Koeman tells Luis Suarez & three other Barcelona players to LEAVE the club

Since being appointed as the new Barça coach, Ronald Koeman has gotten straight to work. Already planning for life next season without several high-profile first team players. Could we see big changes at the Camp Nou next campaign?

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100+ comentarios:

Some HUGE news coming out of the club today! What's your thoughts guys? Could we FINALLY see some genuine change?
I love his confidence to tell the players to leave. Exactly what we need right now
Parijat Niyogy
Parijat Niyogy:
I feel really sad for Suarez. He has contributed a lot and he’ll be remembered as a Barca legend.
Suarez is a legend. Shame he has to leave like that. This season before going to surgery he was giving to the club some amazing goals
Kasra Kh
Kasra Kh:
Suarez has been absolutely amazing at the club. Definitely one of the best barca players of all time. He shouldve left a couple years ago. It's a shame that the club has to now force him out like this
Hasan Khreiss
Hasan Khreiss:
I love how the club and coach are finally taking action now on veteran players. But we do not need lautaro martinez, especially if he’s going to cost barca more than 70 million. Barca can just put griezmann in his natural position and play him consistently there while having a young striker prospect rotating with him if need be. That way coutinho/messi can play underneath him. Spending that much on griezmann without playing him correctly is a WASTE of money.
XG Posca
XG Posca:
Suarez will always be remembered as a Barca legend.
Muhammed Amin Jeng
Muhammed Amin Jeng:
I’m very confident about the changes and the future that Koeman is trying to build for Barça.👊🏾 Good moves.
Ps: Consider signing Neres too
footballfinest 175
footballfinest 175:
I do think it is time for Suarez to leave but all of us will remember him as a Barca Legend. 🙌💪🔴🔵
David Knaudt
David Knaudt:
Suarez was a hell of a player! Thank you for everything that you did for this team, I wish you didn’t have to be treated this way because you don’t deserve that. But it’s time for change. Once again, thank you Suarez!
Suarez will be rembered and we all are gonna miss this man...suarez needs one of the best farewell
Nima Banihashemi
Nima Banihashemi:
What happened with umtiti really breaks my heart💔...he was such a talent!
Heinrich Williams
Heinrich Williams:
I would honestly keep him in the squad. He can still make an impact especially if he's coming off the bench as the hungry Suarez that we all know
Eathon Slambert
Eathon Slambert:
SUAREZ DESERVES a farewell before he goes hes a club legend and should be sent off as XAVI and INIESTA
Thank you Suarez for what you have done. 1 like = 1 respect to Suarez
sayuj rana
sayuj rana:
I love him. He made decision that no one in the board would make. That's what Barcelona need and have needed for a long time.
My gosh! Koeman is already a success in my book! These guys have been slowing us down and prevented us from competing on a high level. I agree with you sir(like usual) about club legends and how they left. Thankful for all your services Suarez over the years but keeping you at the club is too costly with wages and Covid drama. I think the club needs a new mandate that players in their 30’s don’t get more than 1 year contract. Also Bartomeu out! He just now realizes that the coach should be the one who handles the transfers because he’s too coward to tell Suarez, Racabitch, and old man Sam the time to go is now or even years ago!
mahdi umar
mahdi umar:
Legends should know when to leave. Just like Xavi and Iniesta.
Soutrik Sarangi
Soutrik Sarangi:
Suarez has been my 2nd most favourite player since he joined. He still has the capability to score goals out of nothing. But we are in a rebuilding phase, so it needs to happen. Hoping for a grand farewell to the 3rd highest goalscorer in the club's history.
