Justin Timberlake Publicly Apologizes To Wife Jessica Biel: 'I Regret My Behavior'

Justin Timberlake is breaking his silence on rumors that he cheated on wife Jessica Biel with Wainwright after the two were photographed holding hands with his "Palmer" co-star at a New Orleans bar. "A few weeks ago, I displayed a strong lapse in [judgment] – but let me be clear – nothing happened between me and my co-star," he wrote in part. "I drank way too much that night, and I regret my behavior. I should have known better."

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55 comentarios:

Lovebears bluemoon
Lovebears bluemoon:
He's sorry he got caught, not sorry for what he did.
Michael H
Michael H:
Her response: "Cry me a river..."
G. D.
G. D.:
Inappropriate! Wainwright needs to apologize to Biel. Maybe JT and Biel are separated or going through stuff, BUT girl needs to respect the woman she might replace! Idc if he was drunk. Excuse yourself, respect yourself.
Monique Saldeba
Monique Saldeba:
Of coarse he said that he got caught
Vanda Dy
Vanda Dy:
Oh *Cry me a river.* He's going to say *This I promise you* it wont happen again. Before you know it, she's *Gone.* There's nothing left to say but *Bye Bye Bye* Justin is going to beg her. Telling her *I want you back!* Because *It's *"Tearin' up my heart,"* as Justin would say to Jessica. Just hearing about this news, *It makes me ill* to know what he have done. Smh 😅
I guess he means nothing happened between them THAT NIGHT. Technically he is not lying.
Euplayer Campionii
Euplayer Campionii:
such a lier...
Hansen Says Take A Seat
Hansen Says Take A Seat:
It's not rumor if it's TRUE.
J radmatazz
J radmatazz:
Well rumor has it that he is well endowed. Chocolate lady wanted to test it out and JT was willing plain and simple.
jame conradi
jame conradi:
He got caught he got jungle fever yo he a lie
What about Britney, ya jizzy, skeezy coat tail rider
Rebecca Whaley
Rebecca Whaley:
He's caught.
Ninja Gangsta #1
Ninja Gangsta #1:
The 7 yr itch. Marriage is tough. Busted...
Michigan Wolverine in Dallas
Michigan Wolverine in Dallas:
Who is he listening to...Jamie Foxx? Blame it on the alcohol.
Courtney Ette
Courtney Ette:
Male or female weather there a private citizen or a celebrity they always blame it on the booze. He's wrong and he knows it that's why he went public.
Friends with benefits HA! Oops he did it again.
Dusan Marko
Dusan Marko:
lucy gluce
lucy gluce:
He’s gay he did this little stunt to distract people from finding out about his boyfriend😂
Kimmy lee chin
Kimmy lee chin:
I'm glad he apologized publicly. But i wish he didn't mention the movie. It makes his apology seem a little corny. 🤔
this is pretty much a norm to american celebrities now divorce cheating remarried cheat and divorce again
Marija N
Marija N:
They are Fake and then they use their fakeness for manipulation and they become even more fake... and unhappy...
"Man Apologizes to Wife" isn't exactly what is call "news"
Mary Shoemaker
Mary Shoemaker:
Good luck with your family 💞💗💕
Hmmm, (imo) I don´t think it had to do with simply holding hands, I mean...there´s nothing wrong with holding hands, but it´s the way it´s done. In the pics, Justin seems to be holding her hand and on his lap with wanting and lust!! But then again he did seem very drunk, in another video he´s tipping out of his chair, staring at and smelling his drink as well as pulling another girl towards him. To top it all off, he had to be walked out with someone holding him up. I´m not excusing his behavior, but just saying what the pics/videos show.
So Marina
So Marina:
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around 🎶
Rock Smith
Rock Smith:
How many times has he done it? If more than once hes a...... O!
Linda Keefer
Linda Keefer:
Let it go....assuming/presuming never ends well for all parties. Find something else to focus on. If a publicity stunt....one would think Justin could carry this alone without.
You cheated girl, my heart bleeded girl
Justin, Zipp Up & Stop Thinking With The Little Head,
Paco A
Paco A:
