Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD)

Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD)
The Park is Open - June 12

Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce the long-awaited next installment of his groundbreaking Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World. Colin Trevorrow directs the epic action-adventure based on the novel “Jurassic Park” by Michael Crichton. The screenplay is by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Trevorrow & Derek Connolly. Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley join the team as producers.
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Jurassic World will be released in 3D by Universal Pictures on June 12, 2015.

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Jordan Sweeto
Jordan Sweeto:
I was hoping for a couple returning actors as I loved them (it doesn't look like there are)
But honestly after seeing this trailer I'm pretty excited!!
I love Jurassic Park and I think this will be a great new movie, definitely going to see it.
Vishal Bhatia
Vishal Bhatia:
*RIP to Irrfan Khan who played Simon Masrani in this film.*
Do you think these are CGI dinosaurs?
5 years ago, still give me the chills
The Follower
The Follower:
If someone was watching this in 2020, they're a true legend
Annoying Orange
Annoying Orange:
That shark scene was jawsome! HAHAHAHA!
That logo was EVERYWHERE that summer. It was like the 90's all over again.
This was the last movie I saw with my dad before he passed away, he loved Jurassic park and this is something we shared, the saga means a lot to me.
Caitlin Wager
Caitlin Wager:
throwback to when trailers were actually good and didn't show the entire outcome of the movie
Luis Duran
Luis Duran:
Who came back to watch this Trailer after the Fallen Kingdom Trailer?
"the park is open" "ummmmm did we all forget about what happened last time? and the second time? and the third time with the talking raptor?" "oh right... park is closed.... RUN!!!!" (THAT SCORE still gives chills!!! excited but skeptical about this :P)
Jeong Min Oh
Jeong Min Oh:
Who’s here after the Jurassic World: Dominion announcement?
Enid Rhee-Grimes
Enid Rhee-Grimes:
Seeing Pratt ride on a bike alongside running raptors is still one of the most badass shots in recent memory.
Kennedy Logan Morgan
Kennedy Logan Morgan:
2:12 damn that “run” was everything
Jurassic Addict
Jurassic Addict:
3 years later i still get Goosebumps watching this
The background noise at 1:30 gave me “Venom” vibes... idk why
Anyone else?
bloody mushroom 95
bloody mushroom 95:
This movie was better than fallen kingdom 😪
Shifana Jahabardeen
Shifana Jahabardeen:
Who's here after the news of irfan Khan's death😶
I remember the hype for this movie, it was like one of the biggest movies ever. Felt not so long ago yet it's been 3 years and the sequel has just released
AMC Theatres
AMC Theatres:
The first trailer for Jurassic World is finally here!
Drix Caster
Drix Caster:
"Probably not a good idea"

Dude, when you're in the world of jurassic park, everything is a bad idea. 😂
Hisyam Nct
Hisyam Nct:
2020 anyone, this movie is so masterpiece
Dushmanta Behera
Dushmanta Behera:
Who's here after watching trailer of Fallen Kingdom 😁
KVT Kay:
Who's here after Jurrasic world: fallen kingdom???
German Maldonado 1
German Maldonado 1:
Can’t believe this was 4 years ago I was 10 it felt like a couple of years ago
Dinosaurs Are Awesome!
Dinosaurs Are Awesome!:
2:14 best Dino sound ever
Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon
Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon:
I love how they only showered glimpses of the Indominus, the feet charging towards Owen, the shadow moving across one of the boys (forgot their names), and the carnage she left in her wake.

Too bad leaks spoiled what she looked like.
Omar Aquavivas
Omar Aquavivas:
Bruh, 5 years and still one of the best movies to come out that year. The scene were owen just rides next to the Raptors is just Iconic, literally Chris Pratt did an amazing job and this movie as well as Guardians pushed him to stardom
Super Mario Logan Fan
Super Mario Logan Fan:
2015: A hybrid dinosaur that looks a lot like Tyrannosaurus that kills anything in its path

2018: A hybrid that looks a lot like an oversized Velociraptor that is equipped with venom
2019 anyone, no I'm just lonely. Ok 😞
Not gonna lie: This might be one of the best movie Trailers ever made.
Rivaille ACKERMAN:
Best epic scene was Alpha riding the motorcycle with raptors. I love their relationship. It's just extraordinary !
Three years ago, I watched this trailer in awe with my mom.
I remember being so excited.
And now look, I’m here watching it again after seeing Fallen Kingdom’s trailer.

