Keanu Reeves Finally Admits What We Suspected All Along

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Everybody's favorite actor, Keanu Reeves, recently took part in an interview with Sirius XM, accompanied by his buddy and Bill & Ted Face the Music co-star Alex Winter. Asked if there were any characters he wished he could travel back in time to play, Reeves didn't hesitate to name-drop a certain grizzled, Canadian, adamantium-infused mutant.

Reeves likely knew that what he was saying was going to send X-Men fans into a tizzy. The X-Fandom has long linked the actor with that particular role, and when it came time for Hugh Jackman to step down from the part, speculation ignited anew that Marvel might take a look at Reeves to play the next iteration of Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, there's probably no way that will happen.

Following Disney's acquisition of Fox, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is taking over the X-Men movie franchise, and is reportedly looking to recast Wolverine with a younger actor. With the potential exception of Deadpool, the entire X-Men line-up will likely be recast with younger stars. Reeves is almost a whole four years older than Jackman - who’s in his early 50s, making his chances of playing a Wolverine slim to none... unless Marvel wanted to employ him for flash-forward sequences at some point.

Just to be clear, though, Reeves didn't bring up W-olverine just to toy with fans' hearts. When asked to confirm that he was serious about his pining for the role, the actor said, quote, "Oh, yeah. Frank Miller's Wolverine? For sure."

There are about a million reasons why Frank Miller is a comics legend, and for Marvel, the writer and artist did some of his most tremendous work. In the early '80s, Miller successfully rebooted Daredevil. Many of the traits we now take for granted about Matt Murdock his strong moral code, his Catholicism, his tortured inner battle over his crime-fighting career were Miller's doing.

In 1982, Miller and the equally legendary comics writer Chris Claremont were sharing a cab on the way back from San Diego Comic-Con, when they conceived the idea for a four-part miniseries centered on Wolverine, the X-Man who had swiftly risen to become one of Marvel's most popular characters since his 1974 introduction. Keep watching the video to see that Keanu Reeves finally admits what we suspected all along.

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Who would you want to cast as a young Wolverine?
Jazzy Jaz
Jazzy Jaz:
Jackman was robbed of an Oscar nom along with Logan, the movie. That movie deserved a nomination for best picture.
Perturbator Abe
Perturbator Abe:
Keanu is the kind of man no one talks about that much, but once someone brings him up, we all agree on loving him.
Mr. Mayhem
Mr. Mayhem:
But how would he play wolverine? Keanu is too calm unless he thinks he’s back!!
Wong Sifu
Wong Sifu:
Doesn't need to revive Logan in the MCU, you just send John Wick with a pencil
Keanu could be a ghost rider...perfect fit considering he’s a motorcycle guy. Johnny blaze versoin
Gabriel Blas
Gabriel Blas:
Imagine John Wick with Adamantium Skeleton and a Healing Factor...
"Reeves is a full four years older than Jackman..."

...that can't be right.
Now what about Beta Ray Bill? I could easily see him do that, and the voice fits perfectly!
Ummmm hello? Everyone is missing the most obvious role for him

