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Villa On Tour
Villa On Tour:
Use code ‘MAX25’ for 25% off at Luke 1977 for 24 HOURS ONLY! Link in the description! 👀💜 UTV
UpTheVilla TV
UpTheVilla TV:
What a win. Cash looked amazing and If we get 3 points against fulham then brilliant start utfv
Freddie Dinsley
Freddie Dinsley:
Martinez hero, should’ve kept him, do you rate him?
Stuart Cowley
Stuart Cowley:
"Morning fellas" 🤣 Got it right for us here in New Zealand. Good to see you back with these post game videos. UTV!!!
SHDW_Mellow Yellow
SHDW_Mellow Yellow:
I’m an Arsenal fan but this is one of my favorite channels because Max is genuinely an amazing and nice guy. Much love to Villa and Martinez!
Nice to see Emi bringing in the joy from Arsenal to Villa 😄 you guys are gonna enjoy him.
Lou Lou
Lou Lou:
Konsa can have my kids
casually watching the game through your window 😂
Harry Allar
Harry Allar:
Watford fan but your vids are actually entertaining keep up the work!
Harry Drinkwater
Harry Drinkwater:
Hi max it would mean everything if you replied UTV
chopper No.2
chopper No.2:
been waiting for this since full time UTV
philly d
philly d:
My man crush for Martinez confirmed already 🤩
Literally, Luke an amazing clothing range and One football amazing app, Does Max have the best sponsorships ever 👀👀👀
Jason Stone
Jason Stone:
Hi max - utv - thoughts on Martinez Watkins cash debuts ?
Promising season, UTV 👀
Sheffield utd fans still crying about last season lol
Very unprofessional trainspotting.
Very unprofessional trainspotting.:
Petition for Max to live stream the reaction.
Holtender 102
Holtender 102:
Brilliant first performance from the lads today. Far from our best, but MUCH better than almost every game last season. Very pleased
3 points on the board. That’s all that matters. Onwards & upwards.
Spencer Round
Spencer Round:
Fancy conveniently placing a mirror behind you in the next one Max? 🤣
tomothe bomo
tomothe bomo:
Love the TV in the background. Showed me a lot of the game.
Ivan Yates
Ivan Yates:
Over the moon with that result but we still need to be more consistent and score more goals quite simply but we’ve won for today and we focus now on Bristol then Fulham
ManjeeT29 Gaming
ManjeeT29 Gaming:
Martinez, Cash and Watkins are just so good, Just need to sell Targett and get a new LB and we are good !!!
Gentleman J
Gentleman J:
Cannot believe how slow the game was, Villa still lack that cutting edge, our crossing was poor, and Trez cannot beat his man, pleased we got 3 points, but gosh we made hard work of it.
Rangers Fans TV
Rangers Fans TV:
Quality video mate. Hopefully back in the stands soon. Up the villa👍
It feels weird seeing Martinez in a villa shirt.😭
František Vtelenský
František Vtelenský:
As an Arsenal fan, I'm really happy for Emi Martinez! Hope he will do bits with you, guys!
Dean Gregory
Dean Gregory:
That penalty save could be worth a whole place come the end of the season. Massive debut.
Oxfords Finest Explorer
Oxfords Finest Explorer:
Yes three points looking forward for the rest of the season ❤️
Stalin Mao
Stalin Mao:
ollie watkins, Ollie Watkins, Ollie Watkins!, OLLIE WATKINS!!! , oooooh, I thought that had nestled - Max 2020
W How to breed W
W How to breed W:
Definitely beating Fulham 4-1 we’re just the better team
George Howes
George Howes:
Utv love the vids ❤️⚽️🦁
DJ Watts
DJ Watts:
Really good start for you guys, I thought. To my mind, You’re destined for a massive improvement on last season. I wish you all well.
dean bradley
dean bradley:
I see good things this season. We looked like a much solid team the back 4 were great. Cash didn't look like he just came from championship
Coygooners11 Rapz
Coygooners11 Rapz:
Please take good care of Martinez treat him with as much respect as you do Grealish he’s a diamond of a keeper
Leigh OBrien
Leigh OBrien:
reflection in the glass, that all I am saying
Love the content lad keep doin your thing
Liv Key
Liv Key:
max can you do the prem league predictions?

QuickScoped JFK
QuickScoped JFK:
Love the channel from Sunderland
Paul Hobday
Paul Hobday:
Great enjoyable video Max, luv your contagious enthusiasm! Top guy!
Christian Jensen
Christian Jensen:
Thanks for the discount at Luke's Max 👍 Up the Villa! 💙💜
darren woolley
darren woolley:
Well pleased with three points and a clean sheet Max good start to the season for us. UTV
The cure
The cure:
What was with the Martynez deathstare on Cash after his penalty save.
Comfortable win really ✌
Ryan ATH
Ryan ATH:
Great start
Up the villa!!
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller:
Hi Max, love watching your videos!! Cheers from Canada
Adam Byass
Adam Byass:
Martinez 💪🏻!! Great to get start with a win, although we were poor. Something to build on!!
