Kim Cattrall to Sarah Jessica Parker: You're not my friend

Cattrall lashed out Saturday at her former "Sex and the City" co-star after Parker expressed her condolences over the death of Cattrall's brother, Chris.

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Ray Of Light
Ray Of Light:
Kims just got to the stage in her life where she's past caring and won't stand for false bullshit. Good on her she's REAL.
Rachael W
Rachael W:
I had a colleague who was AWFUL to me when it was only the two of us around. She made the workplace hell. In front of the bosses and customers she was so sweet and nice. Once I tried to say something about it and nobody believed me, because of her nice girl persona. I'm with KC on this one, all the way.
Stephanie grant
Stephanie grant:
I felt Kim Cattrall’s IG post on a spiritual level. If you weren’t kind to me when I was up, I definitely don’t need you when I’m down.
Dolly Dagger
Dolly Dagger:
Firstly, Kim is An intelligent, articulate, and very classy. Kim can see right through SJP. Kim isn't trying to be vindictive or cold. I'm glad she called out SJP and her fakeness. I never liked SJP and always found her fake. Trying to seem like the good and nice girl. She doesn't fool me, she seems to think she's hot shit so Kim eloquently tweeted that they were not friends and SJPs plastic condolescences. SJP just wanted attention and look good in the public eye. Team Cattrall all the way! I've had my share of "fake friends" so I know where Kim is coming from.
I wouldn't like to receive condolences through social media either it's a personal thing if you're friends with someone you pick up the phone and call them
victoria grant
victoria grant:
SJP could have easily sent PRIVATE condolences. I think she did it over social media to provoke Kim Catrall. SJP wants to keep reminding SATC fans that KC is holding up the movie. I'm glad Kim is standing her ground and not doing SATC 3
A. Nilla-or
A. Nilla-or:
I knew it! that's why SJP portrayed Carrie so well on the show. she must have been as bitchy as Carrie.
condolences need to be private otherwise is just showing off
Lil Pink Bubbles
Lil Pink Bubbles:
SJP seems like an old mean girl. Good of KC to speak up and call SJP on her crap. Team Kim!
Catherine Chan
Catherine Chan:
Sarah Jessica Parker is an actress. She is just doing good PR. What else can you say? Kim Cattrall is just being real.
She should have called Kim. All this mess could have been avoided being a bit more human and less media-attention-hungry.
3D Kopasetik
3D Kopasetik:
She doesn't have to accept her condolences
Parker earned one million per episode, when Kim earned 350k.
But that wasn't enough.
Now, she is trying to pressure Kim Cattrall into rejoining this ghastly franchise.
Parker needs to back off, get therapy, and leave former cast mates alone.
Chef Squeeza
Chef Squeeza:
Only they know the depths of their relationship.... I really wish Kim Catrall would do the SITC movie but she has the right to decline. This is nothing new. She was adamant when she declined so I'm not sure why this is even still an issue.
She’s really eloquent expressing her situation. She sounds so mature how she dealt with the show and how she ends it. Every words of her is a lesson.
J C:
Remember the spin off to the Golden Girls called the Golden Palace when Bea Arthur left the show? No? Neither do a lot of people. It wasn't successful because the dynamic was too different. You can't take out a a main character and expect the dynamic to be the same and have the same effect on audience's.
Renad Alghamdi
Renad Alghamdi:
I love much, but I think if you really wanna send your love and condolences to someone, call them. Heck text them. But posting a comment just seems idk. Maybe I'm old fashioned.
Karma The Giant
Karma The Giant:
Just confirms they all were / are great actors!
What I find laughable is the self-righteous people here castigating KC's reaction when they deal with the snakes in their lives the same way if not worse! If you've dealt with fakes in your life you should be the last person judging KC.
Elske T
Elske T:
If she was genuine, she could have called her or sent her a private message. I can understand where Cattrall's coming from.
Kemal Özgür Şeref
Kemal Özgür Şeref:
Please somebody tell me why Kim hates SJP ? What did i miss
Obviously Kim has been hurting about this. I think i'm with her on this
Collections Never Complete
Collections Never Complete:
We all have that one person in a group or in work that seemingly everyone else loves but because we don’t kiss up to them we don’t get along with, I think this what that situation for Kim
It was shocking coz they looked like the best friends ever in satc. Like coolios... so.. sad in real life they are not.
I say kudos to KC for calling SJP out on her phoney behaviour.  If she really wanted to offer condolences, she would have called her directly.  The way SJP did it so publicly she obviously was doing it for show and most likely sucking up to KC so she would do the third movie.
Olga Mesh
Olga Mesh:
Kim Cattrall, is defiantly overreacted! What is she, 12 years old? If you don’t like a person and don’t want any contact with, them just don’t react a specially when you are grieving!
Adventure Clay & Lori
Adventure Clay & Lori:
I can only assume Kim is not this maniacal, I’m going to assume it’s deep grief. Plus they clearly just think very differently about life which is fine. But no need to be cruel.
