Kamala Harris: The Person, the Politician…and the Chef? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

From Howard University alum to California district attorney, here’s the rundown on vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’s résumé. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #KamalaHarris

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100+ comentarios:

Stewart Muwan
Stewart Muwan:
"if you don't go to school, Kamala will send you and me to jail." That's sounds a lot like African and Asian parents combined.
Robert Goes
Robert Goes:
When are we going to see a native American woman to run for president?
jradawesomesauce 87
jradawesomesauce 87:
Oh my god she's a chef 😳 let's forgive her for dozens of wrongful convictions
Lola Depp
Lola Depp:
It's so cute how Trevor's hair is growing up to look more like an adorable broccoli in his videos from his first lockdown upload until this one 🥺
jessica straub
jessica straub:
But Trumps our first orange president, doesn't that count?(lol)
Nicholas Antonellis
Nicholas Antonellis:
Kamala Harris has destroyed black and brown communities as her career. It is insulting to pick a literal cop after protests against cops raging around the country for decades.
Cathy S
Cathy S:
Marijuana user, marijuana user jailer... and former believer of Biden's victims?
“I start pooping gold coins” lmao ...I died. That was a slick one
"Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body?"
L Whitaker
L Whitaker:
So Trump calls Harris " nasty"... but Ghislaine Maxwell he " wishes her well" ???.... pretty clear where his morals lay.
Gods' Child
Gods' Child:
No, Trevor your kool. But, some of the things you say doesn’t make sense...
Rioters should go to Kamala's house and steal all her belongings and burn it down. Doesn't bother her when it happens to other people...
Katalyst Kat + Apathetic Alyssa
Katalyst Kat + Apathetic Alyssa:
"Black women could have been doing this the whole time."

Well said!
Billy Zardonz
Billy Zardonz:
And she's great at incarcerating marijuana users for long-term sentences, championing laws that punished black parents of truant children, and the best one - blocking DNA evidence from being used in court to defend inmates on death row. Liberals have such selective memories.
- Sun flower -
- Sun flower -:
Threatening to send kids to jail for not going to school? Sounds like my Asian parents 👁👄👁
Matthew Mauro
Matthew Mauro:
Soooo she hid evidence and blocked access to $12 DNA tests so she could continue to WIN as a prosecutor and the people who she has hurt the most have been people of color... And this is the BEST we can do?! SMH
Patrick Wangari
Patrick Wangari:
2:10, first African American woman..... No way, she's Jamindian.
that one guy c
that one guy c:
Hope your ready to go to jail for 30$ of weed while she jokes about getting lit.
FTV Production
FTV Production:
People have forgot what it means to be diverse, we are diverse by the ideas and merit of the person not by the color of the person. If you can get pass that you are truly an American.
April Jones
April Jones:
😂 “Oh look, Black Women 3.0...they can be attorney generals now!”
something's off about the comments and views. it's almost like it's engineered.
Mohamed Ismail Abdullah
Mohamed Ismail Abdullah:
Singapore has similar policy for education. Parents will be held liable too.
"Oh hey, they released black woman 3.0. They can be Attorney General now!"
Jonathan Courtney
Jonathan Courtney:
He's the same as Kamala 🤣😂 that's how she got her job!
Nelufix ak
Nelufix ak:
If kids don't go to school they and their parents wud have to go to jail.
Kamala Harris is Indian. 100% sure 😂
Phillip McNeal
Phillip McNeal:
Why do people of color always have to be announced that their parents are immigrants Trump parents were immigrants they always do that to people of color but never white people have two white people here are children of immigrants let's get that s*** clear
“Pack your bag Billy, were going to Indiana.”
Angela Shearer
Angela Shearer:
These debates make me want to get off the planet. The human species is so screwed up.
Orion's Outro
Orion's Outro:
Dem here. Let's show how she was as a prosecutor. Not the prettiest.
Noel Pucarua
Noel Pucarua:
The Trumps must be freaking out after hearing she'd put parents and kids in jail for missing school.
Can you imagine what she'd do to someone who started a fake University?
Dan Tower
Dan Tower:
I feel like we need to see her sour dough bread.
John Monroe
John Monroe:
Hey Trevor how come you don’t ask her about her ancestors slave ownership in Jamaica?
Elise Miller
Elise Miller:
I'm still going to vote for Biden/Harris but it's still crucial to hold them accountable when in office! Having dems in the White House again isn't the end goal - it's just step one
Samuel Fantahun
Samuel Fantahun:
"When I get nervous I start pooping gold coins".....obviously with southern accent
Big Glock Horizontal
Big Glock Horizontal:
I just noticed the Statue of Liberty in the background has a face mask on 💀💀💀
JDave Foster
JDave Foster:
Will Biden/Harris ever take questions from reporters?
We just all want Barack to we see him everywhere we can 😂
Nate Nav
Nate Nav:
“You know...lie to them” 😂😂😂😂😂
idk what nobody says if your kid misses 30 freakin days of school and all of them are unexcused absences someone should be held accountable. Thats poor or wealthy families. And since when did just telling a kid hey kid if you go to school you can get an education worked pass the age of like 10. Gimme a break. Kids at 15 literally say shit like I'll start a onlyfans page. Like literally gimme a break
governor madea
governor madea:
“Coz when I get nervous I start pooping gold coins”😂😂😂😂😂
Fauwial Khan
Fauwial Khan:
"and when I get nervous, I start pooping gold coins" that accent always kills me. AHAHAH.
Mohit Kumar Sharma
Mohit Kumar Sharma:
Black - African - American - Indian - cook
You guys are less into electing a president and more into looking for a captain planet kind of mashup 😂

