Justice League Snyder Cut JOKER First Look | Reaction And Breakdown On Jared Leto's New Design

Justice League Snyder Cut JOKER First Look | Reaction And Breakdown On Jared Leto's New Design. Zack Snyder has just dropped a first look at Jared Letos Road Weary Joker which is meant to take place in the Knightmare Timeline. We breakdown and give our initial reaction to the look and discuss what it could mean for the 2021 movie which releases on March 18th.

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Excerpt taken from the site -

Justice League director Zack Snyder shared a teasing glimpse of Jared Leto's new-look Joker last week, but Vanity Fair has now given us a proper look at the Academy Award-winning actor as the Snyder Cut's take on the Clown Prince of Crime.

As you'll see from these official images, Leto's Joker is looking quite a bit different to the last saw him in Suicide Squad. The classic purple outfit has been replaced by a grimy hospital gown, his once-green hair is much longer and darker, and, perhaps most noticeably, those facial tattoos are nowhere to be seen.

Snyder describes the character's sinister new outfit as "a remnant of his escape into the wild when the world fell. “He has tons of badges,” he adds. “Those are his trophies.”

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