Southampton 1-0 Liverpool and Klopp's Liverpool fire blanks as Mark Goldbridge reacts to a big result for Man Utd. SUBSCRIBE here https://buff.ly/2pKx1mL

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SA10 Playz
SA10 Playz:
Imagine Maguire lifting the title at the end of the season😅😅
calamity jones
calamity jones:
beating southampton isn’t for everyone..
Ali Alsaraf
Ali Alsaraf:
Beating Brighton, Southampton West Brom and Villa isn’t for everyone......
kyle walker-peters has put in one of the best performances i have seen this season, stuck to mane all game and gave him no room to do anything tracked all his runs i have seen many players just watch the ball and forget about marking the run and let mane run right in but he didnt do that all 90 mins even when others would have got mentally and physically tired he kept at it.
Liverpool had 15 shots but only 1 on target 🤣 even Chelsea had more than that.
Cereal Box 64
Cereal Box 64:
When the Man United fans are giving more balanced assessments on Liverpool's season than Liverpool fans are.

Oh well, I know we can't be in this bad form forever, but it's such a weird season. It's enough to make you laugh sometimes.
I loveUnited
I loveUnited:
We've got to take advantage of this and beat Burnley so we can go 1st!!!! GGMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saurabh Chaudhary
Saurabh Chaudhary:
Klop moaning for penalties after the match was the icing on the cake
Hamzah Mahmood
Hamzah Mahmood:
FACT: Liverpool currently haven't won a game all year.

FACT: Liverpool currently haven't won a single point all year.

FACT: Liverpool are currently joint-bottom of the league for points, this year.
TJB Network
TJB Network:
The curse is broken, mark watching Liverpool and they lost 😅 sets it up perfectly for our game at anfield, come on UTD!!!!! Bring home 21 🔴
Mr New Delhi
Mr New Delhi:
What's wrong with everyone this season? Liverpool were Like Sheffield United up front today
calamity jones
calamity jones:
Hail Cesar
Hail Cesar:
The league needed that result
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh:
Salah teasing a Real Madrid move has affected the team massively, should be dropped as he obviously doesn't want to be there
Man united Fan channel
Man united Fan channel:
Not everyone knows how to beat Southampton
We have to have the perfect game vs Liverpool and we have to go for a win there. Beating them and burnely will mentally knock Liverpool out of the title race to some extent.
Genuinely wouldn't be surprised if Arsenal get top 4 at the rate everyone seems to be having struggles 😂
Ethan C
Ethan C:
Sheffield United remain the only team with consistency 🤘 Up the fooookin blades
21 in 2021 is on its way GGMU
Liverpool united city that wld acc be a lit race all rivals
Matthew Loan
Matthew Loan:
That’s it mark BOTTLERS!
Shane V
Shane V:
0:02 I thought he was going to say "hello everyone welcome to the United stand"
The curse is broke, 21 on download?
Abdul Kalam
Abdul Kalam:
We can beat Liverpool who’s with me
Tommy Hurst
Tommy Hurst:
Southampton thats my club, put some respect on Ralphs name
Just shows how important it is to have a strong back line
0:09 that described it pretty well
Chris Grathwohl
Chris Grathwohl:
This is where we find out if our team has progressed. Everytime over the last 30 months we've had the opportunity to take advantage of clubs above us dropping points we've bottled it. So let's not get carried away (KG,) and see what we do against Burnley, are we going to be contenders or stay pretenders?
passing the southampton test isn't for everyone i guess
Archie Stevenson
Archie Stevenson:
Love the content mark helped me through lockdown last year and sure u will keep me happy through this lockdown
TuKay 2K
TuKay 2K:
Just shows how much a CB is crucial and strong back line will win us cups n titles!!!
Man united Fan channel
Man united Fan channel:
andrew kane
andrew kane:
Mark must have struggled to stay neutral during this as a utd fan🤣. Im a utd fan and im buzzing
I can't wait for United to loose at Emirates and go out of title race n Goldy doggie going crazy on that day.
United won't win the title
0:33 lol funny.
0:36 lol even more funny.
0:39 bottlers.
Normal Guy
Normal Guy:
We can go top, if we beat Burnley.
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse:
City have been favorites to win the league on “five thirty eight “ website for a while. I couldnt understand why but maybe they were onto something.
If we win the tittle let Bruno lift the trophy for sure 🐐🏆
Alan Osorio
Alan Osorio:
Man U just can’t choke now
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones:
Liverpool's trophy cabinet enters lockdown!
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey:
This season is infinitely more enjoyable now we have an actual title race again! And that’s coming from an Arsenal fan xD
Ch_risG11 -
Ch_risG11 -:
Damn, he spoke fax there. I had to agree with everything, I feel embarrassed 😂 😂
Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio:
Liverpool finally getting exposed for depth last two seasons didnt suffer any major injuries to main players and now that they are in an injury crisis they struggle
BarebackBarbarians FC
BarebackBarbarians FC:
There was some disgraceful referee in that game tho as a neutral half of these epl refs need to retire
Blaze shadow
Blaze shadow:
Mark we have already had our collapse against spurs palace arsenal and that time
Josh Smith
Josh Smith:
I love these match reactions
Evyatar Shenny
Evyatar Shenny:
United should look in to Walker-Peters
Modou Januzaj
Modou Januzaj:
Aston Villa coming for 8 goals in the FA cup lol
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
Man United are actually IN this title race
Andrew Orme
Andrew Orme:
Liverpool’s failure this season is VVD he allows the licence for FB’s to get further forward hence why Trent is being exposed defensively due to no VVD and VVD leadership is huge for them.
Tottenham were top of the table...played Liverpool then collapsed....So will united also collapse
Devils Rejects Nonsensical Reacts
Devils Rejects Nonsensical Reacts:
And an added bonus goldbridge defeats the curse ready for when we beat Liverpool
Robert Ellison
Robert Ellison:
Hoping city drop some points in the coming weeks
Chahat Modi
Chahat Modi:
Lol maguire lifting the trophy would be unacceptable, I hope Ole makes Bruno the captain at the end of the season if we do win the league... IF...
andrew pearson
andrew pearson:
Did you know there is something about this season!
Barry Black
Barry Black:
Give them a break, they've earned the right to have a bad (or an OK) season.
Chris Ramshaw
Chris Ramshaw:
Cant wait for all the clips of mark saying "it's always bloody Burnley" after we lose
Rock girl
Rock girl:
The league needed that result
Rhys gelling fisher
Rhys gelling fisher:
Has a 15/16 feel about it just waiting for a team to get themselves together only for it not too happen. High 70s low 80s will probably be enough and there’s around 4 teams who could get that number
I'm starting to believe

