Juventus 2-0 SPAL | Ronaldo Header & Pjanić Strike Win the Game for Juve | Serie A

A header from Cristiano Ronaldo and Miralem Pjanić’s strike help Juventus win the game against SPAL, despite a strong performance from Etrit Berisha | Serie A

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100+ comentarios:

Keynan Hussein
Keynan Hussein:
Who said Ronalo and dybala can’t play together? 😂😂⚽️🔥🔥
Rafa V.
Rafa V.:
No one talking about how Pjanic always scores beautiful goals 🔥
Why does every keeper in serie A turns into Casillas in his prime when Ronaldo tries to score lol
Carlos Barros
Carlos Barros:
This goalie for SPAL; just outstanding performance!
Esse goleiro do SPAL; pegando até pensamento!!
Alexander Pruger
Alexander Pruger:
Ronaldo's hunger for goals is incredible. He's a goal addict!
Adil Jakatoore Ahmed
Adil Jakatoore Ahmed:
De ligt was immense in this match and slowly getting to his best
Cristiano could've made 2 assists (to Ramsey and Khedira). They goalie was on fire though
Sports Newz
Sports Newz:
Who says Dybala and Ronaldo can't play together?????


The commentator is awesome!!!!!
Thomas Han
Thomas Han:
That header was beautiful. What a jump! What a timing! wow .. just wow
Keity Félix
Keity Félix:
Q goleiro top. Paredão. .o melhor foi o goleiro 👏👏👏
Matteo Salvini
Matteo Salvini:
Could have been 6-0 Juventus. Ronaldo could have scored a Hatrick but SPAL goalie had a great game
El Vigar USA
El Vigar USA:
Cristiano Ronaldo Could scores more than one. But respect SPAL Goal Keeper. Best perfomance.
M Umer
M Umer:
Ronaldo started dribbling again
What a joy 😍😍
Ronaldo was everywhere, MOTM performance from him
Crazy to think that he is 34 years old and still so dominant, the greatest player of all time SIIIIUUUUUUUUUUUU
Ricardo Grande
Ricardo Grande:
Muito legal ver o Cr7 e o Dybala jogando bem!
the dude
the dude:
Ronaldo, dybala and Ramsey are on fire 🔥😍
Guille Rdgz
Guille Rdgz:
I absolutely love how Ronaldo is more in a cooperative mood with his team. In the past he would have only celebrated but know he points at Dybala like saying " its your assist!"
Raja Javed
Raja Javed:
Amazing efforts by both midfielders but Ronaldo , exactly knows where to place the ball even with the header. 👌
Rodolpho Belli
Rodolpho Belli:
CR7 jogou demais!!!
Evan Kenefic
Evan Kenefic:
SPAL's keeper had an insane game. Even though he let 2 goals in, he had some amazing saves
Think Deshi
Think Deshi:
nobody wants to give the credit to pjanic
but he is world class every season , every match
TH3 YUVTUB3 - Yuvraj
TH3 YUVTUB3 - Yuvraj:
Header + Nutmeg + Goal (All in one ) = CR7
Art Sonnevelt
Art Sonnevelt:
Amazing game by de Ligt too. Finally seems to get used to the way of playing in Italy.
Luiz Felipe🇧🇷
Luiz Felipe🇧🇷:
Mr. Sundar
Mr. Sundar:
Etrit Berisha! Absolute beast. If it weren't for him, this would've been easily 6-0 or 7-0. He was the only man actually playing in his team.
Akash Kunte
Akash Kunte:
Also respect Berisha (goal-keeper) for making awesome saves.
Tammy Edafe
Tammy Edafe:
The SPAL Goalie was simply superb...CR7 always on fire
Goleiro jogou demais
Everybody: Headers just won't go in
CR7: Going to learn today
fidel moquete
fidel moquete:
The goalkeeper had the game of his life in this one 👏
Shivatej kumar sangishetti
Shivatej kumar sangishetti:
SPAL goalkeeper better than courtois
Topkeeping by Berisha, very underrated keeper
Hugo Kalasjnikov
Hugo Kalasjnikov:
Really nice to have the entire game spoiled by the title! So thrilled to watch the highlights now. I wonder who are gonna score??? SO EXCITING!
Lucas Snarkepit
Lucas Snarkepit:
CR7 Monsters Messi Monsters dois monstro
Manish Gayen
Manish Gayen:
The precision required to hit that header is otherworldly...💥💥🔥🔥
Juventus struggle to score a header against Spal's keeper

