Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox Celebrate 'Future Baby Daddies' at 2021 VMAs

Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox introduced their boyfriends, Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly, at the 2021 MTV VMAs.

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Ana C
Ana C:
I feel happy for Megan and Kourtney they’re two moms that look like they got their youth back and are just enjoying life and vibing with their new partners MGK and Travis. And they both look stunning
Meg looked so good, it’s almost unrealistic. She’s too gorgeous 😫
briana williams
briana williams:
Kourtney looking like “ummmm who said I want more kids?”
Megan has changed dramatically since meeting MGK. She's taking her youth back that was lost in her 20's lol Married so young etc. She's just living her best life! She loves her vanilla boy rapper 🤣🤣
S R:
These two females lost some of their best years to men who didn’t appreciate them. Now they’re happy and glowing. Looking more vibrant then I’ve seen in years. This is what happens when you have FRIENDSHIP in a relationship. Toss in the honeymoon newness and breath of fresh air. They’re happy. Can we just be happy for their happiness ❤️
I apologized to myself for watching this.
Larry Hu
Larry Hu:
I love how Megan said “he’s the most talented boy in the world” and not “man in the world” 😂😂😂 says a lot
"Our future baby daddies" that was so cringe. Anyone else felt embarrassed when they said that?
“Whatever daddy says” “boy” “future baby daddy” *licking each others tongues anytime someone looks in their direction* Girl wtf are you doing 😂
Inspiration Motivation
Inspiration Motivation:
I feel like Kourtney and Megan are changing themselves for their new relationships. They were both never as out there as they are acting now. Making out in public, tongues out, changing their style to match their partner…Its an odd shift. We will see how long they both last…
Stef blanchard
Stef blanchard:
It’s super weird she calls him daddy and in the next breath says he’s the most talented boy in the world. Um, he’s a 30 year old man who thinks he’s Kirk Cobain lately.
Daisy Hernandez
Daisy Hernandez:
I feel like Kourtney secretly doesn't like Megan but is trying to tolerate her because their boyfriends are best friends. It seems like they have nothing else in common other than that and the fact that they have kids with other men.
Megan fox got so much more cringe after being with Mgk
Joanna Jade
Joanna Jade:
Megan is so different now lol dang... more confident that's good. But way different
I see Megan so beautiful at times yet at other times she looks like a beautiful drag queen.
Lucy Pollard
Lucy Pollard:
Khourtney is the happiest shes ever been...shes experiencing the love of a man...koodoos Khourt..its so good when somebody loves you back...
I think women and men should be able to dress however they want. It's no one's place to demand someone else to wear something they want. That said, Megan's latest fits are giving me wannabe trophy wife vibes. She always had that girl next door, effortlessly attractive thing going so maybe I'm just not used to it. But you can definitely tell its MGK's influence
xiomana xoxoxo
xiomana xoxoxo:
She’s reliving her twenties, she’s living her best life good for her
Something is Off with Megan fox, the way she acts in interviews lately, its just off, its weird. i cant be the only one thinking that.
Alexandra G_1994
Alexandra G_1994:
These woman and their current relationships are my guilty pleasure atm lol, both so gorgeous and I love Megan and Kourtney's new found fun and freaky attitudes.
Didi Kai
Didi Kai:
Hey Kourtney...you go girl. I’m so happy for you. You remained silent AND Classy when Scott was splattered all over the media for repeatedly running around with girls half his age. So yea..it’s called Karma and it does come around. Now YOU’RE taking him to the KOURT!!! Enjoy it. You and Travis look good together. Younnes is a real man for standing up for you too. 😉
Michael Nolan Nolan
Michael Nolan Nolan:
Hollywood gone more Satanic haven’t watched a video like this in years it’s like I’m in a time machine. Jesus saves turn to him while you can.
I thought Megan didn't want to be labeled as a sex symbol anymore cuz she's a historian at heart?....during the ET interview didn't she say he coordinated their outfits and told her she was going naked? "Cuz whatever daddy says goes" ijs
Erin Meow
Erin Meow:
Seems like Megan Fox is trying real hard to stay relevant or something.
Alyssa Incendiario
Alyssa Incendiario:
Connor is so pathetic, even his own Irish people don’t like the guy 🤣
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres:
Kourtney is shining. Megan is gorgeous as always.
D We
D We:
