Juventus 3-1 Sassuolo | Ramsey and Ronaldo strike late to help hosts up to fourth | Serie A TIM

CR7 goal secured Juventus’ 3-1 win over Sassuolo and was his 15th Serie A TIM goal this season (most in the league) | Serie A TIM

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*➤ Máximo goleador en partidos oficiales y en activo (759).*
*➤ Máximo goleador activo (102) a nivel de selección y de Portugal.*
*➤ Máximo goleador histórico (450) del Real Madrid.*
*➤ Máximo goleador en activo e histórico (134) de la Champions League.*

*SÚPER CR7* 🐐🥇⚽
CR7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
CR7 15 goals🔝
Antony Niresh
Antony Niresh:
It’s a 35 year old in the 92nd minute of the game 🤴🏼
Pon Pin
Pon Pin:
36 years old.

At 92...just a kick out of defence..what a control what a runing what a finish goat
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
0:38 that's some sublime skill by Mckennie
Amit Ingle
Amit Ingle:
Ronaldo is the very respectable person in whole world❤️
Michael Oladesemola
Michael Oladesemola:
When Ronaldo is on the pitch, he’ll score even at the last sec... Hope for the game🔥
Adam Etayem
Adam Etayem:
“ mini goal drought “ he literally only didn’t score for one game , that just shows u the levels of this man 🐐
H Amar
H Amar:
I still remember when everyone doubted the king on his first season at juve
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
“His mini goal drought didn’t last long”- his goal drought was literally 1 game😂😂
Editz on
Editz on:
I'm a messi fan but i respect his game it's extraordinary
Ronaldo got a really awesome goal. The whole process of that goal was just an art, stopping the ball, dribbling, and finishing was so fulent making opponet no chance to block it at all. It was a textbook-level goal, pure class. Just learning that stopping ball skill could make Rashford mad.
i remember watching chiesa's first game for fiorentina and thinking wow this guy is different, such a talent, his determination every game is next level, top top signing from juve
Juks Leo
Juks Leo:
>Dr Dre is in the hospital