*Cristiano: fine I'll do it myself*
Pun Bishal
Pun Bishal:
Beautiful header and perfect pass.
Geri Hithi
Geri Hithi:
Berisha killed it 🇦🇱 Juventus should get him for sure. Fora Juve hopefully we will win the championship league this season we deserve it .
Dybala is a beast his asist was superb also he was so close to score 2 goals
Naftii- hure
Naftii- hure:
When Ronaldo crosses it's so dangerous even in Madrid he was doing it.
S Karmale
S Karmale:
👏👍👏 Amazing game & full marks to the GK though!!! 😎👍👏
Ftbol Beast
Ftbol Beast:
Juventus would have scored more goals , in my opinion near about 4/5 but the opposition GK was not ready to give up . Fair game 😃
Yamcha Sama
Yamcha Sama:
Difícil ser artilheiro num time que não goleia ninguém
I like how the team looks with Dybala, Ramsay, Rabiot and Ronaldo a lot. They created a lot of chances for the team and i think they should be in the starting 11 all of them. Ronaldo is too valuable to be used as a no9 pure striker. He can accelerate/open the game and pass decisively...sure would be nice to have some people that actually score. :) Anyway...he is MUCH MUCH better and more helpful on the wing, even if he will score less. Sarri figured this out already i think and this is just another game that proves how amazing Ronaldo is on the left!
Martin Slovák
Martin Slovák:
Ronaldo is scoring goals again. He is in form.
1:23, 2:28, 2:58 SPAL Keeper: "I am inevitable."
3:20 CR7: "I am Ronaldo."
Tatenda Chikonaz
Tatenda Chikonaz:
2:06 thank me later.....he is still a great dribbler.
Omar Dabo
Omar Dabo:
Wow... Ronaldo is some player even at his old age. He is simply the best. I was never a fan but he just stands out from everyone on the football pitch. He is incredible
I think CR7 ,Dybala and Ramsey make a really nice forward trio 💯🙌🙌🙌
Girish Menon
Girish Menon:
Pjanic may not score often but whenever he scores he scores an amazing goal.
Jordan DeBow
Jordan DeBow:
Ronaldo's goal reminded me of his goal (Di Maria assist) against Barcelona 1-0 in the Super Cup
Truong Huy
Truong Huy:
This goalkeeper was on fire! Insane reaction and reflex!
Sionic YouTube
Sionic YouTube:
Ronaldo definitely got man of match he created so much opportunities for others and got a goal for himself!
Leandro Oliveira
Leandro Oliveira:
Porra aí sim Dybala e Ronaldo Dupla Da Porra 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Anywhere he goes, any league, any country, any team, he dominates, Still hurts to not have him in my beloved Real Madrid..... He's the GOAT
Максат Байшанов
Максат Байшанов:
What a play by Berisha👏
Alex King
Alex King:
I'm really liking this line up and formation. Ronaldo so close to at least two assists, dybala had more of the ball and opportunities, the midfield was nice and strong with Ramsey and Pjanic shining and de ligt had his best game yet. very excited to see what's next !
Hermoso poema!!
El gol del comandante!!
That CR7 goal.... something extraordinary... reply to the goal keeper
Worldwide Football
Worldwide Football:
Fantastic performance..🤗🎆
Berisha...🇦🇱 also...
Fantastic performance..🤗🎆
Zainudin Malik
Zainudin Malik:
Cosmic Odyssey
Cosmic Odyssey:
What a goalkeeping ! Respect from juve
Italian goalkeeping is quite amazing I am always seeing fantastic saves
Dano Dokle
Dano Dokle:
Ronaldo always makes his team live and live...amazing CR7..!!!
Monjure Mowla Abir
Monjure Mowla Abir:
What was that from the Spal GK?! Btw, Ronaldo & Dybala had an excellent game. Would like to see these two together more often.
Nutmeg with a header GOAT
bhushan patil
bhushan patil:
Magnificent headers.....and goal
Juve was playing with 2 defenders most of the time and De ligt played well today. Ramsey, Rabiot is starting to find rythm.
Peter Schneemann
Peter Schneemann:
What a glorious victory, what a marvellous new jersey, and most of all — what a great strategist on the coach seat! Ahahah :(
FIFA Machine
FIFA Machine:
I love how ronaldo pointed at dybala when he scored😍😍
Avinav Prasai
Avinav Prasai:
Ronaldo worked so hard in this game and we can see it.
The gk of the opposition was also so great
Jimmy Christian
Jimmy Christian:
De Ligt has been amazing tonight
Ronaldo Nunes
Ronaldo Nunes:
Ronaldo jogou demais
Happy to see dybala finally getting playing time, especially after the team and try to do him dirty and get rid of him. He's a tremendous player who can absolutely play alongside Ronaldo.
Dybala must play everytime...he lost a lil bit His confidence...but with time he will be again briliant
George Zoto
George Zoto:
As an Albanian, I couldn't be prouder for Berisha, he saved his team from so many more goals. Check him out at: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etrit_Berisha
Jess Limit
Jess Limit:
Berisha are on 'beast mode' in this match great goalkeeping
Nice game by Ronaldo, Dybala, Pjanic, Aaron Ramsey, Matuidi, Delight and Cuadrado❤ infact the the full juve team. Spal's goal keeper was the surprise package in this particular match, he saved spal alot of times😳. Spal did well too tho. 2:07 Nice dribbling, that Spal's keeper was on🔥 today.
Funky Disciple
Funky Disciple:
Despite having two goals go past him I thought the keeper was fantastic.
egg with 5000 subs
egg with 5000 subs:
Ronaldo's hunger for goals is incredible. He's a goal addict!
Commentator : Who says Dybala and Ronaldo can't play together
Me : Well definitely not me dude..
Bijay Shrestha
Bijay Shrestha:
3:29 Commentator: "who says Dybala and Ronaldo can't play together" 👌
Aditya Mishra
Aditya Mishra:
Goalkeeper blocks two Amazing header