I think it's sad to see her acting this way. All the time Megan was very outspoken about Hollywood using her and "her body" for views and not being taken seriously. Now it seems that all she does is objectifying herself.
Nay LA
Nay LA:
Kourtney looks very uncomfortable next to Megan
R Mekhail
R Mekhail:
I think Megan is actually still very much an intelligent, self possessed woman who knows who she is. Like Marilyn Monroe, I think she is definitely pushing forward this sexualized public persona especially when her new and very different relationship has opened new channels to express herself in ways that she wasn’t given a chance to before. She is clearly enthralled with him and sometimes when there’s that level of trust and closeness, it does make you want to be the most sexy and open version of herself and let’s be honest, she always wanted to throw off/say shocking things to the media because the media always takes it wrong and misrepresents anyway! So I honestly can’t blame her for having fun and enjoying her relationship!!
ervin chua
ervin chua:
Megan is having a mid-life crisis. There I said it.
Amanda R
Amanda R:
This was soooo cringe.. Calling other women 'hoes'... She claimed to not wanting to be a sex symbol but everything she does screams that. I use to really like her but being a walking contradiction kinda lost me there.
Nodes Grow
Nodes Grow:
2 girls sharing 1 brain cell
Yer Yang
Yer Yang:
How the hell did he go from rapping to a rock boy?!!😳 Oh..I almost forgot how Eminem ended his rapper career 😅😅🤣
Fab Xo
Fab Xo:
LMFAOOO “it’s the queen or no one” period
Eva Maes
Eva Maes:
Wow Megan Fox looks amazing! That dress looks great on her to. She has been everywhere lately. Good for her!
Fred Vieira
Fred Vieira:
Empty people being mistaken by role models ! That's pretty a common thing now days .
Billy Jack
Billy Jack:
Kourtney is such a hypocrite; she wanted to distance herself from the media and she's all immersed all of a sudden. Can we say "transparent"!
Sandra Nel
Sandra Nel:
Gonna be interesting to see how all this craziness is going to play out in the long run. This is way too over the top for two grown women to act like this somethings not right. It's one thing to be in love blissful and happy and it's a whole other story when you start being and doing irresponsible things that could affect your kids. Also didn't Kourtney want to not be in the spotlight anymore crying about quitting the reality show😐and Megan didn't she use to say she does not want to be seen as a sex object and there is more to her😐could have fooled me ladies.
Sean Fainsan
Sean Fainsan:
This would be interesting if she did this in 2008. Doing this now is a Mid life crisis.
Mgk sticking his tongue out every second. Just kiss her properly you tool.
Angie Hernandez
Angie Hernandez:
Me head tilted sideways like my dogs do whenever I say “treat” when Meghan told a reporter the reason why she’s half naked because her boyfriend told her to, she said “whatever daddy wants.” 🤣 I thought you only said those words to your pimp. 😂 At least from what I see in movies. 😆 Very immature of her to say and how she acted during the interview and on stage.
But I do agree with the other post, she married way too young and become a mother too young. Hopefully she can still be a great mom to her kids and understands her children will see what she does either online or on tv or on their phones.
Milena Milena
Milena Milena:
What's wrong with Megan? Her behaviour is very weird
Megan is becoming cringe. Getting sick of seeing her pop up everywhere 😅 damn algorithms
christine b
christine b:
She’s hilarious love her haha
LF Edits
LF Edits:
I've always liked Megan Fox.. but damn she is trying way too hard to be the 'cool girl' these days.
Jen Bilbrey
Jen Bilbrey:
The queen or no one lol. Unbelievable those two are definitely made for each other. I wish Connor would have kicked his ass. Lmao
Matt L
Matt L:
She just wanted to be back on the scene. She got bored with soccer practice and Brain Greens old ass lmao.
Anna-Maria Lopez
Anna-Maria Lopez:
Travis looks crazy in photos, his eyes look crazy
Real Wake Up
Real Wake Up:
This isn't love this is called pimping out my momma bear for clout. Colson is pretty genius for taking advantage. I hope Megan will wake up, hopefully this lifetime. I really liked enjoyed her mind, opinions and unique style before she put all her eggs in sonny's basket.
Logan with lightsabers
Logan with lightsabers:
Tell me you’re having a mid life crisis without telling me you’re having a mid life crisis
GXI Espar
GXI Espar:
Life changes you !!!
Breakups and heart breaks change you!!!
Love changes you and they look happy !!!
Their esthetic is changing along with their hearts ♥️
Pedro Roque
Pedro Roque:
The acceptance of sexual and explicit content keeps being pushed to keep the blind society hooked while their rights are being taken away. This is unreal.