A little tiny bit now.
David Jackson
David Jackson:
To all those saying Manu ain't won yet half of those have never seen there team win the league or they was saying the same when their club was at this stage in their winning season too
#Retro 01
#Retro 01:
Youse have had 4 extra points due to a lucky deflection and a jammy penalty we should have 4 points more but don’t cause of the derby which was never offside and Brighton which was never a pen
The Liverpool players just need to wear Utd shirts and then they will start getting penalties
MtnDewBajaBlast 1
MtnDewBajaBlast 1:
Forever grateful to Southampton. ❤️ cheers lads GGMU
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda:
Klopp needs to start rotating more especially the front three.
Liverpool playing rugby with all those shots over the bar.
We're in a title race and Liverpool are egg chasing, you just love to see it.
DFKM 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hala Madrid
Hala Madrid:
I cant believe my eyes mark goldbridge is watching liverpool and they drop points
Ibrahim Nor
Ibrahim Nor:
The old Liverpool is coming back. 😁
Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander:
Breaking news now alaba wants to join united, imagine haha if only, we do still need a CB
Sharp Leven
Sharp Leven:
If anyone heard Martin Tyler he said that Trent gave the ball away 38 times!
I don’t see any teams lifting the title others then Liverpool or city. It’s only GW17 long way to go.
Shiven Gupta
Shiven Gupta:
For all of chelsea issues we are 7 points behind Liverpool
Jannik Nielsen
Jannik Nielsen:
One of the key differences between Utd and LFC is the first has all officials on their side, and LFC are continually robbed.
Imagine spurs, Southampton or Villa win the league. this is a very entertaining pl season
Aryan Patil
Aryan Patil:
Ye we all know Dean Smith is gonna lift the title this year
Neilstuart Patrick
Neilstuart Patrick:
Man utd have a great chance now...go get em boys..
City were the same won it for 2 years in a row 3rd year werent near the level the 2 years before
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi:
That’s it mark BOTTLERS!
soham c
soham c:
Please united, bring the title home
punisher Jones
punisher Jones:
Let's trade our defence with those of so'ton
Rinki sinha
Rinki sinha:
Liverpool is still first and second if united win their game in hand, why klopp out you think allegri is a better coach than Klopp
Zahid mohamed
Zahid mohamed:
Liverpool is Man utd of last season😂
This season unpredictable
Red Lavish
Red Lavish:
Now now now don’t be too harsh on klopp, he can still be the great OLES number 2.

This season stinks of 13/14. Title race is gonna change hands every week and go right to the wire. Should be entertaining
Habz Uchiha
Habz Uchiha:
Thank God for cavani with his comeback goals agianst southampton
Matthias Gopaul
Matthias Gopaul:
I love these types of vids
Isaac verrall
Isaac verrall:
Abhishek Bhat
Abhishek Bhat:
Liverpool are struggling with injuries
D Anton
D Anton:
Liverpool's strength has been their GK and back four and their front three. Losing two CBs has made their midfield weakness show.
Jack Gill
Jack Gill:
Man Utd still getting nowhere near the title. Save this comment
Mark Oconnor
Mark Oconnor:
We’re see who the bottlers are end of season.....look forward to your video from your bedroom then
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy:
We can beat Liverpool who’s with me
Fergus Mckie
Fergus Mckie:
Waiting for the scousers to Klopp out
Love your content Mark but that title is pathetic! Bottling would be being 5/10 points ahead with 10 games remaining and not winning the league.
Taffy Manyumba
Taffy Manyumba:
Man Utd will collapse but enjoy the moment before we go back down
Jerome Johnson
Jerome Johnson:
Come on united this is our chance 👏
Monish Anand
Monish Anand:
It'll be injustice for Bruno if Maguire lifts the trophy in the end......