Kanye "Ye" West INSULTS Pete Davidson on Instagram

Kanye "Ye" West continues to diss "SNL" star Pete Davidson and has started a feud about loyalty with rapper Kid Cudi. Watch for more juicy details!

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Lou Lou
Lou Lou:
He needs to get over himself. He looks like a fool. Pete didn’t break up his marriage HE broke up his marriage. Started fighting a little too late.
velvet thunder
velvet thunder:
Kanye is proving why Kim doesn't want to deal with him anymore, he is a handful
Can’t wait for Pete’s next stand up😆😆
I’m also going to say if this is what he calls “saving” his family he is insane.
Jesus, Ye is down BAAAD. This is so embarrassing. Good for Cudi for sticking up for himself
Chevel Stewart
Chevel Stewart:
This man needs help like badly because at this point he is bullying Kim and Pete.
Kira C
Kira C:
His friends and family really need to sit him down. No fan of Kardashians,, but I give Kim credit for not going bananas.
I’m embarrassed for his kids.. this man has lost it for good 🤦‍♀️
Irmar Frank
Irmar Frank:
This Guy don't even realise he looks super bothered by Pete and that his actions are causing them to get even closer. His loss. SAD
Terri L
Terri L:
Kim is the opposite of Kanye. Quiet and respectful the way divorce drama should be kept. It makes sense why she walked away from her marriage. I wish her happiness, because this must have been very difficult to deal with in her marriage.
Dustin Black
Dustin Black:
Ye needs to realize he's only making it harder on his children while being caught on Kim. Let her go Ye.
saledo 568
saledo 568:
Kanye is hurt because Pete is giving a better life and more happy with Kim , than Kanye did in the past.
Respect to Kid Cudi for calling him out
Can someone please help Ye. He needs to be talking to a therapist not the media. This all looks so bad (burning too many bridges). Dude, seriously handle your business in private.
Vanessa Stegall
Vanessa Stegall:
Kim needs to file a restraining order ASAP
and then after all that he had the audacity to post a picture of Kim and the kids saying God will help him get his family back, wow. Kim really got out just in time, his behavior is very unpredictable and that makes it very scary.
Judy Cunningham
Judy Cunningham:
West has lost his damn mind!! Someone needs to ban him from social media.
I never cared abt pete davidson or kim! But this clown is making me admire them more and more for their dignified silence!
ml benson
ml benson:
Now we know why Kim walked away ….
His kids will later see his antics. He should stop handle this calmly off line. Kim doesn't want him anymore.
Famy M
Famy M:
This has been long time coming.. i think Kim has helped stabilize the situation and control the media when he has had these episodes..
Now that she is no longer with him we get to see the real Kanye West ..
The Kardashian's really sheltered him in that sense and he took it for granted thinking they are trying to control him ..
Wishing him peace 💙💙
leo Beems
leo Beems:
I’m so embarrassed for Julia Lol Kanye’s still not over Kim and would dump her in a heartbeat if Kim wanted him back
Nazifa Ramcharitar
Nazifa Ramcharitar:
Y'all see. Money cant bring you happiness. This man has lots of money cant find any happiness. He sounds like a sicko. Get some professional help man before you destroy yourself and lose all your friends
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
It's incredibly controlling bordering on abusive. Bullying her new boyfriend and making it hard for any man that wants to get involved with kim in the future, wow.
Lady Rose
Lady Rose:
Seeing a few people calling him KAREN WEST now 🤣😂🤣 😂
Debbie Zatterberg
Debbie Zatterberg:
He lived in Wyoming and he asked for a divorce...
Ashley DeWitt
Ashley DeWitt:
"Fighting for your family" is not disrespecting your ex and her boundaries publicly, throwing a tantrum on live or any social media because she has set boundaries, sending people (family or not) to "make her understand" after implementing those boundaries, embarrass her consistently in public with no regard, speak to her and everyone around you like they are nothing in comparison to you, oh, and tear her sense of self expression in fashion to the dirt only to rebuild her how You want her to look next to You. Bro, ....
Debbie Zatterberg
Debbie Zatterberg:
He's so jealous and it's very sad for him.
