Justin Bieber Reveals Half of His Face Is Fully Paralyzed | E! News

Justin Bieber has been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunts syndrome, sharing on Instagram that part of his face is paralyzed. He promised, "I'm going to get better."

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1334214/justin-bieber-experiencing-partial-face-paralysis-amid-new-diagnosis

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Justin Bieber Reveals Half of His Face Is Fully Paralyzed | E! News

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100+ comentarios:

JoLet NT
JoLet NT:
I had a facial paralysis 2 years ago. I went to a neurologist and got medication prescribed and I also went to a physiotherapist to help me gain the feeling back to the left side of my face. It was scary but thank God I recovered 100%. Praying you too fully recover Justin. God bless
I have respect for him sharing this with the world. It takes a lot of courage. I sympathize bc I went through a condition similar while I was pregnant called Tolosa Hunt syndrome. A paralysis in the muscle behind your eye. It was extremely scary bc nobody knew what was happening to me and I hand to get an emergency appointment with an optóneurologist and be put on IV treatment steroid immediately bc they were concerned I could have an aneurism . I’m sure if I can get through my condition under my delicate circumstances then Justin will pull through. I’m praying for you bro 🙏🏼
I had a half face paralysis i think 4 years ago. The doctor say it was bell-palsy and it went away after 2 weeks. Hope he get better soon.
Melissa Joy
Melissa Joy:
The amount of amazing things he does off the stage for others is amazing. His heart is pure gold.

Praying he gets better soon and is able to do what he loves. We Love You, Justin! 💜💜💜
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Really really wish him well. He needs and deserve all the rest
E M:
Awe....as a former JB hater, who grew to now luv JB, I pray for you buddy. This guy has grown so much, so glad he's proved so many of us wrong.
Triton 0629
Triton 0629:
My heart goes out to you! Screw people who are upset!! Get well and rest! Take time to heal and recover!
Dora G Danielle
Dora G Danielle:
Thank you for sharing this Justin. Your well being is of utmost important. Please have a good rest. I pray for your recovery.
ml benson
ml benson:
Praying for a full recovery, Justin. Take the time you need for your health. ❤️🇨🇦🙏
Robyn Kestler
Robyn Kestler:
I got half facial paralysis on mother's day when I was 38. It never went away. I wish him a full recovery, it is very difficult to deal with.
I'm not a big fan of Bieber but I absolutely love his positive attitude. I hope he has an easy recovery🙏🏽💜
Lissandra Freljord
Lissandra Freljord:
Man, this guy been through a lot. First lyme disease, then COVID, and now a virus that paralyzed half of his face. These pathogens must love him. Hopes he makes a full recovery.
Giovanna 733
Giovanna 733:
That is so kind of him that he reached out and to let all of us know what he’s going through prayers to you Justin Bieber.. To a speedy recovery!! Love you both ❤️❤️💯 Love from Florida
We will keep you in our prayers Justin ❤
Blu Pocahontas
Blu Pocahontas:
So sad but he's got this!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
This had happened to my cousin once and he recovered after a few months. You are going to be okay Justin🙏🏾
Jewel Okoror
Jewel Okoror:
I'm so sorry for Justin. I hope he gets well soon. We love you Justin
Andrea Wiatrek
Andrea Wiatrek:
Justin you still look amazing even though the battle is hard right now. We are praying for God to heal and restore you. Thank you for your courage to share❤️
It happened to me once (about 20 years ago I think from massive stress). It lasted for two whole months. Only half my face had movement. It freaked me out but it went away by myself without medical treatment. After two months I recovered 100 percent (it was a experience). I'm sure he'll be okay but when you're going threw it it freaks you out. You find yourself in front of the mirror alot viewing in the mirror that only half your face moves or reacts. Everyone please be kind and respectfully of his health. Well wishes, love & light xxx ECHI
I feel so bad for him!! Wish him a full recovery 🥺❤️
Donna Jae
Donna Jae:
Oh, my! Hope you’re better soon, Justin. Yes, praying for you.
