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Ep 1005: Kaido cuts off Kiku's arm! Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll!

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Crunchyroll Collection
Crunchyroll Collection:
Watch episode 1005 here!
This respect Kaido still has for Oden after all these years is amazing to see.
Rida Kesserwan
Rida Kesserwan:
I didn't expect them to own this scene! I read the chapter and i was like "they're gonna make it a black/red silhouette" but damn it turned out to be a tokyo ghoul moment with gorgeous direction
I did not see this coming at all, very well done executed, the animation, music and sound. It really shows the consequences of fighting a Yonko
Ryan Hayes
Ryan Hayes:
Wano’s animation in this scene is just really like never before. The use of horizontal movement and change of perspective it feels so good to see one of my favorite shows of all time flourish and adapt when it always has been greatness
I was really curious on how they would animate this. im impressed.
Kevin Dolan
Kevin Dolan:
My jaw dropped when I saw this. Not just because kiku lost an entire arm. But the fact that this moment was entirely uncensored. No black and white/red framing, no flying limb with just a few droplets of blood. The entire scene was fully animated and colored with A full on eruption of blood! Man the wano arc is awesome!
The best thing here is that they didn't censored the blood at all, bravo!
Honestly One Piece needs a lot more scenes like this that get the heart pumping and show that everyone isn’t just an unkillable punching bag
Spoken Anime
Spoken Anime:
I honestly expected them to censor this or at least tone it down a bit but they actually animated Kiku’s arm getting cut clean off and I actually screamed when I saw the splatter of blood too, this scene exceeded my expectations I’m so impressed 👏🏾
Monkey D. Luis
Monkey D. Luis:
It's pretty crazy Kiku dismissed losing an arm to keep fighting, definetely respect the dedication
When the music cut off and all you hear is the wind and then Kiku’s arm goes flying off really felt like stakes will be high, it kinda reminded me of how Pitou took off Kite’s arm.
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Just Some Guy with a Mustache:
*Kiku:* "On one hand, I could not be bothered by this. On the other hand...Oh. Whelp..." *continues to fight*
And Izo with those "I am not losing another member of my family eyes" gave me chills.
Stolen Memes
Stolen Memes:
I really thought this was gonna get censored HARD. Good end on Toei for making this scene good
Roided Doomfist
Roided Doomfist:
Everyone passed the quick time event except Kiku 😔
Vahlon- 9 arts dragon
Vahlon- 9 arts dragon:
She really ate that injury tho, I swear in anime losing an arm is either worse than death or the ultimate motivator.
My eyes got watery when the arm flew. This truly shows what kind of creature they're up against and how Kaido is so powerful even when slightly trying. This is only the beginning and it's already crazy.
Jovanny Diaz Abad
Jovanny Diaz Abad:
Dude I'm just a "casual" anime fan but I have to say Kaido's voice actor is killing it👌
Anant Gore
Anant Gore:
This was literally the most realistic scene ever
Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap:
Let’s just stop and appreciate that one piece is still as good as it used to be if not better! Most shows, books games ect. usually get worse over time but one piece is still going strong! Mad respect to Oda and everyone involved in this wonderfully creative piece of fiction!
Hear me out
Hear me out:
Shanks felt a disturbance in the air knowing another one arm member is joining
Truly the Wano animation keeps getting top notch!
Ryan B
Ryan B:
I've said it before and I'll say it again. The biggest thing the Scabbards did was give Kaido some Oden PTSD. Besides that he has been in dragon form spamming his fire breath. The instant he decided to take them seriously and see how they fare against a new attack look what happens. Shock, despair, an arm cut clean off.

The Scabbards are amazing characters I love, but they are way way way out of their league and Kaido is about to show them that.
Zorro is sooo mad. I really look forward to see the conversation of them after wano
I love when moments like this happen in anime. Total tone shift 🔥🔥🔥
xma 91
xma 91:
A few moments later: Loses a hand by Sandbag form Kaido.
