Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday, the court announced. She was 87.

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G JSD99:
Hoping for soros next.
Regardless of your political affiliation I think we all can agree cancer sucks.
Harold McAllister
Harold McAllister:
She finally reached her term limit. Need to put a term limit on all of them, including Congress.
J Blue 31
J Blue 31:
Remember impeachment? The way the house just ran it through? Well watch how fast the Senate can work.....
The Turn
The Turn:
this is going to hurt the chances for the democrats to steal the election.
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson:
I wonder how stupid these drone poser zombies feel standing in front of a courthouse for someone they have no idea about.
And in dramatic fashion, right Before Ruth Bader Ginsburg took her last dying breath, She looked over and muttered " Make sure I'm not replaced until a new President is installed"
land rover
land rover:
Her turn to be judged by the supreme judge.
Kurt E. Clothier
Kurt E. Clothier:
The best justices are neither Democrat or Republican; they are constitutionalists. They are Americans. They care not to appease a political party; they care only about upholding justice.
neo molefe
neo molefe:
Rest in eternal peace peace Miss Ruth .....
Jessica Crump
Jessica Crump:
What if Trump gets 6 picks before hes done? That would be something.
The Meek
The Meek:
Rest in peace Ginsburg, from a Trump Supporter! CNN is fake news!!
Alberto D
Alberto D:
Folks!!! elections have consequences go out and vote.
Anderson: "We were hoping she'll live for many more years." In his mind: "Damn! Damn! Damn!"
This is huge man. This going to be huge
She was a great person and justice. I still believe there should be a mandatory retirement age for a justice and also term limits
A. C.
A. C.:
RIP Larry King I really enjoyed your one on one interviews
Elijah Edric Guinto
Elijah Edric Guinto:
This is almost certainly going to be a new election issue.
Rishi Lulla
Rishi Lulla:
RIP Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Shh Shh Shh Schiller
Shh Shh Shh Schiller:
I can't believe Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed.. Same as when McCain passed. We lost two true Americans during these times. Both held American values and morals true to the heart.
Suzann Beverly Hills
Suzann Beverly Hills:
What a year 2020 😢
Hot Club of the Mountains
Hot Club of the Mountains:
RIP Ginsburg - She voted on legal matters. She was not a god.
Blue Terrace
Blue Terrace:
Now watch as Graham and McConnell walk back their 2016 claim that Presidents can’t appoint justices in their final year.

Unprincipled hypocrites both.
Bless this wonderful woman. May she Rest In Peace! -Honestly, a lot of women feel she was the only thing keeping the fearful narrative of The Handmaid’s Tale from becoming a reality...
Roger Brodniak
Roger Brodniak:
2020 is giving 1968 a run for its historical money...
Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan:
Vote!!!! 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Bury the GOP hypocrites!!!
jeck jeck
jeck jeck:
2020: ''But wait, there is more bad news!''
Mark Armage
Mark Armage:
We have to follow what Obama did and nominate a new nominee right now.
Or is it Obama's behavior is unacceptable, racist and sexists now?
Johnny Welles
Johnny Welles:
REST IN PEACE justice Ginsburg❤❤❤❤
Subic Station Dito Sailor
Subic Station Dito Sailor:
Democrats are trying to use the biden rule on a president in his first term. Elections have consequences libbies.
Bee Bee
Bee Bee:
Damn it!! Bless her.. And her family..
She tried to make it as LONG as she could
My respect..
Yvonne Santiago
Yvonne Santiago:
My deepest condolences to her family.
Frankie Clayton
Frankie Clayton:
Thank you for Fighting for women's Rights and being a good judge I will be praying for her family.
Sarah Pitchford
Sarah Pitchford:
She will never be forgotten, may she rest in peace ❤️
Miles Duggan
Miles Duggan:
I'm just a guy from up in Canada telling you that the brightness of your lights of justice ...seen even here are severly dimmed. Chief Justice Ginsberg may you rest in peace you have earned it💔
Ravioli Formuoli
Ravioli Formuoli:
Shes been looking like a sith lord for the last century, bye bye, voting by mail now hag
Lemme know how the weather is down there.
This is a huge struggle for power right now. Who is going to be able to have the power to say what our constitution says. This is huge right now.
Elan Hunter
Elan Hunter:
What a lady! Thank you for your service RBG
Janice Green
Janice Green:
"When there is a vacancy on the SCOTUS, the President is to nominate someone, the Senate is to consider that nomination... There's no unwritten law that says that it can only be done on off-years. That's not in the Constitution text." - Obama in 2016