Reeves is a good actor and all, but I don't see him as Wolverine.
I’d like to see a short and stocky, muscular dude play Wolverine.
Thasender Bolt
Thasender Bolt:
I mean if anyone’s able to play someone like Wolverine it should be the guy who plays John Wick
Blagg Zear
Blagg Zear:
Keanu is way to "cool" to play the hot-tempered Wolverine. But who knows, how'd he interpreted Wolverine.
David McDaniel
David McDaniel:
I think Keanu should be The One Above All, if they ever bring him in the MCU.
David Farnell
David Farnell:
Who else read the title and thought.
“He admitted that he’s the nicest person in Hollywood?”
userx yz
userx yz:
He would be perfect for Ra's Al Ghul, but then Bruce Wayne would die.
I just want him to be someone who runs into Morbius. Just so he can say "Morbius?"
I know I'm going to get hate for this but I would love to see him reprise his roll as John Constantine. (Yes I know that's DC)
Fred Germain
Fred Germain:
Keanu Reeves as Mr. Sinister would be absolutely epic.
The fact is, everyone will love to see Keanu in all Superhero movies.
Patric Seventeen
Patric Seventeen:
They should just make a sequel of Constantine. That such a badass movie.
I feel that Jackman is the right type of rugged for wolverine.
I really like both actors. Reeves and Jackman are the best action stars out there.(imo)
I cant imagine anyone who could replace Hughe Jackman as wolverine. He was and will be the best guy for the job period. But I think Reeves could be a good wolverine.
Federico Rudolph
Federico Rudolph:
Reeves will be perfect as a final villian. A very powerful one, with some kind of stoic personality, everyone will fear him.
Rafi M
Rafi M:
Michael Blackwell
Michael Blackwell:
I still think Clint Eastwood's son would make an awesome wolverine.
Reeves should try get into Altered Carbon if that's getting more seasons.
Hornet Gaming
Hornet Gaming:
Reeves would make a good Dr Strange.. but I think realistically he would fill Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider). He loves bikes too!
Logan is really short in the comics. Hugh Jackman was actually cast quite tall for the role let alone Keanu
Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider would be a better fit, imo.
He’s too old too thin and too tall, but he is one of my favorite actors
Tonk Kronk
Tonk Kronk:
I never seen Keanu's body as aesthetic as Jackman's
Suitvest Jones
Suitvest Jones:
Keanu would play a great “Forge” from the x men, he even looks the part
Chris Cayford
Chris Cayford:
He'd be good for the militarized venom, I forgot his name at the moment lmao
Joaquin Pineda
Joaquin Pineda:
I really want Keanu to play Ghost Rider, he would make a great Johnny Blaze
He finally admitted he's an immortal time traveler?
I personally would love to see a version of wolverine that pops his claws out for the first time, looks at them in wonder, and then says "WOAH!".
Jonathan Peterson
Jonathan Peterson:
He might be gambit, but he's no wolverine.
Chharith Oeun
Chharith Oeun:
its gonna be younger wolverine actor, for the long term
Will Cottrell
Will Cottrell:
I would be totally fine with Reeves as Wolverine, If he's willing to stay in the gym for the next 8 years, why not?
Rannon Jett
Rannon Jett:
he should've played dr.strange...but hey, I like everything how it is
Its confirmed!!! - "He Doesn't Know"! wow, such news
Zachary Ferguson
Zachary Ferguson:
just a thought, hear me out: Keanu Reeves as Magneto.
Ray 832
Ray 832:
If anyone after Jackman could be Wolverine, I’d be happy that it is Reeves
Matthias Powerbomb
Matthias Powerbomb:
I think he should be Adam Warlock. He's Keanu Reeves, he needs to play a godlike character.
Daused 89
Daused 89:
I really think mr Reeves is actually god sent down walking among us. He’s what we should all aim to be!
Avery Nelson
Avery Nelson:
I mean that’s cool if he does. But. I mean. I dont really care to see him do the Wolverine—it’s been done brilliantly, not too long ago.
Josh Ryan
Josh Ryan:
Reeves should play ghost rider because he’s such a bike fan
Don Van Damn Johnson Long Fella
Don Van Damn Johnson Long Fella:
ohhh I thought he was going to admit that he's a terminator and that's why he never ages.
Rocky Simpson
Rocky Simpson:
Keanu should be black bolt. He’s not known for his dialogue. So silent and deadly fit better
TBH we need someone young so that they can grow into the character like with Hugh
Jeff Gerber
Jeff Gerber:
Give him the role of Silver Surfer!!! Hes perfect
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma:
"everybody's fav actor keanu reeves"
perfect first line for video opening
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez:
Yonatan Alem
Yonatan Alem:
For me Keanu Reeves is either Ghost Rider or Silver Surfer.