Blox Seas Official
Blox Seas Official:
This moment is done so well that I wanna cry.
toodamnsaucy manigga
toodamnsaucy manigga:
In classic one piece fashion a whole lotta nothing for 15 minutes then the last few minutes reminds us of why we love it
Me Not me
Me Not me:
*If Only Law had cut Kiku's arm before...*
Stefan Coffa
Stefan Coffa:
This scene was crazy good!! Lowkey wish Orochi's beheading coulda been done like this, but I'm just happy that this moment got such insanely good animation and was directed incredibly!!
G Izar
G Izar:
Can we take the time to appreciate the music they have? Goes so well with the scene!
Reuben Daniel
Reuben Daniel:
A great episode to start off 2022 with, plus the new opening 🔥🔥
Love how the music kicks in at 0:37, it really emphasizes that Kaido's attacks are not a joke, and that he is a menace.
Kaido himself is a natural disaster
All D. Blue
All D. Blue:
I can't believe how far the animation in this show has come, Wano is GOAT
Josh Cook
Josh Cook:
I'm honestly surprised how well the animation was when kiku's arm was cut.
Michael Bucher
Michael Bucher:
I'm impressed. Reading the chapter when it first came out I was shocked and later wondered how it would be handled here and they did amazing
Uchechi Godwin-Offor
Uchechi Godwin-Offor:
0:59 I love the subtle detail that he kept going instantly, and only noticed his arm was severed moments later. Sometimes the adrenaline saves you some of the pain
Holy Grandpas
Holy Grandpas:
But see, this here shows exactly why Kaido didn't intend to play dirty when he fought oden. It was every bit in his interest to have a fair fight with Oden since that's literally his only goal in life. You can see how much he regrets not being able to tell that Oden was tricked in that split second
I did not see this coming at all, very well done executed, the animation, music and sound. It really shows the consequences of fighting a Yonko
Mr. Quidlo
Mr. Quidlo:
this gives a rly good sense of both oden and kaido’s sheer demonstrable power, the gap between the strongest few and the rest is truly massive
Grimstone Sulfur
Grimstone Sulfur:
Wow what move was that, Man I can’t wait to see his other form and this is sick
R E V Y:
I didn't expect them to do this scene as well as they did. I thought they were gonna do the thing when crocodile stabbed luffy with his hook with the black figure and the red background. But this was perfectly done and its only going to get better from here on.
Zax BitterZen
Zax BitterZen:
I love that even in situations like this Kaido has such a disappointed tone in his voice. Like he is always expecting someone as strong as Oden, Shanks, WB, Linlin etc... and when he doesn't get it the aloofness in him just drowns everything.
“Looks like shes been…disarmed!”
“I get it!”
“Shut it, Nappa.”
Dude I love how it starts off with music and all and then the music stops when her arm is cut and the sound effects are sharper, these little details add a lot to the shock.
Yoboi Skinnyjeans
Yoboi Skinnyjeans:
The fact that Izo was right there is also heartbreaking
Aln Dlc
Aln Dlc:
Idk why everyone is surprised about the blood, there are actually a lot of scenes in wano where they showed the blood
Nicholas Packer
Nicholas Packer:
they animated this scene so beautifully
Even if they couldn't open the scar, the fact that they made him bleed that much is pretty impressive to me. It's like, they may not be on Oden's level, but it seems that they're closer than anyone else that's tried.
I feel sorry for every non One Piece fan.
Damn, kiku took losing an arm like a champ! Eye twitches and a gasp?
I'd be screaming like a centipede was eating it's way out the back of my eye, lol
Max Lawcock
Max Lawcock:
Okay I've been watching One Piece for a while and seen all the most brutal beatdowns. While this was one isn't exactly one of them, that intense detail and blood was super intense.
bruno vitor
bruno vitor:
Que animação lindaaa
I got goosebumps when kiku lost her arm
The sound production matching the clean animation was a delight to experience
Oliver Orchard
Oliver Orchard:
Jesus chirst! Seeing Kiku's arm get cut off scared the hell out of me on first watch!
Mohammed Benzaâmia
Mohammed Benzaâmia:
Maybe one of the best cutting arm scenes in history..
Dr Has
Dr Has:
The person naming these needs a raise
TFS vegeta: Looks like she’s been… disarmed
Nappa: I get it
Vegeta: shut it nappa
Yhea this scene shocked me, it was extremely well done.