S H:
I wasn’t there and I don’t know them. I will remain neutral on this. They played their roles well and the tension wasn’t noticeable, so I’m good with that.
anime c-dramas kpop
anime c-dramas kpop:
Damn KC mean business. The first movie was good the second movie was shit so they don't need a third one, leave KC alone.
Bal Kaur
Bal Kaur:
I just feel it's more professional to call each other instead of embarrassing one another on social media. I love them both x
Mindy Andres
Mindy Andres:
KC is really hurt. We do not know ehat really happened to yheir frndship. I love them both, SJP and KC.
Cole Tanner
Cole Tanner:
Kim could have thanked her for the condolences, then say she never knew she was her dearest friend from the fact and then brought up a reason why she feels like she does about Jessica..instead she went over the top
El Jefe
El Jefe:
I only watched the show in bits and pieces, but I knew there relationship wasn't great but I didn't know it was like THAT, damn
Brianne Montgomery
Brianne Montgomery:
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It's nobody's business but theirs, but I'm so curious to know what happened between them.
Egi Marcel
Egi Marcel:
Oh come on, people! They were never friends from day 1. Even when Sex & The City was filmed, they never talked to each other.
Barbara Larronde
Barbara Larronde:
for sure there was two divas on the set .
MISS Thommas
MISS Thommas:
Im late to the party. Ive recently been binge watching Sex in the City for the first time lol. So now im jus reading all the inside stories. I believe Kim. She cannot be THIS angry for no apparent reason. If SJP wanted to leave a heartfelt message to Kim, she didnt need to do it on IG. Meh, maybe she called too....i dunno. I still think SJP is sneaky lookin
Google Mailbox
Google Mailbox:
Feud: Season 3 - SATC
Mezmerized4Life Jay
Mezmerized4Life Jay:
She will always be Emmy from Mannequin to me!!!
Aurore Le François
Aurore Le François:
I don't understand why some people take side in this matter. We don't them nor their relashionship. None of us were on the set of SATC and saw how Sarah Jessica Parker or Kim Cattrall were behaving towards one another.

It just saddens me to be honest because it kind of ruins the image the friendship between Carrie and Samantha for good. I mean, we all work and have colleagues we don't love and that's okay, we still do our job.
Eleni Pappas
Eleni Pappas:
Kim Cattrall was what made "Sex and the City". Without her, the movie will fail.
Cattrall made one comment on Piers Morgan saying that they were never really friends and that Parker 'could have been nicer'. That's it. Parker went on to act like she had no clue about what Cattrall was talking about when she was interviewed after that, and added that that was not how she remembered things, and 'thought that they were friends'. Really? If she thought they were indeed friends, then she should have picked up the phone and called her when her brother died. Not post something on social media for the world to see. That's what I would do if I was friends with someone.
My condolences to Kim Cattrall.
Wendy Frances Milone
Wendy Frances Milone:
Love you, Robin!
I encourage you to sit and think about your situation right now at the place you work at and the people you trust and call friends. Tell me, should you quit right now. How many will still be in contact with you after 2 weeks and how many will talk good things about you to the rest of the staff ?
Nancy Loyal
Nancy Loyal:
I understand SJP. Yes they aren't friends but they worked closely together for years. A person you saw every day for years. So of course she had to know the relationship between Kim and her brother so if she hadn't reached out I would have been surprised. We all know people we work with that we don't particularly like that we would still give our condolences to if they lost someone close to them. You would put your petty differences aside.
I love both these ladies! Dont care what anybody says. Only SJP could play the role of Carrie, and Visa a Versa only KC can do the role of Samantha. They both seem to be a bit!
Randy Suggs
Randy Suggs:
Kinda like finding out that Will really hated Grace.
Pop Land
Pop Land:
The first film had a genuine plot. The second film was fucking awful and just an easy cash grab. There's no reason to make a third film. It's unnecessary
Absolute Boredom
Absolute Boredom:
I would really like to know exactly how has SJP mistreated her. Sending condolence on social media, where KC herself has announced the tragedy doesn't really seem like a thing to inspire such a reaction. If she doesn't care about SJP, why should she even care if there's tweet out there by SJP in the ocean of tweets, It just feels she really cares about SJP, and at such an emotional time she is having an outburst that you will have for someone you actually care about but are angry with. I hope and also feel they will sort this out.
She's hurting right now.
It's extremely difficult to hold back when your in pain. Plus everything is magnified when stressed or depressed.
Cali Den
Cali Den:
SJP knew already before she commented that it was unwanted and it is classless of her to continue to talk about what she needed to do to reach out, it is not about her and she should respect boundries ,clearly she doesn't. she just wanted to make herself look good or was worried how it would look if she did nothing, she could of done it privately if they are friends seem strange to me and I dont care about a 3rd movie.
Omg how did I miss this
Wtf is Kim so mad about 🙄
I think someone needs to post "This is none of my business whatever is going on between Kim and Sarah, but I do wish Kim my condolence if she is reading this"
Mitchell Quartero
Mitchell Quartero:
If KC would have block the comments on her Instagram post about her brother passing SJP would have not commented in the first place it would have prevented this incident from happening
Wow!! It's sad how they all thought Kim was their friend. Only to find out that she basically thought they were all pieces of sh#$t☹.