And tbh the authentic indian presidential candidate has already been sided by you all and kamla is just using the term for milage , she has no better intentions to our country.

So stop this racism on your own part.
KES Balaji
KES Balaji:
two girl in my village both father and mother uneducated i thought the girls will not go till there higher school, i told them if they like to study i will pay whatever cost till they want to study
with god blessings one is going to finish master of commerce and younger finished first year master of business administration without arrears. i say they make my money worth for what i am spending.
Trevor actually got some good sly jokes in about her. The last joke about calling Obama the previous Kamala Harris was a joke on the media adulation of her.
The only family who should be in jail for not going to school right now is the guy who gave someone money to take their SAT tests for them.
ken swift
ken swift:
I never ever thought that I would be richer today all my gratitude to this special and nice hihackershorts on !G they are just too good and has no issues he's just the best
Sean Linn
Sean Linn:
She hid dna evidence for wrongful convictions. You only do that if you are a complete psychopath. I do think she is an improvement when it comes to Trump though. We are screwed.
If Democrats wanted Harris to lead the country, why didn't they just vote for her in the first place?
Keaton Jazz
Keaton Jazz:
So, she did the job of prosecutor. That's what they do: prosecute. You want to transform society, then people need to get out and vote for politicians who are progressive.
Real Memes
Real Memes:
“Pack your bags Billy... were going to Indiana.”

As an Indiana resident I died.
Joseph Ramirez
Joseph Ramirez:
I still have some issues with Harris's record, but this article goes really in depth, and I think her truancy policy was overall pretty good. The biggest issue is still that jail time can be the end result, even when they don't have evidence of any child abuse. If child abuse is found when checking on truancy, sure thing, but that is really the only time jail should be the result.


A few choice passages:
"When a student is regularly truant, the school district first gets involved by sending out letters to parents telling them that their child is missing class. Then, the school can call parents into a meeting with school staff and sometimes support service providers to figure out what’s going on. The next step is a meeting with the school attendance review board — where various government agencies and social services, as well as school staff, can be present — to figure out what might be contributing to the truancy. That meeting typically concludes with a contract that dictates who’s going to do what to make sure a kid can get to school.

If all of that fails, the school can refer the case to the prosecutor’s office, which can threaten prosecution if there’s no progress on attendance. The thinking, Miller said, is that by then a parent has already been offered help but clearly needs an extra push to take it and improve a child’s attendance. And if a parent agrees to take steps to improve a child’s attendance, the charges are dropped."

"The disaster of American social policy is perfectly captured by Harris's story of the mother who she threatened with prosecution before helping with social services. That's the American way: what little help we offer poor people comes under threat of prison."

