Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - Marriage is 'Done" and Living Separate Lives

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30 comentarios:

Denise Paulsen
Denise Paulsen:
He is Bipolar. It's very hard to have relationship. I don't blame her but I do feel bad for his kids. They may inherit his illness as it has a genetic component.
Kris-T Kris-T
Kris-T Kris-T:
I am happy to see Kim may have woken up. She deserves so much more than his weird antics. He’s too off the wall and obviously needs some major help. I just hope Kim sticks with her plan. Unload him from ur life and family. U don’t need that.
Warning ⚠️ to all women: u have seen what this man is like on camera and in public! Just imagine what he’s like one on one! Stay clear don’t make a dumb mistake!
Carol Simpson
Carol Simpson:
Haven't they always led separate lives? They seemed to spend a lot of time in different cities.
kitty john
kitty john:
Kanya will.spill all the tea about them
Glenn Brown
Glenn Brown:
Those poor kids.
Sammy Ytube
Sammy Ytube:
Wow., to divorce now after the efforts of several kids. Well, Angelina and Brad and Kate plus 8 did it so ok. But for sure Kayne is about to be free, loose his mind and get committed for sure. And Kim, yes she will be alright. And married again in two years because Kayne is going to make the first year of a divorce a bit messy. Good on them for lasting this long.
Anna Gonzalez
Anna Gonzalez:
Why stay married if the cameras are not on???
Kardashians: "Our show is ending, we need gimmick to stay relevant..."
Kanye "Get Out" West
Carol Baker
Carol Baker:
She was doing witch craft on him for years. He not crazy, he's breaking free of her. Go Kanye
J. B.
J. B.:
Yes, get away KANYE * (get back to you) cheers!! ## GOpackGO!!! AR-12*
John Kerr
John Kerr:
What space he was never there
Vaidehi Patel
Vaidehi Patel:
Well.... 2021 is going bad for them so far
Bye Felicia
Kimberly Isah
Kimberly Isah:
i knew that as soon as he told her to stop being naked, she would divorce him.
Eileen Davey
Eileen Davey:
Is that n3 when will they be happy too money doesn't matter well hope they both find love again
Hannah Mills
Hannah Mills:
She is so strong
Jett Jackson
Jett Jackson:
Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Anna Gonzalez
Anna Gonzalez:
Their show is ending, of course they are getting divorced. Do you know NOTHING about the Kardashians by now?!!!
Peris Ndirangu
Peris Ndirangu:
Ok Kim it’s your 3rd divorce girl .. she’s only 40 yrs ... at least this one lasted ...6 yrs .... 3 marriage going on 7 th if you don’t slow down
Enrique Addison
Enrique Addison:
Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
It's bad they are separating
Tanner Talan
Tanner Talan:
Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖
cici tran
cici tran:
WHENEVER LOVE ISN'T TRUE LOVE...we're often CHASE something isn't realistic and out of our reach, especially in scary Hollywood. Then that THING would never last.....God often send us something is sweet and fit ourselves...but then we're tend to chase something is bigger and louder as though we're thought is "belong" to us. But at the end we're get mostly PAINS and i chose peace....😢🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️🕍🕌⛪👸🤴🙊🙉🙈🔥🔥🔥🖤🖤🖤🙌🙌🙌🙌
Kelly Craddock
Kelly Craddock:
I agree
No surprises here.
Casino Lover
Casino Lover:
Kanye will commit suicide if him and Kim divorces he adores her and the kids. As a mom I feel sorry for him!!!!!!! i have three grownup children and their spouses and kids are their world too. By the way Happy New Year to everyone reading my comment. God bless you all 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
John Kerr
John Kerr:
When U make a vow U promise to stand by your man she used him to have the black kids
Life Coaching Network
Life Coaching Network:
Typical crazy Gemini shit ....I stay away from any female who zodiac is a Gemini ♊️
Living A Life Of Abundance
Living A Life Of Abundance:
I will start this list by stating that NO ONE is entitled to the fruits of YOUR labor.
If you’re considering marriage, please read this first.

