Kawhi Leonard on Luka Doncic, Paul George and loss to Dallas Mavericks | 2020 NBA Playoffs

LA Clippers star Kawhi Leonard speaks with the media to reflect on the Game 4 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, Paul George’s performance and Luka Doncic’s historic night.

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100+ comentarios:

ZK Clan
ZK Clan:
In his head he knows he should’ve stayed in Toronto
Kawhi asking himself how he trusted Paul George
I feel like PGs true colors as a person are showing ever since the spat w Dame. Hes been hootin n hollerin w fans on social media, being passive aggressive in todays interview saying, "defenders arent that great," mentions the Lakers loss, says "im no Harden" like what kind of dude are you w other men in your mouth and constantly deflecting attention away from your questionable play? Just man up.
Paul George is going to cost us this series and Doc Rivers' job. He repays Doc after cheating on his daughter by shooting the Clippers out of this series.
How is there such terrible sound for a official NBA press conference
Carbon X
Carbon X:
Dame is living in PG head RENT FREE
Meanwhile, Toronto’s bench put up a record 100 points today. You chose this life kawhi, now you gotta live with it 🤷🏽‍♂️
Khoa Do
Khoa Do:
bruh this dude is holding up tears lmao. Look at him... dude can't wait to get rid of PG13%
Steve Lambert
Steve Lambert:
I feel bad for Kawhi and Lou Williams because they were the ones who had to carry Paul George because Paul George couldn't do anything today
Draymond green
Draymond green:
We’re never gonna here or see this man the day after he retires, we might see him once for his HOF speach
Paul George has no excuses. He said he's 100% healthy unlike the previous two 1st round playoff exits. But he's actually shooting worse than when he had bad shoulders! I've never seen an All-Star shoot like a scrub like he has.
L B:
The Raptors really could’ve been a dynasty if he’d stayed. But this fool wanted to play with Pandemic P lmao
jayson sarong
jayson sarong:
It's official, the way everyone yells "KOBE" when hitting a shot we now gotta yell "PAUL GEORGE" whenever we brick. 💀
Kyu Hwang
Kyu Hwang:
I'm getting a sense that Kawhi really wanted to win for Kobe's bday, he is visibly emotional and we don't see him like this often
Jan-Michael Vincent
Jan-Michael Vincent:
When kawhi is just looking up and staring to the sky asking God why did I think the clippers would be a better choice than the Lakers with LeBron and AD or even staying in Toronto 😂😂😂 honestly idk why people are surprised PG disappears in the playoffs it's what he does the dudes not a winner .. when he was in Indiana he constantly lost in the playoffs
He thinking “Paul George is trash, and he’ll never be on a good team again”
paul george gets paid a max contract to do cardio for 40 minutes lol
tek bak no talk apache
tek bak no talk apache:
Lmao is there a bird in the ceiling or is pg hanging out up there.
Sahil Rafique
Sahil Rafique:
Dont kno if u can tell , he basically wants to cry so bad. should have stayed in TORONTO. i feel bad for him
Tom Shingler
Tom Shingler:
Luka the next gen player.
Rick D
Rick D:
Pandemic P. Y'all ruthless 💀 😭
MacSnapen !
MacSnapen !:
Why is he looking all around the room ... you can tell he don’t wanna answer any questions 😂😂
Chris Smith
Chris Smith:
Funny thing is Kawaii was locking Luka down but nobody else could get close to stopping him. Kawaii needs to guard Luka most of the game for the clippers to win
I'm already envisioning the Clippers losing to the Mavs already. Guess who will get the most blame? Doc Rivers. The coach is always the scapegoat. But who deserves most of the blame? Thin-skinned George Paul.
Kawhi need to pull a lebron and call out playoff p
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis:
Kawhi probably going back to the hotel realizing that 2nd star he wanted all along is Lou Williams not Paul George
What if kawhi said George Paul showed up and not Paul 😂
Put George on the bench in game 5. I would rather have Terrance Mann starting.
_ Sdaforhim
_ Sdaforhim:

*Kawhi when answering questions* : 🙄🤖
Gorge Paul ain’t doing his job therefore clippers lost. Plain and simple
The Map
The Map:
He's fuming on the inside 😡 lol 😂
Kyano Gutierez
Kyano Gutierez:
PG on Luka's game winner: "That was a bad shot"
Michael Wang
Michael Wang:
Kawhi low key holding in his tears
Jimnosnow 4
Jimnosnow 4:
2:23 - 2:27 He wishing he stayed with spicy P
Kawhi thinking deeply about his life choices this past off-season. Yes Kawhi, you would have been better off with the Raptors. So much better .
This man really left a championship team to go play with "Playoff P"?! 😂😂😂
Brahim Karoum
Brahim Karoum:
Man imagine he is playing with Lillard Instead of PG Sweep teams every round
Mike Dobbs
Mike Dobbs:
I wonder how much of Seth Curry's recent marriage to Doc's daughter (whom PG cheated on) is affecting PG's game. Those dynamics can't be easy to navigate.
Paul George has to step up no 🧢
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher:
Yall thing PG bad now. Just wait till he plays EITHER LBJ or Dame time. Those two have a history of smacking PG out of the playoffs year after year.
*Should've stayed with the Raptors.*
He’s looking up so the tears dont drop
Nathaniel Hiatt
Nathaniel Hiatt:
Paul George the best player on the mavs no 🧢
ben salinas
ben salinas:
Kawhi is so disappointed
Joe S
Joe S:
He regrets requesting for Paul George. He should have requested for Jimmy Butler instead. Even if Jimmy has a bad game you cannot question his heart.
Lay off P
PG-1 to 3 weeks
Pandemic P
George Paul
man kawhi can't even make eye contact, he usually does. PG needs to get back fast because it's unfair for his team to cruise, they get tired and they have past injuries too. Luka believed it and the mavs did it! This is a great series for round 1
Brady Wan
Brady Wan:
Paul George gotta step up, he showed up on his pacers days why can’t he do it know? Don’t get it
chris wong
chris wong:
Kawhi dealing with all this drama now. Should of stayed with Toronto... Reboot
one me tha only
one me tha only:
Shoulda stay with toronto they had a good thing going
kawhi seems getting emotional... he is about to cry.
Hova 1987
Hova 1987:
Why didn't Kawhi guard Luka in the end?? Supposed the best two player in the league 🤔🤔
Daniel Alzate
Daniel Alzate:
PG13% is a big nightmare for the clippers, when he is in playoffs automatic the team will exit 1st round...
Cheyenne Landman
Cheyenne Landman:
Kawhi looks like he wants to cry lmao .. Luka snatched his heart out his chest with that dagger 3 to beat the buzzer!!! ... when luka hit that 3 Kawhi dropped his shoulders in disbelief
Shea Billadeau
Shea Billadeau:
Paul George is easily the most underwhelming "star" in this league. He doesn't shoot exceptionally well, doesn't make his teammates better, and is an overrated defender. How do you have 9 points in a playoff game? How?
Oh yea 34
Oh yea 34:
George not built for playoffs that’s really all there is to it
Pls help me reach 50k subscribers without a video
Pls help me reach 50k subscribers without a video:
"it was a bad shot" Playoff p
Void 9
Void 9:
Expression shows it all 😂
Especially the defense part...
Malace From the Palace
Malace From the Palace:
2:22 looks like kawhi is about to cry keep your head up g
Paul George cheats on Doc's daughter. And soon, Paul will get Doc fired. Paul really must hate Doc Rivers and Doc has done nothing bad to him. Thanks, George Paul. You will cost us this series and you will cost Doc his job.
Regular season: Paul George
Post season: George Paul
S G:
Mavs are a high energy team with a legit superstar. it was never going to be smooth sailing for the clippers but I believe they'll still pull it out in the end.
2:20 having flashbacks of toronto, visions of luka, betrayal of paul george all running through his head
this kawhi looks mad and scary man not gunna lie lol
Dominic Delgado
Dominic Delgado:
he look like he wanna cry

