Juventus 2-0 Sampdoria | Ronaldo Scores as Juventus Claim Ninth Successive Title! | Serie A TIM

Juventus were confirmed champions after beating Sampdoria at the Stadio Delle Alpi | Serie A TIM

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100+ comentarios:

Ash Blitz HD
Ash Blitz HD:
The set-up for CR7’s goal was VERY creative! Juventus DESPERATELY need that kind of creativity from their midfield.
Info Kisah Nyata
Info Kisah Nyata:
cr7 love
Pinclude Studio
Pinclude Studio:
Higuaian's reaction after every goal is same as Sampdoria's defenders.
Ash Blitz HD
Ash Blitz HD:
Is nobody going to mention Yoshida’s INSANE goal-line clearance?!?! That was one of the best defensive plays I’ve EVER SEEN.
2:04 He's angry at Ronaldo and then he's still angry when they score.
Nazo Alikhel
Nazo Alikhel:
Bayern Munich: we won 8 in row
Juventus hold my 9
Andrein Nguyen
Andrein Nguyen:
Higuain's pace make me think he is a retired player and playing for a charity match!
Pantless Grandpa
Pantless Grandpa:
Higuain's saltiness gives everyone high blood pressure just by watching his attitudes. what a lack of class
Vintage Kakashi
Vintage Kakashi:
Yoshida's clearance 🔥🔥
Norkias Karimugwagwa
Norkias Karimugwagwa:
Higuain: if I send him wide he be forced to pass be back 1:57
Ronaldo: I dont think so
Rabiot has been Juventus' best midfielder since the restart, promising stuff from him.
Mak gaming XD
Mak gaming XD:
When Ronaldo didn't scored the penelty I just stood up from my position
tengku tengku
tengku tengku:
When Ronaldo missed the penalty, I went to the comment section😂
Sucker P
Sucker P:
I'm amazed by the fact that Ronaldo has amazing skills even though he is 35 years, we are witnessing something we might never see in future,just observe when he is with or without the ball his cleverness,speed,acceleration, shooting skills always been on top.
Rian Hidayat
Rian Hidayat:
3:47 Dybala looks like Tobey "The Spiderman" Maguire
Varun Maharaj
Varun Maharaj:
Higuain looks like he is fed up of playing with ronaldo😂😂
Down Comes the Hammer
Down Comes the Hammer:
Things we learned about Sampordia: Yoshida is class, the goalie couldn’t catch a cold
Yoann Yoann
Yoann Yoann:
Congrats juve👏👏👏

3:35 what the... great Yoshida!
Steve K.A
Steve K.A:
All players from juventus has some creativity, EXCEPT higuain...😂😂😂
5ive Aajj
5ive Aajj:
People are so used to Juventus winning the league that people are reacting more to Higuain's "saltiness"
WP channel
WP channel:
Higuaian make the team situation bad. Look his reactions in every situation that he doesn't get pass from team mates. Thats bad.
3:53 喜びのあまりタバコを噛みちぎるサッリ
terrance barthez
terrance barthez:
‘mauro icardi remember him?’ i’m dead 💀
John Wick
John Wick:
3:51 "Juventus are the kings of Syria"
jay rhodes
jay rhodes:
3:24 what a goaline save 😮😮😮
Riju Chatterjee
Riju Chatterjee:
It's a memorable day as 2 strikers scored a club goal after more than a year later:

2:05 why does Higuaín turn his back as if the move was finished. Terrible attitude.
Yoshidas save was insane
0:36 sampdoria defense leaving cr7 unmarked on a set piece! Smh
Rizky Harisandy
Rizky Harisandy:
3:16 incredible save
Akash Jaiswal
Akash Jaiswal:
I don't like Higuain attitude , very toxic.
Karanveer Singh Deora
Karanveer Singh Deora:
Seeing that Pjanic assist gives me hope for Barcelona
Angger Aifadnan
Angger Aifadnan:
Juventus the king of Serie A
George's Nkeokelonye
George's Nkeokelonye:
The moment C. Ronaldo's goal came up, I liked the video . ♥️
david grotjohann
david grotjohann:
Parabéns a Juve, mas acredito que com outro treinador fazia muito mais.
Cobra Coven
Cobra Coven:
I’m glad juventus won the serie a because if they didn’t win, Ronaldo would be blamed for it.
Samuel Santos
Samuel Santos:
3:01 que defesa...
That last minute clear by the Sampdoria defender was badass.
Firstly great finish from Ronaldo for the first goal.