Ok JT I'll let this go, considering his position. Its got to be hard to turn away from beautiful women, I mean the woman she held hands with wanted it too. So be smart, you have a one of a kind wife. Hopefully you won't do this again. And remember this, Nothing good happens when you drink at a bar at night.
b carb
b carb:
Now that is a man. Someone who owns up to his mistakes and recognized the damage he has done to his family.
lola d
lola d:
What about the girl that knows he is married she seems very ok with a married men playing around with her she needs to apologize to Jessica also .🤔or not ??million $$question . .he make a bad move no doubt.
shankea gowdie
shankea gowdie:
Soo wheres the tramp's apology at? She doesnt think she ought to grace the wife and child of the man she was so carelessly parading herself with an apology? wow i have never seen a woman so glad to be in the middle of a rumor like this one silence is indeed golden, a relationship is between two people but some bitches does not learn how to count
Matilda Matilda
Matilda Matilda:
Sorry...I’m not buying it. Sad that he screwed this up. He will do it again and being drunk doesn’t make it ok... nothing makes it ok.
Saif Malik
Saif Malik:
He was drunk and the woman who knew he was married took advantage of him
Elen Allen
Elen Allen:
Babe you can't blame it on the alcohol it was you ! Alisha Wainwright I ain't mad at you please take care of yourself ! This story is between Jessica and Justin ! 😎
L P:
Cheated what comes around goes around!!!! Alisha is a fine mama jama:)!!!!!!!!!!! He definitely gave her a good one, whilst Jessica was at home baking cookies:) lol
Then stop drinking! If you can't even trust yourself and the decisions you make, you should not drink! NO ONE is so drunk they do not know what they are doing!
Melissa Mace
Melissa Mace:
The truth is when you cheat with a man he will turn around and cheat on you. At some point it’s gonna happen. That is why it’s important to be wise in these choices.
Just fake drama to bring interest to this project.
Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez:
Look, we don't know the whole story here. We are just going off of entertainment news. The poor guy will have enough to deal with trying to make it up to his family. He doesn't need haters trying to crucify him for something that we may or may not be misinformed about. Just let the man live and leave him alone.
What are you doing at a bar with another woman in the first place? Forget drinking too much, your first mistake was thinking going out without your wife was acceptable.
That Kid You Know
That Kid You Know:
Oh This is Just Sad Now
Leave the man alone
lucy gluce
lucy gluce:
Justin and Jessica are both gay or bi they got married because they wanted kids
Oh Justin...just admit it. We all know you like chocolate...and that's okay.
Liz Garden
Liz Garden:
I though he is better than Britney spears.it turn out to be worse. A cheater is a liar.
Ursula Paul
Ursula Paul:
it takes 2 to tango. If he did more his wife will no doubt find out. So he was drunk - held her hand for what a few seconds. No biggie but he better watch himself before he becomes the next big scandal word to the wise DON'T MESS UP A GOOD THING. bUT AS YOU ALL KNOW THIS IS THE "CELEBRITY WAY"
Danyiel Says
Danyiel Says:
He probably did cheat and hooked up with her.....then again Beyonce still stayed with Jay Z soooooo...good luck guys👏 cuz I couldn't take you back😌✌
B B:
thinking with the wrong head I guess,, if she was treating him right in the bedroom more often there would be no problem
He should have apologize to his “co-worker” too! This could have easily been a “me too” movement on her behalf for all we know.. His wife deserves better.. This “slipped off” behavior definitely needed to be acknowledged & addressed by him.. not acceptable! No x-mas present for u!!!!
Wake Up
Wake Up:
I do not understand the appeal in this man at all and never have..
And, the loser still sounds like a twelve year old girl.
Promise You
Promise You:
Jessica is pretty but bland and boring Alisha has more looks to me
G Hart
G Hart:
Yeah guaranteed he was pounding that girl. Jessica Biel is incredibly hot. what a dummy.