Melquiadez Hernandez
Melquiadez Hernandez:
It’ll honestly be sad to see veteran players go especially after great years and memories with the club but we can’t move forward if we don’t let go of what will soon be and if not are already liabilities. Thanks for another great video j
Hminghlu Vankal10
Hminghlu Vankal10:
Please give respect to our players,it's very shameful doing like this😔
Sayantan Sengupta
Sayantan Sengupta:
Very sad to see Suarez going😭😭 but Koeman is taking strict measures for the improvement of the club .Exactly what we lacked at the time of Setien and Valverde.Bartomeu finally takes a good decision🙏🙏
heni loachy
heni loachy:
There were time when everyone applause all those players for their performance for barca. They have dominated the world football for sometime for which barca was known for this generations. They were the entertainer on the pitch and the whole world enjoyed. Their entertainment have contributed the barcas economy. Fans, fans, just because bayern humiliate with 8 goals doesn't mean that they are nobody. Respect them when they in the position being a barca player which most could not be like them or in the place where they are now. They are special and unique still. What if Saurez,Rakitic,Messi,Pique,Jordi,
Bosquet,Roberto are in the place of
Koeman, Abidal, Bartomeu?

The above players are legends. Treat them well. If Without them who is Bartomeu? and now Koeman. Those legends have done their part. And our part is to appreciate them but not to condemned. In everything there is a time. Give them an applause.

Yes as a die heart or even die hard fan of barca and the team, we were all left speechless. But barca will never die. 2021 trophy is for barca
Anonymous Thamizhan
Anonymous Thamizhan:
Suarez will always be a legend! I respect that he wants to stay and start on the bench, but we cant pay him 250k a week to start from the bench🥺 El Pistero will always be missed😞
Koolabe 19
Koolabe 19:
Even though I’m glad that we’re seeing some changes in the squad I’m gonna miss Suarez 😔👑
Maanraj Shah
Maanraj Shah:
This man has just made Messi's life so much easy. I think Messi must have decided to leave the club bcoz he knew that either he would have to leave orelse alot of his teammates would have to. And most of them are his bestfriends. I hope Messi can rely on Koeman's plan after seing his efforts.💙❤️
I like how it has become almost a ritual to come back home from work and watch TalkFCB.
Great content, keep it up man!
jurgen vlaar
jurgen vlaar:
The terminating contract thing is very over much an overreaction I feel. Many football players get told by a new coach that they aren't in their plans. Many of them actually like that because that gives clarity for the player too. With Van Bommel when he played for barca for example, he got told he would play much less or he could look for a new club so he joined bayern
It’s so sad to say goodbye to Suarez what a great memories he gave me. #Legend
glowsquidsucks z
glowsquidsucks z:
Great courage from Koeman in telling those high rated players that he doesn’t see them in the team anymore. I just hope the senior players get a good farewell for the amazing accomplishments they have done.
We will never forget what he has done at this club and he will be missed. Wish he could've kept his form and provided more years of his top quality goals.
saswat senapati
saswat senapati:
I'll miss him so much. What a legend. But we know when it's time we have to hang out boot.
w tf
w tf:
Tbh i had my doubt when suarez first came to barca. Given his history of bad reputation and fight. I thought he will mess up the team. But he really showed what he is capable of and really changed as a player in and out of the pitch...really sad that he is leaving the club like this..i always saw him retiring at barca...anyway he already is a legend of barca....
Nick G
Nick G:
Its going to hurt because of how many legends we are losing all at the same time... but, it should've been done a while ago. Koeman is here to restore Barcelona as the greatest club in the world and well... lets hope he does.
Sometimes a leader must make harsh descisions
And this is what we were missing ever since Enrique left
I am glad to have koeman at the club now
It's sad to see our treble era end like this. It could've been so much more if there was proper management.
I think Suarez and Vidal will figure out some dignified way of leaving, making room for new signings. But Rakitic and Umtiti might dig in and leech on the club for a full year - Rakitic has been pushed many times before and still hangs in, Umtiti has shown to be stubborn in all sorts of bad ways with his non-treatments. Rakitic would eventually go to Sevilla, but where could Umtiti go with his injury record? I really hope that Barca has learned from the Umtiti situation and makes it a part of new contracts to have mandatory treatment .
Delamancha Band
Delamancha Band:
I’ll miss those Suarez goals! I’m sure we’ll see them elsewhere though .
