Justin Timberlake Apologizes For Holding Co-Star's Hand

After Justin Timberlake publicly apologized to wife Jessica Biel for holding co-star Alisha Wainwright's hand, Carlos Bustamante and Graeme O'Neil discuss during "ET Canada Live".

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100+ comentarios:

He's only sorry he got caught
David A
David A:
She had her hand on his leg and they were holding hands like a couple. That is a bi product of two people who already have been intimate.
Earth 2 Mundo
Earth 2 Mundo:
If that's what hes hiding under tables, imagine what hes hiding behind closed doors...
Kamikaze Kid
Kamikaze Kid:
It doesn’t matter who initiated it but he could have stopped it
Justin not wearing a ring either ...filming is over....so why isnt it on his finger???
D Landry
D Landry:
There is so much more to it!! He is now trying to cover it up because there are photos! He may have been drunk but he is married. If that’s how he acts when he gets drunk he should stop drinking. I feel bad for Jessica..
I wonder what was going on with Justin and his costar behind the scenes. Obviously, they did not START to get touchy-feely on that balcony. Justin is straight out having an affair and a lot of people in Hollywood know this.
Rudolph Clausius
Rudolph Clausius:
That’s why beautiful women should marry me—ugly and appreciative 😂
Mon Rose
Mon Rose:
Britney Spears called it. He was the cheater not her. It's not the first time he's done this to Jessica Biel.
☝🏽😪He full on cheated on Jessica years ago even though he acted all wounded and betrayed when Britney cheated on HIM. He clearly, has a “learning a lesson” problem. 😒
Earth 2 Mundo
Earth 2 Mundo:
There are no lapses in judgement when your married 🤯
Amanda Buller
Amanda Buller:
Common Justin you got pissed when Brittany did the same thing you know better man it's not worth it
On Tour with the Britney !
On Tour with the Britney !:
He’s a known cheater. What’s new. He cheated on Britney first and he’s been doing to Jessica for years 🤷‍♂️
When you have Biel home,

You stay TF home. 🙃
coffee Enema
coffee Enema:
He just completely forgot He was married for a moment
A person's character RARELY changes.
Once a cheater always a cheater !!
Anyone who cheats knows this is true!
He got caught and he had to day this.
Steve Calvin
Steve Calvin:
It proves that Britney Spears is innocent back then..
lisa avalos
lisa avalos:
I wonder if he would accept his wife's apology for doing the exact same thing and he should know better than this
baby panda
baby panda:
They just ruined HER career. He's already made. She might not get anywhere after this. How sad. For Jessica :(
Miryam Hernandez
Miryam Hernandez:
They’ve hooked up. He had no wedding ring. Come on.
Kiri Stowell
Kiri Stowell:
Has the woman apologised for crossing a line with a married man???
Plot Twist: Its a publicity stunt

