Kim Cattrall Says She's 'Never' Been Friends With 'Sex and the City' Co-Stars

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61-year-old actress Kim Cattrall shattered the illusion once and for all that the former 'Sex and the City' co-stars are real life besties during her now-viral interview with Piers Morgan.

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T H:
She's 61 years old, back living a low key life in Canada. She started playing that role 20yrs ago. She's done and over it. Can't blame her for not wanting to play a 60yr old sex addict. Actors love playing different roles and characters and she's been working constantly since the show ended. No one can blame her for choosing her roles.
Diego R. de la Rosa
Diego R. de la Rosa:
Even if it breaks my heart, I totally understand. The series is over and the second movie was not the best. She gave the fans really amazing years of her life, now it's time for us to give her space and support.
Breaking news: coworkers aren't friends.
Kiwi Jello
Kiwi Jello:
I am not friends with my ex co-workers either. I agree with her 100%. Our expectations have nothing to do with her reality.
Dia GDT:
Why does everyone expect them to be friends? They are friends on the screen because it’s written down in a script. They can hate the balls off each other but as soon as the word ‘action’ is shouted then they get their professional head on and pretend to like each other. I worked in a job for many years with people that I just had to work with, they meant nothing to me and if I saw them in the street I’d just wave to them, if even that. I’m sure that’s the same for most actors and actresses
Lynn Rozakis
Lynn Rozakis:
Kim Catrall is moving forward. I think she's admirable.
Steve Ldnuk
Steve Ldnuk:
Not the first time someone said SJP was not the nice.
G S:
Preach the truth! no hollywood fake stuff with her. I love that. She wasn't nasty just honest and true to herself.
Triple H
Triple H:
I love her honesty!
Eva S
Eva S:
Good for her. She's not going to be bullied into what will be a bad movie. The TV series was fantastic just let it be remembered for that.
Libra Smith
Libra Smith:
As much as I would like to see them together again, I also do remember Kim saying that she didn’t want to be doing Samantha Jones for the rest of her life. Kim’s been performing Shakespeare in Europe. Doing sophisticated work. She likes it that way.
After the 2nd movie, we should all THANK Kim Cattrall for putting the brakes on this franchise. The movie was horrific.
I love her!! Tells it like it is
I''ve been working at the same job close to 17 years and I can count on one hand (not the whole hand) how many of my co-workers that I consider "friends". You go to work to earn a paycheck and livelihood, not to make friends. If you wind up with a few friends than that is just a fringe benefit. If not c'est la vie. Keep it moving and collect your check!
chanoknan angurasaranee
chanoknan angurasaranee:
She is so honest
"She could have been nicer!", she told it....
Nkemdomy10 Demmo
Nkemdomy10 Demmo:
nothing wrong with telling the truth
Kim Park
Kim Park:
she doesn't know what sjp's problem is? could it be that kim's much older but is still prettier? hmmmm....
Marco Coduti
Marco Coduti:
this woman is 61 and ages so gracefully ! ah samantha you made us laugh so hard! .-) love her
Jenn Hoff
Jenn Hoff:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that she recognized that you can't work 15-hour days and be a great mother at the same time.  You can work 15-hour days and hire a great nanny..... Or you can work a normal amount and be a great mother... but you can't be a great mother when you're rarely around your children.
David Caballero
David Caballero:
Fandoms are really strange. Why is it so difficult for people to separate real life from fiction? Why do they need the actresses to be just like their characters? Why can't they just enjoy a tv show for what it was?
I applaud Kim Cattrall for refusing to do a third film. This is a franchise that should've never existed beyond television. The characters lost themselves in shoes and petty drama and by the end of the second film, any trace of actual humanity had been stripped of these characters, who were once so inspiring on television. They should just let this rest and allow the show to actually be remembered as the icon it was, rather than as a tired project that refused to die.
Antonio 73
Antonio 73:
The series was great but the 2 movies were shit. Right thing to do, Kim!
Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers:
I agree with her. She’s been so polite and respectably nice despite the bullying they’ve given her. The rest of the cast and crew need to respect a actors choice. The movies were shit....the series was gold. Kim 🙌🏻, rest of the cast....move on and do something new in your careers. Kim honey.....the way you’ve handled this backlash from the rest of em.....class act.
S Kitty
S Kitty:
They had such good chemistry on the show so yeah it's disappointing to hear they weren't really friends but I get it. And not wanting to do 19 hr days anymore, I get that too
I respect her so much. Another film would have been crap. I love the franchise massive fan, but no it has to end SJP Comes across as narcissistic and greedy.
Jo Nyu
Jo Nyu:
Im a diehard SATC fan but the movies sucked! So sensible of her to refuse, the others are just milking SATC for the product placement opportunities, which makes me sad as a fan. Hope they will come to their senses and stop. I'm definitely not seeing any third fourth or fifth movie :(
Laughter Talks
Laughter Talks:
Yes, she's very straight-forward. I like that in a person.
This is really interesting actually! It shows what great actresses they all are. I definitely would have thought that they would be super-close off screen.
The public seems to forget that these women were hired to play these characters, they weren't actually like them... they had a job to do and respected each other and did it well.
zélie carrel
zélie carrel:
Her honesty is refreshing.
Wow, sounds like normal life stuff happing to normal human people. Who past the age of 13 assumed they were buddies like on the show? Groundbreaking news! Not gonna lie, I still enjoyed the interview because of how straightforward she is, which is a nice change from the usual Hollywood shmoozing.
She looks so beautiful. All the more so because of her wrinkles and natural face. I like that she's being "difficult", it's honesty. At some point you have to be true to yourself: I'm no longer interested in that aspect of my life, I want to move on to other things. I'm personally glad that she is moving on, her acting career outside Sex and the City has been so diverse and interesting.
I do not have friends at work. I do my job, get paid, and go home. No need to have coworkers know everything about me.
Barbara Army
Barbara Army:
It shows what a great actor she is. Her relationships with the gals on sex and the city, looked so genuine and they weren’t exactly friends.
Yolanda Ponkers
Yolanda Ponkers:
None of us will ever know what really happened, but it’s quite telling that Kim said she was NEVER friends with ANY of them.
Beatrice T
Beatrice T:
I respect Kim Cattrall's choice not to do SATC3. That said, I would love to see Kim team up with Andrew McCarthy for another Mannequin movie... "Nothing's gonna stop us now". ❤️❤️
Serena b
Serena b:
It doesn’t matter how close you are with your friends, once you’ve become the last person who don’t have kids. You don’t speak the same language with your friends anymore.
Kim is definitely the nucleus in this whole series!
I miss this show...that was the only reason I paid for HBO. I still watch the reruns on e! They allowed me to escape my life for an hour or so. I loved Kim in Mannequin that goes way back one of my fav movies. She's prob tired of talking about SITC however I'm happy it will live on in TV history forever. It was just that good! I wish nothing but the best for all the ladies.
I freaking love love Samantha(kim kattrell) ! I love her acting the most!
Tom Sugar James
Tom Sugar James:
Fare doo's to her, she's not throwing any shade she's simply not playing Samantha anymore. Do You Boo!💜💯💪
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Johnson:
That's kinda sad, those 4 are the type of friends you dream to have.
Aster Risk
Aster Risk:
This just shows you how professional and talented she and some of the other girls were. They really sold the characters, and they made a lot of us happy. That's what matters. I'm glad she's speaking her mind, because she always gets ripped apart by the media much more than anyone else from the show.
Bia Meli
Bia Meli:
Hahaha...i bet because she is a very good actress and Sarah Jessica Parker was the most jealous. LOL 😂
It's disappointing that she's so direct about it but I do appreciate her honesty. We can't be friends with everyone we work with. It's a well known fact that became so scandalous just because a celebrity said it.
She made the show with her beauty, wit and her sexual independence. I could only dream of having a friend like her. The other characters were so boring and plain. So glad she was in this show!
Roman Seano
Roman Seano:
She's 10 years older... but she looks fantastic. And her honesty was refreshing and respectful.