Bryan Del Cid
Bryan Del Cid:
I think it will be in the best interest of these players to just leave through the front door and not forced out like Casillas was at RM. Unfortunately Bartomeu won’t be leaving, which he should be the first one to do so, so the players have the most to lose in this case
Mbekezeli Mshumayeli Mkhonza
Mbekezeli Mshumayeli Mkhonza:
The coach is being honest with the players on early stages, I call that leadership. Life is not fair to everyone.
Dimitris Papaspiros
Dimitris Papaspiros:
While I see the sense in Suarez leaving, I think it’s, surprise, a disgrace for the board to give him such a contract that they now need to offload him with any means necessary. I wouldn’t say legend, but definitely a great Barca hero. Also I don’t get the obsession with Lautaro. La Masia is again overlooked, he will be expensive, on big wages and (imo) overrated and overpriced. Same mistakes. Again
Mohammad Hammad
Mohammad Hammad:
I'm saying this without even watching a single minute of this video that suarez was generous to say he has no problem starting from bench but should we be paying such wages for a bench warmer?
Having Umtiti leave (and Pique closer to the end) would make sense because we have a wide range of young CBs to chose from. (Araujo, Todibo, Eric Garcia, Upamecano)
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
I'll miss him so much. What a legend. But we know when it's time we have to hang out boot.
Alan Jhones
Alan Jhones:
Suarez deserved to be treated better. But koeman is right though.
I will cry 😢 that day of farewell of Suarez because the man helped us alooooot u mean what alot means it means alot. Hats off for Suarez for all that help 😘😘😘
And it is also good for him to leave because now his performance is going down and if he stays he might be hated by fans on his last year's of his football career for his poor performances . I wish a best of luck for Suarez 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Lam rof
Lam rof:
Suarez impressed me for 3 years then he hit a deep which to me never managed to dig out of, I am surprised he stayed this long. Eto'o was more important to the team and had more impact, because Eto'o was a beast at big games.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty:
I would honestly keep him in the squad. He can still make an impact especially if he's coming off the bench as the hungry Suarez that we all know
If he moves them on, I have great belief in Koeman. In that case Puiq will be a starter next season
Mihir Tripathi
Mihir Tripathi:
I feel so sad for Umtiti man he was one of the best defenders and certainly one of the best players of 2017 but tough times with injuries just ruined his potential 😢😢
A M:
I love Suarez i thank him for everything he's done and sacrificed for Barca but all good things come to an end I hope he gets a proper send off though.
Fraser Richardson
Fraser Richardson:
Every legend has his day, Suarez has done our club PROUD, but his time has come...
Mustapha Darboe
Mustapha Darboe:
I am so happy to hear that all those players are going to leave koeman is taking a right decision We need a young players that can do this for us
g lyngdoh
g lyngdoh:
When Neymar played in barca , he was perfect in left wing , then leo messi in right wing and suarez in center . The position was effective but after Neymar left i think only center position and right wing position was effective , because grizman , dembele was not that good as Neymar in left wing position
LOCO !!!
LOCO !!!:
Suarez will always be a Legend 🔥🔥🔥
Thing is, overhauling the squad was inevitable. Next step would be to bring back the confident attacking Barcelona games on each match. I guess Messi will only stay if he finds what he was looking for with Coeman's game plan
Romar Foster
Romar Foster:
and Jamie i always wondered how a board kept on signing players that the club doesnt need. dont they talk with the manager or coach? or better yet watch the matches?

I guess for them at the end of the day it all come down the clubs financials at the end of the year. Authur Melo's departure is a perfect example.
Rockwildaz Family
Rockwildaz Family:
this is exactly what Koeman was brought in to do, and also why he took the job this season and left Holland. None of these guys will quesiton Koeman, he is a club and football legend and very respected globally. Dead weight and massive wage bill are two significant issues the club currently has that will hinder any progress. We all know Barto is weak, and best believe, if Koeman told Messi that Suarez is not part of the plans going forward, he won't like that, and worst if there isn't any incoming solution he feels will work... aka Lautaro or Neymar, cause we all know he has no confidence in Griezmann.
r s
r s:
Suarez is a legend and he can go on to a new challenge. He should move to Liverpool and dominate the league again. At 33 he needs a new challenge.
