the motivation: American jails are inhumane. And this is a blow not just to the US government, but to the whole politico-legal system
Flobber Top
Flobber Top:
History will call him a hero. Right now, in this time, the powers that be want him hidden and quiet. And between them they’ll ensure it happens.
Charlie M
Charlie M:
Although this is a big win, the fact that it is based on him most likely killing himself if extradited rather than him not doing anything wrong is still quite scary in my opinion.
kam a
kam a:
Honestly best news received so far.
R C:
Good... set him free. The man is a hero.
John Elkington
John Elkington:
Assange seems to have aged 4 decades over the past decade.
Prophetess Ana
Prophetess Ana:
Correct.God blesses the judge.Wise judge,fight for justice,transparency.
Dove King
Dove King:
Good, i hope he has a safe and happy life.
Chad Norman
Chad Norman:
2021 is off to a good start!
Neil Bannet
Neil Bannet:
Excellent! At last UK is now doing something sensible after leaving EU!
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy:
Face saving exercise by Baraitser. Political persecution from start to finish and she knows it.
Edwina Green
Edwina Green:
Thank God 🙏🙏 Leave him alone and let him go back to his family and friends.
Assange is the political prisoner of the West and Britain played a major part in his inhumane treatment.
HARRY Carry:
Piaras O’Brien
Piaras O’Brien:
You shouldn’t even be allowed to say his name! You or your fellow “ journalists “ ..
Julian not only showed us what was happening behind the curtain of endless war but he showed us by means of his removal from the embassy just how filthy you supposed journalist and reporters truly are
julio rosa
julio rosa:
why is he still in jail then? is this Guantanamo?
Every video about him is almost 100% Likes.
Veni Vidi Vici
Veni Vidi Vici:
Free Assange!
The great master of Truth-Always!✊
Marko Tomicic
Marko Tomicic:
Not enough - he has to be released immediately and paid reparations for torture he endured. In addition, shame on that freakin' judge. He is not guilty! What kind of world is that in which war criminals walk freely and those who reveal their crimes - need to be punished?!
Billy Y
Billy Y:
Assange deserves freedom, he's a hero
The Geneva Conventions say that no one should be sent to a country that uses torture. America uses torture e.g. extended periods of solitary confinement.
why so long GB hasn't secured Quine's empire citizen of Australia?
Js Ok
Js Ok:
Divine* Feminine
Divine* Feminine:
Good--God Bless Julian Assange and his family. I can't even fathom what hey have gone through.
Dirk Driessen
Dirk Driessen:
The UK helped US to mentaly turture an innocent man, whos crime was to inform the people about your warcrimes in irak an elsewhere. Why is Tony Blair still free and alive?
Helena Monique Clarke
Helena Monique Clarke:
The right verdict for Human Rights.🙏🏽♥️🇬🇧
Paul McCloud
Paul McCloud:
The judge had no confidence Assange wouldn't be 'Epsteined' while in custody.
The treatment of Julian Assange is a lesson for us all: power need never fear that closing the eyes of its critics will fail to succeed.
Dennis Marfo
Dennis Marfo:
The only sane action I have seen in such a long time.
DS Coaching
DS Coaching:
Great news to start the year off. Wishing him all the best and hope to see him walking the streets of London once again.
Robert Drake
Robert Drake:
Still can't see how an Australian citizen can be extradited for leaking anything from a foreign govt? The US thinks the own the world (and China plans to).
Micky Geordie dude
Micky Geordie dude:
Great to hear freedom of speech and expression is hanging on by a fingertip
Ravinder Pal Singh
Ravinder Pal Singh:
Some sort of relief.at the last I just remember you....
Marc Paulding
Marc Paulding:
We will give you him when you hand over that woman that ran over and killed that poor kid and ran back to America
After a drought of good news, at last, one thing this Country can be proud of. A stand for justice and free speech.
Allan Burgess
Allan Burgess:
America paid a security company to put Camera's and Microphones in the Ecuadorian embassy to spy on Julian Assange.
hugh tuck
hugh tuck:
The dark thing is that our "democratic governments" treat this man and others, striving for transparency, with such naked aggression...
fact checker official
fact checker official:
just imagine the msm with a fraction of the humanity, nerve and honesty that julian assange has. its hard isnt it!?
Fingers Crossed
Fingers Crossed:
Assange is a hero. I wish him well 💪
hickory wind
hickory wind:
Look at the state of him in that footage. Shocking how this man has suffered so much.
The Unknown
The Unknown:
YES! The people take another W! LET’S GOOOOOOOO
Fabien Merteuil
Fabien Merteuil:
Poor Julian he gets out when we’re all under house arrest (or about to be) 🤣🤣
Miele Rodriguez
Miele Rodriguez:
Midas Touch
Midas Touch:
Now I feel safe that I can say what I want on you-tube and change the world.
Joe Marks
Joe Marks:
Finally, some good news. It's been too long.
Raj S
Raj S:
Wow... judge ruled 'he might suicide ' aka he might be killed. I remember some US politicians calling for execution or assassination.
Calvary Crusader
Calvary Crusader:
He really needs to move to the peaceful town of Chillingbourne!! Bing Search: CHILLINGBOURNE.
Nick Prohoroff
Nick Prohoroff:
Where were you BBC for the last 21 months???
Samuel Bull
Samuel Bull:
You chumps at BBC going to start covering his persecution on the daily now? Or continue to ignore him and our right to a Free Press?
some good news finally! Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are heroes
Nas jt
Nas jt:
Free the man damn it!!
Gail McCarthy
Gail McCarthy:
Yes !!!! Thank You!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
M. M.
M. M.:
This is the best news we have had in years.
Yey 🎉 just need to get him freed
When a sitting president asks an official to 'find votes', it shouldn't be Assange that's the one in jail.
english steve
english steve:
Assange is a journalist. He exposed US war crimes.

Watch "COLLATERAL MURDER" here on You Tube for undeniable proof.
When they extradite the woman who killed the young lad Harry Dunn then maybe we can talk about Assange until then stuff off
Elena Kim
Elena Kim:
Thank God!
Thanks to all people in power who didn’t lose their sense of justice and common sense!
Thanks to every single person who stood by.
Watching Julian’s Dad having to go through this ordeal, while admiring his ability to keep the high spirits and stay gentle, is heartbreaking.

Mahabub Zihad
Mahabub Zihad:
WOW, I thought you guys forgot about him.....
Mark Goddard
Mark Goddard:
Fancy the BBC reporting this! Usually freedom of speech is denied, along with its reporting. All the man did was expose the truth.