Kobe Bryant's legacy has a lasting impact on the Lakers and Los Angeles | KJZ

Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin discuss what Kobe Bryant means to the Lakers franchise and the city of Los Angeles.

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92 comentarios:

Ona Ebodaghe
Ona Ebodaghe:
Can’t believe it’s been a year.. it’s still tough to come to grips with to this day and I don’t think I’ll ever fully get over it either. Rest in heaven Kobe, GiGi and the 7 others in the crash🙏🏾🕊💜💛🐍
Zach Schultz
Zach Schultz:
To talk about Kobe still is to keep him alive!! My dad died 2 years ago and to bring him to life you have to talk about them!!! Never stop Kobe deserves to live forever dude was an icon!!!
Levi Omokaro
Levi Omokaro:
Lebron could've never eclipsed the legacy Kobe left in LA anyways. It's like what Lebron did for Cleveland, nobody could eclipse the legacy Lebron left in Cleveland. It's just natural really. The 'fruits of your labor' kinda thing I guess
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
One minute, Vanessa could be smiling. The next, she could be in tears. I hope she'll find someone who can protect her. She is only 38. She can't live the rest of her life dreading about this day.
potatomato :p
potatomato :p:
Kobe became my most favorite when he won his first slam dunk contest where michael finley did that stupid tumbling jump.
Cashmoney Rye
Cashmoney Rye:
Kobe was the definition of “Loyal”
From the 3
From the 3:
The Mamba is greatness
Cannot believe it’s been exactly a year. And you know what? I’m still not over it.
Kris Cook
Kris Cook:
Just can’t express the feeling of how much we love Kobe that’s why we did really want bron but he is still a good player
Rodney Joseph
Rodney Joseph:
Kobe Bryant legacy will be enshrined in Laker history. Mamba mentally forever 💯🏀
Rohan Badrinath
Rohan Badrinath:
Rest in Peace. All of the passengers. I cannot fathom how anyone could dislike this video. Regardless of who you root for you have to respect him. Went way too soon.
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Twizz The Whiz Kid:

MR. 81 🏀
Bryan Melendez
Bryan Melendez:
Greatest Laker. 2nd greatest behind MJ.
Harlow B
Harlow B:
Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Man 😢
Mario Mosin
Mario Mosin:
I know exactly how you feel Keshawn.
Basketball God
Basketball God:
Imagine if they won it again for Kobe 💯
Eldric Fandialan
Eldric Fandialan:
Kobe gave LA his whole. LA will remember, love, and revere Kobe forever 💜
Louis Mendez
Louis Mendez:
So imma just be crying my whole shift at work today ..... wow
Nicholas Tan
Nicholas Tan:
3:06, as a long-time Suns fan, yes, hated when Kobes rolled into town but I also respected his game. Dude was next level.
Otto Bourinaris
Otto Bourinaris:
john edward
john edward:
Kobe and Magic, the greatest Lakers that have ever played. They brought LA 10 Chips. They were true Lakers, they stuck with the Organization in their ups and downs their whole career. Unlike the players today that switch teams whenever they can't win a chip. Lebron will never have an impact on LA like Kobe did. Today's era is weak.
Jose Marroquin
Jose Marroquin:
K. Johnson wearing that 🔥 sweatshirt. 🤯 K. Johnson a true Angelino!
Long live the black Mama forever 💛💜
Long Live Black Mamba 🐍💛💜
Laker Legend!
No Face No Case
No Face No Case:
Still just as sad as the day it happened 💜💛🙏
Alex The Rican
Alex The Rican:
I still can’t believe his gone 😔🙏🏼
Slim Macho
Slim Macho:
keyshawn speaks for me... 😭😭
Saquell Brooks
Saquell Brooks:
It’s still hard to believe he’s gone. If you told me 3 years ago that Kobe wouldn’t be here I’d still have a hard time believing it.

