Kamala Harris wishes on India's I-Day, shares her Indian mother's journey to US

US vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris wished on India's 74th Independence Day. She congratulated India on progress 'our people have made in the fight for justice'. Earlier this week, US Democratic party presidential nominee Joe Biden named Harris as his vice-presidential running mate. Harris is the first person of Indian descent to hold a major-party national ticket in presidential poll. Harris took a trip down memory lane and shared story of her mother's journey to California from Chennai. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was born in Chennai before she moved to US. Shyamala moved to US to pursue a doctoral degree at University of California Berkeley. She was the daughter of PV Gopalan, who was active in Independence movement. Shyamala raised Harris and the younger daughter Maya Harris as a single mother. She had an early separation with Donald Harris, who had come to US from Jamaica. Shyamala Gopalan, who was a cancer researcher, died in 2009. Harris spoke about her mother's attempts to 'instil a love of good idli' in her and sister Maya and 'long walks' with her grandfather in Chennai during an event by 'South Asians of Biden'. 55-year-old Kamala Harris is currently the US senator from California.

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El Professor
El Professor:
Please check Facts about her before voting for. InShot Don't vote for her, she is only doing for election. She never spoke good about India before.
Arvind Arvi
Arvind Arvi:
She is an anti indian and now she needs indian votes to win funny🤣🤣
Apoorv Tiwari
Apoorv Tiwari:
Propaganda Next level
Only For Indian Americans Votes
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh:
See her Twitter..
She is anti India.. now she is fooling indians and indo Americans
Deepak kumar
Deepak kumar:
Na na na if she wins. She is going to be the face of Anti-India.
mahesh sakha
mahesh sakha:
She made pro Pakistan Comments in article 370 and jammu Kashmir issues dont highlight her.
James Cherian
James Cherian:
she can't be trusted
Nirmalaya Bhowmik
Nirmalaya Bhowmik:
She is a anti Indian
Hindustan Times Stop this nonsense advertising or election campaign 😠😠😠😏😵
Anshu kumar
Anshu kumar:
Indian aur black community ke vote lene ki ninja technique 🤬🤬
nisarg govani
nisarg govani:
All about election, she didn't even talk about india earlier.
Pravin Kothari
Pravin Kothari:
For votes now she will describe herself half indian.
S K:
Nationalist Indian Will never trust her
Aashiq Charan Kachari
Aashiq Charan Kachari:
HT stop your propaganda 🤫
gaurav singh
gaurav singh:
Like a chameleon she abused us first and now remembering her ancestry - American Indians won't support her, Biden has placed his money on the wrong horse.
raj shekhar
raj shekhar:
Don't try to make us fool . She has double mouth about our country.. don't play with us
Shivam Srivas
Shivam Srivas:
Thank god she is not wishing only Kashmiris lol🤣🤣🤣
Wish us or not....we want only trump🤣💪
She never mentioned it till Tulsi schooled her
When election comes she wants to visit India, just last year she was doing anti India propaganda in US.. we should make anti Kamala harris campaign like she did anti India campaign
K V PaTeL:
Yeah yeah we knw all your school games, we done these when we are at UKG. Try with some new.
SO HAPPY THAT SHE WON!!!!!! ❤️😍❤️😍❤️
Born to a brahmin family I guess.. but now eating beef ..hmm well there is a huge progress in her lifestyle and indianness 😳😳
ASHOK Reddy:
God bless you kamala...harris.
.really proud of you.....wonderful....
She can't even pronounce her mother's and her grandparents name. She's an anti Indian
I don't know why Democrats don't name Tulsi gabbard for VP... from here I can see that Democrats are losing again...😅
Juggy Dmascus
Juggy Dmascus:
We all know elections are near..my Dear U r gonna Loose..
