Kai Havertz Back To His Best In 2021!

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99 comentarios:

Adhi Risnanda
Adhi Risnanda:
Name song Dere - Kota 🇲🇨
shau king
shau king:
for a tall dude he plays like he's not trying. It’s so frustrating when it doesn’t work out, but also amazing to see when it does.
Kai Havertz has finally come good for chelsea. all he needed was time, he's such a baller
David Moore
David Moore:
I honestly don't think we've seen the very best of Kai Havertz yet, honestly!
Graham Gladstone
Graham Gladstone:
Kai will love having the fans here u can tell as he runs to the corner everytime first thing on his mind
Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin
Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin:
He didn't need time. He didn't need to buff up. All he needed was a coach or manager who actually knew what he was doing tactically. Ideas alone aren't enough. Credit to Thomas Tuchel. Lampard too for signing him for us🔥
Henry Kaspar
Henry Kaspar:
There is something Zidanesque about him.
Marcos Lukaz
Marcos Lukaz:
Werner is yet to prove to Chelsea Fans how good he really is. But at least we have Ziyech and Havertz playing well
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
He hasn't even started. He is going to get better.
C K:
He got COVID at the beginning of the season and make him so weak but he gain his energy back now... I love they way he plays against Madrid! Absolutely perfect!
never seen a first touch like his! when he plays it directly over his opponents, world class 🙌🏽
Alex __
Alex __:
So many people called him a flop at the beginning of the season... He is still 21 years old. Give him some time. Great investment for the future
And his goal won the CL final! Exited to see what he does at the Euros and the following seasons!
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc:
Nice to see KING KAI improving Hopefully we can say the same for werner and ziyech too but mainly werner
Mahlon kipruto
Mahlon kipruto:
Kai's game is therapeutic
21k GOLD
21k GOLD:
He is a faster Berbatov...with that lazy playstyle...like a boss...
Dimpho Kolossa
Dimpho Kolossa:
King Kai 🔥
michael moore
michael moore:
Kia is a genius very humble a long time project for us at the bridge will be a prodigy coyb💤
He is the guy who will be still calm and do the most things
Similar style of playing 😎👇🏻

