Kanye West Announces He's Running for President in 2020

Earlier tonight on Twitter, Kanye West announced he was running for President in 2020. Here is what he said: "We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States Flag of United States! #2020VISION"

While I am skeptical he will actually run for president this year given how much logistical work it would take, I do think Kanye West and potentially his First Lady Kim Kardashian have political aspirations. It's also interesting because they don't fit neatly into one party. Kanye West famously said that George Bush "doesn't care about black people," but then also has been close with Donald Trump over the past couple years.

He also has the support of Elon Musk, apparently, and some are suggesting he will form a new Yeezy Party

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100+ comentarios:

Gengkis Khan
Gengkis Khan:
Our stupid allowance for 2020 is already all used up and we're only halfway through the year...
Great, 2020 hasn't been stupid enough already.
tweety's life
tweety's life:
That's a wonderful news. Good for the USA to have a smart, intelligent and genius like kayne. Keep the votes comming
He should run 3rd party to take votes away from dems. Slogan should be: ”Vote for Trump but if you hate what DNC has become, vote for me”
I'm more inclined to think Kanye just wanted more attention today than 4th of july 🙄
Monica G
Monica G:
Thanks Christo! It's so good to have a laugh when everything is so difficult and stressful. 👍
Mystery Man
Mystery Man:
He got my vote 💯
Stewards Of Revolution
Stewards Of Revolution:
There's a video from a few years ago of Kanye in the oval office with Trump talking about cool modifications they could make to Airforce One and how they needed to rebrand the office of president as "super fly". It's like he's embracing the path to Idiocracy because it's the only path that leads to him becoming president and satiating his ego. Like he sees Trump as the incremental step that makes the thought President Kanye seem less ridiculous.
Pee Bay
Pee Bay:
He's got my vote.
les paul
les paul:
“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God.” Does that sound like a democrat to you? He is very spiritual. He saw how the democrats and his friends reacted to him supporting Trump, he likes the way Candace Owens thinks.
Doesn’t matter. He has already missed the primary deadline to even be on the ballot. Except for Delaware and Louisiana.
Michaelle Yoonmin4Life
Michaelle Yoonmin4Life:
The deadline to get on the ballot as a third party candidate has already passed for a lot states and are coming up soon for even more.

He'd have to rely on write-in votes and not every state allows that either. (No write-in for Nevada.)

He must have a new release coming out soon...
Dr. Strangelove
Dr. Strangelove:
Say it isn’t so. He will split the dem vote. I will bet that Trump put him up to this
I think Kanye is probably planning on gaining some momentum in 2020 and expects to not be president until the 2024 race.
Jude Hindi
Jude Hindi:
I’d actually vote for him
Nick Nack
Nick Nack:
haha this is the funniest thing i have seen in a long time lol but the way things are going in America it wouldn't surprise me if he became president lol. The world is watching and laughing lol
He’s genuine he’s cool he is gonna make America Great Again!
I guess
Manny j
Manny j:
Kanye can run as Trump's VP!! Or pence's VP after the con man drops out in August!🤔 Enough of the nut cases already!
dawn brady
dawn brady:
He tried get in tight in the rap community and that fell through. He hasnt been the same since. I dont see this going anywhere.
Honestly this is the least crazy thing to happen this year
Jenjen 100000
Jenjen 100000:
After the way he debased himself to the Stain I would vote for him. 😷UK
Chris Walker
Chris Walker:
I think that kid on the bicycle from John Carpenter's 'In The Mouth of Madness' should run for President.
Has he officially registered/submitted his bid or is he just trolling on Twitter?
Dear Lord, what next?
Kevin McAlpin
Kevin McAlpin:
shit, i just might vote for him.
Florida Wildlife
Florida Wildlife:
The best Trump strategy yet, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and Nadler will freak!!
Brandon Lampkin
Brandon Lampkin:
I’ll vote for him
I'd vote yeezus over the field in seconds
He doesn’t need much at all to be a spoiler.
Kim Kardashian for Vice Pres.? Oh just end my life
Jade W
Jade W:
He’s been saying this for years and now look
Byron Anderson
Byron Anderson:
If I vote for him, can I make a video with the First Lady like Ray J?
It will absolutely happen and he will probably win in 2024 after Trump wins in 2020.
No, he's gonna run for president in 2024. He said that in an interview couple years back.
Apparently 2020 hasn't been weird and dumb enough already.
Naturally weird
Naturally weird:
I would vote for him given the choices we have between two idiots 😂😂😂