Secondly, someone needs to check up on Higuain, maybe get him to see a shrink
Rose Misati Official
Rose Misati Official:
Fans: higuains attitude is unacceptable
Me: he should score some goals
Juventus doctor : he needs to shed off some weight first
*Cristiano Ronaldo es el primer jugador de la Juventus que anota 31 goles en una temporada de la Serie A en 86 años (desde que lo lograra Felice Borel en la campaña 1933-34). Si anota uno más firmará un registro sin precedentes en la historia de la Vecchia Signora* 🏆🥇🐐⚽👑
Aayush Shrestha
Aayush Shrestha:
3:53 Sarri be like, Give me my pack of cigarettes !!
Jorginho Rjs
Jorginho Rjs:
Juventus é Juventus e ponto final
Messi king lenda
Messi king lenda:
Sem pênalti sem gol tudo normal.
I love 손흥민
I love 손흥민:
Congratulations on winning Juventus!!! I'll always be rooting for you!! Juventus, cheer up! Dybala, cheerup!
Roshani Ghale
Roshani Ghale:
now inter are furious with this result
Wan Zawawi
Wan Zawawi:
Congratulations Juventus
From 🇲🇾
Tenzin lekdup
Tenzin lekdup:
I expect salty comments from Higuain once he leaves Juve 😂🤣
Vüqar Hüseynzadə
Vüqar Hüseynzadə:
JUVENTUS 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Marcos Mwiya
Marcos Mwiya:
Vamos força Ciro lmmobile 34 golos ✌️♥️
Ronaldo done very well this season scoring 31 goals in 32 matches that's amazing, no doubt at 35 he is the best player in the world %100000
Justin Teng
Justin Teng:
sarri's still smoking while celebrating, brilliant!
Wild Cat
Wild Cat:
Now, everyone focuses on the game with Lyon at Champion League. Seri A is done
I Love Food
I Love Food:
02:05 Lol look at Higuain, he wanted to score but Ronaldo went to score himself and was unhappy even after Bernardaqi scored
Shadow Boy
Shadow Boy:
2:04 Higuan wanted the pass. Look at the disappointment even after the goal.
Flipping heck the highlight was that save off the line..epic 💯
Ahmad Alkhalaf
Ahmad Alkhalaf:
Congratulations Juve❤️🏆
Luiiz Eduuardo
Luiiz Eduuardo:
Parabéns a Juventus pela conquista 👏
Nakul Tomar
Nakul Tomar:
Juve goalie is doing his job superbly🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Congratulations.. Juventus ..for winning 9th scudetti titles in a row
Akash Jadhav
Akash Jadhav:
Legends say Higuain is still waiting for Ronaldo's pass😂😂
Dilshodbek Vines
Dilshodbek Vines:
Всем привет 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
That defending from a Sampdoria defender basiclly on goal line - long time(maybe never) seened
I'm just really happy for Sarri. I still remember when he got his first medal with Chelsea
Mindblowing piece of defending at the end of video
Luiz Carvalho
Luiz Carvalho:
Parabéns JUV!!!
Nguyễn Hải Dương
Nguyễn Hải Dương:
Higuain fled Real to get away from ronaldo.
Little did he know.
aswin maddy
aswin maddy:
Any sports video is incomplete without audience cheering.... Hope the situation changes soon..
Christoffer Boman
Christoffer Boman:
Every touch of the ball sounds KABOOM!!
That save on the line was out of this world
Ultimate Legend
Ultimate Legend:
Yoshida defense during that corner is fabulous !
Amine Dahbi
Amine Dahbi:
Congratulations JUVE ❤️

Алексей Мальцев
Алексей Мальцев:
Самый тухлый топ клуб
Rafael Purizaca
Rafael Purizaca:
Juventus is already historic...
Account User
Account User:
Is it just me or does Ronaldo look 21 or something
I hope they win the Champions League.
Mihael Fitz
Mihael Fitz:
3:12 what a clearing!
Surendra Timilsina
Surendra Timilsina:
3:52 classic Sarri
Incredible set piece. Caught Sampdoria unawares of the real threat sitting in their backyard.
Alvaro Trujillo
Alvaro Trujillo:
Higuain's reaction in 2nd goal... they need to get rid of him
S7HD Productions
S7HD Productions:
Who else watched it live
Ryan Cash
Ryan Cash:
9 in a row Juventus Run Italy 🇮🇹
Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta:
Sell higuain or gift him to any club and
Bring some quality midfielders and another forward
Penaldo almost cried after this penalty 😂😂
Kenan Dedic
Kenan Dedic:
500 iq assist from pjanic
Martin Shorty
Martin Shorty:
Juventus coach and Hiquain should leave this superb and loved team...❤
CR7 NÉ PAI✌✌✌🔥🔥🔥
Dr J P
Dr J P:
What a clever and unselfish pass from Pjanic just wow.
Volkan Türkmen
Volkan Türkmen:
Merih Demiral 🇹🇷
Dose Cacius
Dose Cacius:
Where’s the highlight of Higuain missing a tap in 😂
parag jadhav
parag jadhav:
Sarri's Expression 😅
Ihsan. x07
Ihsan. x07:
What a defending 👍
Davidson Vincent
Davidson Vincent:
Congratulations to the champions once again 🍾💃
John Dalrymple
John Dalrymple:
Never heard it pronounced Sujezny before 😆
Sem Sem Abesolom Ghebremariam
Sem Sem Abesolom Ghebremariam:
I want to sleep

Serie a no no go see how ronaldo scores
Muesz Mohamed
Muesz Mohamed:
HIGUAIN OPEN THE SPACE!!! OH Noooooo didnt get the ball ball ball hahahahahaha
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
2:05 look at higwain reaction such a shame
Amit Dip
Amit Dip:
Before Cristiano arrival, Serie A YouTube channel had 675K subscribers and now with 5.25M they have almost surpassed La Liga.

Unreal influence of the CR7 Brand 🔥