*Ronaldo proceeds to meg him with a header*

M. X
M. X:
Seriously man, is this guy 34 years old he’s almost 35 years old goodness me he’s even better than some 20 years old players.
Ricky Castanheira
Ricky Castanheira:
The fact that Ronaldo can still get passed the defense that easily at 34 is scary
Michael Hart
Michael Hart:
That save from Ramsey was amazing
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho:
Ronaldo is becoming more of a team player because of Juventus and Sarris style at Madrid everything was built to suit ronaldo which is completely different to Juves set up
Kion Plays
Kion Plays:
Ronaldo+Dybala+Pjanic+Ramsey 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Johnjon Shegaj
Johnjon Shegaj:
Proud of my Albanian Goalkeeper!🇦🇱
He delivered. He rarely not. 💪🏼
Sm Khard
Sm Khard:
Well played by SPAL goalkeeper. De light strong youngster. Pjanic always shows his best. Cristiano ronaldo the best finisher.
manuel lopez castez
manuel lopez castez:
Quien hace un caño con la cabeza y que al final termine en gol 👏👏👏
Great display overall but Ronaldo, Dybala, Ramsey and De Ligt really played well. De Ligt is improving big time.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
Just one like for SPAL goalkeeper For his outstanding performance 🔥👏🔥 I think this performance can turn a life changing moment for him.
Perfect Champions
Perfect Champions:
CR7 the beast but the goal keeper was amazing. 😮
Omar Sousa
Omar Sousa:
CR7 Melhor do mundo.
Maannn...this juve team is on 🔥 🔥 🔥!
The attacks are amazing to watch. CR7 is in superb form.
Those runs, passes, magical assists from CR7😮. Ramsey n khadira sud hav scored, bad luck!
De Lit is also back to full form.
This is the best Juve starting 11 to play attacking football. Only Chellini is missing.
#KingCR7 #ForzaJuve #UCL2020
Imad Nazar
Imad Nazar:
Still trending worldwide after a week..
The goal keeper of Spal this game is so impressive
António gamer
António gamer:
Ronaldo joga muito