*N O S T A L G I A*
Pocky Ro
Pocky Ro:
Who’s doing a Jurassic Movie Marathon?!
Lia Zubanov
Lia Zubanov:
Piano. The beautiful soft and yet extremely meaning instrument: was played in the trailer for a movie on dinosaurs and hybrid dinosaurs that love to kill. Perfect. Am I right or am I right?
Looking back when 2019 is almost over and the future of the series is unknown people look back and see this was the real deal. All the hype and nostalgia from this movie is awesome let's hope the final one is a great conclusion
Who's still watching in 2018
Ruler Of Yore
Ruler Of Yore:
Him riding with the raptors still puts a big dumb grin on my face.
On9 Rainboew
On9 Rainboew:
Who's watching it after Jurassic world fallen kingdom trailer?
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez:
the first time I saw this trailer REALLY BUT REALLY made me feel like a 8 year old. watching the old Jurassic park... damn good old memories :)
It looks ready. Is it ready? I'm ready. Release it now.
Aman Kaushal
Aman Kaushal:
*Bollywood* is a precious Crown👑 and today one of its Diamond has fallen down forever , *Irrfan Khan* Sir you'll be missed 💔
Vinit Phatak
Vinit Phatak:
You don’t Know me
You don’t Know me:
That part where they play the piano is just giving me creeps 😂😂😂
Who came back after Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer, just like me ? ✌
Spriha Chatterjee
Spriha Chatterjee:
Who is here after hearing the news of death of Irfan Khan 😭
Hearing 'RUN!' will never get old in this trailer.
verynaiice boii
verynaiice boii:
The fact that this is being recommend 5 years later just makes me feel 3 times my age lmao
Pan Olgierd
Pan Olgierd:
1:28 I'm in an e-lesson when I read too much Wikipedia
This looks very promising. I'm really not cool with the whole "trained raptor" thing, but I'm hoping within the context of the film it's explained enough to seem plausible.

