Koolhof & Skupski vs Cabal & Farah For The Title | Madrid 2022 Double Final Highlights

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27 comentarios:

beryl m
beryl m:
Love the doubles matches - thanks for uploading! Congrats to both teams for terrific tennis
Rand U
Rand U:
Awesome level of play! Thanks for uploading this video; doubles matches are so under-represented!
incredible doubles. great poaching from k&s
Rajesh Nandwani
Rajesh Nandwani:
3:06 best point of the year Robert Farah
Mason London
Mason London:
Shame on Tenis channel for only showing this on TC plus, instead they show to show first round rome Cilic blowout 😡🤬
Mr Nowak
Mr Nowak:
These are hands down some of the most boring trophies I’ve seen apart from the Paris masters (which was literally a rectangle plate with writing). They could have given smaller versions of the singles titles. So little effort on these it’s sad.
1:38 how tf did he manage to get that back man
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez:
Vamos Cabal /Farah ! Muy bien siempre !
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Good match. Good trophy set.
Юрий Степнов
Юрий Степнов:
Ești un idol REIKOO.Uno mereu în inima mea 💋 frumos, dragoste, alegere, cultural. Sunt unul dintreo cele mai bune concerte....
Jono Nolan
Jono Nolan:
Cabal and Farah haven't won in a while.
The thumbnail looks like a young John Cena 🥳
Brandy Ellis
Brandy Ellis:
5:25 artisticas son unos BIGASSS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Saludos desdeq la Cd. de world 🌹😉💖
Chopper Fox
Chopper Fox:
The ankle injuried from the Colombian turned the match around.
Chuckers Thenut
Chuckers Thenut:
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen:
A real final
Gareb Feumba
Gareb Feumba:
The Colombian pair hasn’t won anything since the Olympics, it seems like the gold medal was a curse.
Jay S
Jay S:
What don't I understand? 10- 5 in the 3rd set?!?
marc schuurman
marc schuurman:
Can someone explain why there is no deuce at this match?
xiaolin wang
xiaolin wang:
Maguslloret Munoz
Maguslloret Munoz:
Cabal - Farah are specialists in loosing finals
Fábio Amaral
Fábio Amaral:
Cabal & Farah 🤝 lose finals
John Papadopoulos
John Papadopoulos:
Good match Skupski potato
Soar Ant
Soar Ant:
Up the brits
koolhof/skupski..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣what a JOKE.....cant even win against mektic/pavic.......pfffff
Suvantola S
Suvantola S:
The doubles should change the rules, e.g., the return should be inside the singles' zone, otherwise, why should the serve be inside the serving box?
Rafa Undisputed goat
Rafa Undisputed goat:
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year
I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2022