Juventus 2-0 Salernitana | A comfortable home win for the Bianconeri | Serie A 2021/22

Dybala and Vlahovic bagged one each to dismiss Salernitana and continue Juve’s unbeaten run; the Bianconeri now have 16 games without defeat and are starting to close the gap with the top-3 | Serie A 2021/22

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100+ comentarios:

Miguel Dias
Miguel Dias:
What a performance by Vlahovic 🔥
Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi
Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi:
Fantastic performances from Vlahovic and Dybala ❤️🥰
Ruben Farinha
Ruben Farinha:
Vlahovic is a beast, changed the whole Squad
Chiellini makes all the difference at the back settles everyone down not the same when he is not in the side
David Hunter
David Hunter:
If I understand the message of a young fan 0:12, I agree with him 100% that the old symbol of the club meant beautiful Calcio in the performance of such legends as Del Piero times that will never return, only commercialism and nothingness remain after them
Hendri Hendry
Hendri Hendry:
Dybala amazing
Md Jihad
Md Jihad:
Dybala always 🔥
Forza Juventus
Forza Juventus:
What a amazing performance by valhoviç
Aydin Zahedi
Aydin Zahedi:
Imagine if we had Chiesa.
Dave Anthony
Dave Anthony:
Juventus must keep going and not be satisfied with what has been achieved so far. Winning in Italy is not our goal, our goal in recent years has been to become Europe's top club in the UCL.
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey:
Paolo Dybala has now become Juventus's talisman. He'll be their guiding light back to the top of Serie A.
Angel Orlando Gonzalez Pineda
Angel Orlando Gonzalez Pineda:
Mucho errar oportunidades de gol la Juventus, es increíble ver como se pierden tantas oportunidades de anotar de una manera absurda.
Katharina Protomanni
Katharina Protomanni:
I always get scared when Szczesny does a goal kick. Definitely not his strength.
Another big match by pellegrini🔥
Νάσος Τ.
Νάσος Τ.:
Il momento piu bello e quando il bambino ci mostra il vecchio stemma della Juve! Grande squadra inequivocabilmente.
Shajahan Ahmed
Shajahan Ahmed:
Dybala Amazing 🔥🔥😍😍
thomas swords
thomas swords:
Vlahovic adapting to juve like a duck to water
Can Serie A fans genuinely answer me this.. whenever I watch Juventus highlights Dybala looks unreal, absolute fire player! What’s his overall performances like? Thanks!👋🏼👊🏼
Edward Crispus
Edward Crispus:
Dybala and Vlahovic should have a hat trick each if they were more clinical.
Imagine if Dybala played the whole game or at least the whole second half against Villarreal?!
Luyester Lucky
Luyester Lucky:
Only here for Valhovic. Next yr will be tough for all. This yr we win the Scudetto
has been way better since cr7 left
Ahmad Bahtiar
Ahmad Bahtiar:
Szczesny on fire......👏👏👏
Jhk Jk
Jhk Jk:
Hero dybala is back 👍👍
Giuseppe Zedde
Giuseppe Zedde:
Forza Juve! 🇮🇹
LAH Sport
LAH Sport:
Great win from Juve, could be in contention for the title who knows 👀
Samsung J2prem
Samsung J2prem:
Sampai saat ini saya masih percaya dybala dia pemain yg gila jika saja cidera tida ada menaunginya..
Mantap dybala dn semoga selalu beruntung
Sandy Surjadi
Sandy Surjadi:
Amazing first half..amazing from dybala..but again poor performance on the 2nd half, need to improve more..it will be disaster when we play against top level team
Buen partido del Juventus
Jelena Zivkovic
Jelena Zivkovic:
Forza Vlahovic!La Serbia ti ama molto.
Feras Al-Lababidi
Feras Al-Lababidi:
Nice but still we need more specially after Villarreal game
risman putra
risman putra:
DYBALA stay in juventus *la joyaaaa 🔥🔥 #ForzaJuve
kicau ndeso
kicau ndeso:
dybala and vlahovic duobest👍
Deus est Rex Meus
Deus est Rex Meus:
if you were strong you had to win against villareal because against Salernitana a Serie B team could also win
Fajar Setyawan
Fajar Setyawan:
this duo is so amazing,
Natalie Olivia
Natalie Olivia:
❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor
1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10
Son unos de los mejores conciertos
, no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos
desde pantalla,, se que estuvo
Sorprendente .
Miłosz Brodziak
Miłosz Brodziak:
Dybała 💥💥
Bis Malam
Bis Malam:
Amazing 👏🏻🎉🍾
Renew Dybala’s contract man
Roz Sa
Roz Sa:
Show up vs Salernitana but ruined by Villarreal 😂😂😂
My idoll Paulo dybala✊
Bibek Das
Bibek Das:
I support this match juventus serie a and I am happy because juventus win the match serie a
Hasan Al Mamun
Hasan Al Mamun:
Dybala is 🔥🇦🇷🇧🇩🇦🇷🇧🇩🇦🇷🇧🇩🇦🇷🇧🇩
Abdul Majid
Abdul Majid:
Sad to see Juve, after Poor performance on UCL.
It obviously showed Italian sides unable to compete with other leagues.
Wisdom Ejiogu
Wisdom Ejiogu:
Forza Juventus
quando non è marcato vlahovic segna, ma segnerei pure io. gli metti un difensore con un po di fisico e velocità come Bremer, Tomori, etc.. si spegne come l'acqua su una candela
Forza Juve
Noya san
Noya san:
Luca Pellegrini. 🔥❤️
Moh Taufiq
Moh Taufiq:
Semoga menang terus hingga akhir musim.
William Yeoh
William Yeoh:
Juventus case similar to Barcelona. They might win Scudetto if have more matches to play. Vlahovic brings the pressure n best of Dybala.
Elvira Noviyanti
Elvira Noviyanti:
フリーギターサウンド - ロックとメタルの無料音楽素材
フリーギターサウンド - ロックとメタルの無料音楽素材:
love Dybala👍👍
wondering if chiesa is back in squad..
rooble  raage
rooble raage:
Carlos Fernando Vazquez Olvera
Carlos Fernando Vazquez Olvera:
#FinoAllaFine @Juventus #ForzaJuve
Michaela Dahill
Michaela Dahill:
Dybala amazing <== saya setuju :)
axie konoy infinity
axie konoy infinity:
i guess allegri would play with 3 attacking player next season, 2 winger with vlahovic as central forward, thats why juve let dybala go.
dybala age 28 so its kinda late to build team around him.
User Unknown
User Unknown:
Juventus needs to extend a few contracts and sign a few players
Mr. Medjed
Mr. Medjed:
Vlahovic and Dybala
Best youngster duo this season
Bzy Soren
Bzy Soren:
Goodbye Dybala :(
Jozzawu Bislissin
Jozzawu Bislissin:
Dybala-Vlahovic keren, cuma Dybala belum fit
Marcus Pierantozzi
Marcus Pierantozzi:
Dybala to Milan ❤🖤❤🖤
Zooe Jalaludin
Zooe Jalaludin:
Mantap Juventus
YBz Official
YBz Official:
Dybala change that team for better
E Reinaldy
E Reinaldy:
if dybala playing fro the beginning on UCL,, juve will won against vilareal..

