Justin Bieber Performs “Lonely (With benny blanco)” and “Holy” at PCAs | E! People’s Choice Awards

The pop singer brings down the house at the 2020 PCAs! Watch the Biebs' moving renditions of "Lonely" featuring special guest Benny Blanco and "Holy."

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Justin Bieber Performs "Lonely" & "Holy" at 2020 People's Choice Awards | E! People’s Choice Awards


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100+ comentarios:

Key Epic
Key Epic:
let a million artist be born but another Justin Bieber will never be born again
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
This is such an amazing song. Success can be a lonely journey since there are so many sad yet bitter haters out there.
I gotta say, I'm a fan of this Justin Bieber.
La única voz natural en estos tiempos :)
If you're crying, that's totally okay.
Bieber is back & here to stay
Eric Gonzalez
Eric Gonzalez:
He gave up his childhood so we could have ours
Jesus IsEverything
Jesus IsEverything:
This song is so sad. I pray for this boy. I’m glad he has Hailey.
Marnisa Muses
Marnisa Muses:
I feel like Justin is finally enjoying his craft, and he's feeling the joy of it that he's been searching for from the beginning of his journey. The rasp in his voice while performing, and the light he's emanating recently, make it obvious that he's growing into his best and most genuine self. It's really nice to see him happy. God bless, Justin - remember that some of us have seen your journey for what it's actually been and have not judged you. Keep the faith!
Magdala D’marttino
Magdala D’marttino:
God has touched he’s heart , he is worshiping God here .
He seems so much more confident here and in a much better place man. This made me happy as hell bro
Farabi Hasan
Farabi Hasan:
I aint a big bieber fan, but I think the world owes him an apology after that lonely song! Man spoke factss, celebs are human too. You cannot deny how talented this guy is! Also how tf does he sound this good live?? insane
Poleak Heng
Poleak Heng:
He seem growing up a lot. Calm and humble.
Deidra Wilson
Deidra Wilson:
Why everyone always saying they like this Justin or the old Justin it's only one Justin Bieber.
Gerbera Daisy
Gerbera Daisy:
Who's excited with up coming hits?

Edric Lee
Edric Lee:
Jb is the best. Don’t hate him. He changed his attitude recently..
Respect to Justin. He's matured so much.
ms zoe
ms zoe:
He looks like himself again singing holy....I'm gonna cry that's the bieber we know and love🥺🥺❤❤
nt tb
nt tb:
Holy - God and his wife helped him stand on his feet again.
Key Epic
Key Epic:
He has gained his confidence back. No need to worry bebe, you rock the world.
Truest version of justin we've ever seen, he's really found himself, and I'm here for it!
Keegan Speas
Keegan Speas:
He has all the control over his voice. His range is unreal, some of those runs!! Dude looks like he really enjoyed the performance. Especially during “holy”
V&V Oficial
V&V Oficial:
Praise God for the forgiveness and healing He's given Justin and Praise God Justin is willing to share His name! May many more with huge platforms share Christ's love!!!
Nguyễn Văn Kiên
Nguyễn Văn Kiên:
He comeback and his voice is better
Keerthana Rachel V
Keerthana Rachel V:
let a billion artist be born but another Justin Bieber will never be born again
xyz abc
xyz abc:
He's the only artist whom I followed since the start of his mainstream career. Im so glad he's accepting the true him. He's like an elder brother I'd never get but I have always wanted
The way he has gain his confidence back, it feels so Holy. On God! 🔥
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht:
His stage presence during holy shows that he has gained his confidence back. Like, it's been so long since I've seen him this confident.
This song brings tears.😢 This is from his heart! He’s grown up into a man in front of the world. We’re all proud. Amazing job👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Music Videos With Lyrics
Music Videos With Lyrics:
That falsetto at the end reminded you of 2009 Justin Bieber, don’t lie
Jackie Bryant
Jackie Bryant:
The only way to Father God is through Jesus Christ, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
Not Your Typical Christian Channel
Not Your Typical Christian Channel:
Not a Belieber, but dug this- great voice and lovely message 👊💀
almaas z
almaas z:
he’s much more confident and he’s improving his technique with holy and lonely. so proud of him honestly.
Ansh Gates
Ansh Gates:
People nowadays feel like Justin is underrated, no of course not, his fans never stopped trusting him so even today he is the same for them :)
Tackle Box
Tackle Box:
I think Justin’s finally back and, I can say with confidence, better than ever
sarah Khan
sarah Khan:
Justin's haters should call by Sceptics.
I mean they are opposite of Believer.
Thanh Mai
Thanh Mai:
Today we have the reason to celebrate. Congrats to JB for Grammy nominations- 1-2-3-4 😱😭👏 what a year ! 🥰
Alexius Alascio
Alexius Alascio:
the fact justin doesnt say the curse words that are in his songs when he's preforming bc of the audience. Mad respect for him
He struggled big time with "lonely". Redeemed himself big time with "holy"
his voice is so unique, so angelic, here you can see once again that Justin does not need autotune .. he is the best artist alive.
jayesh rane
jayesh rane:
You have come back stronger than ever after so much of hatred against you since you were 15 which made you personally break down ... Thts what make you a inspiration for billions JB ... Your my hero and for Billions
Huỳnh Thế Thông
Huỳnh Thế Thông:
Justin's voice has never been better, he sounds good, so angelic. For me, this song is to die for and brilliant vocals. Through this song, it make me feel that fame and money is not enough, people needs love thus everybody should empathetic celebrities because they're also a human just like everyone. I really appreciate them, things which they passed in the past
Kim Gi
Kim Gi:
Stop saying he’s back and here to stay, he never left... his impact has always been there and will stay forever