Shine banana
Shine banana:
finally a manager that has some balls
Shubham Prabhakar
Shubham Prabhakar:
I am really sad to see suarez leave . He was a big game player like no other. Messi and Suarez were the only people who I trusted to score everytime they had tough chances
For older players coming off from the bench, they should actually first try to negotiate deals with lower salaries for lesser game time. It's not right to disrespect the contribution of our beloved players like suarez. He has given his sweat and blood for Barcelona. The last UCL winning year for us was A Golden one. I wish things go well for each and everyone in the squad
Yunus Veli Madlala
Yunus Veli Madlala:
Suarez has been always on the top 3 goal scorers in Laliga, this is sad but his friendship with Messi has been one of the reason we are failling to use our forward signings like Grizman, Dembele, Coutinhio, because him and Messi think they own the front line and only they can decide who will play along side them
I would love to see a trade with Suarez to go to Ajax in exchange for someone like Van de Beek or Tagliafico
Keep up the incredible work Jamie , I love Suarez and all the moments of genius and joy he has given us...but it’s time to go. I really hope we give him the respect he deserves when he leaves , I really like the way this overhaul is going and I want to see a lot more of this , it seems as tho Koeman is running everything and so far I’m really happy with it VISCA EL BARCA 🔵🔴🔵🔴🙏
Egba Christopher
Egba Christopher:
The best I heard for me is the coach having full control. No more talk of player or the undroppables. Only start players that deserve it
Yan / Ellen Liu
Yan / Ellen Liu:
I LOVE SUAREZ, and what he has done for our club. But we have to change! wish him all the best!
Ifeanyi Philip
Ifeanyi Philip:
I am fully in support of what KOEMAN is doing, exactly what we have been clamouring for in a long while now... For it’s a decision in the right direction if we must see the likes of Puig, Elena, Pedri show what they’ve got... thumbs up 👍🏾 Koeman
mustafa mamadi
mustafa mamadi:
I feel sad for him (Suarez) but its the right decision.
Enrik Mhillaj
Enrik Mhillaj:
I like how everyone says “We’re gonna do this this summer” not realizing summer is over 😂
Lindokuhle Nganono Sosibo
Lindokuhle Nganono Sosibo:
I'm grateful to Suarez for what he did for us but this change is going to help us and it will make other players pull up their socks
Dirani Diran
Dirani Diran:
I love this coach's confidence... Great way to start
Till the time neymar was there in the club along with Dani valves,the club had great seasons but soon after neymar left ,the level of the club started depleting. I would like to see the team which won ucl
sandipan Ray
sandipan Ray:
It's a real shame that the coach needs to push these players out of the team. Leaving the club right now on their own is the best option for them. Staying any longer will only tarnish their image.
Manijas, Jibryl Khan L.
Manijas, Jibryl Khan L.:
Junaid Yusuf
Junaid Yusuf:
When Suarez really gets that he’s gonna leave, which he probably has now, I would actually recommend retiring or if anything go to MLS, plus for his family, if he retires with some compensation SCS maybe he can just stay in Barcelona and just spend his life minus football, plus all of his teammates are here. In MLS, Suarez and his family HAVE in the past been quite open to moving to America in the future
Bhargab Baruah
Bhargab Baruah:
Suarez will remain one of the great legends of Barcelona no matter what
Sweekar Bhattarai
Sweekar Bhattarai:
We started the last decade in the same manner when Pep started making big decisions and letting some of the big players leave. Not a big expectation, but let's just hope for some good start of the new decade.
Howdy Partner
Howdy Partner:
I wish Suarez left after last year. Might've been better and we could've had Griezzman as Striker instead. He wasn't terrible and help the team along with Coutinho when Messi was injured.
PEPE The leaksta
PEPE The leaksta:
Feels bad but at least he’s leaving as a legend salute to Luis Suarez
Brian Davis
Brian Davis:
Suarez will be remembered as one of the best strikers in Barca history... but with the injuries and very apparent slow down of his abilities I think it is best for him to get the retire $. If Barca want to remain relevant and get back on top these decisions need to be made.
