Kamala Harris on how President Donald Trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic

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100+ comentarios:

notsure ifsrs
notsure ifsrs:
Harris called Biden a racist, and implied hes a sexual abuser... but is his VP... ummm ok
Steven Fallon
Steven Fallon:
Somewhere, Elizabeth Warren, who really wanted that VP candidacy is saying, "I am the victim of affirmative action"
Comanche Rocha
Comanche Rocha:
Ummm remmber the Tulsi Gabard debate .. well I do
Allie_059 _
Allie_059 _:
This is really unrelated but...if we can all go out to grocery stores, and also in some cases school and work, then why can’t we also go out and vote...? Doesn’t make sense? I’m probably really wrong but idk
I'm old enough to remember when she called old Joe a racist
Ken Cummings
Ken Cummings:
Thank god, a bumbling fool and phony psuedo intellect, love her Frye voice what a special gal
I paused the video and scrolled down to read the comments. Ha, ha!
Melissa Duran
Melissa Duran:
Trump is xenophobic for stopping flights from China, right biden?
Juelz D
Juelz D:
So debates? See you soon? Lol not adding states adding mail in voting before the debates
Dr Dagon
Dr Dagon:
So she is talking about homelessness. Does she know about homeless crises in California .
Ty hou
Ty hou:
Seems like Kayleigh McEnany has way better style to be vice president than this one.
Ryan V.
Ryan V.:
Where's Tulsi when you need her
should have gotten Andrew yang for vp
TG Mathias Explained
TG Mathias Explained:
Why is there so many dislikes? She is telling the truth!
Dead Mic Live
Dead Mic Live:
Look in to her husband! Look in to her husband!
Barney Fife
Barney Fife:
There she is Dreams of grandeur herself. Black Hillary. Same verse different chapter.
*Ebola and Covid are not the same thing dummy lol worldwide people died*
Abbey's Grandma
Abbey's Grandma:
Quick Call, CNN - Biden just mispronounced her name. So disrespectful!
Nena Enriquez
Nena Enriquez:
Seems auspicious time to reinvent women image in leading positions. Time to positive impact the world in all fields practicing natural disposition to Order, Protection, Justice, Honor.
Confront the thing in the WH can drag anybody to the mud if allowed. Win with greatness to show the world that Respect to Law, to people, to the environment is a Democracy among other human rights.
The thing in the WH is backed up by equals but also good people tired of empty politician promises that once in power positions hired to serve all they fall short. Elected does not mean be owners.
They really pushed that statistic "Every 80 seconds an American dies from covid"
marcos hernandez
marcos hernandez:
more puppets...
Always the soft caring loving voice of Jezebel!!
Wiggy McCrackin
Wiggy McCrackin:
What about the 350billiob dollars you gave to the Kennedy arts museum instead of to the people from the first stimulus check? All democrats xhould be outraged!
Sharmila S
Sharmila S:
And you set up youtube filters to delete comments
Wow, I am high and on the fringe. Thank God others fought you.
Johnny Dale
Johnny Dale:
Jay S
Jay S:
Always hilarious when a senator from Cali talks economics
Geoff Eis
Geoff Eis:
That witch 🤮🤮🤮
Ty hou
Ty hou:
Circus: what did you expect her to say ? Its her 15 minutes until November))). Its Obama version in skirt .
Carolyn Brooks
Carolyn Brooks:
John Vice
John Vice:
Heels up harris is going to save us from rona
And no one has died from Ebola since Trump was elected. Is this how she kept people in jail?
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
Richard Tift
Richard Tift:
The Obama economy was good for every foriegn country except for the United States. That's why he will be always know to be the traitor.
we're doomed
Nyak Sigyal
Nyak Sigyal:
The Democrats paid China for this biological weapon to use against Trump the Democrats killed your love ones
Bobby Rogers
Bobby Rogers:
I like how they blame Trump for not doing his "job" but Congress doesn't let him do anything. But then the people act like he does every thing wrong.
Q.H.i.Q ThePathYouWalk
Q.H.i.Q ThePathYouWalk:
In World Where The People Have No Idea There Own Consciousness is Used Against Them Daily
Marié telléz
Marié telléz:
Thousands of APLAUSE 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋
King Ofthe818
King Ofthe818:
Coming from someone who threw parents in jail over truancy she sure does know a easy case
Marcus O'Conner
Marcus O'Conner:
Can you imagine? She might be our president next year.
AMY Username
AMY Username:
Makes sense now why Fauci was taken off the Covid counsel to the white house.
Ja Ke
Ja Ke:
From a neutral political perspective, comparing the devastation of Covid-19 to the Ebola outbreak is a bit unfair, most if not all Ebola victims at first, (before the virus mutated), were highly symptomatic, so if an individual was positive for the virus, certainly that individual showed severe symptoms back then, this rendered tracking and isolating positive cases much more easier. Unfortunately, regarding Covid-19, the first reported case was in December of 2019; most of the world knew of the seriousness of the virus by late February or later, and as you would know, most individuals are asymptomatic, making isolation and contact tracing very difficult. Blaming the current administration for the harm Covid-19 did is a little unjust as well. Both democrats and republicans didn't take the virus very seriously at first, not just those politicians, but also scientists and doctors as well. In fact, scientists changed their minds several times regarding the seriousness of Covid-19, information from scientific bodies keeps changing globally, and there are several dissensions among doctors worldwide as to proper handling of the virus. This is very normal, we are in the process of learning how to best combat the virus; a prime example is that most European countries didn't require the wearing of face coverings or masks until very recently, as of two days ago, epidemiologists in Sweden believe that wearing masks is almost unnecessary in reducing the spread of the virus. All this to say that the world wasn't ready to deal with this virus, and that no matter who the commander in chief of the US, this virus would have likely caused a similar devastation. Now is not the time to score political points, but to unite. I hope our politicians both on the left and the right will remain as cordial as their capacity allows; but who am I joking, lol...
quietman356 123455
quietman356 123455:
Thank god for Willie..
Tony Smith
Tony Smith:
And the way Harris handles marijuana usage: when it's her using it's laughable but when it's someone else it's criminal!
Papy Paps
Papy Paps:
Earth Catalyst
Earth Catalyst:
Smh 🤦‍♂️
Sonya Stewart
Sonya Stewart:
darrick Russell
darrick Russell:
Dems will never will with these guys
65 TossPowerTrap
65 TossPowerTrap:
Biden likes sliced bananas. Kamala who?
What an electrifying speaker!
jeffery james
jeffery james:
They talk about other problems yet creating one for themselves. ( The mouth is an open sepulchre)
Susana Monterrubio
Susana Monterrubio:
Lol...,and this is just the beginning! No Tylenol PM is gonna help these two loser fools in the WH get a minute of sleep. I love it!
John Monroe
John Monroe:
How about we learn more about her affair and political rise threw Willie Brown?
Daniel Salas
Daniel Salas:
Tracey Willard
Tracey Willard:
If you want deaf and hard of hearing voters to vote for you please caption all your speeches! There are enough of us to sway the votes to the left! Get busy fixing it!
Madan Gowri attendance please 🇮🇳
Reggie Goorahoo
Reggie Goorahoo:
Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit:
If you look more closely at it, this is an awfully strange video. Is she green-screened, and talking to a wall? It's odd.
mecmr bean
mecmr bean:
Do you think sleepy Joe can do better? Go to Joe 30330
Robert B. Seddon
Robert B. Seddon:
Direct from another universe....don't do drugs kids. 🙄
Harry Lorigan Jr
Harry Lorigan Jr:
Balm riots closes more business than covid, has she addressed that. ?
Marco Flores
Marco Flores:
Long live the reign of Kween Kamala 🙌✨
Mike W
Mike W:
What is she talking about?! - "eleven people were treated for Ebola in the United States during the 2014-2016 epidemic." It wasn't a pandemic; not really even an epidemic - It wasn't even an outbreak!
Ted Sheckler
Ted Sheckler:
Full blown TDS
Parth Khare
Parth Khare:
Classic Obama intonation
Reggie Goorahoo
Reggie Goorahoo:
You using COVID 19 as a excuse
Sneaks Reviews
Sneaks Reviews:
Schievelbein Schievelbein
Schievelbein Schievelbein:
Hey look its toes up Harris

