Kourtney Kardashian Marries Travis Barker in LAVISH Italian Ceremony

Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker tie the knot in an epic Portofino, Italy ceremony. See Kris Jenner walk her eldest daughter down the aisle!

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E! News
E! News:
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THIS IS WONDERFUL!!! I'm glad it was small. I'm glad Kourtney did it her way. I'm glad it wasn't a network spectacle. Now we can all get back to our regularly scheduled programming. 🥳🥳🥳
Beryl Wyatt
Beryl Wyatt:
The veil is stunning if you meet that special someone in life then you have been blessed congratulations to them both
S P:
She so deserves this!!!!
Anna Getrude
Anna Getrude:
Kourtney deserves to be happy Congratulations
Omg her veil!! 💓🥳🎉 Congratulations to THE BARKERS!! 😘💯🥂🥂🎉🎉🎉🎉
Helen 13
Helen 13:
So happy for her!! Congrats!!
Marlenis Aguilar
Marlenis Aguilar:
I love them 😍 together it’s beautiful 🤩
Mindy Stein
Mindy Stein:
Congratulations KRAVIS
Wishing you guys the best of what life has to offer
Maria Gervacio
Maria Gervacio:
Congratulations Kravis! Kris looks gorgeous on her dress too!
Tiny media
Tiny media:
Wishing them a happy ever life🤞🏻
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
Congratulations kourtney, and travis on your special day, wishing you both the very best all of her family look beauty⚘💟💟💟
Nina Salgado
Nina Salgado:
OMG! Kourtney I'm so Happy 😊😁 for you!! You really deserve everything coming your way! God does everything for a reason!! Don't you forget that!! Your 💒 wedding dress was Stunning and that Veil just put the Icing on the 🎂!!!💯📢🆘💐🥂💗🎂💒👑🎉⭐🎊😇🙏🏼🥰🤵👰👸🤴❤️🥳🤗
D Josephine
D Josephine:
Well they definitely look beautiful together 🤍👰‍♀️💍 Italy must be the country of love & forever 🤍🤍
Congratulations. May positive energies bless y'll always.
Kimberly Holt
Kimberly Holt:
SO nice she got Moma to give her away!!!!!!! 😭💜
Tracye Klassen
Tracye Klassen:
Congratulations to you both. Hows the kids taking it all in. Happy for u kourt
Congrats to them both...Scott is now a nobody, and Kim is thinking how did Kourtney outshine them all!
Mae Auditore
Mae Auditore:
Scott will reflect on this for the rest of his life. I mean..he was given a decade to get a girl and he didn't manage that. He can only blame no one but himself. He fucked up
Heather C.
Heather C.:
She actually looks pregnant in her dress. She looks like she has a baby bump in her dress. I hope she finally is. Ik she said she has gained weight, but due to the shots n stuff but her weight gain has made her natural butt n body in general stunning. That dress tho? The most beautiful dress I have ever seen. Congrats! Kravis! I am way more excited cus she looks pregnant in that dress. I pray she is. OMG!
Adorable couple
Jackie Gorman
Jackie Gorman:
Her veil is everything ❤️
Pule Edgar Dithuge
Pule Edgar Dithuge:
KRAVIS 4 EVER❤️❤️❤️😍
Patrica Dyson
Patrica Dyson:
I love her Dress.
Alvise Gamma
Alvise Gamma:
Here in Italy they announced the wedding in the TV news
Devine One
Devine One:
Welp.. every bride has their own style I guess.
Caspian Blue
Caspian Blue:
Her Baby bump really shows.
Kathy Ropa
Kathy Ropa:
At they have many years of happiness.
Sincerely Sid
Sincerely Sid:
3rd wedding TRAVIS lol should have been what was said but so happy they found love ❤️❤️
Alanna Myers
Alanna Myers:
I have loved and followed you guys for about 15 years now. I always stand up for you in comments sections and this relationship has been such an inspiration, especially to single ladies like me. Kourt, I know you don't really like comments sections or going online but if anyone of the Kardashians is reading this, please please I know Kourtney is better than this level of fashion. Something has been off lately. Fertility journey, I get it, I do. And the short dress moment is different and nice. The leather outfits have been great, the fashion moments with Meghan Fox have been great, that red dress with the faux fur wrap you wore a couple of days ago was great. This short dress was a cute, unique, individualistic moment. And I'm sure that Travis thinks you're beautiful no matter what you wear. And most importantly, I'm sure you think you're beautiful no matter what you wear. All that being said, doesn't anybody else think that we need a long dress moment from Kourtney? Something has been off about the styling ever so often these past couple of months. I just know that Kourtney is capable of better. Maybe she needs to change doctors or something but I'm excited for us to get the Kourtney that we're accustomed to back after this fertility journey..!
I love seeing these these two together. They look stunning. So happy. Kourtney you do your thing..
Don't let your family steal your thunder. Your Mom and your sisters are only trying for a story line.. shame on them. Shame on your Mom for trying to cause drama for both you. You have always been my favorite.. sorry to say this,... but you're family is so jealous of you. And toxic for you and Travis.
I dont blame you of trying to cut down some of their drama.
You looked Beautiful and Travis looked very handsome. Enjoy that love, you both deserve it.. and Kim you make yourself look stupid in your outfit that looks like someone sewed curtains on you
You wore that to try and steel the attention on you. Hunny you got attention. For looking stupid and dressing North like you did..your so jealous of Kourtney. Where's Pete?oh Pete?? Oh Pete?? Kim you know you never dress this way.