I’m not friends with anyone I work with....they are there last people I want to see outside of work
Girl Grown
Girl Grown:
I really admire Kim for standing her ground and saying NO despite the immense pressure from fans and the show's producers. If anyone is looking for a little more tea on the ladies' historical feud AND to learn Kim-inspired tips for saying NO and meaning it, check out my latest video! X
Joanna R
Joanna R:
It's so refreshing to hear the truth for a change. They don't need to be besties in real life, they worked together for sobbing out loud.
Pamela Evans
Pamela Evans:
Ouch..At least she straight forward and not painting them out to be real life friends when they are not.
that interview is SOOO old.

also like good for her, even the cast of Seinfeld has addressed this, the cast of Will & Grace didn't all reunite for close to a decade, it's a job ya'll. I'd hate to be bffs with most of my colleagues tbh, you keep it professional and cordial.
Chisty A
Chisty A:
Well... She said negative things without explaining. How could SJP have " been kinder"?
Jamal Hasidic Homeboy Ginsburg
Jamal Hasidic Homeboy Ginsburg:
Kim Cattrall is so naturally beautiful. She should have been the main protagonist, she deserved a spin off show of some sort.
Samantha Jones was, is, and will be the heart of the show. As an Asian girl who has lived mostly in Asia, I was taught so many powers as a woman from Samantha Jones. Thanks, Kim.
C 82
C 82:
Kim keeps it real. This is the reality of working life. You do a job, you're not best mates with everybody then you move on and never see them again. No big deal. Kim has had a pretty decent career post-Satc and props off to her for not doing another one. The second film was totally removed from reality I felt.
Your Di'Tarrie
Your Di'Tarrie:
I love how she keeps it real, but I hate there won't be a third movie! She should come back so they can redeem themselves from the sequel's horrible screenplay.
French Vanilla
French Vanilla:
I wish they were friends. I guess sometimes the people you work with are not your friends but mainly your colleagues.
Grace Simpson
Grace Simpson:
Her British sensibility (born in Liverpool) is shining thru. Isn’t sugar coating the truth and I adore her for it.
Gary Davies
Gary Davies:
I love her honesty.The relationship between her and SJP reminds me of Ms Hatcher and the other 3 in Desperate Houswives
Nyc Finest Bitch
Nyc Finest Bitch:
Kim seems so down to earth SJP seems like she feels the whole show revolves around her
To say they were just coworkers I don’t see anything wrong with that it’s respect of relationship boundaries , keep it professional! I can relate (not that it matters).....
Pacific Kingdom Trading
Pacific Kingdom Trading:
Our legendary mannequin. Love her.
Carol Driehorst
Carol Driehorst:
Co-workers can be friends, it all depends on how both worker's feel about each other. They would have to have more in common than just co-working together.Also, it would have to really like each other, I'm still good friends with someone I worked with for 18 years. Bottom line it is possible.
Kimberly Gathings
Kimberly Gathings:
Love Kim and she only spoke her truth and her feelings and she has clearly moved on so I wish her well and I hope we all can see on some show in the near future .
Yolo Swaggins
Yolo Swaggins:
This is so depressing, I’m gonna repress this from my brain & go back to la la land
Catt VG
Catt VG:
I absolutely love Kim and the role she played for so many years. When you realize how selfish and reckless Carrie was throughout the entire series it makes you think if SJP isn’t much different in real life. No wonder why the other girls don’t want to get together
A A:
realistically though, who is friends with every single one of their co-workers. they're good actors so they managed to make the friendships believable on screen. I love kim.
dash beleeze
dash beleeze:
I think she's bitter because she is childless, but it was her decision to do the series and make the money at that time
David Hal Chester
David Hal Chester:
I love this woman. She's honest. She also looks amazing for 61. She doesn't owe those people anything.
Michael Alvarez
Michael Alvarez:
I appreciate her honesty! You don’t always have to be friends with people you work with.
She was jealous.
Samantha jones made that whole show....and Sarah jp didnt like it because she was supposed to be the focal point. Tough break cookie.