Justin: I’m Sorry

Director: This is gold! More! More!
Patricia Burgess
Patricia Burgess:
Wife tell him, "cry me a river".
Cassandra alba
Cassandra alba:
I hold hands like that with the person I love.... just saying.
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez:
Hey here’s a thought, who tf cares? And also if you do, why?
Haha P
Haha P:
Everyone is pissed at JT, how about the woman he was caught with? You can’t tell me she doesn’t know he’s married! She is just as nasty if not more then he is! As a woman, you stay away from married men. Or men in relationships. You want a man, get your own! I never understood the reason why another woman wants your man! Smh...
cheating on one another is a horrible thing to do! Nothing good comes of it!
Do ya really thought that womaniser will change? Player stays player.
Yoga Purba
Yoga Purba:
Thank God Jessica sign the pre-nup!
Not the first time. He just got caught.
Lady Scarface
Lady Scarface:
Did he apologize for clapping cheeks?
Lovebears bluemoon
Lovebears bluemoon:
He publicity apologize because he got caught. Beside what did he do when he said that Britney cheated on him. No pictures or a video of Britney cheating.
tj Potoi
tj Potoi:
Jessica Biel - 🎵
“Don't really want to make it tough.
I just want to tell you that I've had enough.
It might sound crazy but it ain't no lie...
Stella Guerrero
Stella Guerrero:
Good Justin Timberlake to apologize. Alisha remember he's married!
S M:
Nothing I can't stand more are politically correct public apologies
Justin, Zipp up and start thinking with the Big Head !!!
brandon God mode
brandon God mode:
He got caught that’s why also the chick should apologize also she she what she was doing
Nicolas Martin
Nicolas Martin:
She has bad taste in men.
The Super Ninja Show
The Super Ninja Show:
Man I don't know how E lands on my recommendations but I wish paparazzi would follow the E network people around like they do these celebs. It would be interesting.
Junior Ordel
Junior Ordel:
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cesar garces
cesar garces:
He trash...yall remember when he single out janet after superbowl
Terri Kessler
Terri Kessler:
There was a reason she felt comfortable reaching out to JT in the video....obviously they've been spending time together
Humble PhoeniXx
Humble PhoeniXx:
His ring was off and it just showed that Jessica vows to stay with him?? But he broke his vow 👀🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Mary Richardson
Mary Richardson:
He got caught!  I know when I go out with my male co-workers, we always hold hands under the table!  Jessica seriously?
Saat Tif
Saat Tif:
Cry me a river 2 for Jessica jt 😂😂😂
Hershey 14344
Hershey 14344:
Hidden desires come out more when you're drunk. Something could have happened if he wasn't caught or worse they might have already did.
Antonio Car
Antonio Car:
Only reason he's apologizing is because he got caught.
Alex Rafael
Alex Rafael:
Cry me a river.....😉
I still don't know the name of the movie they made!! 😅 Can't still be bothered researching it. But had to come check this because keeps coming up on my news feed everyday!🤧😭
Beatriz Villacorta
Beatriz Villacorta:
He wanted even more when the co star was standing up he rested his hand on her hip or near by and she moved away clearly the co start it was avoiding it as she probably knew he was all “drunk and wanting” she told the other girl to get him out “friendly” to me only shows that he has fallen for the co start, she gets him on a corner, drunk and wanting her on public while she sat there mega comfortable, feet up cross legs like “nae bother” I’ve got this
I really hope Jess and Jus can work things out if there is an issue bcuz they're like celebrity relationship goals to a lot of followers and plus they have a family together 🙏
Ernest Muric
Ernest Muric:
You know how you haven't heard from JT in the last year. Well you have now.
M H:
Well well I think something is brewing up. I just hope we don’t get to hear a bad news 😭
Paula Beach
Paula Beach:
Cry my a river you wanted to claim Britney cheated but appears the cheater was really Justin!! That’s an extremely intimate act and no way you can claim you haven’t already slept with her, just wanting to cover it up now!
Finally, some real news! Taking on the big stories that shape our world!
Manoranjan Jena
Manoranjan Jena:
Cry me a River 😂
Amdh Walenda
Amdh Walenda:
I use to think he was such a respectable man, but after this i really changed my mind about him i dont believe his apology
Inda Dem
Inda Dem:
How about drinking/behaving/ recording / picturing / living reasonably especially for the famous once? X X X
Chrissan Mae Poserio
Chrissan Mae Poserio:
