Juventus 2-0 SPAL | Ronaldo Header & Pjanić Strike Win the Game for Juve | Serie A

A header from Cristiano Ronaldo and Miralem Pjanić’s strike help Juventus win the game against SPAL, despite a strong performance from Etrit Berisha | Serie A

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100+ comentarios:

sangishetti shiva
sangishetti shiva:
SPAL goalkeeper better than courtois
Why does every keeper in serie A turns into Casillas in his prime when Ronaldo tries to score lol
Alexander Pruger
Alexander Pruger:
Ronaldo's hunger for goals is incredible. He's a goal addict!
Juventus struggle to score a header against Spal's keeper

*Cristiano: fine I'll do it myself*
Rafa V.
Rafa V.:
No one talking about how Pjanic always scores beautiful goals 🔥
Keynan Hussein
Keynan Hussein:
Who said Ronalo and dybala can’t play together? 😂😂⚽️🔥🔥
egg with 5000 subs
egg with 5000 subs:
Step one: see if Ronaldo scores
Step two: watch highlights
I get to do this every weekend
Sports Newz
Sports Newz:
Who says Dybala and Ronaldo can't play together?????


The commentator is awesome!!!!!
1:23, 2:28, 2:58 SPAL Keeper: "I am inevitable."
3:20 CR7: "I am Ronaldo."
Tie Farmer
Tie Farmer:
The score should be 5-0 if the goal keeper is Courtois ..😂
Zhyar Azad
Zhyar Azad:
Ronaldo, dybala and Ramsey are on fire 🔥😍
Everybody: Headers just won't go in
CR7: Going to learn today
M Umer
M Umer:
Ronaldo started dribbling again
What a joy 😍😍
Njeru Jack
Njeru Jack:
1:23 Ronaldo, just lovely.
M. X
M. X:
Seriously man, is this guy 34 years old he’s almost 35 years old goodness me he’s even better than some 20 years old players.
Matteo Salvini
Matteo Salvini:
Could have been 6-0 Juventus. Ronaldo could have scored a Hatrick but SPAL goalie had a great game
TH3 YUVTUB3 - Yuvraj
TH3 YUVTUB3 - Yuvraj:
Header + Nutmeg + Goal (All in one ) = CR7
Thomas Han
Thomas Han:
That header was beautiful. What a jump! What a timing! wow .. just wow
Tatenda Chikonaz
Tatenda Chikonaz:
2:06 thank me later.....he is still a great dribbler.
Having this formation with Ramsey can only benefit Dybala.
Azizjon Juraev
Azizjon Juraev:
Spal goalkeeper got text message from CR7: come join juve :)
What a goalkeeping ! Respect from juve
Kagak Tau
Kagak Tau:
I dont know why serie A keepers are better than la liga keepers, agree?
Topkeeping by Berisha, very underrated keeper
Martin Slovák
Martin Slovák:
Ronaldo is scoring goals again. He is in form.
wied you
wied you:
SPAL keeper is outstandings, there should be 10 goals for juve
Jimmy Christian
Jimmy Christian:
De Ligt has been amazing tonight
Ronaldo was everywhere, MOTM performance from him
Crazy to think that he is 34 years old and still so dominant, the greatest player of all time SIIIIUUUUUUUUUUUU
Vibhanshu Dobhal
Vibhanshu Dobhal:
He megged him with a header to score xD
Manu Martín
Manu Martín:
There are 20 Aliisons in the Serie A...Mostly when any team faces Juve.
fidel moquete
fidel moquete:
The goalkeeper had the game of his life in this one 👏
C_ CR:
Real Madrid need to buy SPAL keeper. 🤣 he is better than Courtois
C_ CR:
GOAT CR7 and De ligt 💥 Sarii must learan how to use GOAT CR7 as goal machine at Juv
Youtuber 100
Youtuber 100:
Goaly: Let me do all the work