Guerdie Ajuste
Guerdie Ajuste:
Neither Pete or Kim should never saying anything about him in social media cause we’re know this man needs a lots of help
Katja xxx
Katja xxx:
He wants her back and with those actions he is pushing her away, gosh Kim, I don't know how you handeled the last 10 years
Kanye is really FU_Ked up. This guy needs help ASAP. This is how tragedies start out. We see it coming. Don’t underestimate this situation.
Wendy J
Wendy J:
Ye needs to focus on taking his meds and leaving people alone!
Crystal&Bella Vlogs
Crystal&Bella Vlogs:
We all know Ye needs help. He has the money to get help but instead just makes a fool of himself. Pray for him because it will be too late. Wish him well.
Kea E
Kea E:
Imagine being married to Kanye, i give props to Kim. 6 years of marriage to Kanye must’ve been hell.
This is the kind of guy that you should never date or have kids with.
Original Coffee Lover
Original Coffee Lover:
I’m pretty sure he hates himself. All he does is insult other people. Kanye is NOTHING BUT A HAS BEEN🤣🤣🤣
Rhiannon Rose
Rhiannon Rose:
This man needs a restraining order they need a mediator and he needs his meds because he is sadly appearing manic asf
Justin Phillip
Justin Phillip:
This guy is such a weirdo now. SMH he's acting so childish over this break up. He needs to man up and let it go. It's all about the kids now. I think he needs to get help professionally. I don't think he's brain is functioning properly anymore. He's going to lose it all if he keeps this up.
Martinez Brooklyn
Martinez Brooklyn:
I've had enough of this drama💜
Yeah and I still remember when Pete said he had to pay for the whole meal at that table - Loyalty when is convenient..
Ticia o
Ticia o:
Don’t vote for him I’m not your friend. Don’t side with him on something your soon to be ex is dating I’m not your friend. All he want around him is people that do what he wants.
Elena Campos
Elena Campos:
That kind of ex husband that never wants to let his ex wife go and be happy is the nightmare of any woman.He is going to make hell the life of any man that approach Kim.He is totally unstable and needs professional help for the sake of his children
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
Kanye's is doing way too much, he coming for people that didn't even do anything, I think he's just trying to come for anyone that has to do with kim, kanye kim doesn't want you anymore, she's moved on , and he's already dating someone else, he's just going way over the top now, like bringing up mac miller was really messed up, let his soul rest in peace.
Dame Damsel
Dame Damsel:
The giant "X" on Pete's face is literally petty of the pettiest. I'm laughing so hard. Does he realize how all this makes him look? Or us he such a narcissist that he cant see it?
Sanfranshelley & Jolie
Sanfranshelley & Jolie:
Ye is bat crazy in love-obsessed and this is getting spooky and scary, he needs help and no one can help him!!! He thinks his kids will never see this truth, but I think the oldest already knows. Well sooner or later they all will know, after all, he leaves so much bat crazy harmful proof for them to find online. I feel for the kids finding out how dad threatens & treats his friends & family, so sad.
Goddess Capricorn
Goddess Capricorn:
He needs real help and I pray he receives it soon before it’s too late. Sending prayers to him and his family 🙏
Budji Tresvalles
Budji Tresvalles:
We always know the craziest things on Kanye’s twitter always comes from him. Nope, no one ever believed it was hacked 🤣🤣🤣. Take your meds, Kanye! He is going through the roof esp its Valentine’s day.
D Josephine
D Josephine:
He needs new friends. People on Instagram are egging him on like this is healthy and ok he needs help. ASAP
Umar Abdulaziz bin Ishaq
Umar Abdulaziz bin Ishaq:
Oooh Ye... Just move on man and put the focus on how to build a good co-parenting relationship for the sake of your kids, don't sacrifice them to win your ego
Stephanie Wu
Stephanie Wu:
Insanity in him had gotten into another level. May jesus keep you away from the rest.