"As Harris pushed to implement her anti-truancy policy statewide as state attorney general, though, more conservative parts of the state weren’t as careful about balancing these risks. In Hanford, California, one mom was sentenced to 180 days in jail in 2012 for not sending her kids to school." (It's mentioned in a local news link that a mom went to jail for her kids missing 20 days of school)
massage modality
massage modality:
I.m glad he kept this balance instead of acting as if he was required to celebrate her just cause she.s black
Alex R
Alex R:
There's a reason why Harris had such a low support among Dems in the primaries. After she completely trashed Biden in the primaries, many Dems criticized her. Now suddenly Biden and media outlets suddenly forgot everything. Did she change overnight? I think everyone knows that it is really Trump vs Harris since many people think Biden won't even last 4 years in the WH. Better running mate would have been Elizabeth Warren or Susan Rice. Harris just changes her views and stances for political opportunity.
Jordan Saudi
Jordan Saudi:
*Pooping gold coins* made our day!! 😂😁
Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz:
I like candidates who can read and write on an adult level, OK?
Hip hop Historian
Hip hop Historian:
So we not going mention her prosecution record
Frank Mendez
Frank Mendez:
Making everything about race... yawn...
@ TrevorNoah Your losing your touch brother. I expected a little better from you for your VP. Thus I say, Kids please take note: This is what happens when you smoke too much weed, you start thinking /believing EVERYTHING you say makes complete sense and it’s even cool. Yikes.
M W:
Is this old stuff? She is one of the quickest, brightest, and most fearless candidates I have ever witnessed. This is who we need...what is important is what she does now: with time situations change and why we vote a certain way can change. Look at what was going on then, ask her...but stop dumping. Your criticisms tell me nothing.
Thanh Mai
Thanh Mai:
Definitely looking forward to seeing Kamala debate Robo Pence. Get the popcorn ready 🧐🍿
Randi Barretto
Randi Barretto:
I appreciate this very much.
Claire Holtak
Claire Holtak:
Well done Trevi, such a nice feature! Love from Cape Town
E T:
“Where were you the night he died?”😆😂🤣!
1:17 um did we forget Hillary and Tim Kane, old white rinkly lady and old white rinkly man doesn’t seem diverse to me
Register To Vote
Register To Vote:
Isn’t it crazy she’s been in this position for so many years and nobody seemed to mind but now she’s up for VP against some reality series stars...🤦🏽‍♂️
Andrea Hughes
Andrea Hughes:
In the almost 7 thousand comments posted this take may have already appeared. We are praising Kamala as being the "first ______" in several positions. And then we turn around and want to know why she wasn't more progressive in thosr areas.
Mike haze
Mike haze:
I thought we already did months ago, isn't that why she dropped out hella quick? Lol no support
Trump points out Harris was "mean" to Biden... Can't wait til she's "mean" to Pence. 😂😂😂
I´ve been simping for her since she grilled Kavanaugh. He was so afraid of her. Damn that was satisfying.
5:58 wayment— ion like her, but that question wheww! stepped on his neck!
Please tell me that before I finish this video Trevor talks about how Agent Orange and fam donated money to her years back 😂😂
Erin W
Erin W:
Can't wait for the VP debate.
Lol I didn’t know Trevor could do Mike Pence too ! His impressions are FLAWLESS 🤣
Dean Kaprolet
Dean Kaprolet:
She wasn't my first pick for VP but watching the Republicans flailing around trying to attack her is a little bit assuring
Ariel Shpitzer
Ariel Shpitzer:
first "african" american ?

she's half jamaican, half indian, none of those placed @africa...
Kellie Divine
Kellie Divine:
I love your show! You are great, you make me laugh, and I have always appreciated the fact that even though we are different political parties you always give credit where credit is due and you don’t mind calling out BS regardless of what side if the isle they are on. If you have a few minutes could you please check out this link. This is not a woman who is a champion for black people. She not only prosecuted black woman who were already struggling to make it leaving them with a criminal record with no remorse, she also jailed hundreds of black men for simple marijuana possession and refused to investigate black people who may have been unfairly convicted.