Thank you for bringing awareness to this, Justin! Get some rest and follow docs orders! Get well soon!
Charina Moreno
Charina Moreno:
I hope Justin gets well soon, he should take all the time he needs to rest and get better, I know some people wanted to see him on tour but health always comes first guys. Wishing him a speedy recovery!
I feel so so bad for him!! Praying for him!! Get better JB and stay strong 💪❤️🥺🥺
JJ Holland
JJ Holland:
Prayers for you, Justin! You are a great young man!
Joey Faith
Joey Faith:
Sweet guy. So sad to hear. I thought he had Bell’s palsy! I hope they got the diagnosis right. That’s exactly what happened to my friend. She had identical symptoms. God bless him. He is a rare example of faith and goodness that we all need so badly.. 🙏🏼❤️
I'm wishing him good health and a speedy recovery. This is truly sad💔
Peace & Namaste
Peace & Namaste:
That’s terrible. At least he and his wife can both heal together. Why an affliction. Wishing them good health.
Stephanie Doherty
Stephanie Doherty:
I am praying for Him, he’s so good hearted,lovable, caring and I just hope he gets better he’s too young to deal with this
Tania Kingi
Tania Kingi:
Justin I totally understand, I had Bells Palsy about 6 years ago where the left side of my face was half paralyzed for 8 weeks then It heeled and I had recovered. I just rested and put a warm face cloth on my face which helped more than the antibiotics the doctor gave me actually. Mine was due mainly to stress at that period in my life, I reflected on what I was grateful for and slowed myself down cause I was constantly on the go busy all the time till that happend to me. You rest up and take care bro. You'll be back again on tour soon xo..
Prayers 🙏 for Justin that he can rest and avoid stress that makes this painful syndrome worse. Prayers for a full recovery.
Fernanda Soares
Fernanda Soares:
I’m not a fan of his, but I’m truly sorry what he’s going through. I think it’s very brave of him to show his condition which I could imagine wasn’t an easy thing to do, Prayers and I sincerely wish him a full recovery. 🙏🏽❤️‍🩹
Gabriela Giannakoulis
Gabriela Giannakoulis:
Praying for you Justin! For a full and fast recovery. Sending you love from Ottawa Canada. ❤️🇨🇦 🙏🏻
Prayers to you JB! You are an amazing drummer and love your music. Sending you lots of love and positivity! ♥️♥️♥️
Desiree G
Desiree G:
I'm older and don't really listen to his music but seems like a great guy. Especially updating his fans on his condition since canceling the concerts. Take care of yourself. Wishing you a speedy recovery Justin! 🙏❤
Truy II
Truy II:
Wish them good health and fast recovery :(
Tyler Lackney (JDBlackred)
Tyler Lackney (JDBlackred):
I'm not really a fan of Justin's but I hope he'll get better soon
Monica Banda
Monica Banda:
Get well soon justin, praying for you, wishing you a quick recovery
Mpaula kami
Mpaula kami:
Get well soon Justin! Your faith and the love from your wife will get you through this🙏💖
Aww. I pray he recovers soon! God bless him!
Namas Dee
Namas Dee:
So sorry to hear about this. I hope he feels better soon.
Omolara Jooda
Omolara Jooda:
My daughter at 9yrs old had exactly what you described. It was called bel palsy.we had to tape her eyes every night and put artificial eye drop and do lots of massage on her left side of her face because she could not move it and drool while drinking, but she did recover 100percent after four months
Kaley neal
Kaley neal:
Aww my love I’m sorry Justin I hope you recover well and get you some rest💙🥺 we will still be here when you get better ❤️‍🩹💪🏽
Diana Price
Diana Price:
Love you Justin! I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.
Sara Khan
Sara Khan:
Sending you prayers and a full recovery ❤️🙌🏼
Omg I hope he’s able to make a full recovery 🙏🏽
S S:
This happened to my mom but hers also twitches real bad and never got better. Awful that ppl were getting mad, this is horrifying. Hope you make a full recovery
To the Moon and Back
To the Moon and Back:
My husband experienced the same thing. I hope he gets well soon.