Elon Musk: you have my full support
Must be a meme
He says this every few months.
in wino veritas
in wino veritas:
There are many rappers that I want to run for POTUS, but Kanye West is none of them.
Ben Reilly
Ben Reilly:
He already said he would so ... 🤦
Yup America clearly needs Medicare for all. Someone is out of meds and it is not me.
Now now, remember when you laughed off the last nutcase celebrity announce they're running for president?
Aspie for Peace
Aspie for Peace:
Christo Availis I enjoy every single video you make! Off topic do you think Kingston is getting out of hand with covid cases? Or should we expect to go down
Omg please run lmao!! Take votes away from Biden!!
Bdawg S
Bdawg S:
Kanye 2020
Wayne Polk
Wayne Polk:
George Herrick
George Herrick:
In a kindergarten classroom, the children were told to raise thier hands if they wanted to be president of the United States. All the children in the classroom raised thier hands.
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper:
Many young people think Kanye West is a genius, Boomers not so much
Father Gabriel Stokes
Father Gabriel Stokes:
Trump 2020!! 🇺🇸
Mel Smith
Mel Smith:
I think he would make a perfect libertarian..they're crazy and don't believe in government at all as they're rich and entitled. I'm being serious now.
How do we know he didnt file?
Meaux Jeaux
Meaux Jeaux:
Hope he runs as an independent. If you don't vote for him, you ain't black.
Nya Sings
Nya Sings:
Him and his bff in the white House came up with a way to still votes from Biden so his bff would win! We don't need another bipolar President!
Must be trying to boost pandemic record sales
Cat Advocate
Cat Advocate:
Can you imagine this man giving his delusion speech at the UN in front of world leaders. Ouch
Comrade Internet
Comrade Internet:
This is probably one of the most normal things to happen this year, along with UFO disclosure.
Lou Luna
Lou Luna:
I think it's more about Kim wanting it.
Patty L
Patty L:
Give me a break. Who would vote for this inexperienced nut case?
Bobby Vincent
Bobby Vincent:
you might wonder if he'd spoil Biden's voters opening the door for his friend Trump
Blood Moon Comix
Blood Moon Comix:
This settles it! What more evidence does the 🇺🇸 public need to put this delusional nutbag into a rehab facility!

This man is seriously smoked out!
Shanjan Usman
Shanjan Usman:
Good luck Kanye West
Oh ffs....anybody who involuntarily gets strapped down & locked away in psych ward, probably shouldn’t run for any office, let alone POTUS. SMH
william larochelle
william larochelle:
It's the cherry on the cake of his Self-Importance.
So why are you talking about this when you know it's not going to happen 🤦🏽‍♂️😆😆
main motivation for people prolly is kim for first lady
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller:
I think people could back him up bring a pen and write his name on the ballot, and get millions of votes this year Trump is not very popular, and Biden is quite boring. Kanye could seriously happen.
Bob W
Bob W:
Lol! .... Just Lol!!
Marie FC
Marie FC:
Oh boy! 😳
Alexis Rowland
Alexis Rowland:
For many Evangelicals, its all about abortion. Millions loathed to vote for Trump, but felt they had no other choice. -Wallace Rowland
"you can be whatever you like. It's the land of opportunity, any fool can become president."

- GTA lV Francis McReary
queen talo
queen talo:
I just can't imagine Kim as first lady.
Lala C
Lala C:
Angel Solomon
Angel Solomon:
KJ Macapaz
KJ Macapaz:
it's a bit late for Kanye to get any votes
Christopher Baluyut
Christopher Baluyut:
Sounds like a practical joke XD
Paint N Sound
Paint N Sound:
Could this be attention grab for his next ALBUM DROP????
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich:
I'm sure he has like -%0 percent of becoming President
I’m going to Mars. Seems Kanye is off his meds.
Zachary Rivera
Zachary Rivera:
Before Dump I'd say your crazy, now who's to say.
I can see Jay Z kicking himself in the head right now.
This year just keeps on shitting on us.
How can him run for presidant when all of the peoples want to defund police?
Veronica T
Veronica T:
At this rate the presidential seat is looked at as a joke. So why don't we all run for president. Everyone can take a turn at governing the country. One hour for you, and one hour for you...we all get an HOUR of presidency!!!!! 🙄
Average bloke
Average bloke:
So what are the requirements to be president now then? Just have social media subscriber's?
Michael Herman
Michael Herman:
Y r so many ppl hating on Kanye??
Kanye forgot to take his meds! There fixed your headline!
Trump 2020 And Beyond
RockStriker 1
RockStriker 1:
Nmn Ta
Nmn Ta:
What is happening
I just

Kelly Waldeck
Kelly Waldeck:
Irie Soul
Irie Soul:
It’s too late for him in 2020.
That’s all you need to know about musk
Sea Capt. Brit. Rob
Sea Capt. Brit. Rob:
Bless Kanye, the man has real ambition. There are three kinds of people in this world, takers, makers & breakers. Let's say best case scenario he's a maker, and he wants to make something of USA then why? Is it only for the money & to create an amazing legacy for his family or is it altruistic? Well evidence has shown that God & family are the main reasons why he has dropped his ego so there's something humbling about that at least. Since Elon Musk supports this announcement, then maybe they'll team up to create an American force aimed to tackle waste and pollution around the world, starting obviously with the pacific garbage patch & other places that need action now. That would be simply life changing & our kids would have a much more promising future which is all that really matters. The world needs a green party president urgently to bully Brasil into protecting the lungs of the planet & more. He would certainly get my vote only when it's green & it seems like it will restore some of the nations missing IQ. With his track record it's hard to say but 'makers' will make it happen. Let's wait & see🙏
Jo Gillett
Jo Gillett:
Cmon America, isn't it time y'all cut yourselves a break? 😆🤦‍♀️ 🇦🇺
"I've seen GOD and he's a gag writer!!!"
~Skin Deep 1989~
I would rather have Homer Simpson run for president, but I guess our country wouldn’t get that lucky .
Gary Sheldon Jr
Gary Sheldon Jr:
This has to be a joke it just has to be..
Kanye/Musk 2020. Huge spoiler for Biden, the MSM will go nuts over this. Could even be Trump and Kanye playing 4D chess.
Marcella Sheridan
Marcella Sheridan:
As if America hasn’t enough problems already.