1. She will pressure you into marriage, when ironically, she is also more likely to divorce you.
2. If you leave her, you are viewed as a scumbag. If she leaves you, you are viewed as “not good enough.”
3. There is a 50% chance that you will get divorced. If you get divorced, there is a 70% chance that she will initiate the divorce. That means there is a total 35% chance of her leaving you.
4. American courts are biased against men. You will not get to see your kids and will have to pay child support/alimony.
5. During a divorce, she will take half or more of your total assets.
6. You are expected to spend 20% of your total income on an engagement ring.
7. During a divorce, she is not required to return the engagement ring
8. She can accuse you of rape and you will suffer, regardless of whether or not you actually did it.
9. If she rapes you, then no one will take it seriously. If it is vice versa, then all hell breaks loose.
10. She can hit you, and if you hit her back, you will get arrested for domestic violence.
11. She has total monopoly on sex. She chooses when to give you sex.
12. She can use sex as a tool to manipulate you. She will only give you sex if you do things for her.
13. You are expected to satisfy her sexual needs. She is not expected to satisfy your sexual needs.
14. After your first child, your sex life will die.
15. After you split up, the children will be conditioned to almost always blame you.
16. She can badmouth you to your children, causing them to resent you.
17. You are not allowed to tell her what to do because of feminism. But she is still allowed to tell you what to do.
18. If you upset her, she will punish you by emotional manipulation.
19. If you even mess up slightly, you are labeled as a “deadbeat dad/husband.”
20. But if she messes up, you are expected to “accept her flaws.”
21. She will try to change you and get angry if you don’t comply.
22. Women are more likely to get bored of the relationship.
23. Women are more likely to fall out of love.
24. Women marry up. That means you marry down.
25. Woman are taught that marriage is stability. Men are taught that marriage is responsibility.
26. If you get fired and end up unemployed, she will leave you so fast.
27. If you are going through a rough financial period, you will also go through a rough relationship period.
28. Money = sex. No money = no sex. Marriage is legalized prostitution. (Just buy a hooker).
29. If she divorces you and you are worse off financially than her, she still won’t have to pay alimony.
30. You will lose quite a bit of money through marriage: the wedding ceremony, buying her gifts, raising kids, divorce, etc.
31. During marriage, you will have no time for your hobbies. You will be expected to work and “support” your wife all the time.
32. If she doesn’t want to work, you are expected to support her in her decision.
33. If you don’t want to work, you are labeled as lazy and a leech.
34. Chances are, she won’t like your close high-school/college friends.
35. She will expect you to put her above your friends, even close friends that are more like brothers.
36. She will expect you to put her above your parents. She is your highest priority now.
37. If your parents end in poverty/homeless/terminally ill, then she will expect you to put them in a nursing home.
38. If you bring your parents home to live with you, she will leave so fast.
39. If you ever get mildly angry, then you are instantly labeled as “abusive.”
40. If she ever gets angry, then she is just “releasing her emotions.”
41. She will not let you go out with the boys.
42. If you do go out with your friends without her “permission,” expect constant phone calls and resentment when you get home.
43. So. Much. Drama. Expect to hear about how Jimmy broke up with Jenny for hours after work.
44. If you have a flaw, then she can divorce you and make a profit from it.
45. If she has a flaw, then she will still make a profit if you divorce her. It’s basically passive blackmail.
46. If you’re an athletic man, expect to lose all your muscle after getting married. Also expect to gain a lot of fat.
47. If you’re an athletic man, she will secretly resent you for your toned body, which she doesn’t have.
48. If you ever end up terminally ill, she can leave you as you’re considered a burden that will “weigh her down.”
49. If she ever ends up terminally ill, if you leave her, then you are considered a scumbag and selfish.
50. She has a whole posse of girl friends that will support her no matter what shitty actions she takes. They will enable her bad behaviors and vilify you.

There ya go.

There are so many innocent men that are blindly led into marriage like a sheep to slaughter. They do not realize that the whole system is against them.

It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees. It is even better to live on your feet than die on your knees.

You’re a man with free will and independence. Defend that fiercely and let no one command you.