Praying for a full recovery.❤️
m r
m r:
Amongst every illness, I've never seen him this bad. I hope he gets better. I'm very grateful for the happiness he brought me at 10 years old right now..
S Thomas
S Thomas:
I’m giving him prayers I feel bad for him bro he does all good music but I hopefully he gets his face better
guys give him some love
Cheryl Flores
Cheryl Flores:
Has he thought about side effects possibly from the "vax"???? This is unfortunately becoming way too common!
I have mad respect for you Justin for sharing your story with all your fans. My mother had the same paralysis on the same right side of her face and the doctor told her it was do for the tick that bite her a few years ago. You just gotta follow the Doctor order and rest a whole lot and exercise your face. I wish you nothing but the best. God love love ❤️ I love you and the whole wide world love you 😍 take care yourself. I will pray for you.
Sandi Wood
Sandi Wood:
I feel so bad for him. It's sad that he has to even make this video to appease the fans who are having tantrums over a cancelled show.
Mady Darby
Mady Darby:
I had something very similar happen to me in 2012, and luckily it went away after 6 weeks. It’s really scary, I hope him the best👍🏽
Thando Dlamini
Thando Dlamini:
That's terrible. Hope he recovers well soon ♡
Wow! Life always has a way of testing you to unveil your weaknesses. Hope he gets better soon. That must be tough to cope with.
Tammy Williams
Tammy Williams:
Prayers going up for you Justin
Kamal Edirisinha
Kamal Edirisinha:
When I heard that I wondered why something like this happened to jb but I hope you get well as soon as possible I love you with all my heart jb
Danielle Edmonds
Danielle Edmonds:
Oh wow, I pray he has a full and total healthy recovery. God bless his heart that must be just awful. 🙏🏾
Gin Lee
Gin Lee:
Someone I knew was like this too previously and it was due to stress caused it. The nerves affected causing half of the face paralysed. Then she went for acupuncture and it helps and recovered from it. It takes awhile to heal.
Kat Ren
Kat Ren:
Prayers for you JB! ❤️
Heather C.
Heather C.:
God bless him n Hails. Their marriage, bond n just as ppl is beautiful, loving n overall amazing to see in young married couples. Their health has made both of them stronger. She was meant for him only!
I was browsing on the internet and came across this video and I was like OMG Nooooo and put my hand on my face and started crying.. Im praying for you Justin. Pleaseee get better. I love you xoxo
I experienced this 4 years ago if i'm not wrong remembering.😭😭😭get well soon justin
their pressure 🌟
their pressure 🌟:
We wish him a speedy recovery
Praying for you to heal quickly. I had that happen when I was 16, it took a week. Please keep us updated
Wishing him all the love ❤️
Shailey D
Shailey D:
Prayers for you Justin🙏🏻 Sending strength and support to you and Hailey during this time
Chelsey L
Chelsey L:
We all need you to be okay. I’m praying for you Justin!!!! My boy and I luv you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m believing for quick healing for you!
Hope it goes away in next 5 mins. Don't want see anything bad happen to him. He is a gem. Been listening to him since childhood.
Elissia Raygoza
Elissia Raygoza:
Prayers out to you Justin!!!!! 🙏🏼
Helevi Robinson
Helevi Robinson:
You’re in our prayers here in Atlanta Georgia, stay strong and we love you ❤️
Marley Sankor
Marley Sankor:
I feel very fortunate my daughter and I just seen him in concert on his tour stop in, Columbus Ohio.
Great show!
SO many people were extremely mad because he had to "reschedule" other dates.
They were throwing stuff at his tour bus screaming and cursing at him all because he announced he was sick & needed time to get better.
Those people's behavior towards him is terrible, pathedic and disrespectful, now to know, what he is sick with is, just aweful.
Can you imagine, being hated on all because you're sick and it's something out of your control??!