Chikelue Onianwah
Chikelue Onianwah:
This is shocking to me, I though they were also “gals” in real life too!🙀
D Anna
D Anna:
I would love to see a movie or spin off series with just Kim. Samantha was the most interesting out of the whole show.
Rere Slow
Rere Slow:
➡️ ⤵️

B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's
Cindy La
Cindy La:
Can the world just get along. We 're only on earth for a brief time and gonna go to heaven soon.
Wow she looks completely different on ET...but she still looks like herself on sex and the city. Gosh she was so pretty already..
Starry Eyes
Starry Eyes:
They are gonna do the movie Samanthas Cancer comes back and it starts off at her Funeral! Thats what gonna happen!
Maybe it's because I didn't see the show until well after it had ended, but, honestly, this news that colleagues aren't always friends doesn't shake me to the core or anything. Honestly, I think it speaks volumes about her ability to act that she came off so close to the other girls, especially SJP, since it seems like they have their issues with each other. Same with the other girls, if they, too, weren't that close with each other off-screen. But that's life. And that's an age gap. And that 20 years of being asked to remain stagnant as Samantha Jones. And that's being asked to come back and do a third movie after the second had such a shit script. Kim clearly wants to move on with her life, so let her.
Star tracker
Star tracker:
Love the editing in this. 'I never thought I'd see the day. Me either! Lol
Am so sad but i need to respect her choice..😔..thank you for the years you gave us KC💐💐💐💐
Samus 1818
Samus 1818:
That's some damn good acting! LOL One thing that I absolutely can't do is pretend like I'm best friends with someone I loathe. I can't believe Kim did that for years! P.S. Samantha was always my favorite one from Sex and the City.
Kam Lee
Kam Lee:
I have had a lot of friends at work, but I still go home by myself after work...
Edvin Kingston
Edvin Kingston:
Albert Tatlock
Albert Tatlock:
They are just people who work together, people often don't get on with each other at work
Claudufus Flotre
Claudufus Flotre:
kim catral is one icono in tv. around the world is lovely
I can’t blame her for not wanting to play Samantha again. In the last movie they really made her look ridiculous while they others still had normal roles
Amy Yo
Amy Yo:
With the dialogue of show and how things are I’m 35 no children, not married and my friends have now moved on. I have too, but we have completely different lives.
Elisa Mari
Elisa Mari:
She was the star in my mind
Nguyenbao Minhkhang
Nguyenbao Minhkhang:
0:22 my love video :X.
Benjamin Roman
Benjamin Roman:
Like the kids say nowdays Kim is keeping it real. Very real. But in the most intelligent, elegant, serene and elocuent way. She's not pretending or trying to gather the public attention by saying what would sound right.
Jake Mcfee
Jake Mcfee:
i loveeee this woman, She is simply real and tells it like it is, MAybe hollywood could hire more people like here
G. sdfghkldbfkebxb Bdjxjdj
G. sdfghkldbfkebxb Bdjxjdj:
My burns! i´m crying blood tear :'V
Good for her. She was always professional, she was a standout in the series and now she's moving on to other projects. That's it.
R O:
Kim Cattrall was an absolute babe during the 80’s. Time and the wall is cruel.
1988년에 소양극장에서 마네킹 넋 놓고 봤었는데...세월이 흘러흘러 그녀가 마네킹의 그 였다는 걸 알고...신기하면서도 묘한 감정을 느꼈었는데.
William Lee
William Lee:
I don't think Kim ever hated Sarah, Kristin, or Cynthia at all. They just never hung out. They never had a desire to. Nothing wrong with it. I don't think Kim is bad at all.
like a rollin stone \m/
like a rollin stone \m/:
Kim is very honest and real ❤♥
Mart diva1979
Mart diva1979:
Kim's character Samantha is amazing she played it Brilliantly
I’m going to miss Samatha Jones from SATC... would have loved to see a 3rd reboot for sure but totally respect Kim Cattrall’s choice. It’s hard to believe she’s 62 she looks amazing!