> Ramsey scores

Me: **Sweats nervously**
eM pleH
eM pleH:
Ronaldo's jump skill is insane, I wonder if his teacher didn't teach him the gravity laws
Paul Tukue
Paul Tukue:
99% of the comments about Ronaldo the goat 1% about something else
Minh Anh
Minh Anh:
jefri huyaki
jefri huyaki:
Can he score til 1000 goaals?? RONALDO is the G. O. A. T
Mr. O
Mr. O:
And just like that, we've entered yet again, another number 7 vs number 10 year.
Charlie Cappa
Charlie Cappa:
That first touch by Ronaldo on his goal is just ridiculously amazing.
Marvin Aries Nyeko
Marvin Aries Nyeko:
Defrel's first touch to score the first goal for Sassulo was honestly amazing, splendid finish too.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Everytime Ronaldo scores a goal, Pele calls his grandson out for a game at the backyard.
Hijral Sebeli Monte
Hijral Sebeli Monte:
3:42 when you realize that you're chasing the GOAT. All you can do is SMILE 🙂
Dhrubajyoti Paul
Dhrubajyoti Paul:
Ramesy scores a goal
Any random celebrity : I'm in danger
Trung dang the
Trung dang the:
3:41 the player behind ronaldo is smiling just look at that touch. Class
Fik Pickles
Fik Pickles:
Nike : we have
1. Air Jordan
2. Air Ronaldo
Oluwatobi Esan
Oluwatobi Esan:
Things that are certain in life:
1. Death
2. Taxes
3. Ronaldo in the thumbnail of a Juventus game highlight
No one can stop CR7!
Amazing GOAT!!
Emeka Amadi
Emeka Amadi:
Now Ronaldo has equalled the most official goal record and its time for him to set a new one as the GOAT
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr:
0:38 that's some sublime skill by Mckennie
Random comment passing through praising Danilo and that goal he scored. He's having an amazing season!! Really happy for him.
Everyone's praising Ronny but what about Danilo, he was a beast in the defence, scored a wonder and gave a beautiful assist to Ronaldo
alice moh
alice moh:
The goat at it again.
D D:
nobody: how high can goats jump? Ronaldo: hold my beer
Sanwal Zia
Sanwal Zia:
Ronaldo is so big that if he doesn't score a goal in 1 match it is considered as drought for him..... That guy has set some huge standards for himself 🐐
A lfi
A lfi:
Ronaldo showed once again why he is the best goalscorer and winger of all time. Best Player of the 21st century. No debate
“His mini goal drought didn’t last long”- his goal drought was literally 1 game😂😂
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv:
When Ronaldo is on the pitch, he’ll score even at the last sec... Hope for the game🔥
Deniz Can Özdemir
Deniz Can Özdemir:
Her golden sonra merihin ta defanstan koşup bütün takım arkadaşlarıni sarması olayına bayılıyorum efsanesi. Merih
Ramsey curse continues as Sheldon Adelson founder of Las Vegas Sands died today😶
2:40 ball touch and assist from kulu is sublime
Lie Luo
Lie Luo:
2:30 "Now Ronaldo, desparate to get on a score sheet..." No kidding :)
Ishaan Lakhera
Ishaan Lakhera:
Even on a average day he gets his goal 😎 and gud to see other juve players scoring .
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah:
The GOAT scores again 🔥
Vitor Alcobia
Vitor Alcobia:
Ronaldo beyond measure, damm it I'm on fire amazing air view that gol is great moment... The beast is on
The running of ronaldo is just like a 25 years guy.
0:21 the goalkeeper saved the Ronaldo's shot. Corner kick should have been given.
Man this juve team deserves to win UCL 😘
Antonio C.
Antonio C.:
1:34 What a hit, eargasm
That goal was amazing.....stopping the ball, dribbling and scoring a goal..... absolute beast
Alen Vidović
Alen Vidović:
Ronaldo gonna play for at least 4 years more, till he is 40.
Richard Gere
Richard Gere:
For a near 36 year-old, CR7's pace is still astounding. He left those defenders behind for goal 3!! The man is a physical Titan.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour:
0:38 that's some sublime skill by Mckennie
Rasberry Jam
Rasberry Jam:
The commentator had a voicecrack in celebrating Defrel's goal lol
Sam Martin - Peak Performance
Sam Martin - Peak Performance:
that Juve kit tho 😍
_Max Smiet_
_Max Smiet_:
Nice play by Juve that was carried by Ronaldo.
Ronaldo has now tied the all-time highest scorer ever and is only a few goals away from the national record as well.
What a legend, GOAT!
Rachmad Hidayat
Rachmad Hidayat:
Serie A channel every week be like:
Milan 2-0 Torino, 1 day ago, 1.4M views
Roma 2-2 Inter, 21 hours ago, 1.3M views
Juve 3-1 Sassuolo, 13 hours ago, 3.4M views
The CR7 effect 😄
Esa Nuriana
Esa Nuriana:
0:57 Wow... Fans from indonesia
caraca, não é que o robozão ainda tem velocidade, monstro do futebol.
J Soccer90
J Soccer90:
Cristiano's haters were ready to attack but Cristiano silenced them with the goal he scored.
How did Chiesa stay on the pitch after being tackled like that.
Marc Aomine
Marc Aomine:
" Great hit wow from Danilo !! "
Chalu Tv
Chalu Tv:
0:19 what an exceptional jump by CR7🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lost4U2Find _
Lost4U2Find _:
1:44 Leonardo "The blame is 50-50" Bonucci.👍
Denis Yordanov
Denis Yordanov:
This man can always score even on his worst day
Zlatan's longevity will be the fuel for Ronaldo. Both playing catch me if you can !
mango Gaming Beasst
mango Gaming Beasst:
Bronguero Nole
Bronguero Nole:
Sound of Danilo's strike! :o
Moshe Mizrahi
Moshe Mizrahi:
Another important 3 Points to the title!
ajaykumar chauhan
ajaykumar chauhan:
A rocket shoot from Danilo, A super assist from frabotta and tap in by Ramsey and a dominating goal from the G.O.A.T CR7
chiesa really lucky not getting injured badly
Atul Anand
Atul Anand:
This Serie A season is exciting!!!
Matthew Dellavedova
Matthew Dellavedova:
Ulan merih stopersin bütün gol sevinçlerinde rakip kaleye nasıl ilk sen gelebiliyorsun :DDDD
Hac Kap
Hac Kap:
He said it in a neagtive way " despered to get on the goalsheet" but we see once again that motivation got the team another goal.
Surianesh Ghosh
Surianesh Ghosh:
Алексей Анатольевич
Алексей Анатольевич:
0:25 ХЭТ-ШОТ
Ali Şengün
Ali Şengün:
Merih is such a perfect player that, he is like the ıronman
Cr7 goat. Even on his worst days he still scores. He is the king of kings.
Erick Medeiros
Erick Medeiros:
Ronaldo.... some of his best form in years and no where near finished ... goat
Merih Demiral, Mert Müldür, Kaan Ayhan 🔥🔥 Turkish Boys 🇹🇷🇹🇷
N 7
N 7:
Congratulations Christiano Ronaldo on 759 history ❤
Gil Maurício Simões
Gil Maurício Simões:
Strange cross??? That was an amazing cross, Dybala knew exactly what he was doing
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar:
Ronaldo nearly 36 and still his goal drought last for just one game, Now define any greater legend than him.
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes:
For CR7 age is just a number. G.O.A.T
Amrlsoleh Ahmad
Amrlsoleh Ahmad:
CR7 champion never stop.🔥
Fantastic goal by Danillo ... And I really like those Juve Jerseys
Okechukwu Shedrack
Okechukwu Shedrack:
Ronaldo goal was superb.
The pace,the ball control and the finish.... All perfect
Varun Rawat
Varun Rawat:
Running with that speed at 90th minute by a 35 year old man (soon 36)is just phenomenal. how does he do this?
izet jasarbasic
izet jasarbasic:
Oh no, Ramsey scored a gol! 😳 (If you know what I mean) 😄
When we will get crowds back? i miss it so bad! 😭💔
wow, this man indeed a scoring machine
Willy Diligence
Willy Diligence:
0:59 I shivered watching this foul. It can rob a career of a player.
Ronaldo has tied for the most goals in football history 🐐GOAT

Edit: haters saying “ bican got 805” bican played in the 50s Against farmers . His numbers are fake
Peter Omeke
Peter Omeke:
what a goal from danilo👀🔋🔋
Muhammed Enes
Muhammed Enes:
1:42 Merih olum Ronaldo o yanlış kişiye sarılıyon snxmdnx