Well it is confirmed justin was the one who ruined his relationship with brit. Once a player always a player. Believe that
Van Dyke Brown
Van Dyke Brown:
All he had to say is that he's a Method Actor. He was holding her hands to better understand the inner workings of his characters mind. Jared leto sends dead rats, I sleep with my co-star.
Jessica LT
Jessica LT:
Alcohol, time spent with costars that he likes and respects.... watch the intake.
Jonte Aycox
Jonte Aycox:
I find it strange that the actress never spoke about why she was holding his hand in the first place, not even confirming that it was a friendship. Her dad spoke out, saying she is a good kid and that she wouldn't do anything to cross the line. If I was Jessica, I will be looking at the actress and not just Justin. They both are at fault, she had to know that Justin is married.
Ani Wi
Ani Wi:
Good publicity stunt there boy!!.. get that movie out already!!!😜
Timberlake is playing on different lake and fire of course
Angela CJ
Angela CJ:
He was sooo drunk look at him just sitting there
This coward with Britney Janet pls
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe:
I think that they are going to break up soon.😐
When you play, you pay! Enough said!
Infinity 888
Infinity 888:
This woman should stay away from Justin she know that this man is married unless she want something to happen? I guess l😜🤪🤪
Stickit Pickit
Stickit Pickit:
I mean come on. You know there is more going on here. People don’t just hold hands after work at a bar or there legs. If I ever did that they would look at me like wtf.
Its just a way to catch some more attention;) smart
V Mo
V Mo:
Damn. If Jessica Biel gets cheated on, there's no hope for the rest of us 😔 sorry ladies.
Junior Ordel
Junior Ordel:
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northern girl
northern girl:
Too bad he had to go and negate any good the 1st 95% of his apology might have done by adding the old had-too-much-to- drink excuse.
Indio Loco
Indio Loco:
Hahaha hahaha 😂
Paco's Tacos
Paco's Tacos:
brah! he messed up!
What did everyone expect? Jessica Biel must bore him to tears. Justin is fing hot and this will crumble sooner or later. Jessica Biel isn't prime real estate compared to what Justin can have. #dilf
He was “wasted”! Duh.. They were trying to help him... this is so stupid! Who doesn’t get wasted on Bourbon? For real!!
Why, Justin? WHYYYY?!?!
Jay Brodrick
Jay Brodrick:
Ahh, celebrities!
This is so bad though! Even if something didn't happen that hit hard in the gut i'm sure for Jessica!! I'm sure a lot went down behind closed doors with  his family. Hopefully this will blow over but this is how it starts!!
Phyllis Wurm
Phyllis Wurm:
Please not another Mr And Mrs Smith situation. It also takes two she can be respectful too to Justin's wife. It takes TWO to tango.
Oh boy! 😬
K Y:
He cheated on her before in the beginning of the relationship so maybe she should think twice
Joy Ault
Joy Ault:
My God! Is this the latest news today?
Sue Marie
Sue Marie:
This just feels like his wife made him make a public apology to her. What was he thinking?
H Shy
H Shy:
A picture is worth a thousand words. 🎤 drop
sweetness & light
sweetness & light:
He was drunk as a skunk 😮 no biggy
Amanda Klanseck
Amanda Klanseck:
Jessica should peace out! Just goes to show it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, you can always be cheated on
Mark Hill
Mark Hill:
I'm lost is he bringing sexy back again or was he drunk I'm lost
lisa pan
lisa pan:
So Britney is INNOCENT!!!
ch cl
ch cl:
He has everything that the world could offer him and it’s still not enough! And that lady has no business acting this way either. Total disrespect!
maryann cecere
maryann cecere:
Who's the chick pulling him?
Concertmom 185
Concertmom 185:
Hmmmm were not that dumb 🤔
Looks pretty cozy 🤔
Softball Mom
Softball Mom:
Justin, Justin, Justin....SMH.....if you want to stay away from gossip, don't do stupid crap to create it. For example...holding hands under a table with someone who isn't your wife!! Drunk or not, you knew better.
Anthony Conti
Anthony Conti:
Anyone notice how the first pick has him grabbing her arm to take it off his knee and the second has him taking her hand off his. Looks pretty staged to me
Tintin 36
Tintin 36:
He is white, he'll be alright
Brittany Wilson
Brittany Wilson:
Yeah they have done it
El Elyon Elohim
El Elyon Elohim:
That do not look right at all!!
Wow grasping for news these days lol .. JESUS IS KING
aquarius xx
aquarius xx:
This isn’t even the first time something has come out about Justin doing something inappropriate behind Jessica’s back. He’s been exposed on numerous occasions🙄 he’s a serial cheater & continues to get away with it🤷🏻‍♀️