#alegriout #cuadradoout
Tushar Joshi
Tushar Joshi:
Italian football has started dropping .
Italy lost to North Macedonia 😞😞
A big nightmare for Italy.
Javid Atta
Javid Atta:
DybaLovic ⚽️⚽️
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi:
Salernitana has disastrous season and the new player could do nothing to help them out from relegation...
putra Supriadi Pratama official
putra Supriadi Pratama official:
Forza Juventus
Thania Sianturi chanel
Thania Sianturi chanel:
Dybala without Ronaldo... 👍👍👍👍
And guess what? Salernitana once again transformed into scansalernitata… oh well…
Lorenzo Lupica
Lorenzo Lupica:
What a player are we kicking out.
Siyabonga Moreka
Siyabonga Moreka:
I think Dybala and Vlahovic will be Vini Jr and Benzema 🚀💣
Momcilo Djujic
Momcilo Djujic:
VLAHOVIC 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸💪🇷🇸💪
nice #forzajuve
Abraham James
Abraham James:
If Dybala doesn't get a call up to the Argentine squad this time he should probably just retire
Juventus need dybala
Igor Spasic
Igor Spasic:
Vlahović and dybala best team
Dybala was a threat all night
Wow didn't know Jim Carrey plays for Juventus #10
allstar watt
allstar watt:
still 7 points behind Milan. Juventus are no longer the great club which they once were.
Esrael Jr
Esrael Jr:
Dybala love
rachmad mad
rachmad mad:
Gooooo juveeeee
Kurniawan aguz
Kurniawan aguz:
But lost againts Villarreal 😆
Md Sakib
Md Sakib:
Dybala is the hero of the match
Dybala is the best
Kang Ade Erha
Kang Ade Erha:
Nice performance tonight but in Second Half is turn performance
rachmad mad
rachmad mad:
Gooooo juveeee
El mejor equipo del mundo 🌎 ja ja,ja,
fransisco bessi
fransisco bessi:
Forza Juve
Goo lajoya 🤙🤙
Yohansen Gultom
Yohansen Gultom:
Allegri out..poor tactics
Steel Bridge
Steel Bridge:
Juve need dybala than allegri.
Stupido to getting rid of Demiral 🙄😏
finally win
Erick Rudiyanto
Erick Rudiyanto:
juve 👍