Justice for Stanley Cohen

Please go to -- http://freestanleycohen.xs2.net -- to learn how you can support Stanley with his case.

Here are three ways you can help:

1) Sign the petition -- http://www.change.org/p/hon-norman-a-mordue-justice-for-stanley-cohen

2) Write a letter to Judge Mordue -- instructions at http://freestanleycohen.xs2.net/

3) Donate to the campaign -- https://rally.org/freestanley

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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

This guy is a fearless warrior of Justice I strongly Support that
Tim Veater
Tim Veater:
Shared. Good luck. America has descended into a black hole and is dragging everybody else in with it. The founding fathers are turning in their graves (probably)
Eşref Saadetöğlu
Eşref Saadetöğlu:
In this world two kind of people exist one who fights injustice and one who keeps silent and go on saying it's not my business, Stanley is the rare kind who says no to injustice and stand with the freedom.
golly gosh Batman
The Eye
The Eye:
Nice to meet you. WE are Network 23.
ls ls
ls ls:
How about getting roseanne and rabbi Shmuley Boteach to testify that he is real kosher.
Joshua Roberts
Joshua Roberts:
vis-a-vis chris hedges et al.
*qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent*
justice is an elusive creature for those who choose NWO useful idiots as their lieutenants.
Up the rebels
Tristanne basnett
Tristanne basnett:
a great speech..very inspiring! In Luke 1 it talks of God's justice: who can withstand God? No-one! Believe in Jesus and pray for God's will in Jesus mighty name and it will be done. Justice is a human right.God cares about humans. Jesus became human and died on a cross for us.Then he ROSE on the third day! Hallelujah! Death isn't the end for those who love Jesus!Jesus is for everyone.You have beautiful teeth!  
Tristanne basnett
Tristanne basnett:
There is a great hope in the world namely Jesus. He suffered much and leads the way. Sinners repent! heaven IS at hand. Jesus is worthy of all praise.