Vee S.T-Rob
Vee S.T-Rob:
Kanye, is making Kim hate him and she probably won't ever have a normal co-parenting relationship with him. He's a narcissist who can't get over how he messed up and can't fix this. He filed for divorce first, he's has insulted her family to many times over the years. Controlling l can understand why she's running away!
Erica Smith
Erica Smith:
Ye, please, be blocked already. He has no one in his corner if he is saying this on social, with no one helping him find reason. No judge will see him as sane, with posts like these, he’s just giving his ex wife proof for full custody.
I was in a situation like this when I was young. At first it was funny then it got scary and stressful.
Debb liles
Debb liles:
Someone needs to send in Kris! She helped scott to a degree maybe???? She can talk to him. Do they all realize their children will one day see all this!
T C80
T C80:
Omg 🙄 he needs help and to stop making him self look like a damn fool.. I bet kim never saw it coming that she was gonna have to deal with this i feel for her and the kiddos
Jeanette Vera-Briggs
Jeanette Vera-Briggs:
What the hell is wrong with him!!!! Stop it Kanye! Move On!
Kkay Barb
Kkay Barb:
His family really needs to get him some help
He needs to grow up. Pete didn’t break them up…Kanye did that.
He's only hurting himself building a case for Kim to get a restraining order.
M Usman Zia
M Usman Zia:
He's very talented, confident, but also insecure. I think he may have been immature about relationships and marriage but everyone deserves s second chance. Like him I don't believe in broken families. Marriages are too often given up on too soon.
Hebrews 13:2
Hebrews 13:2:
This isn’t gonna end well unless they lock him up now and keep him under lock and key for the rest of his life.
Maxine Smith
Maxine Smith:
Kanye needs someone to get him to look after his mental health. So sad
SM Kay
SM Kay:
Wow. Typical emotional and mental abuse. Can’t provide happiness for his wife, doesn’t want to see her happy. You talk bad about her, but want her back. Millions of women suffer this type of abuse during divorces. Very unfortunate.
Lisa Donavan
Lisa Donavan:
Green doesn’t look good on you, Ye.
Cleo Hall
Cleo Hall:
He is literally out of control
He's in his Reputation Era 😍
Sompob Prasertkun
Sompob Prasertkun:
How come Ye didn’t understand that Pete is just temporary for her.
💕Live and Let Live💕
💕Live and Let Live💕:
This is going to end in someone getting hurt. A restraining order is needed. I don't even think that will work.
Marcela Henriquez
Marcela Henriquez:
It's been a very long weekend of love. Mean while Kanye is all envy, Pete and Kim celebrated Valentine's big time.
Lena Bou
Lena Bou:
Omg I laugh so much everytime I see or hear “Skete”, where tf is that nickname coming from 😆 I do love Pete Davidson, I hope he’s making fun out of this situation and helping Kim to deal with it 🙌
Lostund Gefunden
Lostund Gefunden:
Not hard to figure out why Kim dumped this child who blames everyone except himself for his own actions
Amber Noll
Amber Noll:
You can't expect someone to choose between you and another friend that's not fair he needs to grow up and get back on his meds he's spiraling and it's honestly sad.
He is off his Bipolar medication it’s an example of classic manic episodes.
He is going off his head
Valerie George
Valerie George:
He look like he was in jail holding up that sign. Then he look like he was a hostage with that mask over his face.
Whats sad is kids will eventually see or hear about this and see how manipulating there dad is.
Kanye your not helping your cause. If you want Kim back. Dude Kim has moved on and it's not with you. When you should of fought you were Silent. Now you show off other girls in desperate disrespectful way. At least Kim is not trying to disrespectful you. Get over yourself. You lost! Kim will never take you back, you are to much drama. Peace
Jvst Ora
Jvst Ora:
Cudi saying he’s the best thing that happened to Kanye 😂😂😂😂
Shuvai M.
