Kamala Harris and Mike Pence face off in vice-presidential debate – watch live

Kamala Harris meets Mike Pence in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the first televised vice-presidential debate of the campaign

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“You’re entitled to your own opinion. You’re not entitled to your own facts.”

Gonna use that one.
The Mailmen
The Mailmen:
Your entitled to your opinion but not your own facts💀⚰️
Yolandi Cook
Yolandi Cook:
Why is it that the future potential Vice Presidents are more civil than the future potential presidents? Lol
XcarzX Zz
XcarzX Zz:
MIke pence made me fall in love with The USA with that response to the last question.. 🙏🏻
auto lover@%%$&^$&^$
auto [email protected]%%$&^$&^$:
Why is she always digressing from point?
Ratedr 711
Ratedr 711:
We never heard pence enough but boy oh boy he can talk
If time is up, you are allowed to finish your sentence. Watch a rap battle for once
Not gonna lie, Pence is starting to grow on me.
Johnny Appleseedgate
Johnny Appleseedgate:
Kamala: "day one Biden is going to remove the tax cuts Trump implemented"

Pence: "you just heard it: day one they are going to raise your taxes"

Kamala: "that's not what I said"

Uhhh does she hear herself speak?
Geo Davila
Geo Davila:
2 minutes each to speak on these complex issues ?! ..if that’s not a joke I don’t know what is
Fingerboard Slow Motion
Fingerboard Slow Motion:
We don’t need China to create jobs for Americans.
Lost jobs?? Manufacturing is ON FIRE right now!! I'm a welder and i cant work enough and companys are trying to steal me away constantly.
The Golden Cross
The Golden Cross:
I actually respect this debate. At least they don't interrupt eachother every second
RG Tutorials
RG Tutorials:
if they dont make kevin hart the moderator next debate im moving to canada
xXDreamMaster Xx
xXDreamMaster Xx:
She didn’t even answer the first question
Didn't she publicly call creepy uncle Joe a Racist??????
The moderator really kept on cutting of Pence and let Kamala go off on her totally unrelated tangents
Kyle J
Kyle J:
Pence held his own against witch.
Robert G
Robert G:
Can Harris or Biden tell the truth?
Felix Daniel Olivares Burgos
Felix Daniel Olivares Burgos:
Pence killed it!
Lol Kamala must be chilled with goosebumps everytime she had to praise Biden.
tabish khan
tabish khan:
What abt a tag team debate, trump & pence V/S biden & harris
Dimitri Goodwin
Dimitri Goodwin:
She is like a pancake and flip flops where it benefits Her
Cody Ferreira
Cody Ferreira:
Always got to cut off the Republicans. Media is a joke
If I had a nickel for every time I heard "Thank you vice president Pence"
Jerry G
Jerry G:
Pence looks like he needs to be VP for 50 more years.
you speak with forked tongue Harris
A matter of choice
A matter of choice:
Pence immediately bumped Tupac's "How Do U Want It" after that smackdown of Harris!
Tim Smith
Tim Smith:
Wondering How they choose a winner? They open a small box and a fly comes out. Whoever it lands on is the winner of the debate. 🤷🏻‍♂️
kk Inc.
kk Inc.:
I heard Biden say he will end Franking..what is this lady talking about ??
Rg gah
Rg gah:
My favorite is, you have 15 sec VP Pence, oh you have 30 seconds Sen Kamala Harris. And she gets to talk until shes done spewing lies.
Harris Everytime she did that smile .... U call her bluff she lie!!!
Not Humble
Not Humble:
There is just something I can't stand about Kamala Harris. She says the things she rehearsed very well but I get the feeling the Vice president title is more important to her than any of these topics.
patson chigaduro
patson chigaduro:
l have seen more strength in Mike Pence, but l like his Simplicity the most
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen:
Why does Karma use her 2mins to talk about herself?????? How did she climb up to where she is now???? We would love to hear...!
Jason Lucas
Jason Lucas:
What does color have to do with it.? U never answered the question
Every time Pence is about to drop the hammer on Kamala, he gets stopped, let the man finish!!
Brenton Walker
Brenton Walker:
It is very clear they need to give the candidates more time. They also need to create a more open discussion for the citizens to ask questions. Perhaps as a mail in request. I’m not sure how they could do that, or if they may already have a way, but I would be interested in that endeavor.
Eric Kurtz
Eric Kurtz:
Harris was incredibly condescending.
Thank you- mr Vice President thank you- Mr-
Who cares where she is born, who just not replying straight to the question
Tye Jefferson
Tye Jefferson:
Wow she still keeps getting 3x the time Pence gets, uuugh!
Kimberly Pearce
Kimberly Pearce:
Pence responded with facts and intelligence.
Harris responded with lies and emotion.
Man, this moderator is shameless when it comes to showing who she’s favoring.
Fresh Memes
Fresh Memes:
Pence looks like a real human being with real human skin
Charlie Marie
Charlie Marie:
Wow. Just look at what she has said about Joe Biden before her nomination😂
rickfx xzc stevenson
rickfx xzc stevenson:
She tried the “Obama” hand gesture...the dems are digging way in their bag huh
Cirrus Star
Cirrus Star:
You're entitled to your own opinion
But you're not entitled to your own facts!
-Mike Pence
You can put that in the books
Jeffrey Turnage
Jeffrey Turnage:
She straight dodged the first question completely, no one asked about your up bringing 🤣😂
Aaron Higareda
Aaron Higareda:
Dems always trying to get sympathy from the people pathetic!
carol wright
carol wright:
Kamala was always putting her RESUME forward lol
Samantha Wagenhauser
Samantha Wagenhauser:
This lady obviously forgot when in 2008 $10.00 an hour jobs were rare!!!!
mohammed raad
mohammed raad:
I love how mike pence ignores her and finishes his sentence when she keeps telling him thank you thank you trying to make him stop talking
Nisha Hyde
Nisha Hyde:
She doesn't like answering one question directly, does she?
Broken Toilet lamp
Broken Toilet lamp:
Both moderators are registered Democrats. You can see how unfair this is.
reed means
reed means:
NOPE. Biden said all our taxes will go up, very high.
chris emerson
chris emerson:
Pence gets a whole minute to talk lol kamala gets the whole 2 minutes
Top Arriveria
Top Arriveria:
He completed annihilated this cop
Janielle Gomez
Janielle Gomez:
Can a moderator not interrupt?
Dr. Kathi Perry
Dr. Kathi Perry:
Obamacare and the Healthcare Act is a joke
Trevor Duran
Trevor Duran:
Did she just plug zoom in like the first 5 mins of the debate? Wonder how much money zoom gave the.
Van Iron
Van Iron:
Biden and Harris is like 'one stands up for the other'. Pence and Trump is just like a balanced team.
Jay Leon
Jay Leon:
How can you not pose the same question to both candidates then object when one wants to an opportunity to rebuttal???
Did she keep her word as a prosecutor?
Nothing like cutting pence off every single time he speaks
Michael Christan
Michael Christan:
"You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts "
Pence 2020
Colin Goodrich
Colin Goodrich:
How about giving the man some time to speak
Zack Zuback
Zack Zuback:
It really seems like she got more time vs pence anyone else see this? Im thinking these modulators are leaning a little towards one side 🤨
Why does that woman in the middle interrupt Mike Pence all the time
Maleco Satyam
Maleco Satyam:
Pence destroy this lady
Kamala Harris, you have 2 minutes to answer that question - 10 minutes later.