Rest In Power Gigi & The Mamba
Right now they have 2 of the best superstars. And some allstars give me a break not impressed just horders. Respect just on kobe no.2 . Srry bron
Champ The Flowerhorn (Champ)
Champ The Flowerhorn (Champ):
🇰🇭👏r.i.p Kobe
Nim rashaz
Nim rashaz:
It’s been a year since you two lost, but I feel like it’s eternal. I wake up this morning thinking this is a nightmare. I look up at the night sky and wish for the brightest star I can see and I believe it is you and your daddy You are the best daughter of mom and dad. I pray for all of their families ❤💫 I love you both my gigi & Kobe
Good Night
Good Night:
Justice for Kobe and Gigi 🙏❤💯
Young Day
Young Day:
One Year 💜💛🖤
Cru TheJanitor
Cru TheJanitor:
KB 💛💜
Rene Treur
Rene Treur:
I can think of only 2 other athletes tied to their city like that. Totti and Rome, Messi and Barcelona
Been a year and it's still hard to believe...I still don't want to believe it..r.i.p. kobe and gigi
Tee M
Tee M:
Man they just can't have an all-black cast huh I mean they have to find someone who's close in color but just not a full black cast
Alice Goering
Alice Goering:
God bless you ‘May the Lord bless you and protect you.May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.’ - Numbers 6:24-26
I still can't come to believe he is gone
Larry Bozeman jr
Larry Bozeman jr:
Keyshawn is on point.
Thanongrit Suriyarungka
Thanongrit Suriyarungka:
In football in europe there are many players linked to their city more than kobe and LA
but kobe definitely up there and probably more than any other american athlete
But I would actually dare to say dRose and Chicago are more linked together
Aaron rodgers and Green Bay is up there too
Its a shame Kobe never fully recovered after that achilles injury. We would have seen more amazing basketball and fierce competition between Kobe & LeBron. Hope Durant does fully recover from his achilles injury.
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
The biggest celebrity death I've seen was either Michael Jackson in 2009 or Princess Diana in 1997. But Kobe Bryant's death in 2020 is the most painful for me. I'm not even his fan but I'm still not over it.
LA tolerates lebron but LA loves kobe forever, mamba mentality, I personally feel this way, Kobe's always number one In my book, I don't care what lebron or AD do, LA had over 20 plus years invested with the mamba 🐍
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez:
Dwayne wade has a whole county named after him. He’s always been Loyal go Miami. And only played for other teams cause they fucked him over. Wade would have always been a HEAT player and retired a HEAT player if he didn’t get fucked over. Granted wade was not as great as Kobe in the sense that he was a much better athlete and did great things for the game ask basketball. There will never be another Kobe but to say no other city will know what Kobe meant to LA I don’t see it. Wade always meant just as much to Miami
Sorry Key. I was def. not the one Angelenos who reject Lebron in 2018. The moment his plane landed @ Van nuys airport, I knew we would be champions again. I was tired of the dark times.
I can't even imagine whats going through vannesas head right now
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
Every January 26, Vanessa has to keep being reminded of today. I know she will never find another man as great as Kobe, but if Kobe was still alive today, he would want her to be happy and move on.
David Anthony
David Anthony:
I still feels like yesterday
Zakariya Ahmad
Zakariya Ahmad:
I did not grow up watching Kobe but It did not matter he was much more then basketball he was just a great man
Dhum Dooly
Dhum Dooly:
I died at 3:05🤣🤣🤣👁
Nicolò Campo
Nicolò Campo:
guys, Reggio Emilia (Italy) today has baptized a city square "kobe & Gianna Bryant".
Cant believe its been a year already. The NBA and the fans really miss you the Bean <3
Beats and Rhymes
Beats and Rhymes:
Stop it. Iverson is just as loved in Philadelphia and MJ in Chicago.
Dhum Dooly
Dhum Dooly:
I died at 3:05🤣🤣🤣👁
Rashawn Fredricks
Rashawn Fredricks:
I didn’t want LeCon then...don’t want LeCon now!!
Zakariya Ahmad
Zakariya Ahmad:
Lagends never die
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams:
Rest in peace Kobe Bryant black mamba
Disgruntled Klutch
Disgruntled Klutch:
most shocking celebrity death of all time!!!!
It’s already been a year
Paco A
Paco A:
KJ is petty with that, the real ones didn't want lebron because everyone was putting LBJ above Kobe, when we've seen them both play and kobe is the type of player we want. LBJ at the time only played defense when he wanted to, we ask that they play D all the time and cover the best player, we ask for a closer and frankly LBJ isn't the best at it, another reason is his time in Mami man he was flopping, and his age, we thought we were going to get a corolla lebron. So that's why we didn't want him, we were ok with it but very skeptical. Now I see him playing defense, he's a much better shooter etc. We cool now lol but that is why initially, why we didn't want him.
box score watcher
box score watcher:
Today is National Kobe Day in Laos.
Super Seahawk
Super Seahawk:
How has it been a year.......
what about Dirk in Dallas?!!!!
michael villarreal
michael villarreal:
Jay Williams is a joke
“FOREVER LASTING” get it right
bere_ baby
bere_ baby:
A like will do
Tee M
Tee M:
Let see all the softies come out ...Vanessa is so beautiful ...sexy looking Mexican woman with nice feet ..does that mean I hate kobe. .no I salute his taste
*.. on the NBA* Here corrected the title for you!!
Alex Paz
Alex Paz:
Kobe + Le Bron
Esvin Perez
Esvin Perez:
I still Don't want lebron on the lakers. lebrons chip here is laughable compared to any Kobes championships.
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
If the roles were reversed, Kobe would find love again. Look at Linda McCartney. Paul eventually had to move on. We all have to accept what happened. It hurts but life has to go on.
Will Cury
Will Cury:
I got a good one. Jeter in NY
January 26, 2020.
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
It's tough to keep talking about it. Want to honor. Had the best final game. The worst final exit. As much as we want to talk about him, we can't bring him back. Feel bad for Vanessa.
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
There are so many celebrity deaths. Many were self-inflicted or just natural causes. Kobe's is one of the most painful mainly because he was just taking his little girl to her basketball game.
Tashi Sonam
Tashi Sonam:
I know what u sayin
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
Kobe was drafted in 1996. He was already quite known as a senior in high school. He dies in 2020. That's 24 years. Coincidence?
Martavious Tisby
Martavious Tisby:
Kobe Bryant
Sir Weed
Sir Weed:
Yall milkin Kobe videos everyday. Time to leave this man alone. I feel you but leave this alone already and stop making money off dead homie.
jackal monkey
jackal monkey:
The Kobe scene? Haha
I'm sorry but you can't say that Kobe is above Derek Jeter It's something like that. Or magic Johnson. Those are the only two athletes that are synonymous with their franchises also. No disrespect to Kobe No one is above him but I can't say no one is at the same level. Because Derek Jeter is as Yankee as it gets as Kobe is Laker.
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
10th comment
Kameron K
Kameron K:
Sexy Scorpio
Sexy Scorpio:
Lcs Mrc
Lcs Mrc:
messi is actually more linked with barcelona then kobe is la but whatev
T E:
OMG! Get over it already. My goodness. He was a basketball ball player. Not a revolutionary, he didn’t cure cancer, he wasn’t even “woke”.
Imagine a world in which degenerates don’t worship some basketball player like he’s a deity...