Kendall Jenner's Day Off | Vogue

Produced by Vogue with Stuart Weitzman

What does Kendall Jenner do on her day off? Bubble baths, boas, dancing and selfies... just about anything's on the table for Kendall Jenner.

Music by Σtella "Numero"

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Kendall Jenner's Day Off | Vogue

100+ comentarios:

Stella Lemkau
Stella Lemkau:
kendall on her day off: *has fun in her baby pink mansion*
me on my day off: *eats cheezits on the couch*
Carissa Faith
Carissa Faith:
the sad thing is... this isn't even a day off for her because she's filming this 😂
miss williams
miss williams:
she’s so freaking cool. as much as people hate on her, we all wanna be living her life
Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master:
Kendall Jenner's day off: A film by Quentin Tarantino.
Dishari Datta
Dishari Datta:


Kendall: *wears makeup in the bathtub*
it was a tuesday
it was a tuesday:
The fact that people don’t realize this is an ad for Stuart Weitzman shoes 😒🙄
Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson:
She’s far more beautiful in motion than in still images.
Eden Black
Eden Black:
She's got everybody fooled that she's relaxing and having a day off, when in fact she's actually working her butt off at a video shoot....tee.... She rocks....
Jacqueline Ni
Jacqueline Ni:
Me: Looks ugly in everything
Kendall: Looks pretty in anything
Liza Madrigal
Liza Madrigal:
Of all Kris Jenner's daughters i like Kendall the most
ro cio
ro cio:
I'm sure she does more than trying different outfits and flexing her legs
Elsa Hosk
Elsa Hosk:
Guys this is not her mansion she is doing just an add so that’s why she is flexing her shoes
Andra haha
Andra haha:
kendall on her normal days : wearing dresses and feels like a princess
kendall on her days off : wearing dresses and feels like a princess
Maciej Michal
Maciej Michal:
It looks like the house that Anne Marie filmed her song birthday

EDIT: thank you guys for a lot of likes this was my record😘
Layla Jackson
Layla Jackson:
No one:
Literally no one:
Me: it’s not a day of if she is advertising shoes.
Erika Kullberg
Erika Kullberg:
Yep, that’s exactly how I look and act on my day off. Nailed it.
Maya Pollock
Maya Pollock:
Why is this the coolest video I’ve ever seen
Tokey Thamid
Tokey Thamid:
She is in an interview, so how is her day off. Binod😂
GaRiMa YaDaV
GaRiMa YaDaV:
#richpeople and nothing else🤷🤦. C'mon i would watch netflix on couch, covered with blanket with some chips and lights off. What do u want in ur life if u have this😂
Seeing her in the bathroom reminded me immediately of princess and the pauper!!!
“God is showing off when he makes her”
Nurul Ihsan Nazim
Nurul Ihsan Nazim:
wait so you’re telling me that in her day off she doesn’t open netflix AT ALL?!
Gabriel Fernandes
Gabriel Fernandes:
Who’s randomly watching this in 2020?
Jiminiee's Wifu
Jiminiee's Wifu:

Kendall: *wears a heels in bathtub*
Ajanta Sarma Deka
Ajanta Sarma Deka:
Even in the day off she is working if I were her I would be sleeping in the bathtub only
Kaleb Chavez
Kaleb Chavez:
Looks like a SNL parody of a confused girl trying to be a fashion model! 😽
Tijana Jurisic
Tijana Jurisic:
this is the most pointless and useless thing I have seen this year
Jonah Mae Delos Santos
Jonah Mae Delos Santos:
I’ve never experienced her “day off before”... This isn’t even my “day in”
Laurene Souza
Laurene Souza:
y’all are like “why she’s wearing makeup?” IS A FILM YALL FOR GODS SAKE
Okay but this is literally Anne Marie’s new music video for “birthday”
Michael Altamirano
Michael Altamirano:
Isn't her day off like everyday
Akshath Sharma
Akshath Sharma:
I watched this just today and I swear I am obsessed!!
No one:
Kendall: *wears heels while bathing*
Samana Abbas
Samana Abbas:
Isn’t this the same place where Anne Marie shot her “birthday “ music video
Emily nam
Emily nam:
Alternate title: o my god shoes
laylas world
laylas world:
this isn’t her day off if she’s filming something-
Matthew Tomkinson
Matthew Tomkinson:
1 minute of showing how rich Kendall Jenner is.
Tina Tina
Tina Tina:
I sleep on my day off
Yea the whole day I sleep eat chips watch Netflix
Saanvi Srivastava
Saanvi Srivastava:
This makes me feel poor
Sky Cermen
Sky Cermen:
She's so elegant this is my dream life I envy her so much😍
Abhinetri M
Abhinetri M:
Why does it feel like I'm watching a Barbie movie !
Greta S
Greta S:
The title of this video is a bit misleading...It's a commercial for Stuart Weitzman essentially, not her actual 'day off'