Also, No T. Rex? Come on man...that's the one thing you should be showing to say "Hey! It's not JP3!"
Smoke iOS
Smoke iOS:
I remembered seeing this in theaters the day it aired and it was amazing
Lakshya Saxena
Lakshya Saxena:
2:13 Stranger Things demogorgon's sound.
James Viveros
James Viveros:
Today the same day it was released 5 years ago. The hype was up high and excited to see it after 14 years of waiting after JP3
Kiwi King Gaming
Kiwi King Gaming:
It’s been 5 years! I feel old.😂
Awesome! I like the simple premise of the film. The humans need to team up with the "normal" dinosaurs in order to take down the hybrid dinosaur that they created. Very cool. I just hope T-rex makes his grand return. I would hate to see him shoved to the sidelines like he was in JP3. He is the logo after all, and by far the most popular and coolest dinosaur out there. T-rex vs. D-rex, I hope it happens!
Ruaa Almangoush
Ruaa Almangoush:
0:13 When my teacher sets homework for the next day...
queen Melissa
queen Melissa:
Who is still here at 2020 we legend for real
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown:
Anyone still wondering when they're going to go to the other remaining three islands of the Muertes Archipelago? For those who don't know, according to the books there are actually five Islands in total. We've only been to two so far in the movies and those are Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. Who knows what we've yet to see!
Edit: You know what? I just remembered, Nublar isn't even one of the five islands listed in the Archipelago! So does that mean that there are SIX islands?????
Milena Pessôa
Milena Pessôa:
Bryce ❤
Jose Centuriao
Jose Centuriao:
This movie is a masterpiece!!!!
Bobus McDerpus
Bobus McDerpus:
This movie was amazing. You cant change my mind
Master sam
Master sam:
Rip Irrfan Khan 😭😭😭 Bollywood lost another legend 💔😭😖
Fermented Productions
Fermented Productions:
Just seen Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I remember the hype around this trailer. This is already nostalgic.
I'm so excited!!!!! And what about those velociraptors at the end? They seemed to be tamed or something.
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar:
Who else here because of Irrfan sir
2:24 one of my favorite scenes from a movie.
Gavin Roush
Gavin Roush:
why did this get put into my rec 5 years later
who's whatching this before watching the Jurrasic world Fallen kingdom's trailer?
Victoria's Channel
Victoria's Channel:
YES! Really looks like the Jurassic Park franchise is going back to its roots. Can't wait to see Andy Dwyer / Starlord fighting dinosaurs. 
Kendall Denae
Kendall Denae:
I’m watching the movie on Fox right now. Still one of my favorite movies of all time 🎥 🍿 🦕🦖💗 I remember DQ advertising it on their blizzards and movie theaters with it on their food. I saw it in theaters 3 times. This movie was soo good!
The only time you felt like you were in the 90's again in 2015.
Matthew St Vincent
Matthew St Vincent:
Decided I’d wash my memory clean of that cringeworthy sequel; *“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”* by watching this amazing trailer again.
Ayaz Ahmed
Ayaz Ahmed:
Rick jaffa a.m silver director colin chris bryce everyone did a fabulous job this deserve much more respect its a masterpiece outstanding
Ollie Langdon
Ollie Langdon:
If Jeff Goldblum isn't in this film then I'm staging a riot... but I'm sure he'll, uh, find a way... 
Laya Raveendran
Laya Raveendran:
Killer trailer...awesome editing ...with legend's music....gives goosebumps even after yrs...thts wat makes it a best Trailer
Who came back here after watchingJurassic world fallen kingdom
Krishna Sagar
Krishna Sagar:
Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom
Francis La Rocca
Francis La Rocca:
Good thing this movie trailer didn’t spoil The Whole movie (Cough fallen kingdom Cough)
Not sure how I feel about this. 
Ben V
Ben V:
Poster just came out for Jurassic World: Dominion in 2021. I came back to this to get the feels and music from the first trailer.
Shahzad Mohammed
Shahzad Mohammed:
Whos here after watching endgame and realising tony would have been still alive if this man.....
Ryan Hayes
Ryan Hayes:
I love this movie :-)
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis:
Remember watching this 4 years ago
Connor Morley
Connor Morley:
Seriously though, nobody can enjoy a fun summer blockbuster movie like Jurassic World anymore. Everybody likes to nitpick the minor things in movies and call it trash.
If you hate it, it's your opinion. I thought this movie was a lot of fun and I definitely wanna see it again.
Susan Lawrence
Susan Lawrence:
Jurassic World HD Film Available *PopCorn80*

The best in the franchise since the original Jurassic Park and, in some ways, even better. A sequel that truly ratchets up the stakes in unexpected and gamechanging ways. 💯
Joseph Steinmetz
Joseph Steinmetz:
When I first watched this trailer, I couldn’t believe it stared Chris Pratt from The LEGO Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy. But, since I watched it, he’d made a great performance for a franchise.
Saahith Sreeram
Saahith Sreeram:
The music in this part makes me feel sad and scared at the same time 2:16
Madhuri Gawde
Madhuri Gawde:
When the first park was a hilarious fail so how did they got permission to build one more park
Anyways a great movie
Jurassic Park fan here
Meg B
Meg B:
Here after watching the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer😩 so much nostalgia
Angeline Oer
Angeline Oer:
Who's still watching and waiting for Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom?

I am XD
Luke Mackie
Luke Mackie:
I still remember how stoked I was on this trailer, I even tried to get friends to watch it. Genuinely one of the most intriguing trailers for a movie out there.
When I first saw this trailer, I thought the Indominus Rex was an Albino Carnotaurus...
Eden Rahav
Eden Rahav:
One of the biggest movies I ever saw in my entire life
Who's waiting/watching because you know jurassic park 2 will be coming out soon? (jurassic park:fallen kngdom)
Jianna K
Jianna K:
this trailer will always give me chills, always
M.T.S The Shark
M.T.S The Shark:
Yes. I am one of those losers who liked this movie
Kalila Dea
Kalila Dea:
I saw this movie last night, and It was probably one of the best movies I've seen in awhile. Hoping there will be a Jurassic World 2.
This is one of the best trailers ever made.
Sunita *
Sunita *:
Watching This In 2020, Still Better Than Most Of The Bollywood (INDIAN) Movies