Kanye West & Irina Shayk Vacation Together In France

It looks like Kanye West may be moving on amid his ongoing divorce from Kim Kardashian! The rapper, who just turned 44 on Tuesday, was spotted out and about with model Irina Shayk in Paris on his special day. In photos obtained by multiple publications show the two taking a "romantic stroll" near the luxury hotel that they are rumored to be staying at together.

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Mandi M.
Mandi M.:
These Hollywood ppl move on so damn quick. Your divorce isn't even final and your with someone else .
If I was him I'd date her too. She's freakin gorgeous. 🥰🥰🥰
Nina Lindström
Nina Lindström:
Kim’s ego is gonna take a toll. Irina is ten times more beautiful
“And when he get on he leave your ass for a white girl.”
Get down girl, go ‘head get down. 🙄
Strategy King
Strategy King:
Good for Kanye. Kim has allowed rumors to grow about all the guys she's cheated with. She did not shoot down the rumors but she is quick to respond on other topics. Kanye was not going to tolerate it further. He said last year he wanted to end the marriage since 2018. Mission accomplished
DreamNatural Love
DreamNatural Love:
I wasn’t ready for this
You know Kim is talking so much shit about her LOL can’t wait for their new show🤣🤣
Tess Tefera
Tess Tefera:
All is void
Please accept Jesus Christ
He is knocking your door with love 💕
A A:
Kim said she gets along with Kanye when she is away from him lol. That says a lot. I hope this new couple is true, I want him to be happy and Irina seems lovely.
Ed Carlson
Ed Carlson:
Let the man smash leave him alone lol 😂
Yayyyy Kanye hell yes! Moving up and I am so happy for him :)
Sailor Moonbeam
Sailor Moonbeam:
This makes me happy tbh
Alba Bautista
Alba Bautista:
Kanye has some good taste...
Irina is absolutely stunning!
Bernadette Butler
Bernadette Butler:
He just needs to stay to himself and get the help that he needs. It's too soon for that!!!
Strategy King
Strategy King:
Kanye said Kim was inappropriate with other men and that he's wanted to get rid of her since 2018. Kanye is worth $6 billion with 4 kids and 22 Grammys, he's focused on that and not a woman with a tape who allowed rumors to get out that she's cheated on him with other men. Good job Kanye
Lorrie Fox
Lorrie Fox:
She has class and elegance that Kim doesn't have.
Florence Martin
Florence Martin:
Irina is so beautiful.
Peggy 124
Peggy 124:
I'm sure she's calaborating a modeling gig in some capasity for him
Grace Smith
Grace Smith:
Sorry Cooper he's now coming for Xmas. Hope you can handle the craziness
Ernest Harper
Ernest Harper:
Jfarmer's watermelonღ
Jfarmer's watermelonღ:
"Airina" Uhh
Trina Hudson
Trina Hudson:
Iam Fluff
Iam Fluff:
If its true than its an upgrade.. Irina is a goddess... she's gorgeous!
just love
just love:
kanye west is leveling wayyyy uuppppp from ' kim k plastic ', Irina is a such creature, i can't blame kanye .
Ha... she can have alllllll that craziness, Kim's like Thank You, next! ✌🏾
Philip feline
Philip feline:
😂😂 Kim is about to come for her 😭🤚🏽 kimm is coming
Irina is 12/10 ❤️
Miguel Arnold
Miguel Arnold:
Wow Irina is so gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏
wish kanye didnt have many kids with kim , now he kind still stuck with her over the kids but glad he could finally move in eith his life away from kardashians
Forest lass
Forest lass:
She Really don't have a type... They just have to be rich and famous!
lola brini
lola brini:
a fish eating a steak makes more sense than this couple
Priscilla Varrue
Priscilla Varrue:
What i love about Kanye and Irina they will have a very tight relationship because she is very private the way he was before he met Kim who want attention with all her power.
chario TwoFilthy
chario TwoFilthy:
Hi edagdwg thanks You tube for sharing this story of what happens when you know it's over be grown up and move on enjoy your children as parents God is always around god bless you all linda j.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
VADER The Kitten Channel
VADER The Kitten Channel:
I think when you marry, make babies via surrogate and other untraditional way, you should stay together forever. 🤷‍♀️
Noname Lastname
Noname Lastname:
She is taller than him right? That's great!!
Son Joseph
Son Joseph:
When you’re RICH🤑, you look👀:
- Attractive to struggling models
- Women who like to live beyond their means
- Women who always want to stay in the news for attention, subscribers, LIKEs👍...
- Get it Kanye West. Enjoying that piece of🍰....
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
She look awfully familiar... She remind me of someone we all know😆.
Dimitroula K.
Dimitroula K.:
It’s hilarious how after years together and several children, they “move on” so quickly. What a joke
Reiki ByCass
Reiki ByCass:
He upgraded damn lol
Passionaw explore
Passionaw explore:
So paparazis nosies followed them all the way to France 🙄 being a celebrity is so hard
Pearl Rodgers
Pearl Rodgers:
These people's goes from one person to another
Raishma Maraj
Raishma Maraj:
Just rumors. Geez. Have you seen the way he looks at Kim? For crying out loud, I have never seen him smile as much as when they were together. And tbh, he does not have time for another relationship so soon. Just my opinion.
Shes better than the ex wife 😆
love life
love life:
Who thought he was gonna be depress or sad? Lol😅hes enjoying life!!😝no kids no kim f ya!!🤣
Shes beautiful
Daniel Day
Daniel Day:
Happy Birthday Kanye 🎂🎂
Mary Celado
Mary Celado:
Elena Indracusin
Elena Indracusin:
Good for him.
Daryll Y
Daryll Y:
City Boyz UP!!