Team: Ok
Aditya mishra
Aditya mishra:
Goalkeeper blocks two Amazing header

*Ronaldo proceeds to meg him with a header*

egg with 5000 subs
egg with 5000 subs:
Goalkeeper blocks two Amazing header

Ronaldo proceeds to meg him with a header

Emanuel Brera
Emanuel Brera:
Juve was playing with 2 defenders most of the time and De ligt played well today. Ramsey, Rabiot is starting to find rythm.
Vipul Raj Rj
Vipul Raj Rj:
You Can Save All the header Goal But Not the beast He can nutmeg with a header
Rhushikesh Joshi
Rhushikesh Joshi:
Ronaldo started dribbling again😍😍😍
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma:
Nutmeg by a header...that's something new😁🔥🐐
Johnjon Shegaj
Johnjon Shegaj:
Proud of my Albanian Goalkeeper!🇦🇱
Commentator : Who says Dybala and Ronaldo can't play together
Me : Well definitely not me dude..
Notice how Ronaldo's header was actually aimed in between the keeper's legs
Cristiano could've made 2 assists (to Ramsey and Khedira). They goalie was on fire though
Neville Jr
Neville Jr:
When Ronaldo dribbles 💣☄️🔥💥😍
egg with 5000 subs
egg with 5000 subs:
Ronaldo's hunger for goals is incredible. He's a goal addict!
Just cross the ball as Dybala did, and let CR7 do the rest.
MPK TayZon
MPK TayZon:
Pjanic and Ronaldo is the BEST !
Think Deshi
Think Deshi:
nobody wants to give the credit to pjanic
but he is world class every season , every match
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
Just one like for SPAL goalkeeper For his outstanding performance 🔥👏🔥 I think this performance can turn a life changing moment for him.
They didn’t show that crazy bicycle kick save
yaya YT
yaya YT:
I can tell my CR7 is on fire this season 🔥
Bijay Shrestha
Bijay Shrestha:
3:29 Commentator: "who says Dybala and Ronaldo can't play together" 👌
Tantai Pokpong
Tantai Pokpong:
Don’t forget dybala assist is incredible
Jordan DeBow
Jordan DeBow:
Ronaldo's goal reminded me of his goal (Di Maria assist) against Barcelona 1-0 in the Super Cup
Jithin pulimoottil
Jithin pulimoottil:
Any buddy notice that yesterday match line up, right now this is the perfect line up .👌
Azka Azka
Azka Azka:
1:46 best goal Juventus september 2019
Guitar Portal
Guitar Portal:
Beautiful footwork and 2:24. Did he just pass to himself? 😂
Naftii- hure
Naftii- hure:
When Ronaldo crosses it's so dangerous even in Madrid he was doing it.
Robin Kjellberg
Robin Kjellberg:
All farmer goalkeepers turn into immortal phantom gods when they play Juventus!
Art Sonnevelt
Art Sonnevelt:
Amazing game by de Ligt too. Finally seems to get used to the way of playing in Italy.
MC Lofi
MC Lofi:
That keeper is amazing ,feel sorry for him loool
SPAL goalkeeper also deserves some praise. without him Juve would've won 6-0
Step one: see if Ronaldo scores
Step two: watch highlights
I get to do this every weekend
Ryan Haysom
Ryan Haysom:
Can't believe Juventus got Ramsay on a free transfer, what a player!
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho:
Ronaldo is becoming more of a team player because of Juventus and Sarris style at Madrid everything was built to suit ronaldo which is completely different to Juves set up
Zainudin Malik
Zainudin Malik:
Thành Phan
Thành Phan:
The goal keeper of Spal this game is so impressive
Akash Kunte
Akash Kunte:
Also respect Berisha (goal-keeper) for making awesome saves.
E o goleiro do spal brilhando fi tmlc!!
Dipesh Maisuriya
Dipesh Maisuriya:
2:07 he still amazes me
I never get tired of hearing this
Happy to see dybala finally getting playing time, especially after the team and try to do him dirty and get rid of him. He's a tremendous player who can absolutely play alongside Ronaldo.
Hkm Saharan
Hkm Saharan:
Dybaldo the best ❤️
Sionic YouTube
Sionic YouTube:
Ronaldo definitely got man of match he created so much opportunities for others and got a goal for himself!
National Health Institute
National Health Institute:
Aaron Ramsey is clearly missing playing with Yaya Sanogo and Iwobi
Manjunath Mj
Manjunath Mj:
3:13 That was brilliant
Adil Jakatoore Ahmed
Adil Jakatoore Ahmed:
De ligt was immense in this match and slowly getting to his best
Sabir Kastrati
Sabir Kastrati:
that goalkeeper is amazing
he’s albanian btw :P
Clow Tears
Clow Tears:
Amazing display of performance by SPAL goalie.. "Headers Stopper" , well CR is an exception
Maka T Foroma
Maka T Foroma:
SPAL goalkeeper was on form,despite the loss
Berisha..calm down man! More reason for Dybala to be a regular starter with Ronaldo. And Ramsey brings some creativity to their attack via the midfield. Seems like Sarri is slowly finding his gameplan.
Cristiano could've made 2 assists ↓↓
to Ramsey and Khedira They goalie was on fire though
Well Matuidi did a great job at left back and Juan was full attacking on RB.... Hope Barzagli would train Juan on Defensive tactics as well...
Pw Cy
Pw Cy:
The suuuh gets me everytime
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
3:29 Commentator: "who says Dybala and Ronaldo can't play together" 👌
aaron sigmund
aaron sigmund:
Is CR really in his 30s? Looks like still in 20s lol. Beast
Hugo Kalasjnikov
Hugo Kalasjnikov:
Really nice to have the entire game spoiled by the title! So thrilled to watch the highlights now. I wonder who are gonna score??? SO EXCITING!
Benjamin Alguera
Benjamin Alguera:
Ronaldo hasn’t played like this for a while ! i enjoyed this
Ian Micallef
Ian Micallef:
Dybalaaaaaaa made that second goal!!!!! <3
job unik
job unik:
Juventus always the best
Monjure Mowla Abir
Monjure Mowla Abir:
What was that from the Spal GK?! Btw, Ronaldo & Dybala had an excellent game. Would like to see these two together more often.
Still got it, I’ll be back next season
Shalom Shal
Shalom Shal:
C 07 fan from tamil nadu ❤
Mehmet Kaan
Mehmet Kaan:
Great goalkeeping. Kept score down
Habib Huseynov
Habib Huseynov:
Juve Dybala Is Future Star. Let Him To Be.
Lightning Tashid
Lightning Tashid:
Ronaldo showed Ramsey & Khedira how to score a header
Nutmeg with a header GOAT