niduoe stre
niduoe stre:
Praise God for the forgiveness and healing He's given Justin and Praise God Justin is willing to share His name! May many more with huge platforms share Christ's love!!!
a. b
a. b:
He has gained his confidence back and he seemed so energetic and happy performing after so long. His vocals in lonely were smooth af. This man was born to be a performer. The prince of pop did it again 🔥
He looks so happy being on stage AGAIN.
It's Me Nass
It's Me Nass:
he dont need autotune
Janiyah Calmes
Janiyah Calmes:
The smile he has at 4:05 was cute I have not seen him smile like that in years u can tell he has changed I'm so proud!
Justin’s vocals are so strong and beautiful. I don’t think he’s ever sounded better, but this song breaks my heart. I just want to see this young man live at peace and truly happy.
Steve Dsouza
Steve Dsouza:
No one evolved like justin bieber and you can't deny it
Jj H
Jj H:
I feel like saying "Justin is back" isn't the right words this is a completely different side of him that we've seen, it's the real him.
skinny legend
skinny legend:
AlanaRaihn TV
AlanaRaihn TV:
Literally to the 1% who’s reading this,God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day💗(my dream is to become a famous YouTuber) thanks
Debtanay Sarkar
Debtanay Sarkar:
He is a legend.
0:55 that coat looks comfy as hell 🐑
Pilaiwan S
Pilaiwan S:
Omg he seems so happy and full of energy. That made me cry because i haven’t seen Justin in a lively version for a long time. I love you always 🥺💗
Ashly Castillo
Ashly Castillo:
This is more emotional than everything! Specially when you are following him since he started..
Ri Gurn
Ri Gurn:
Justin Bieber 2020: here comes the comeback! Better than ever!!
Ayden Brown
Ayden Brown:
Okay , yeah he his talented. But why aren't people talking about his impact, (underatted fact) he encouraged people who, thought they made too much mistakes to move forward, he also encouraged some suicidal people. Go watch his documentary.
Danna Garcia
Danna Garcia:
This was one of the most emotional performances I have seen crazy that young Justin had to go through all of that but used it to improve himself as an adult
God Bless everyone who is reading this comment and may never lack food, water and health and may his mother be eternal❤✝🤚🙏🏽
Singing such a personal n emotional song like it's nothin, hats off Justin!
Inda Mao Neko
Inda Mao Neko:
One thing that I need to say.