She slept her way to the position of California AG lol
Bolder Boulder
Bolder Boulder:
What's her opinion on Joe Biden's leadership while he hides in his basement instead of showing leadership quality? Here's how you lose the election to Trump. Select a crooked cop as your Vice President while the country is experiencing violent civil unrest because of crooked cops. She is the worst possible VP pick Biden could have made.
Comparing Ebola with Covid19 is a far stretch
Biker's for the west M.C.
Biker's for the west M.C.:
Remember when this gold digger put forward a bill to say that saying the "Chinese Communist virus" was racist. She is disqualified for being a candidate for political office.
Rob vic
Rob vic:
George Rady
George Rady:
Because it’s getting harder to find this clip now that Joe is calling for the rioting to stop... please... the “polls” are going bad, his VP says:

Sam D
Sam D:
2014-2016 Ebola was an epidemic not a pandemic according to the CDC

Furthermore, the transmission between Corona and Ebola are very different

Please do your own research. These are simply my findings.
rob fox
rob fox:
joe biden for a retirement home 2k20
Such an amazing stretch that Trump inherited a great economy from Obama and Biden. And then she says he just ran it in the ground. Desperation right there!
Cole Spencer
Cole Spencer:
Sam W
Sam W:
The way that American and British handled the pandemic was probably among the worst in the world.
Shayna Trachten
Shayna Trachten:
Why 534 dislikes???????
Mary Elizabeth Conner
Mary Elizabeth Conner:
Zang Yang
Zang Yang:
She has BEAUTIFUL hand! I love how BEAUTIFUL AND GRACEFUL those big hands moves. Amazing GORGEOUS BIG SKULL she has and I’m impressed with that necklace! She also has FABULOUS ARMS! Unfortunately, my mother doesn’t have any FEMALE traits like her. She has amazingly beautiful veiny arms which my mother lacks. But overall, this person is an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL STUD!
VAZZ 22:
Chameleon Harris 👹
Ronald Beard
Ronald Beard:
Wow CNBC almost same amount thumbs up as thumbs down.
James Nguyen
James Nguyen:
Why do I see a Karen on stage?
Terrance Thomas
Terrance Thomas:
The dems must be held to a standard of Social Justice.
J Kim
J Kim:
Missa McFadden
Missa McFadden:
Biden Harris 2020
Bradly Roberts
Bradly Roberts:
Does she still believe in Joe's accusers?
4th Chamber Music Producer
4th Chamber Music Producer:
🤣🤣🤣 says the one who put innocent people to jail on purpose. I hope we survive this nightmare
Brandon Navarro
Brandon Navarro:
Dlorah Sarrob
Dlorah Sarrob:
Truth finally being spoken!
Allen Stevens
Allen Stevens:
Ole uncle sniffs alot
Kamala lulls her audience to sleep.