To have a syndrome where it paralyzes and stops you from your passion and what you love to do??..
People still want to crucify him for the sins of his past.
Be better & do better, haters.
He will be back when he is "able"
I'm praying for you Justin!
*Sending You Love And Pure Healing*
The Beaver Family
The Beaver Family:
That is sad. Prayers for recovery.
Aveya C
Aveya C:
Hoping for your speedy recovery Justin 🙏💖
Jessi Ann
Jessi Ann:
*hugs* That’s got to be painful- you’re so brave for posting this. I admire your courage! Robin Williams had a hard time doing that. Hang in there Justin I’m dealing with a similar thing with pinched nerves called foraminal spinal stenosis. *hugs* hang in there and keep distracted and calm as much as you can. 🤟🏻♥️🤟🏻 you got this.
Wishing you a SPEEDY RECOVERY. Sending prayers to you. Also make sure it's not coming from the nerves in your neck. Check to make sure THIER isn't any fluid inside the ear that will push on the ear drum and nerves. Sometimes doctors miss it.
Norma Albino
Norma Albino:
I had a facial paralysis when I was 27 years old. My mom had two facial paralysis in a ten year gap (so far for me it was just that one, knock on wood 🤞) It was really scary not knowing the outcome of my recovery. At night I had to force my eyelid to close it, the use of lots of eye drops, eating was challenging, specially liquids. It’s really hard because you’re young and gives you insecurities. Fortunately with steroids and lots of therapy I fully recovered in about four months. Justin you’ll be fine, this is more common than we think of. Get well soon!
Marlene Cynthia Fleming
Marlene Cynthia Fleming:
God bless you Justin, Wishing you a speedy recovery. 🙏🙏🙏❤
wow…praying for you Justin. 🙏🏽❤️ it’s so scary how out random health problems/scares pops up.
Sean Dorsey
Sean Dorsey:
I hope this man recovers, this is scary
To the moon and back
To the moon and back:
My sister had that after she delivered her baby. It went alway after a month or so! It heals it self. Wishing him the best!
Kylie Jenner ♡
Kylie Jenner ♡:
praying for quick recoveries Justin!!
Zahraa Esmael
Zahraa Esmael:
This is so sad. He and his wife having serious health issues must be taking a toll on them.
Wow. Very strong of him to share it like this. Respect 😮
Rena Jagdeo
Rena Jagdeo:
Wishing you the best of health and a speedy recovery🙏
Thislittlethingcalledlifeand ASMR
Thislittlethingcalledlifeand ASMR:
Wow that’s horrible! Keeping him in my prayers ❤️
Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream:
Hopefully this humbled him and showed him he’s just like everyone els.
megha baldoia
megha baldoia:
God bless him with full recovery.
Bambi Barrett
Bambi Barrett:
God Bless You Justin We Love You hope it goes back to normal 🙏 ❤
Ufuoma Jaja
Ufuoma Jaja:
Oh my dear….praying he gets better!
Prayers up for you JB. God will heal you
Daphne Faria
Daphne Faria:
Praying for your speedy recovery. Many blessings.
Genzy Stha
Genzy Stha:
Praying for him hope Justin recover soon
I have been suffering by this from last 6 months it is slowly recovering I had met with an accident the facial nerve in my ear was twisted I was under gone ear surgery now iam ok but 100% recovery may take time ❤️❤️❤️ love you hope u recover very soon
…sending healing energy to him and all others who may be in a similar situation 💙🙏🏾
Janice Breault
Janice Breault:
Prayers going out for you Justin ! Get well soon . We love you ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️
Jessica FB
Jessica FB:
The mind-body connection of facial paralysis according to international best-selling author Louise Hay is not wanting to “face” something. This happened the night before he was supposed to go on tour. He was probably feeling a lot of anxiety and trepidation around going on tour. Happy to hear he’ll get better. 💕 Sending lots of love & healing vibes.✨
Shamiela Naidoo
Shamiela Naidoo:
Wishing JB a full and speedy recovery.