The fact he let them cut him because he wants to die is so sad he thought if it was odens technique it could be enough. too bad. He's done playing now😂😂
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson:
That wind breath ost be giving me chills 🥶
Julio Gavinha Barbosa
Julio Gavinha Barbosa:
Cena bem impactante pessoal one piece está surpreendendo.
After I watched this scene I was like "Hot damn! That's pretty severe!"
Then I started wondering if Kiku will continue with just having one arm or if chopper or Law will sew it back on later
Reda Sbini
Reda Sbini:
Few moments of Wano has been what I expected, cruel.
I want to feel some hopelessness in the raid, because it seemed to be too easy.
I wish that awakened Kaido will destroy the alliance like madara did in the 4 ninja war.
Mitchel Tillman
Mitchel Tillman:
Gotta hand it to the person that names these videos, they’ve really got a handle on it
im so suprised oda actually did something like that
KA- BOOM!!!:
I bet Mihawk can do this feat too, simply by swinging his sword alot and sending out wind slashes. Great technique for dealing with large numbers of enemies
donqixote family
donqixote family:
La verdad lo de kiku no lo veía venir , estuvo muy cañón
I hope one piece gets more brutal scenes like this
Jorge M Gomez
Jorge M Gomez:
I Feel Like This Shows That Even If You Wear Armor, Your Not Protected Enough! Kiku Had The Most Armor And He Lost His Arm. I Hope You Know What I Mean.
En el capitulo 1008 se dara lo mas epico supernovas vs kaido y big mom
Pure cinematic moment.
Well Oden was a monster so all the scabbards working together with some of them having 20 years of training not even being close just shows how monstrous Oden was. Kaido even feels like it would be ok to be killed by someone as strong as him
my heart felt like it skipped a beat seeing that, only to be continued after that.
Wait a dragon that unleashes Invisible slashs?
Wow Kaido is something
Benjamin Webster
Benjamin Webster:
Kaido: Bleeds all over the snow
Also Kaido: "You can't reopen the wound Oden left!"
I’ve never seen someone arm get sliced off so gorgeously
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy:
I'll never see a monstrous samurai like him wait until you see zoro waving his sword around with his aura in it.
Brian Arias
Brian Arias:
Nobody Forget that Statement of Kaido I Will never see another Samurai that Strong!
⚔️🗡 there’s a Monster on Our Side.
Jeremiah Young
Jeremiah Young:
Yeah, I don't get Izo here. He really thought they brought down Kaido. The man that fought against his father and is still walking around. He truly thought he would fall to them.
shush 123
shush 123:
And they thought they even had a slight chance against kaido 😂
Reda Sbini
Reda Sbini:
This scene is soo good
Nicolas de
Nicolas de:
The animation is amazing
Kaido is a good guy I've said it before and I'll say it again
More Over
More Over:
Interesting part is that this speech of Kaidos about oden and the way he remembers it is almost like he's sayin" hey if that old bag didn't interfere oden would have killed me"It probably definitely added to his depression and alcoholism.
This man took a deep breath and created a tornado
Wolf-Z Instinct
Wolf-Z Instinct:
Considering crunchy roll has made a reputation for having "interesting" titles; I was kinda expecting them to call this the "Kiku joins the One-Handed Squad!"
I love how they saw the invisible slashes 😭
depressed alligator
depressed alligator:
Now that I think about it Kaito giving respect to Oden is very much like Madara and hashirama
rome craig
rome craig:
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy:
The new opening shows glimpses of things that won’t happen for a very long time
I fully expected some censor, like negative colors or the arm dropping only showing from the forearm.
I'm impressed in a positive way
Ebrahiem •
Ebrahiem •:
Love they showed it in its entirety instead of trying to censor or minimize it
Monkey.D Anis
Monkey.D Anis:
Zoro greatness about to come soon.
Bro this scene is amazing good job one peice animators and oda
If a person who does sign language loses an arm, is that a speech impediment or an accent?
KiKu: Tis but a scratch.
Makes me wonder what kind of armor kaido would make in monster hunter
Henrique Sá
Henrique Sá:
C'mon guys, she's doin' finee, 2 arms to go.