Jei Gomez
Jei Gomez:
Good for him
Is this an upgrade for Kanye ?
Is this an upgrade for Irina ?
Veisinia Loamanu
Veisinia Loamanu:
It hurts but yeah for sure its a big relieve for Kim Kardashian 😘😘😍😍
janae villarreal
janae villarreal:
TMZ open the all secrets that models are using the site *Authentic views* for views, Likes.
Carrie Kira
Carrie Kira:
Hope she thanks Ronaldo to this day
Bee Bee
Bee Bee:
He menetally need a break. I was rooting for him finally letting go of Kim and all that drama. Now he gets another white girl. Smh what’s up with our black people. Nothing against any other race but dam when it comes to black people they go outside their race when it’s beautiful strong black women in they face. Everything this race is goin through and went through they just don’t get it. We stick together and build from us not outsiders. You don’t see too much of other race picking us like we do them smh I’m just over it
molly lenyo
molly lenyo:
Good for him
Crystal Heemsah
Crystal Heemsah:
That's Life. Kim And Kanye WILL Love Life Apart....it's Called FREEDOM.
Hope they don't Shack Up Too Quickx.....Life Is Passing Bye....
Gmail User
Gmail User:
So I take it she’s not with Bradley Cooper, anymore?
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police -:
Kanye: slavery was a choice
Kim: so is marriage!
Danielle Sjerven
Danielle Sjerven:
Personally I think 💭 it’s a little soon for Kanye West to be dating, however it’s his life and his choice and we don’t really know if he’s dating Irina Shayk cuz they aren’t publicly affectionate 🤗 and keeping their relationship private. Again it’s their business not mine.
Kim never shout down the rumors she was dating van jones from cnn reporter
natty always looks better
Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka:
they were in a hotel near Aix en Provence ... 3 days ... 500,000 euros
cassie luv
cassie luv:
Gemma Aboagye
Gemma Aboagye:
Kayne should concertrate on himself is too soon
Desir6ee6 Martinez
Desir6ee6 Martinez:
They move on to someone else instantly lol.. Thats a damn shame...
Susan Ray
Susan Ray:
She’s bearding- Again...
Eu ficaria receiosa com sua biporalidade, ele não serve para ter familia!! um andarilho sem noção...Irina entrando em uma furada
he got tired of big ass females
Kristal Lopez
Kristal Lopez:
"So stick by his side
I know there's dudes ballin', and yeah, that's nice
And they gonna keep callin' and tryin', but you stay right, girl
And when you get on, he'll leave yo' ass for a white girl"- Gold Digger lyrics
Kanye West lowkey rapping bout his future lol 🤷🏻
Nenita Balbaboco
Nenita Balbaboco:
Irina here we go again SHOPPING for boys! Hahaha go go go !!!!
Ajoh Only
Ajoh Only:
Let him move on I want Kim free out here dating she tried this one he’s not easy .
Tammy Jackson
Tammy Jackson:
I’m sure they were secretly seeing each months or maybe years ago no way he’s moved on that fast!!!!
Qw Ad
Qw Ad:
4 biggie to 2....
sloppy seconds
M. K.
M. K.:
How do you go to Cristiano Ronaldo to Bradley Cooper to Kanye West?? $$$$$
Lisa Villars
Lisa Villars:
7 years not 6 years of marriage
Sorry Bradley 😞
Esther buchner
Esther buchner:
Kanye, thank God,he look healthly and Happy, since, he move out of that curse bad luck family call Kardashians. only bad luck they give ,men, cheek all of their life history. end up crasy or on drugs.i see no reason, dateing all this Naked ,jumping from one bed to another women ,str dogs of blackmen .if true he date Beautiful, sexy down to earth and normal natural Beautiful Irina, then ,nice up gradeing. cos this is perfect love, not all those fake doctor products Kardashians women.
Shelia McCullough
Shelia McCullough:
She kinda favors KK
Jan Berestecki
Jan Berestecki:
Kanye West is certifiably Wacko! Irina, Run as fast as you can!!🔥🔥🔥
Nova Red
Nova Red:
Scarlet Red
Scarlet Red:
Big mistake Irina
Diana April
Diana April:
Cherry Bruhn
Cherry Bruhn:
Yes why not ! Is not new for like Kim K.W. Cause of is not one men for her ,she like mens ha ha ha ha
Jtedls Sterling
Jtedls Sterling:
Idk do any of these love connections involve violence of some sort ? They all look like they would be violent people🤣
Samer Rock
Samer Rock:
At least Irene doesn’t have fake body
This just shows he’s been playing kin from the start also sad how women don’t hesitate to mess with rich people
T G:
Irina looks like Angelina Jolie....first glance.
Kanye's queens....👇🏽:
Kim K is definitely strikingly beautiful.
Alexis Phifer definitely strikingly beautiful.
Brooke Crittendon definitely strikingly beautiful.
J Kinzel
J Kinzel:
Very tacky of that woman to do that.
Donna Taylor
Donna Taylor:
Just a fling, it won't last! But have a good time Kanye. Kim you need to have a good time as well. Life goes on. I still think it's sad they are not together anymore. But Good luck to them both
What is wrong with her? He's a nutcase!
Yeezus doing the Harlem Shayke
Congrat to Kanye but damn Irina Shayk downgraded big time, went from CR7 to Cooper and now West…. At least West carrying bigger bank account.
Sonny’s Navarro
Sonny’s Navarro:
What can I say,I guess no one believes in taking a break and just focusing on your kids,just go from one to the next ,to the next.Hmmmmmm
tracielee burnett
tracielee burnett:
Didn't even know him&Kim were split.
Fanny Dimitrova
Fanny Dimitrova:
... Kim was more beautiful