Oh well.
Zualbawihi and Hlutea
Zualbawihi and Hlutea:
She is living like a real PRINCESS...I wish i was like her
Esperanza DeVale
Esperanza DeVale:
Isn’t this house the same setting where anne marie filmed her mv for birthday?
Syakira Zairi
Syakira Zairi:
The fact that this is the same place exo sc shoot for their mv what a life
Cath B
Cath B:
“Kendall Jenner’s day off” so you mean like most days ?
kalindu karunarathne
kalindu karunarathne:
her day off is busier than my working days! 😂💔
Ps: I'm a student though
Adry Ian
Adry Ian:
This mansion is exactly the MV "Birthday" by Anne-Marie were filmed
Annale Doan
Annale Doan:
kendall has a great style like I LOVE IT but, when i try something similar it flops
Foreign Drake
Foreign Drake:
One day I’ll collab with her everyone like this so she can see ❤️
El Dani
El Dani:
No one:
Not a single soul:
Kendal Jenner: only one day off show more money than someone entire life
Korina Tomicic
Korina Tomicic:
"Kendall Jener's day off", but it actually wasn't her day off filming this lol
nina eller noget
nina eller noget:
vogue leave her alone, its her day off
I see a lot comments to people say "oh she is so beautiful and im not" "how she does to be so beautiful? Its crazy".
Well she would not be so "beautiful" if she would have to get up at 5 in the morning after not having slept all night to live in a loudy neighborhood and have to take the transport to go to a job where he is paid little and barely enough to live.
He does not live a normal life, he has privileges and he lives in a fantasy world that is why she has so much time to always be elegant and well-groomed.
Anyone in her position would look as good as her.
stream walls
stream walls:
This is literally my dream life
Aesthestical. ly
Aesthestical. ly:
Kendall's flexing her longgg legs🤣🤷‍♀️❤❤❤⚜
kunsang wangmo
kunsang wangmo:
That house is used in Annie’s song “ Birthday “ like who taught of that
Only me ok....
y’all take everything WAYY to seriously. this is an artsy fun video on vogue of a supermodel promoting some products. not a daily youtuber vlog 💀 come on people
Lady Gaga Lover
Lady Gaga Lover:
I think it’s a shame that kids of celebs or rich people are getting so much attention. Give the jobs to prettier girls who need the money and are really trying to make their dreams come true. I’m sorry but most of these models are just young and cute. There’s nothing extraordinary about them.
S. Nayal
S. Nayal:
This video just called me broke for 1 minute and 21 seconds
Ami Shah
Ami Shah:
The fact that this is the same place that Annie Marie shot her birthday music video
Ritika Kumar
Ritika Kumar:
Even 0:02 seconds into this video, I’m tryna calculate how much money she spent on her “day off” 😂
Catie Taylor
Catie Taylor:
All Vogue videos have such a pretty aesthetic that I love.
Yasmin Akhtar
Yasmin Akhtar:
the mansion in this video is the same one in anne marie's song birthday
Did anyone notice that that was the same house Anne-Marie used for her music video birthday???!?
omg the bathtub scene reminded me so much of barbie's the princess and the pauper
John Roque
John Roque:
I think those Sisters are didnt sold their soul to get popular. Cause they are iconic since day 1
incognito bae
incognito bae:
Kendall on her day off :
* Still gets paid *
Same. I thought I was the only one that sent selfies in a bubble bath with full makeup and high heels before I danced in front of fire places.
Kabir S.
Kabir S.:
Me: thinking life like Kendall
Reality: *come out of ur dreams!*
can’t believe that vogue used one of my favorite artists song🥺
nseet esmy
nseet esmy:
0:25 she really looks like kylie here
She takes a bath in a full face? not judging, im impressed
edit: check out the channel meg thee stallion video soon
ItzYoGirl Sarah
ItzYoGirl Sarah:
She’s so unproblematic I love it !!
Roerta Raia
Roerta Raia:
Isn't this how everyone lives oh wait we are not in Kansas anymore just went out a saw a homeless person pushing a cart full of his clothes sad
ISO Stretch
ISO Stretch:
I watch to much South Park to know this a ad for shoes or something 😂
Isabel Williams
Isabel Williams:
Ah yes I always get in the bath with my hair up in full makeup and high heels
Ishani Chakrabarty
Ishani Chakrabarty:
She should try practising her walk on her days off.
This video reminded me of the fact that last week I tried to buy a bag of Doritos and my card got declined...
Haseeb Kiyani
Haseeb Kiyani:
Did u realise the mantion
It's Annie marrie : Birthday song mansion
Ramareddy Reddy
Ramareddy Reddy:
Oh no it looks similar
The mansion is in what a life song exo
Imagine being this beautiful 😢
Best part is thatI cant even imagine it
Daniel Ewenkhare
Daniel Ewenkhare:
I wanna be up to Kendall’s supermodel status in the future
Imnah Camarena
Imnah Camarena:
we all know she just sits on her bed watching Netflix with snacks
"Original" Rae:
Why am I waiting for Tyler to say something in the comments 😂✨
jazhan kamil
jazhan kamil:
So shes still working while on her day off?
Wairimu Rommy
Wairimu Rommy:
Forget about her day off. She's hella gorgeous!
This is more like a „What i do in a Marie Antoinette inspired day“
This reminds me of Killing Eve so much! The music, the aesthetic and all the clothes..
synseer 84
synseer 84:
"IM SOO SURE" your a Bug-Uh-Wu! - Syn
Eurus Rantipole
Eurus Rantipole:
Kendall on her day off as a model: tries on clothes and poses in various positions.
Kendall, you sure you're off?
So this is what being rich feels like 😭
My days off are just me sat in my room in the dark watching Netflix eating mc donalds no joke
Tamela parker
Tamela parker:
Omg kendall your so beautiful. Love thank you for giving me the confidence to be beautiful. 🐢💇👦
Timea Kiss
Timea Kiss:
Literally watch this everyday
Rider 2000
Rider 2000:
Kendall: takes a bath with makeup on
Alanis Navas
Alanis Navas:
Day off even tho she’s working -_-
the sad thing is

cœur d’épines
cœur d’épines:
when vogue try’s to get Wes Anderson vibes haha
Bulan Sendu
Bulan Sendu:
She’s amazing even without music on