Shuvai M.:
"Ye kept it going" 🤣🤣🤣. Anyone dating Kanye right now will be living in Kim's shadow. 🤦🏾‍♀️
Alexis Trevino
Alexis Trevino:
It's crazy how at one point they liked his music and then all the sudden they turned on him they said they wanted to be around him because he was a famous rapper at one point and then they stopped liking him
breeonie brooks
breeonie brooks:
This poor soul 😢 he is really mad at himself. Pete didn't do anything to him 😕 they were never friends, and she did cheat with him while they were together. Why do he need someone to hate him with him. 😔
Sparkle Queen 567
Sparkle Queen 567:
He's treating Instagram as his close friend list
Someone tell him close the caps lock
Idk I side with Kanye. Seems everyone around him just wants to hurt him.
Haha I just checked Michael Che’s IG, his response is funny AF! 🤣
Just Free
Just Free:
I was with him on the TikTok thing with North. Everything else …. nah! He is doing too much. That whole I can have fun but you can’t mentality is absurd and hypocritical.
Ser Ka
Ser Ka:
This feels more like they are playing games for publicity- Kanye couldn’t see his kids but took two to the Super Bowl so idk - everything looks fake in my opinion.
One thing is that everyone is paying attention for sure and it works for them.
How are we sure they dating tho. He made her a lady, he lost her partly due to his attitude. He loves her dearly and what he's going thru now is so sad. It will be hard but he should move on, I really think if he can get past the idea of Kim, he can enjoy a much better relationship in the future without all this drama, people who would do anything for fame, and not forgetting the control.
Crystal Shellabarger
Crystal Shellabarger:
When is enough, enough?!? Good grief!!
Anitra Turner
Anitra Turner:
I feel so bad for Kim he is a stalker and just too all over the place….!!! Buying a house right across the street so he can be sitting in the window peepin at Kim & Pete is weird. He seriously needs help. Who keeps posting about their family matter on IG. He is so weak. If anybody else was doing this they be arrested for stalking and in a mental hospital or have a protective order. Everything he goes to social media like a teenage child. Having to deal with him has got to be a lot. I can’t blame Kim for leaving him….!!! What the hell happen to him. All the money he got he needs to be hospitalize for true mental help in which he needs….!!! He act like a B*tch fussin wit everybody….!!! But he no who to play with tho. The Game he didn’t want Sh*t but Drake he ran his mouth like a girl SMH
Elisabeth Ochoa
Elisabeth Ochoa:
This is so embarrassing and sad. In his mind he thinks this will somehow help him to a happy healthy family dynamic? This is nothing but childish and pathetic
Jennifer Robinson
Jennifer Robinson:
This is such middle school behavior! Handle your business in private conversations like the grown man you are!
Erika Huete
Erika Huete:
This is the kind of toxic that makes me wanna stay single foreverrrrrr lol 😂
Bakexio Inquiry
Bakexio Inquiry:
How come Pete Davidson can go on SNL, and make jokes. Instagram is his platform to do the same thing
Nyelle Martin
Nyelle Martin:
he has an album coming out, she has a new show coming out....can we all just for once do the math and not play dumb respectfuly ??
Duchess Studio Band
Duchess Studio Band:
Crazy crazy Ye strikes again. Wonder how much longer before he gets committed
Kayelyn Penelope Long
Kayelyn Penelope Long:
Kanye looks like an insecure fool. It's obvious why Kim had to get away from him. Kanye has ruined any chance of getting back with Kim. Ye' is just a Clown now! Pete Davidson is loving every minute of Kanyes ranting. Pete finds it hilarious.. And, Pete & Kim are still spending Valentine's Weekend Together! 💕
Pilar Bellerand
Pilar Bellerand:
Seriously he's going to hurt someone...
Kanye is miserable mad at everyone but the person who moved to Wyoming and continues to make life hard for his family...himself! lol 💯🤡🙄
Tanieah Johnson
Tanieah Johnson:
MY GOD.. When will it end !
Golden Boy
Golden Boy:
She got your head all messed up. Dude let it go, move on.
Brookeez Losing It
Brookeez Losing It:
Quit giving this dude a platform. At this point, it's sad and slightly embarrassing. Let it go! One thing's for sure, you can't make someone want to be with you...and this is certainly not helping (I'm sure). If you can't or didn't have these conversations off social media, there's truly no point. Don't you have a whole girlfriend (supposedly)? That's a mess too. Move on!!!