The amount of social agendas at these events is hard to grasp. Strange times.
A C:
For not wanting to be on TV / famous, she sure is doing a lot now without complaining… and for wanting to just spend time with her kids , she spends a lot of time straddling and making out with her new boo.. just saying
Jet Sable
Jet Sable:
She always wanted to be Angelina, now she's pushing Angelina circa Billy Bob Thornton.
Camila C
Camila C:
She is embarrasing. The way she talks and pulls her tongue. She is just so cringe. I love her but seriously she is doing too much is just painful to watch 😖
Amy Falcon
Amy Falcon:
I love that “ex’s best friend!” 👏👏👏’@MGK Cool colab with a great drummer Travis! Dang! MMA that occasion is not fir your stunt!
Aubrey Jones
Aubrey Jones:
Love them both!
Amrika Rambaran
Amrika Rambaran:
I think what gets me is that if you’ve ever listened to Megan speak, she always would say she didn’t want to be seen as a sex symbol, yet here she is dressed like this, what do you think this exudes?
Kourtney never called Travis her future baby daddy. Megan said that and probably embarrassed her. Wouldn't Megan say future husband's? They all have kids pretty sure that's not something they're trying to do right now since he's got an album coming out and is super busy? Maybe I'm wrong. Weird she calls MGK "Daddy" and "boy". He's only 4 years younger and he's a MAN not your Daddy
brie cheese
brie cheese:
Things change for the right person in the right time
Erin-Marie Bailey
Erin-Marie Bailey:
Kourtney was like “ummm overkill 😅
joerlie lund
joerlie lund:
Congratulations!!! Mgk😎 Travis. .. awesome. Bless you both!
she called him daddy haha she's a clone 🤣
sephiroth11041 X
sephiroth11041 X:
Megan has watched MGK "grow" alright! Lol
Kashfia Islam
Kashfia Islam:
I really want to be 6’5” like redhead volleyball player Meredith Doyle but I would much rather be Megan Fox’s height with blue eyes than be redhead volleyball player Meredith Doyle’s height with brown eyes. 🎭🩰🎨
Megan S
Megan S:
God it’s a jooooke 😂 why is everyone freaking out about them saying “baby daddies”?
Tia Hardy
Tia Hardy:
Megans different" Humm worried a bit' Love Her..
Akilah Brooklyn
Akilah Brooklyn:
Megan Fox calling her man "Daddy" is priceless.
I love her sense of humor.

Kudos to "No hoes in the videos."

Mark your territory!
...Or send him back to the streets!