Alfie Howell
Alfie Howell:
Me trying to watch this before school
sportsfantasy XI
sportsfantasy XI:
I am a big villa fan specially bcz of Jack grealish😍😍 ,Trezeguet and T mings...other players are also best
Philip Murgatroyd
Philip Murgatroyd:
Get In!!!!! Welcome Back.
Great win by the villa lads!
Mental scenes from villa park

I’m loving the vids mate 👍🏽💪🏽👊🏽
Rich 'TYLER'
Rich 'TYLER':
Why does it look like your front room is actually attached to the stadium?!
4:23 YEEHH
I think we all know what he said😂😂
at 3:16 max, why do you sound scared that John egan got sent off LOOOOOOOOOOL i diedddddddddddd
Alex Langhorn
Alex Langhorn:
U said morning fellas it was evening lol
1 minute 55. 1 football gives away the match highlights so Max doesn't have too 😂😂
Will Fox
Will Fox:
‘Wilder hates coming to villa park’ not lost there in the last three before this game.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones:
Oh Iv missed these videos😍
Great video mate 🙌🏽
Darren Hancock
Darren Hancock:
Is that ya dad talking lol
Zackattackavfc Utv
Zackattackavfc Utv:
Good first game back get in!!!!👌🏻
Connor Brown
Connor Brown:
Big up max for giving us a sneak peek of the game through the reflection of his window, top bloke
Reet Pateet
Reet Pateet:
Even my wife loves your videos Max! This season is going to be much much better! UTV 👍
vincent overy
vincent overy:
At the end of the day its 3 points in the bag I'd be happy mid table tbf progress from last season
Gaz Snaith
Gaz Snaith:
Egan can feel harsh for the red if that was a red for villa I wouldn't be happy
avfc.fans74 TV
avfc.fans74 TV:
Great Video Max! Keep these Coming UTV
City 'Til I Die
City 'Til I Die:
Is that VOTDAD we hear?
Tricky Villains. I like that haha... not heard that before!
What a performance. Dominated the game after the red card. It's always difficult when the opposition only sits back and defends. Important win! Up the Villa!
stuart busby
stuart busby:
Hello Max! I am from Norway, I watch all your videos. not even a Villa-fan, but you are my favorite football-youtuber. Looking forward to to see spectators in all grounds again.
Villa on Tour- Villa at home
Mikey Tucker412
Mikey Tucker412:
Lol I live in Coventry
rafael gotto
rafael gotto:
Very nice signing for villa, Martinez will be a starter there, in Arsenal he would keep sitting on the subs bench, good for villa and for his career. Like and sub!
Sam Jones
Sam Jones:
Alex Preddy
Alex Preddy:
class start to the season, watkins will take a few games to adjust. wouldn’t surprise me if he scores against fulham though. UTV
David Johnson
David Johnson:
Up the villa!!!!!!!🙌🏻
Ben Barons
Ben Barons:
I miss Mr Hard worker Nakamba
Limbless Villan
Limbless Villan:
Bet your voice doesn't go that high pitched in the Holte end max!!...lol
All the Arsenal fans are saying the same thing! They genuinely regret letting Martínez go!
Harvey goddard England
Harvey goddard England:
Aston Villa Winning Liverpool 3 1
Bravo VILLA.. Come on Lions.. Glorieeee glorieeee ASTON VILLA and the VILLA go marching on on on fan from Greece 🇬🇷 😎
TheOnlyCrow 29
TheOnlyCrow 29:
Whats your new job?
Santino Camacho
Santino Camacho:
Looking good if we play like that all the season 👀🤩
Brad Greening
Brad Greening:
Love the content but gotta unsub coz of the score in the thumbnail. I live in NZ and can't watch the games until I get home from work. Soz cuz
John Kearney
John Kearney:
Get in there Konsa .... UP THE MIGHTY VILLA 🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁⚽️👍👍👍
Paul Merson Villa legend
Paul Merson Villa legend:
Ezri Konsa Ezri Konsa
Signed by Suso to play for Deano
& he loves the Villa.
1234 Ezri Konsa Ezri Konsa...........
Massey Man 8737
Massey Man 8737:
I only found this channel because Cash joined Aston Villa from Nottingham Forest
Chris Eades
Chris Eades:
Looked a dominant side 😂🤣 You mean to say you played vs 10 men for 77 minutes? You still looked shocking 🤣👍
aston francis
aston francis:
Up the villa 🦁🦁
football fan for life
football fan for life:
Dave F
Dave F:
Thought Jack n mcginn were not at there best tonight ..
Stalk me Mr myers
Stalk me Mr myers:
Sotv utb🔵
ShootA_YT Gamer
ShootA_YT Gamer:
Hi villa on tour I'm a villa fan give shout out plz
Chris Ashton
Chris Ashton:
I'm a Sheffield United fan but you deserve the win you played great
Lee Collison
Lee Collison:
wot a win up the villa
Sigurd Hring
Sigurd Hring:
Love the win. Last year we lose most of the time facing a team down a man. Martinez is worth every penny.
We need another creative player. I say Buendia. We just are slick enough in the middle. Hope Konsa is healthy for the next one. Up the Villa boys!
Up the tricky villans