Mike you have 2 minutes to respond - 1 minute later - "Okay, that's enough Mr. Vice President"
Jeremy Corniel
Jeremy Corniel:
Finally some one realizes that income taxes aren’t the only form of taxes.
Henry Pyne
Henry Pyne:
Love how one makes valid well reasoned argument and the other just makes no sense and essentially says nothing in their argument it has no content
Septimus Tyrannis
Septimus Tyrannis:
I just love how Pence when he’s out of time is interrupted seven times but when Kamala Harris is out of time she’s allowed to talk
Alex Vargas
Alex Vargas:
2:08 "One of the most memorable days of my life."

A zoom call with Biden was one of the most memorable days of your life......? 🤦
Kartik Rana
Kartik Rana:
she looks like she is acting so hard with a crying voice on what Trump did to America. Do you need sympathy or vote?
Laura Alabady
Laura Alabady:
Quit interrupting the vice president while he is talking‼️
Hunter Jaikin
Hunter Jaikin:
I literally hate this mediator PENCE cant even finish a thought without being interrupted
For all the 20yr olds Harris is trying to persuade..... check who she follows on Instagram this lady is a joke.
Esmina Evstropova
Esmina Evstropova:
Green new deal , who wants to pay for it ? You guys . We need to focus on bringing and making economy strong back first !
Let’s be honest, mike pence was well prepared and had a response for everything while kamala stumbled, lie, and had no answers.
bernadette rogers
bernadette rogers:
When are we going to get a clear answer on healthcare besides “White House doctors”
Nell Powers
Nell Powers:
Kamala you’re only one that stage that prosecuted high number of black men.
Harris is speaking in circles and not directly answering ANY of the questions being asked
Mike Rivas
Mike Rivas:
We need to dicuss this extremely important issue of "PACKING THE COURTS" more in detail
Christian Lockard
Christian Lockard:
She's trying to sell a vote to an 8th grader. They're really that desperate.
Gil Arel
Gil Arel:
Mike Pence: I would love to answer your question, the American people wa
Moderator: thank you thank you.....you want to respond kamala....take all the time you need.
Black Lopus
Black Lopus:
Right off the bat she is already gloating about herself..
The fly clearly won.
Selah Christeenxo
Selah Christeenxo:
If you guys don’t think China would blame America if we did this you’re delusional
Martin P.
Martin P.:
Pence did a great job!
Nia’s Channel
Nia’s Channel:
“Thank you Vice President”🙈
trendy wendee
trendy wendee:
Trump signed an a executive order for pre existing conditions. People are safe..she’s to much on her lies
Micah K
Micah K:
I like how mellow they are its actually watchable
Nisha Hyde
Nisha Hyde:
If she would answer just one question directly she might have almost enough time to answer a question
Julio Arriola
Julio Arriola:
Take a shot every time the moderator says “thank you Vice President pence”
Snext Chop
Snext Chop:
She didn't answer the FIRST question right. She just bashed Trump. She didn't employee a plan.
Zoe Rayne
Zoe Rayne:
Pence, you dropped this: 🎤
Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis:
Pence knocked it out of the ballpark!!
Samantha Wagenhauser
Samantha Wagenhauser:
Every single time he gets a point out he is interrupted by another Democratic mediator