Lampard = Mount
Iniesta = Foden
Ronaldinho = Neymar ( PSG )
Zidane = Havertz
Dean Willis
Dean Willis:
Sensational player destroyed portugal just the other day deadly predator around the box knows how to move off the ball worldclass talent
It's safe to say chelsea is the best football club team in the world for now.
A Sanz
A Sanz:
Absolute demon 🥶
Football Passion ⚽
Football Passion ⚽:
People judge him to early in the season let the guy have time... New Country new atmosphere new friend new teammate new languages... Just look next season he will kill everyone...
Chelsea will be very very difficult to score against
Impressiv how many defensiv balls he gets as a striker.
Also such a soft touch and pass.
Anonymous Potato
Anonymous Potato:
Love to see it!
Also my father will never watch a chelsea match withiut haverts ,kante and mount
Chris S
Chris S:
Amazing player. Generational
Mr Strange
Mr Strange:
He's going destroy epl defenders next season.
Nischal Gautam
Nischal Gautam:
His unselfishness makes team more strong
Tony Spyrou
Tony Spyrou:
Looking good
lion k
lion k:
next antonio rudiger and mason mount please~~~~
Rafael Adhi Wicaksono
Rafael Adhi Wicaksono:
Can you make a skill, goal, etc for pulisic
All hail the King 👑
ogbeifun eugene
ogbeifun eugene:
Some chelsea fans are now beginning to change their mouth
Kelvin Tosh
Kelvin Tosh:
He's just getting started ,you ain't seen nothing yet.
Wily Kautsar
Wily Kautsar:
kaget denger lagunya haha, well done
Is no one tapping about that the thumbnail is the goal that havertz scored on the champions league final,and that match was played on mag 29th?
RK's Lounge
RK's Lounge:
Who is here after Madrid win?!
fahmi haryadin
fahmi haryadin:
great video and nice song :D
Sultanrabrusun Rabrusun
Sultanrabrusun Rabrusun:
Kai haverts adalah idolaku
kakashi hatake
kakashi hatake:
Might controversial (maybe to english fans) but he has more potential than Mount
Fathi Ha
Fathi Ha:
كاي هافرتز العشق السهل الممتنع
gerald baffour
gerald baffour:
The new Kaka
Fada fada
Fada fada:
The German machine
football clips
football clips:
Sultanrabrusun Rabrusun
Sultanrabrusun Rabrusun:
Kai havertz idolaku
Ameer Annuar
Ameer Annuar:
Such a calm guys
1.27 So wish he scored that
If Zidane was left handed
Aushaf E-Rabbi
Aushaf E-Rabbi:
Nice song
Lampard gave a best team for Tuchel to manage❤
agung wildan
agung wildan:
he now get his best because coach understand him well doesnt like what frank did, frank is great player but isnt great manager..
James King
James King:
Christ that was underwhelming
Varun Sahk
Varun Sahk:
U will win the champions league final Chelsea
padli guru
padli guru:
Emang havertz is the best
Řian Gres Sapoetra
Řian Gres Sapoetra:
Music nya bagus enak judulnya apa min
pasang d tamang
pasang d tamang:
The video is super good but please can anyone tell me name of the song in the background or link to the song .🙏🙏🙏
John Jola
John Jola:
Kai plays football the way i would have played if i was serious with my talent
Likeee a bosss
Mad comp
Oki Riski Fatulloh
Oki Riski Fatulloh:
Mantap, channel Indonesia ya? 🇮🇩
dsc fishing
dsc fishing:
gw kira chanel orang luar negri, ternyata dari musiknya lagu indo 😂😂😂q
Wise man Power
Wise man Power:
Kai pulipaliii naba pabuuuuu ... Nice song 😂😂
Achmad Nur Firdausi
Achmad Nur Firdausi:
kaget lagunya bahasa indonesia
Tommie Famutimi
Tommie Famutimi:
1:26 🤯🤯
andri fgx
andri fgx:
Wow lagu indonesia
Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin
Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin:
King Kai's got the grace of Victoria's secret model on the pitch and the speed of a gazelle on counters coupled with the brain and intelligence of L. Da Vinci😯

How's that possible? Absolute class
bau amis
bau amis:
the music doesn't fit, still good video though
Afrian Firmansyah
Afrian Firmansyah:
Lagunya Indo njir😂
Dimas Eka
Dimas Eka:
Is it indonesian song for thia BGM ?
Reminds me of berbatov
Jan Oct
Jan Oct:
Indonesian are like me
Oger Emskirchne
Oger Emskirchne:
such a cheesy song for such a genius. you should have chosen "autobahn" by kraftwerk instead.
Jaymar Jones
Jaymar Jones:
The Architect
Daniel Matejčík
Daniel Matejčík:
Song name? 😍
Namastey Sports
Namastey Sports:
song name please...
Tanam Pohon
Tanam Pohon:
Kek lagu Indonesia ya🤔
Sir Alferton
Sir Alferton:
Some of those clips are from 2020
anas danbintang
anas danbintang:
Judul lagunya min?
Thanks to T.T
andik ardian
andik ardian:
Lagunya kaya ngerti tapi kurang jelas.
Tony J
Tony J:
Slow poison
Charles Subba
Charles Subba:
What is the name of a song?
Barcelona should replace Busquets with this guy
Chairman 001
Chairman 001:
Amirul Hakim Rusdi
Amirul Hakim Rusdi:
lagu melayu baq hang hahahah
andi rakhman rizky n.y
andi rakhman rizky n.y:
what song?
Almaruf Harianja
Almaruf Harianja:
Song bro?
Sungging M
Sungging M:
Skillful but lazy af
Eattoast Jogja
Eattoast Jogja:
This song from Indonesia
Here before 100k views
Opan Pasaribu 🥀
Opan Pasaribu 🥀:
Adu Du
Adu Du:
Jangkrek, sing komen inggris kabeh tapi bacsound lagu indo, info judul lagu
Jun Mizuki 9
Jun Mizuki 9:
Hai lm from indonesia
willy Purnomo
willy Purnomo:
Njir indo