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Zack Snyder debuted a teaser trailer for his Justice League: The Snyder Cut, bringing his vision of the DC Comics team film to life on HBO Max in 2021.


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Micheal Mats
Micheal Mats:
I don’t care how many demons he’s fought and how many hell’s, but he’s never fought us. Not us UNITED!! IN MY OPINION THAT WAS A DOPE LINE
Hollywood- “Nobody wants to sit through a four hour movie.”
DC fans- “Thank you Zack Snyder!”
Dani Kai
Dani Kai:
Me: Warner Will Never release the Snyder Cut, we have to face it.

DC Fans: They never fought us. Not us united.
Arham Khalid
Arham Khalid:
The fact that DC actually listened to their fans deserves so much respect.
William Chang
William Chang:
"This movie really makes you feel like batman 9.5/10" - IGN
Cole Barber
Cole Barber:
It's insane to me that this film was straight up willed into existence
jackson perez
jackson perez:
Just a reminder that Whedon’s cut only contained 16 minutes of Zack’s 4 hours that he shot
DJ Tole D
DJ Tole D:
This trailer is better than the whole Josh Wheddon version we got before.
AymLuminous TV
AymLuminous TV:
You know Batman is the leader when his teammates can fly but rides in his plane anyway.
Jackson Nettleingham
Jackson Nettleingham:
Is nobody going to address the fact that Steppenwolf’s Design is more awesome and terrifying in this trailer than the movie we saw in 2017? In fact, all of the CGI in this movie is miles better.
Dylan Tavis
Dylan Tavis:
Lois: What does the "S" stand for?
Me: It's not an "S", on my planet it means "Snyder's Cut"
Movie Hermit
Movie Hermit:
That one line from Batman is more Batman than anything we got in the studio version
Harry Boi
Harry Boi:
Synder used this song in Watchmen. Shows that he even had a hand in the making of this trailer.
The Batman
The Batman:
There's A Reason Why The Trailer Started With Darkseid And Ended With Batman.
Kill Me
Kill Me:
Finally, the Justice League is releasing after 4 years.
Andreas Karandreas
Andreas Karandreas:
This honestly feels like a different movie.
The Joker
The Joker:
If batman doesn’t kill and characters like Cynorg gets developed, this will be epic
Some Dude
Some Dude:
Who else would’ve loved if green lantern rose at the end
Indeevar PS
Indeevar PS:
Whedon Batman: I'm rich.

Snyder Batman: I don't care how many demons he has fought and in how many hells. He's never fought us, not us united.
DC visuals and tone are a real cinematic treat
Darkseid Mcdonalds Employee
Darkseid Mcdonalds Employee:
For people wondering why Darkseid looks different, this is before he was Darkseid, his name was Uxas.
Carlos Pinzón
Carlos Pinzón:
It's Dark, Dramatic, and with a touch of reality.
Dc was never mean to be Marvel's copycat but a whole different universe. And This is exactly what we wanted
Dee Pee
Dee Pee:
Thank YOU. Those of you that signed the petition...you all hoped for WB to release this finally
Zoidberg Hernandez
Zoidberg Hernandez:
I'm really happy that Ben Affleck returned after what he went through... that's the Batman way to get back up when knocked down and get back into the fight
Fazril Abrar Purnomo
Fazril Abrar Purnomo:
There's only one thing to say about this.

Nobody's gonna talk about how Steppenwolf looks so much better.
Snyder: "Alright you're using mine."
WB: "We should probably use his."
Green Lantern: "SHOW TIME."
Rishon David
Rishon David:
Imagine being Joss Whedon right now.
corn beefz00
corn beefz00:
Who else thinks martha kent is martian manhunter in that scene with lois🤣🤣
Kasinova 95
Kasinova 95:
It’s unhealthy the amount of times I’ve watched this now.
DC is back on the map!
The Joker
The Joker:
Let’s hope Batman is less Iron man and more Batman
The Great Chimera
The Great Chimera:
Imagine if DC made decent movies that weren’t dumpster fires
Filip Mihajlović
Filip Mihajlović:
2021 is gonna be the year of DC