" I cried happily."
Mohammed Faheem G S
Mohammed Faheem G S:
I wish he works on "Lonely" live performing and present a better "lonely" song in upcoming #AMAs
Mcdonalds Guy
Mcdonalds Guy:
As someone who isn't a JB fan, this was great. He definitely carries himself a lot differently. Respect, Justin. 👊
María Ramírez
María Ramírez:
They said that behind a great man, there is a great women. You can tell that he finally has a real women that loves him, he has grow so much, I’m super proud of him. We never understand that we all make mistakes and we are no one to judge someone else.
Gladeon Lily
Gladeon Lily:
thats my comment
misuyy fong
misuyy fong:
Praise God for the forgiveness and healing He's given Justin and Praise God Justin is willing to share His name! May many more with huge platforms share Christ's love!!!
The King
The King:
I actually thought that he can’t sing the “I’m so lo-o-o-o-o-nley” part live, my bad bieber🤣
He has gained his confidence back. No need to worry bebe, you rock the world.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
Everybody left me. Connection. I like these people, but its hard to get the right connection. IK. Early life business first. You can have another channce
Annabelle Ebol
Annabelle Ebol:
I'm happy to see him like this, he's in good shape. He's really gifted, beautiful beautiful voice!! ❤️
minsung is sailing
minsung is sailing:
now why isn't everyone talking about ending of holy?????? HE LOOKED SOO FKING HAPPY AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE TO START ON THEM VOCALS 😭
Queen Elise
Queen Elise:
Justin's voice is so amazinggg. He never amazed me by his voice.💙💙💙
- Wait, I'm watching this because trending
- Always has been
lilikin pouty
lilikin pouty:
This is real Justin, this is his real talent, real purpose. His soul. This version of him makes me start liking him ngl.
LCM Lim Chomneas
LCM Lim Chomneas:
10 years of listening your music. Never feel regret.
Team RAAC them in’
Team RAAC them in’:
Justin Bieber is so talented and I’m so glad to see him in a better place.
pezz candy
pezz candy:
She's turning into such a beautiful young woman even though she's lip singing😉
Karen Jeong
Karen Jeong:
Can anyone name another artist that can maintain the voice and the fame for over a decade? 🤩
Jasmina F
Jasmina F:
It make us happy to see Justin enjoying to do this performance, back on the stage. Great songs😃
Joshua Almeida
Joshua Almeida:
This was the best performance of Holy solely based on he was truly into it and gave it energy + vocals just sound a bit better. Haven’t seen him give it energy like this in years
Mira 18083
Mira 18083:
Justin Bieber is my all time favorite like Michael Jackson
Varshini_ Jb
Varshini_ Jb:
Nobody can beat his voice
Stephanny Souza
Stephanny Souza:
And THAT is what we call a singer
Michael Steinhauer
Michael Steinhauer:
This song is taken over the pandemic cause we’re all lonely at this time
Hannah Grella
Hannah Grella:
Update: I just discovered it's his song. 😂 I don't know is it me or it's easy to recognize his work?

Something about song Holy reminds me of Jon Bellion music 😊
Lucio Segovia
Lucio Segovia:
is so sad when he sings lonely, had to be so difficult to him being famous at such a young age. Hope this guy get together, he sings so well
Sahil Sagwekar VEVO
Sahil Sagwekar VEVO:
This one is for those who say he can't sing without autotune
No aurotune just jb and his melodious voice.. Now that's my boy
R Z:
Love him with all my heart but why does his voice sounds so different from music video
hdjfkgkh kgxkfxk
hdjfkgkh kgxkfxk:
This is the realest version of Justin I've ever seen ❤️
Luis borges
Luis borges:
God bless Justin Bieber, the king of our generation.
Alot of that confidence and self RESPECT has to do with his wife HAILEY BIEBER. THEY ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER..
Hanna Gonzalez
Hanna Gonzalez:
I love him as a person and an artist. Always have and always will.
angelica marcella123
angelica marcella123:
the dislikes is from the people who don't want to admit that they're lonely
john lafrance
john lafrance:
I swear when concerts start back up again every single artist is going to be so much fun because everyone’s creating great music and wants to perform again
Kelly RV
Kelly RV:
his voice is so beautiful, i'm crying...
Daliana Pacheco
Daliana Pacheco:
I miss this Justin, the happy and confident Justin