what has paul george done to this man
J Gill
J Gill:
Kwahi rubbing his chin like "I cldve stayed in Toronto and had a million dollar condo for free"
Grandmaster Jig
Grandmaster Jig:
Can’t wait to see Paul George go fishin
untouchable Cantu
untouchable Cantu:
I love it when Paul George turns into George Paul during the playoffs
Ohsurik Senju
Ohsurik Senju:
Kiwi had a miscalculation in his equation to win the championship
PG13= Failure
"I am vengeance" - Luka Doncic
J D:
Everybody talkin like clips down 3-1 😂
Dy Chhoeun
Dy Chhoeun:
Kawhi looking at the ceiling like he’s calling Jesus for help!
LeGoat James
LeGoat James:
Dude looks like he’s about to cry in his room 😂
Kawhi will be trembling in his shoes when Giannis joins the raptors next season.
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen:
Dame's been rent-free in his head since then. That back and forth on IG before the playoffs started, didn't help matters when Dame destroyed him on IG, too.
For a guy they say didn't talk a lot, he talked a whole frigging lot🤣
Jc Vasallo
Jc Vasallo:
Dont forget kawhi is to blame here too. This is what he wants. Remember he tells the clip organization that if they domt make moves he will not sign with them. Greedy karma. And they bash lbj for switching teams but not with this style. Smh
ultra instinct karl marx
ultra instinct karl marx:
kawhi calculating the necessary physical exertion his T-3000 frame needs to apply next game
Nader Nation_91
Nader Nation_91:
I can smell first round exit for Clips and they’re talking about conference finals 😂
Sh MO:
kawhis going to have to go back to his defensive days if he wants out of this series . luka looking like the mvp .
Blaze Escamilla
Blaze Escamilla:
Should've stayed in Toronto man
PG was no where to be found instead L.A. got PG 13% from the field. That aint it chief
Edwin Back
Edwin Back:
I wish rdcworld would do a skit on Kawhi after the game chewin out paul george
Ethan Hoang
Ethan Hoang:
Kawhi looked like he was about to cry
Kawhi trying to figure out if Luka is more like Bird or Magic 🔥
There is a typo in the title.. it should be George Paul!!
Smoke N Mirrors
Smoke N Mirrors:
PG-13% is somewhere hiding from the terminator
Was the audio recorded with a microwave?🤦🏾‍♂️
alex sanchez
alex sanchez:
He will tell pg that he ain’t taking no shots, just defend.
I Don't Even Understand WHY Doc Even HAD PG In The Whole Game. Smh
Omar Kabba
Omar Kabba:
Let's talk about lou will though🔥
Kawhi has the personality of tree bark
8 Four
8 Four:
Kawhi: "Obviously, we're trying. We paying the refs. I'm out there tryna Anderson Silva that boy's leg. Maybe we gotta start playing together or somethin."
BG Tha P
BG Tha P:
Remember kawhi asked for this ... he wanted to play with PG 😂😂
Joseph Huff
Joseph Huff:
I was never sad that PG didn't go to the Lakers...Dude's way overrated on the big stage
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy:
When this clippers team got together I laughed, because I know Paul George is not somebody you can depend on in the playoffs. Khawi should’ve stayed in Toronto they would’ve won 3 rings easily.
Ev Oaks
Ev Oaks:
He thinking “ Man should’ve went to the lakers” 😂
I am on Cloud 9
I am on Cloud 9:
During this interview, Kawhi is constantly thinking... man "KD, Kyrie, PG13", naw, I should have teamed with Luka :(
AKIL monkey
AKIL monkey:
pg13 rn like "thats a bad shot"
Hasan Syed
Hasan Syed:
Paul George gona be like “that was a bad shot”