Captain Kelnor
Captain Kelnor:
Looks like we're also getting Deathstroke and the Joker in this movie.
Not exaggerating but I was seriously disappointed by Justice League. And this trailer my friends looks better than the whole Justice League movie. This is legit 🔥🔥
Alpharelic 2021
Alpharelic 2021:
Finally, now we can find out the story behind the Knightmare scene in Dawn of Justice!
Balamp UwU
Balamp UwU:
I'm not much of a DC fan but...damn this trailer is beautiful
adam adam
adam adam:
Anyone back here after news that Jared Leto will be in this movie as The Joker?
daholfn show
daholfn show:
This is a prime example of why executives should stay out of the creative process. They should just stick to funding projects and let the creators create.
Paul Dano
Paul Dano:
Can’t wait to see what Ezra’s flash was supposed to be
kausto j
kausto j:
I think it's not even about how the movie is gonna be. It's really all about the original artist being recognized.
Dee Pee
Dee Pee:
To those of you that are awake...most just saw a very awesome trailer, but this shows us something...they lied for years to the masses that this didn't exist. But more and more woke up to the truth. And now look. Snydercut. Pentagon releases real ufo footage to the public (which i believe are real as i am former navy and I too witnessed something similar in the Bermuda triangle in 1996). But you see, the people are waking up.
Roblox Horrors
Roblox Horrors:
THATS The Batman I wanna see. Not "Jesus he's tall" I wanna see 2:18 or Rob's batman standing still when everyone else is running away. those are batmen. not "Jesus he's tall"
Lucky Thool
Lucky Thool:
This 3 minutes trailer has more character development than the whole previous movie.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
“They said, it could not be done”
John Balk
John Balk:
I like Leonard Cohen, but playing “ hallelujah”, just takes me out of the whole clip. Plus, didn’t Zack already misuse this song once before in Watchmen? Play something else, please!
Dark master
Dark master:
The so-called Majority of the world : Zack Snyder is a bad director, never should be touching DC again

Zack Snyder: Releases more comic-book faithful material in his cut

The world: Thankyou Zack Snyder.

Me who is a fan of DC a whole: Ha, Pathetic all of ya.
Copperbird 2119
Copperbird 2119:
It feels like every character is going through something great
Nick Burrows
Nick Burrows:
Now all we need is a “anyone else cut” GOT season 8
HMG I Ganerike
HMG I Ganerike:
Please everyone .
We begged for this so much that we got listened just as with Sonic The Hedgehog redesign and so they listened now we are obligated to support Snyder , Warner and HBO MAX by watching this on the platform and not by watching it online with Piracy . The success of this can determine the resurrection of the DCEU.
Remember the DCEU was left death because of Josstice League low rate at the office box .
Gotham Bat
Gotham Bat:
Signed the petition. Don’t regret a thing.
Abraham Grantsevich
Abraham Grantsevich:
I'm not crying, it's just rain.
micaiah King
micaiah King:
after this trailer i want this movie to come out tommorrow
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
People who originally asked for the Snyder Cut: “They called us madmen”
Benedict Ringer
Benedict Ringer:
they should have taken this redo to kick ezra miller out and bring grant gustin in as the flash
Then it would be perfect
FINALLY 2020 is close to an end, hopefully 2021 will be an epic year!
Mumuchianchi Momin
Mumuchianchi Momin:
This trailer with this perfect song gives me goosebumpssssss............
Jackson Ren
Jackson Ren:
0:47 That little girl smiling at Diana, feel like she will be an important character, either a villain or a hero, in future film
I’m more excited about this trailer than the original movie