Tonya Cochran
Tonya Cochran:
Kourtney has so much more class than Megan🙄
Alma Suarez
Alma Suarez:
She's absolutely right, when I'm in a relationship it's the queen(myself the girlfriend) and no one else when it comes to other female. 😁
I dont like rock/ alternative ....but that song 🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Fake Farrah Faucet
The Fake Farrah Faucet:
MGK and Meghan are a soulmate connection trust me 😍🔥
'its the queen or no one'
I like her very much
Fiore Bella
Fiore Bella:
To me Meghan is super beautiful.
abigail gabusi
abigail gabusi:
Conor mcgregor bringing dublin accent to the vma with you know what i mean 😂😂😂 love it
Milonthemove Kamil Kamilion
Milonthemove Kamil Kamilion:
So Ingenious upset the Kardashians went off air yet Love the keep in tune with surprise appearances with same dynamic of show evolved
Lady Leah
Lady Leah:
She really needed to feel relavent
M. Fatima
M. Fatima:
Megan seen so empty and so stupid when she talks, I feel for her kids
Troy Terrell
Troy Terrell:
Megan fox needs to chill on narcotics she is tripping hard
"Future baby daddy" Megan needs to take care of the kids she already has instead of chasing a man around. Not cool how they promote evil lifestyle, never thought I'd see the day 😪
Mari M
Mari M:
It’s the Queen or No One!!!😂 I’m stealing that line!! 😆
Pule Edgar Dithuge
Pule Edgar Dithuge:
Khortney Kardashian is planning on having another baby at 42 years old but I'm sure she frozen her eggs
Megan : no class whatsoever. The new Rose McGowan; smh 🤦‍♂️. What does she see in that guy oh I know money 💰
Wins award for being totally talentless and his listeners know absolutely nothing about music
Yours Truly
Yours Truly:
I think McConnor's bodyguards, pay him salary to take care of them
Evil  Energy
Evil Energy :
Conner would of broke him..lol
Lorelai Gilmore
Lorelai Gilmore:
Kourtney definitely made a good decision leaving scott
jayme peddycoart
jayme peddycoart:
meg is not wearing anything . Kourtney looked classy.
Jesus saves father the son , and Holy Spirit
Jesus saves father the son , and Holy Spirit:
It looks like this celebrities are the perfect moral examples of this nation.
That's how you do it megan! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 only she can be in her man's videos 🥰 GOALS
leo Leondre
leo Leondre:
Imagine ur mom with a see through on Tv with his BF calling him "daddy" so yeah don't fk with marriage don't play it like a joke making a baby isn't a joke, they should know having a child has lots of responsibility!
Vik Voltaire
Vik Voltaire:
Megan is definitely making up for lost time because she got married too young. Now she is acting like a giddy teenager and she seems really happy with MGK. She is more wild and more confident now.
norma lopez
norma lopez:
Sloppy seconds.I respect That she understands she’s for a moment.I really hope that she puts that energy into building
Airashii The Empress
Airashii The Empress:
Love MGK AND Travis love them since the beginning. Great performance boys and beautiful baby mamas haha
Sanaa Shah
Sanaa Shah:
I just love these fantastic four ❤️😍😍😍
Smol Smol
Smol Smol:
If youre a young child/teen watching this know you dont have to do whatever your bf says,you dont have to obey him and get naked,when you get older you can decide wether you want to listen to someone else and wether you feel comfortable being "submissive" as long as youre setting healthy boundries.
Im worried for young girls watching this thinking they need to act this way in order to get attention or to be loved by someone,you can be whatever you wanna be,and if you choose to act the same just dont forget to set healthy boundries.❤
Youre beautiful and worthy
And your sexuality is up to you to explor as much or as little as you'de like.
Leigh Brown
Leigh Brown:
They act like they are in middle school but as long as they are happy😅
Eugene o reilly
Eugene o reilly:
Many months to the we went our different ways but countine to be friends interview.....

Whos next?
Earth Angel
Earth Angel:
I love Travis n Kourt❤👏🏽👏🏽🥁🥁🥁