Aditya Praveen
Aditya Praveen:
Koeman is right about letting Suarez leave, but I feel really bad about the club treating an absolute legend this way. If he should leave, he should leave on his own accord. Terminating his contract is no way to treat a club legend like that. f he does leave, we should have a huge farewell for him
David Audu
David Audu:
I really hope the club looks to sign wide players with pace to play on the wings. Lautaro would be a great signing but where does that leave Griezmann?
Messi 10
Messi 10:
It’s time for Suarez to go even though I feel sorry for him
Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan:
"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
Gaone Galeitsiwe
Gaone Galeitsiwe:
Ronald Koeman is looking good so far, he's already taking action and you can see that he's not scared of the players unlike our previous coaches. Player power is being reduced which is a very good thing. Excited for the future🔴🔵🔴🔵 Forca Barca
Lombe Kayula
Lombe Kayula:
I think am addicted to listening to your work Jimie....these changes were supposed to be made 3years ago
How about Busquets and Alba?
Eddy Che
Eddy Che:
Xavi took a seat at the bench the last year. Which was wonderful and left on his own. Inesta on the other hand, stayed on the team 2 years too long and held the team back.
Aditya Praveen
Aditya Praveen:
Valverde and Setien's biggest mistakes were giving the players too much power and let it get to their heads. Koeman has no chill, he ain't afraid of no one. I honestly think that he would remove Messi without any second thoughts from the team if he didn't suit his plans
That Wealthy Life
That Wealthy Life:
Koeman has great promise though... I love how he's being straight up... We need to do something big for these guys if they leave as fc Barcelona
I've read articles and tweets from various sources saying Koeman intends to use a double pivot next season.
Right now, I'm not convinced that we have the proper personnel to partner FdJ, which allows him to drive forward. Of our options to play next to him mainly being Pjanic & Busi... outside of unlikely options like Monchu or Matheus Fernandez that next holding MF doesn't seem mobile, defensive enough. Can we really play two DLPMs next to each other and fare well against top teams? I know we can't address everything in one window and transitions take time... thing is Barca isn't linked to any MF imo that suits that role. Van de Beek a few years back was considered a good prospect to anchor the MF... since then though he has become more of a box to box goals scoring MF.

Anyway, we'll see in a few weeks.
I would personally keep Suarez for one last farewell season. He really deserves it. He still has the striking ability and create a goal from nothing, but it's just his legs have gone.
Kelvin Osei
Kelvin Osei:
It’s a shame that it has come to this with Suarez. He should have done the same thing Xavi and Iniesta did. Leave out of your own volition. He is a club legend but sadly he is going out in a bad way.
Eric Amodeo
Eric Amodeo:
Suarez is still a great player, he’s willing to take a bench role I’d take it and let his contract expire could help with the depth in Barca, and he’s a legend for the club, he deserves respect but it is what it is
"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain"
unfortunately, the later happened to our treble winning legends
Vishal Arora
Vishal Arora:
Termination of the contract means the club will have to pay the rest of the contract unless it is by mutual agreement. That's a huge dent to the finances.
Leroy Dawn
Leroy Dawn:
He said he'd accept a bench role (maybe a paycut), i believe he's a legend who has earned the right to leave on his own terms
Andreas Panas
Andreas Panas:
Keep in mind that ronald koeman is considered as one of the greatest sweepers in football history.
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez:
All the right moves in my humble opinion, though the Suarez one hurts because I love that player. However, his wages and his dwindling output moving forward are going to hurt the club. Though it is embarrassing that Bartomeu can't show his face or make a call to Suarez, one of the most impactful players in Barca history. He can sit there and give an interview and make it obvious that Suarez is likely not returning, yet he can't pick up the f*[email protected] ing phone and give the man a call. This leadership is just a bunch of cowards.
ON ONE SIDE I FEEL VERY VERY SAD 😭for a club legend like him to be thrown out of the club ,BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, this is important ,though there should be some other way to respectably sell Suarez or let him stay this season for a reduced wage but revamping the squad is IMPORTANT, removing the player power is IMPORTANT. Though the way of doing it is not right but I am contended that atleast we are moving in the right direction.