Aneta Kripalani
Aneta Kripalani:
Noah find out more about her! She seems kind of phony
S K:
6:38 that's Janice! oh my god
James McKeown Debrah
James McKeown Debrah:
Excuse me, I'm asking the questions! 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Samuel Newton
Samuel Newton:
Great sentiment stated @ 5:00 or so.
Shona Lovely
Shona Lovely:
I remember that truancy policy in my state. I had a friend that went to jail for a few hours. . She didnt miss school no more...lol. I think kids have been told they need an education. I think back then threatening punishment was what they thought worked.
Eduardo Ponce
Eduardo Ponce:
That find someone whiter joke was hilarious 💀
Okay everyone, this year is not the year to screw around with your vote! Biden and Harris aren’t perfect but we have had to deal with the alternative for four years and it’s only going to get worse, if Trump is re-elected.
Areya S.
Areya S.:
“You know, lie to them.” Lol I was waiting for that. XD Getting an excellent education does not guarantee you a good job, or even ANY job. Even if you do everything ‘right’, your career is still up in the air.
You're right. Being a daughter AND and cook are great policies indeed
KES Balaji
KES Balaji:
i had friends from Durban and Victoria and Pretoria from SA,i love ABD villers
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith:
had me laughing hard just what I needed today thank you
CJAH 2014
CJAH 2014:
It worked! I got one of those letters...I was called into the school office and advised that I would be jailed if my daughter had another truancy... I had no idea my daughter was cutting. She would make all these excuses of why I received automated messages, “ oh mom, I wasn’t in class by the time they took attendance...etc.. etc.”. Switching my daughter from private to public school I thought she would be the model student... she behaved well for the most part, except for the truancy. When I was handed the notice and the truancy counselor explained what it was.... my daughter was right there in front of me. My face cracked and I sobbed. I’ve always been law abiding and never been in jail let alone in back of a police car.AND now because of my daughter’s poor choices, I would be sent to jail!!! I was so shocked, sad, disappointed and scared at the same time. My daughter saw that... and with more tears and discussion with the school and my daughter that day, my daughter graduated high school four months later with no further incidences of truancy. I know she was scared straight from Kamalas’s measures. Nothing else works so use their parents as bait... in my case it worked, scary as hell but was effective.
Emily Nagle
Emily Nagle:
Awesome shows this week Mr. Noah. But I must object -- When "they" show up at my door to say "Magle, Emory Magle, put out that joint you're needed in the white house" I'm not going to put it down, I'm going to say "No thanks, I'll bring the joint with. Let's go."

AND THEN they'll say something like "don't you need to pack a bag?" and I'll quip "no! Why do you think i had time to light this joint up! My bags are packed, I've been waiting for you. What took you so long to find me, did my address get lost in the mail?"
Cesar Berlanga
Cesar Berlanga:
Im a teacher. I've had students constantly skipping, getting truancy, going to alternative schools, and then I've spoken with parents that show no concern for them. It's sad that many kids have only gone to alternative schools since elementary all the way to high school. Sure i wouldn't say I'd support parents going to jail (unless they actually committed a crime). But i do believe schools and city officials should hold parents accountable too for their underage kids always getting truancy or even going to alternative schools.
Liam Salmon
Liam Salmon:
Trever is so left winged
Mallikarjuna Kaveti
Mallikarjuna Kaveti:
female barack obama 😂😂😂. i love that but i am laughing for Trevor’s response
Margaret Ramirez
Margaret Ramirez:
For the last time..can WE please stop calling her African American!!!!😑😑😑🧐😠😠😠😠
Morita Andrew
Morita Andrew:
Harris girl, I love watching you in action!
Kvin Bob
Kvin Bob:
Why people call her African American she's from Jamaican and India.??
Good to see Trevor Noah going against stereotypes and overall generalization of people. This video kade me curious what prosecutor Kamala Harris brings to the debates.
Jane Kobel
Jane Kobel:
The last time i checked every mothers or fathers someone came from some to join the dream land!!!
Dick Blather
Dick Blather:
Trevor, I tried that speech about education, jobs, etc. on my own kids. All I got is a blank stare. Send them to JAIL. Talk to me about it after you get kids of your own.
Ruth Hochman
Ruth Hochman:
Love ya!! Great show!! ❤
The Homeless Advocate
The Homeless Advocate:
Trevor you are freaking hilarious bro, would love to work for you lol😂🤣✊🏿