"I'm going to do my job. I'm going to nominate somebody... It's not as if the Senate calendar is so full that we do not have time to get this done." - Obama in 2016
She knew good law. We will miss her. Thank you for your services.
Steven Shelton
Steven Shelton:
Good bye young warrior! You done good!
EK Lim
EK Lim:
1. dismantle mail sorting machines and scrap the parts beyond reparation
2. most of America's 77% votes (due to pandemic deliberately let worse) which are mail-in failed to be counted in time
3. Trump declare himself victor based on early lead
4. let conservative majority Supreme Court decide on the election legal battle

America's brand of democracy
I am heartbroken. My sympathies go out to our nation.
D Kelly
D Kelly:
john magill
john magill:
Janet McGibney
Janet McGibney:
May she rest in peace 🙏🙏🙏
kenny cypert
kenny cypert:
Rip rbg, Rip dem. party
Wisteria777 S
Wisteria777 S:
💐Thank you for your service and hanging in there for as long as you could. It is greatly appreciated.💐
Eileen M
Eileen M:
Farewell, you wonderful soul.
Mike Litoris
Mike Litoris:
Aydee Mejia
Aydee Mejia:
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez:
Well, Take Amy Barrett from Trump's list!
She was a fierce warrior for truth and justice. She fought with all her might to stay alive to make sure the rights of the constitution was protected. R.I.P. Queen 😓
Rest in peace my dear sweet lady. My love for you is deep and intense. I will never forget you. We never met in person, but our hearts will be eternally linked in passionate love and intense embrace.
Y W:
Ding Dong...
dmk 54321
dmk 54321:
Michelle Washington
Michelle Washington:
Darlene Farmer
Darlene Farmer:
Bless her heart! Thank you so much, Justice Baber...REST IN PEACE...you will be missed!
Mickey Maose
Mickey Maose:
Roddy MacChlerich
Roddy MacChlerich:
Ruth Bader Ginsberg‘s headstone:
“Here lies a liar. and why not?”

Angie M.
Angie M.:
Everyhtings Vuthy
Everyhtings Vuthy:
She’s 87 years old?
Mary Loosli
Mary Loosli:
God rest her soul rest in peace
Sam Eze
Sam Eze:
latino heat
latino heat:
Cancer did not stop this justice worked till the end powerful justice rip 😥
E James
E James:
Oh boy now she has to go before the real judge 🔥
joh joh
joh joh:
Claudia Narro
Claudia Narro:
We are going to miss her so much 😭
Brandon Stephens
Brandon Stephens:
Jennifer Ward
Jennifer Ward:
뉴욕촌닭 New York country mom
뉴욕촌닭 New York country mom:
R.I.P.. Thank you~ your support..We will remember you forever. 🙏
Logic On Fortnite
Logic On Fortnite:
Hairy John
Hairy John:
She seemed like a lovely lady! R.I.P
Thomas Silver
Thomas Silver:
Greatest night Ever!
mikel valerio
mikel valerio:
What did she do that was so ground breaking?
Sylvia Page
Sylvia Page:
Rip mrs.gingsburg it's time to rest
Briahn Bradshaw
Briahn Bradshaw:
At least she’s back with her beloved hubby. They were such a fantastic and strong couple. We should commend men like him way way more because they truly support the women in their lives to become as iconic as RBG. So many men can’t handle such power packed into 100 lb 5 ft women. We need more, genuine allies.
Demetris Stevens
Demetris Stevens:
"R.I.P u will be missed"!!
David Gambler
David Gambler:
Oh come’ on man, um um you know the thing, Ruth is um um now on 2nd floor lady’s apparel. Um um I guess she’ll vote by mail. 😝🥺 😤
phillyboyfloyd 70
phillyboyfloyd 70:
There goes the mail in ballots scam the dems had planned ooops
Adrienne Bolles
Adrienne Bolles:
As Shakespeare said, "Thou she be but small she is fierce."
Señor Elotero
Señor Elotero:
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😥
JAI Banks
JAI Banks:
Rest in paradise To the "Notorious" RBG! 😭
Annoying B'stard
Annoying B'stard:
Nikki red
Nikki red:
R.I.P 🙏
Becky Dennis
Becky Dennis:
Whenever she actually did pass I pray that she had Jesus and was able to ward off the evil she surrounded herself with before it was too late. In Jesus holy name I pray for her Everlasting life.
Nidia Luccioni
Nidia Luccioni:
May you Rest In Peace Miss Ruth Binder
My condolences to the family and my prayers are with you
Jai Norman
Jai Norman:
My condolences
Ms Gemini
Ms Gemini:
Don’t you mean Executed at Gitmo🤷🏻‍♀️
Brian L Watson
Brian L Watson:
God bless