Kirti Gupta
Kirti Gupta:
What a hypocrite! She always spoke about being black American now she remembers her Indian roots😕
Nabo bhanjo
Nabo bhanjo:
She has abused Indians all her life. She is also against the Dissolution of article 370. She also consider her self Christian and American first. And only flaunting her Indian credentials to attract vote of Indian Americans. It's the inherent deciet of the Leftists.
Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh:
Now thats what i like to here lets go kamala I'm voting for you !!!!!!! 🇺🇲🇮🇳 Imma proud Indian American
Dr. K. B. Ravindra
Dr. K. B. Ravindra:
It is nice to see her speaking so positively about India
nisarg govani
nisarg govani:
Don't be fool.
krishna kant sharma
krishna kant sharma:
Hypocrisy in her speech.
Anshu kumar
Anshu kumar:
She boycotted howdy modi
Abine P Dejose
Abine P Dejose:
She's a chameleon and she's inconsistent af
hitler 7
hitler 7:
DNT believe her
she should clear her views & policy on kashmir and Pakistan don't be over emotional
Today's joe Biden views is also hypocritical he said we need peaceful world with India but he never mentioned chyna how can u believe them
new reach
new reach:
Tambram RSS Visa caste system corruption to flourish
Nirmal Joishi
Nirmal Joishi:
Thanks but no thanks.
Joe & Kamala harris r Nepali since ancient bharatvarsh belongs to Nepal and binod is also nepali name so it's also belongs to us✌
Ayan Vasudev
Ayan Vasudev:
is on a mission
pawan kumar
pawan kumar:
Kamala is such a chomu women😂😂😂😂😂😂
md khan
md khan:
How can any nsxal/communist congratulate india or celebrate india ?? Oh wait they have vested interest to get votes of indian american
komal sharma
komal sharma:
She is doomed
i am 88th view
Preran Prasad
Preran Prasad:
When elections come all the sympathetic messages pour...
Prerna Choudhary
Prerna Choudhary:
I love her
pauchi ymcmb
pauchi ymcmb:
Madam we support you from India🇮🇳
She considers herself as South Asian. Not as an Indian. She said it that she is the first US vice-presidential candidate from South Asia. SHE IS ANTI-INDIA. Check before vote
Kiran Kannappan
Kiran Kannappan:
Its so lovely to see Mrs. Harris suddenly becoming south-asian... her loving of "ver-kadale" on Madras streets... "tents-manga-sundal" on the beach..... How lovely.... We love you Mrs. Harris.. :))))
Shantanukumar Maity
Shantanukumar Maity:
She was anti indian right. It was a election move.
Pratik Ghosh
Pratik Ghosh:
Can't be trusted. Hope my relatives (US citizens) won't vote for her
Vinodh Kumar
Vinodh Kumar:
She is fooling indo americans don't vote her
Keshav C
Keshav C:
Here comes the phoning it in process, did ut PR come up with it??
Radha Chaurasia
Radha Chaurasia:
Never trust her she use her background for her profit
I was first to watch
sandesh gana
sandesh gana:
I dont want u from india
truth speaker
truth speaker:
I support her.
Apurba Kumar
Apurba Kumar:
Remembering during Election
Himanshu Kanaujia
Himanshu Kanaujia:
Nhi chahiye aapka kuch..phli fursat me nikl lo
Munny Reol
Munny Reol:
Abhishek S
Abhishek S:
Unless she changes her policy on Kashmir, no use of displaying her half Indian origin .... identity
bs gouds
bs gouds:
73rd independence it's not 74th independence for India
Shantanukumar Maity
Shantanukumar Maity:
Vote... She didn't support in Kashmir peace process.. lol
Himanshu Pal
Himanshu Pal:
Indians not gonna be impressed with her fake propganda. She is the anti indian who spoke against Kashmir issue. Hypocrisy at its heights. Does she know much about indian roots what ethics we follow not at all. She is only nominated to target indian and African American voters
But she has forgotten modi bets on Trump 😉
See Vic
See Vic:
She has always identified as a "black woman". She has gone on record for her support of Kashmiri Muslims. She is against the abrogation of Article 370 and against CAA. She is famous for saying and doing whatever it takes to win. Therefore she is called a " shape shifter", and " chameleon". She was the girlfriend of a married man who got her the District Attorney position. Then she dumped him. She is not Indian by any stretch of imagination. Please don't be fooled.