Kershen Naicker
Kershen Naicker:
He's a good actor but not for wolverine
Jackman said Tom Hardy would be a great Wolverine, perfect physique for the true look of Wolverine
Reed Sawyer
Reed Sawyer:
I admire Keanu. He's a good guy. Very humble, and just really down to earth.
I love him but he's definitely to old :(
cata lyst
cata lyst:
I really like Keanu, but, I don't think he'd fit the role.
Ivy Hodgson
Ivy Hodgson:
😂😂😂😂 no thank you, I love him but just no
RWU—the Evolution
RWU—the Evolution:
Not my favorite actor at all! Can't stand him...
Crillian Contour
Crillian Contour:
What We Suspected All Along, Oh wow incredible, absolutely astounding. REALLY! Looper, you are so boring! I ain't subscribing
Richard Angelus
Richard Angelus:
Keanu, if joined Marvel, he should be "The One Above All."
Doug SwampRat
Doug SwampRat:
Keanu Reeves: I would have loved to play Wolverine.
Looper: There's an almost 4 minute video we can squeeze out of that.
Dral_ Solus
Dral_ Solus:
If he grew the beard and haircut I’d love to see Tom Hardy play wolverine in the MCU
I liked him in Constantine which they’re thinking of making part 2. He’d be great in the mcu too if DC is willing to share him. Lol
Tony Faulknor
Tony Faulknor:
Yeah, you wanna cast younger actors because they're more mind and heart programmable?
V E N O M:
0:32 u sure😅😂😂
Rithik Rajan
Rithik Rajan:
Keanu reeves should play GHOST RIDER
He was born to play it.
Brian Laveck
Brian Laveck:
I would like to see him play Jackie Esticado from The Darkness. I know I know it's not Marvel (I don't think) but I think it would be interesting
brown gaming
brown gaming:
I can't stand the kindness of this wolverine
“OK team Hugh Jackman has officially retired as wolverine... Who can we possibly cast who is nice enough, cool enough, and damn likable enough to preserve the standards of goodness he has set?”
“Keanu Reeves?“
“Dammit Johnson you’re promoted!
I’ve never seen reeves look buff tho a skinny wolverine would be weird. Jackman did it so well
I hope Keanu plays as himself in a marvel movie, making his existence canon.
Antagonistic Apple
Antagonistic Apple:
Having an actual immortal play Wolverine? Seems obvious really.
Valerie Grace. Dyess Gonzalez
Valerie Grace. Dyess Gonzalez:
Kiana Reaves should play wolverine that is like one of my favorite X-Men characters and make a good one I think you should go ahead and do it it’s not too late
Davin Wong
Davin Wong:
it will start with some killing Wolverine's dog. :p
jeebas connolly
jeebas connolly:
He suspected that he is infact a robot :-D
He’s too elegant and gentleman-like, Wolverine is supposed to be a brute tough guy.
Joseph Gassner
Joseph Gassner:
Reves is the perfect " One Above All "
David Walker
David Walker:
I would say reeves would make a great gambit in my eyes.
Gabriella Roman- Rodriguez
Gabriella Roman- Rodriguez:
Keanu, I want you to play Shadow the Hedgehog in the Sonic movie series
Rick Bruins
Rick Bruins:
I would love to see Keanu as forge in a X-men movie
Looper doesn't know what they're talking about. Wolverine ages slowly and is over a century old. They could easily cast Keanu Reeves for a grizzled Logan that looks like he's in his mature prime. If they want to cast a 20-something, maybe not so much.
Napalm In The Morning
Napalm In The Morning:
I thought it was gonna be the revelation that he’s actually just Jesus returned and has been waiting for the right time to tell us all.
Keanu sure likes the name John/Johnny and it suits him perfectly. Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077 and umm Johnny Blaze 🤔
Blending in
Blending in:
Would love to see Keanu in another John Wick movie :D
mike B
mike B:
He is playing one of the eternals it's been announced
Mystic Investigations
Mystic Investigations:
I thought this was going to be a video where Keanu finally admits he's Immortal.
United Defensive Tactics
United Defensive Tactics:
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez:
Keanu reeves is my favorite and Will Smith. But to me they are both on the same level. Both are very special place in my heart.
Steven Cortez
Steven Cortez:
I see him more as Ghost Rider, no movie has done that justice yet so maybe he may be offered a role in the future.
Ray Galicia
Ray Galicia:
Adam Warlock would be a good part for Reeves in the MCU
David Machete
David Machete:
Imagine if he played Galactus. Just a random thought of course.
Derek White
Derek White:
I'd still love to see him make the most obscure guest appearance in a Marvel movie ever as the One Above All.
Eleanor Hinton
Eleanor Hinton:
I just viewed species a one star movie I watched and for a sci fi fan I understand why it had a happy ending thanks Keanu
he can still be constantine