it's finally coming out next year.
Sebastián Pedroza de Santos
Sebastián Pedroza de Santos:
This looks really badass and I like the song, but it feels... Odd. The song kinda made me laugh.
Shuaib Mohammed
Shuaib Mohammed:
Almost forgot to watch this today.
The fact that Hollywood is listening to the audience is showing just how in dire Straits they are right now...
Lucas Vasconcelos
Lucas Vasconcelos:
That two minutes has given me more satisfaction than the entire original movie.
CC_Caleb14 Gaming
CC_Caleb14 Gaming:
this trailer with the music and how it was made is SOOOOOOOO epic, i put it on my top 2 of the best movie trailers, top 1 is Star Wars Chapter 9
Conor Macgregor
Conor Macgregor:
This is due to the unity and strength of every DC fanatic in the world!!
Gerard Haran
Gerard Haran:
These 3 minutes are already better than 6 hours of JL movies
Dom Che
Dom Che:
Man I really hope this comes out in the cinemas...
Guillermo Gonzalez
Guillermo Gonzalez:
Let's give respect to all the fans who aren't alive to see this
GA phantom 007
GA phantom 007:
The moment this drops josh wedons version will quickly be forgotten
Jacob XD Palo
Jacob XD Palo:
Christian bale batman: Im the best
Ben affleck batman: are u sure about that
oppikemma 66
oppikemma 66:
I feel bad for dc fans who die before justice league Snyder cut realese
Liquid Moon
Liquid Moon:
It seems old Hollywood doesn't work anymore, the people have spoken, I wasn't at all excited for the first release of Justice League, now I'm hyped
"Ok but how can we be sure this is true to snyder's vision?"
*entire trailer in slow mo*
Marwin Singh
Marwin Singh:
who else came here after learning that Jared Leto is also returning as Joker in ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE???
Ghost For Hire
Ghost For Hire:
Shut up and take my money!
Tommy Stewart
Tommy Stewart:
1:31 SteffenWolf In the background
Patrick Speight
Patrick Speight:
I remember when this trailer came out and it was a hard time in my life. I honestly couldn’t thank Dc more for such an amazing trailer that really cheered me up
Amit Joshi
Amit Joshi:
Whoever filed a petition for this, deserves an award.
Brendon Maddix
Brendon Maddix:
Wanna know why Zack Snyder chose this song for this trailer? It was his daughter’s favorite. You’re an absolute lad, Snyder. May she Rest In Peace. Amen...

and Hallelujah. :)
Daffa Rizky
Daffa Rizky:
2:23 that look diana give to bruce... is the moment she fell in love with him. 😂
Silas Stone: *Disintegrates and dies*
Trailer: *HALLELUJAH!*
Pardeep 837
Pardeep 837:
“I don’t care how demons and how many hells. He’s never fought us... Not us united.”

Dr. Fate- Is this everyone

Hawkman- You wanted more? We haven't had near enough for even a quarter of the dc roster.

Harley quinn- at least anyone the fans wanted to see anyway
Prahlad Bordoloi
Prahlad Bordoloi:
Guess what guys DC is evolving that's why its called DC extended universe
Nightcore J.E.M
Nightcore J.E.M:
Hahahahaha, omg this is gonna be awesome. To be honest, I feel like Joss Whedon tried to make the other version to much like Avengers
Zack Snyder’s justice league is the original
It's true: The Snyder Cut was a different movie.
Azriel Ackerman
Azriel Ackerman:
Rajat Chakraborty
Rajat Chakraborty:
Marvel fans: Let's get em boys, we ride out at dawn.

DC fans: We don't care how many demons they've fought in how many hells. They've never fought us, not us United.

Marvel fans looking at all the trailers DC released: *slowly backs away*
DODO Duck:
Snyder Definitely Knows The *SECRET CHORD* ❤️
Trailer Men
Trailer Men:
I watch it every day. hit like if u do too.
Sophia's Son
Sophia's Son:
Batman: "He never fought us"
Flash: "Yeah he has, 2017"
Batman: "Well he never fought us twice"
Chauhan Rajput
Chauhan Rajput:
Need one game changer interesting character. DC should change their attitude
Owen Kaplan
Owen Kaplan:
Oru's and Or nots
Oru's and Or nots:
The trailer already looks like it makes more sense then the movie that came out.
Nathan Stone
Nathan Stone:
1:55 I'm anxious to see the full "history lesson" scene
Every scene without Amber Heard in it is amazing.