Jiji Chan
Jiji Chan:
Did she bid Hindustan Times?
Venkatesh Kumar
Venkatesh Kumar:
this is bad. how can you bring your moments during election time?
Remembering India only during elections??😡
Jagdeep Doraiswamy
Jagdeep Doraiswamy:
Thanna maratthu le vavvaley
Gumla vukku avaaley
Vote faar, Gumla.
Vote faar, Gumla.
Tejas Dhupkar
Tejas Dhupkar:
Act to gain votes
Mukesh Mukesh
Mukesh Mukesh:
सऊदी की शरण में बाजवा
prajna Paul
prajna Paul:
i have lots of hopes from her , though i m not american but i hope she does good to the world , america is a great power
Santosh Singh Rajput
Santosh Singh Rajput:
Don't need her wishes😡
Nirmal Das
Nirmal Das:
I wont vote her
B T:
When we voting for America, why we thinking about India... what it has to do anything with our elections in US?
Sathish Kumar
Sathish Kumar:
Abuses yesterday, praises today, you chameleon do no deserve Indians/India loving peoples' votes
AK Singh
AK Singh:
She is against India and always commenting negatively in India Internal matters .Pls note that before vote
Dr. Anand Nadgir
Dr. Anand Nadgir:
Turning her coat. She is what she is. Will wait to see real her, if she gets elected.
Imjust Livinglife
Imjust Livinglife:
Why can't see say she's half indian? She's always referred as "of southasian descent" tf
intellectually she(Worthless Lady)try to play with Indian sentiment & emotion before United States Election.
**India & Indians Refuse Kamala Harris**
Jobs Updates By Yash
Jobs Updates By Yash:
I think she is going to Create History but at the same time,we shouldn't expect anything out of her
A Anushia
A Anushia:
Harsha Dhamanaskar
Harsha Dhamanaskar:
Attaparyant kadhi tich Indian prem eikal nahi. Attach kaltay.
Sandeep Chiluveru
Sandeep Chiluveru:
Biologically she is of genus: political chameleon. Trustworthiness: very very very low.
Pranshu Singh
Pranshu Singh:
vote pane ke lie kuch bi bkchd....
Rikesh Perception
Rikesh Perception:
Na na na bach ke isse bahut bari chhalbaaz hai
She is anti-Indian
Sabitri Sahu
Sabitri Sahu:
Lol kamala harris. Where were you before, where was your love for India before this? Or is it because of elections
Vivek jr
Vivek jr:
We don't need ur wishes... Jo apne desh ka nhi hua wo us ka kya hoga
Study Galaxy
Study Galaxy:
She is from South East Asia Not From And for India
Lubana Harvinder
Lubana Harvinder:
Indian don't want top American official who are Indian descent but one who support India in it's growth
Prashant Vashney
Prashant Vashney:
Vaise isko India ko gaali deni hai bas election ki wajah se abhi kuch time ke liye pyaar aa raha hai
E Ud
E Ud:
This is deep....all GOP & Trump's weaknesses are laid Bare for all to see and notice,....vote BLUE all ballot
Bikash Handique
Bikash Handique:
The Arrow
The Arrow:
Oh bachpan yad aa gaya madam ji ko
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma:
She is anti India
Do not get fooled by her .
Niyor Kashyap
Niyor Kashyap:
Apoorv Anand
Apoorv Anand:
I never cared for Harris. I just wish Biden will be better.
Head Hunter's
Head Hunter's:
She is an anti-india doing just for votes
Sourav Chanda
Sourav Chanda:
Kitna vi haat pair marlo aaega toh trump hi