Chaz Collins
Chaz Collins:
Good for Kim Catrell. Sometimes things can just run their course and be over. The series was great and the movies were ok at best. Sex in the city at 60 maybe but SJP's selfish insecure whining character has been played out.
Tatjana Salabalija
Tatjana Salabalija:
a ti si kao fina?
Marie Neely
Marie Neely:
One could read several different things into both of their statements so it's best to just appreciate their individual works and let it go at that. Both very talented individuals and anything in additional would be
A private note from SJP to Cattrall wouldn't have resulted in an outburst from Cattrall. SJP's actions were PR moves and to someone who just lost a loved one, it's incredibly offensive. I bet you that this wouldn't be the last time that SJP going to speak publicly about how nice and a victim she is over Cattrall.
N Miranda
N Miranda:
You dont need to be friends to somebody in order to pay condolences
Spring Giddinessify
Spring Giddinessify:
She didn’t need to convey condolences so publicly.
Team Kim all the way !!
Mermaid Dreams
Mermaid Dreams:
Sad, sad, sad. :(
I do music animations for a living but when I got the time I like to make short parodies of tv shows, as I love Sex and the city and the show will come back I did a satirical take on it, What if ... the come back of sex and the city happened 20 years in the future lol
Nick Oxborrow
Nick Oxborrow:
WOW - I’m sad for both!
Jessika Svärd
Jessika Svärd:
I believe in Kim, but she has to let it go and move on.
v t
v t:
Bravo Kim.
I support her. I used to love them both but Kim seems more real than Sarah. Sarah must have been done something terrible to her or else who doesn't wanna do SATC.
SJP was a pig about taking almost ALL the money. Make no mistake, the nice girl persona is just that, a persona.
SJ is a great actress and KC can't stand it.
K L:
I just find it weird and uncomfortable to get a public social media type condolence. I have never in public gave a person a condolence
.thats just weird like you are trying to use someone elses tragedy to make yourself seem compassionate
TT xo
TT xo:
I wonder why she didn't lashed out at Cynthia Nixon since she offer her condolences on Instagram too? She really hates SJP.
So now they are going to do a series without her good luck with that
Anna Leigh
Anna Leigh:
Idk what went on but SJ was literally leaving a condolence... like damnnn
A Person
A Person:
SJP has an interesting face. I find her attractive.
Amara Sunflower
Amara Sunflower:
They should make another movie JUST to kill off her character in some very embarrassing way.
Wow can you imagine what a royal B Kim must be? Feel sorry for anybody that has to be around her!
mella mell
mella mell:
I believe Kim.
David W
David W:
If you have worked with someone personally for ten years, whether you're close friends or not, you would send something privately. Maybe that's just me, but if you're not close enough to send something privately it's not appropriate to do it on social media, it seems kind of disingenuous.
Fantastic Beasts 3
Fantastic Beasts 3:
Kim probably came from a place of grief.
Charles Pearson
Charles Pearson:
SJP lookin old af 2021,
stan balo
stan balo:
It is Just A big misunderstanding between both. It can still be mended if they just talk face to face And release their Feelings.
Triscuit Biscuit
Triscuit Biscuit:
Kim is the ONLY one, ever, from the show, that not only would I not glove up, I wouldn't even paper bag her face. She is the only one.
Kim tells the truth.
Milzi Jex
Milzi Jex:
I don't know what it's about. Neither do I think Twitter is an adult way to express such matters. I do hope they forgive and rise above. Ms Cattrall should be direct in private.
bendy plushie studios
bendy plushie studios:
She doesn't love her brother if she doesn't even accept condolences
There's something very disingenuous about sending somebody condolences on Twitter. On TWITTER!!! A private message or, even better, a phone call, would have been much more appropriate. Some of these celebrities just use social media to virtue signal and show all their fans what wonderful, caring people they are.
I don’t understand what exactly happened between these two and in what way SJP was “awful” to KC? I mean... that’s pretty vague
Ms. Horn
Ms. Horn:
I do feel KC is mad bc I seen an interview with her saying how she missed out on life a little. She wanted to have kids & a family, but she was so focus on SATC & her career she honestly was missing Life important moments. Dam. I dnt wanna see a SATC w/o all the Girls.
J rocs
J rocs:
Just rewatch the series if you want to see it. We dont need another movie.
Wane felicia
Wane felicia:
F SJP. Kudos to truthful sam for exposing her
Cattrall should have taken the high road.
Nadz nayjay's house
Nadz nayjay's house:
All of this is sad,we are only human. We will never know what happened between SJP and KC apart from them. They just need to respect each other friends or not.
IW Nunn
IW Nunn:
There's something more to this than meets the eye. Jessica seems sincerely hurt by Cattrall's lashout. Regardless, why not do the movie for the work and payday? Has kim done so well that she never needs to work again.
Arrania Winter
Arrania Winter:
They sure did look friendly over the years
Mark Diamond
Mark Diamond:
Perfect kunts
Jessicadarkness twin2
Jessicadarkness twin2:
If Samantha Jones is not in the third movie I ain't going to watch it because I love Samantha Jones❤❤❤❤❤❤