Don't Care
Don't Care:
LMAO> I give them less than 2 years.
How much y’all want bet kourtney is already pregnant
Rhiannon Rose
Rhiannon Rose:
She deserves all the goodness.she waited a long time.they were friends forever neighbors for years as well!kids are only upset because their dad Scott is acting like a whiney spoiled brat and bitching about everything.he had 3 kids and years to do the right thing.Its ok her true friend and a real man stepped up to the plate.
Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts:
Go Kravis!!🌼🌼🌼🌼
Troy MacDonald
Troy MacDonald:
Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian so on is awesome 😎♥️
Troy MacDonald
Troy MacDonald:
Awesome 😎👍 Congratulations. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The only thing matters that you're happy. 😎😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️
Jill M
Jill M:
What an insult to Caitlyn.
Avalon Archer
Avalon Archer:
This wasn’t a wedding. It was a Dolce & Gabbana advertisement. These nuptials were not about celebrating love, they were about endorsing D&G.
I think she is pregnant❣️
3rd wedding for Travis,he better not break her heart
Sheila Wilson
Sheila Wilson:
why did the commentator keep referring to previous marriages? leave Kourtney alone!
The other girls go for that lavish Compton wedding.
TC Nance
TC Nance:
Congratulations on Your Third Wedding??
Daily Beast
Daily Beast:
All that money and still no class. So much secondhand embarrassment.
Kelly Douglas
Kelly Douglas:
Kourtney looks Pregnant 👶
Lpg 8
Lpg 8:
Does anyone think she's pregnant? She's looking a bit top heavy and her belly is pretty rounded,. Overall, she's looking a bit more voluminous all around. I hope they stay happy but for some reason, I feel like there is something that's just not right, hope I'm wrong.
Cloak of Anonymity
Cloak of Anonymity:
A few months. A year tops. And then you weirdos will be all excited when they both marry new people AGAIN.
Jean Joseph
Jean Joseph:
Congratulations on your 3rd wedding Travis ...and pretty soon it will be his 4th....because if a man has so nuch weddings something is wrong....Run Kourt.
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣thats yall okay
La République en masque
La République en masque:
Is it me or does Kourtney look pregnant ??
Josh Wirrelson
Josh Wirrelson:
They’re definitely making out right now
Elizabeth Mumba
Elizabeth Mumba:
Let's hope those spoiled kid's of hers behave this time if not sorry this man will run anyway congratulation to Mr and Mrs Kar Barker
Teresa Malone
Teresa Malone:
This guy tries too hard to be fashionable. Creepy
Linda Simons
Linda Simons:
Another 🤡 wedding
6 months max😂
Patrica Dyson
Patrica Dyson:
Lovevthat car.
EmmaRhonda Wilson
EmmaRhonda Wilson:
She looks pregnant. Congratulations on both if you are
Karen Hardie
Karen Hardie:
She acts like a 16 year old. Maybe keep some of the pda private so your kids don't have to see it all the time. New stuff for their reality show. All about fame and money.
Dress doesn’t match the veil … too short
MissQuinne 888
MissQuinne 888:
Hope it lasts for her but if I’m honest when someone changes their whole identity to fit a man it never works very well, she went from being a clean eater without gluten and dairy because it made her really unwell yet now she’s chomping down on McDonald , I dunno I find it all a bit soon after a year , especially when her kids ain’t comfy with it yet !
Caitlyn Jenner was a bridesmaid 🙃
She’s looking more and more like a tweaker
Novlette Dougharty
Novlette Dougharty:
Why you give them two year you sre going to take her man you all need to leave these people alone
Charlie Quiroga
Charlie Quiroga:
She looks pregnant...
Blanca Hutchinson
Blanca Hutchinson:
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
sara coffi
sara coffi:
Why Italy though?
Wjy do i feel like Kourtney is pre_go.... 🤔🤗💕💕
Hideous dress
why wasn't Rob invited
Renell White
Renell White:
Maybe now the cringe worthy pda will stop.
autumn cortez
autumn cortez:
Is she pregnant?
Jean Johnson
Jean Johnson:
This will not last for various reasons
Cindy Bokpe
Cindy Bokpe:
Did anyone see Mason ? Saw Penelope and Reign but not Mason
Blanca Hutchinson
Blanca Hutchinson:
Kiss Kiss Kiss, Never ever Stop,it's Beautiful
Tammy Nguyen
Tammy Nguyen:
Who are they I don’t know them
Travis too
 Arabella Leigh
Arabella Leigh:
Kourtneys Dress is Beautiful! Looks Expensive. Who was the Designer? Where is Rob? Where is Dream? That Veil Though.... Wow i Hope You Have ^TWINS^ Kourtney!!
Olivia Ortiz
Olivia Ortiz:
Kelebogile Kepadisa
Kelebogile Kepadisa:
Your title is wrong, a woman cannot marry a man. Travis Baker marries Kourtney Kardashian.
Gina Maria Saracione
Gina Maria Saracione:
Mrs Kourtney Kardashian Barker
A woman who has to change herself this much is just thirsty lol 😂
linda koch
linda koch:
I hate to be a party pooper, but i don't think it will last...
Tona rigsby
Tona rigsby:
does kardashian own enews, I don't care about kardashian, this is all enews seems to report about. enews step up game, less about kardashian,
Female DallasTx
Female DallasTx:
Travis is using her for the spotlight and many career opportunities that will come his way. I feel bad for Kourtney but mostly her kids. She also needs to be less sexual in front of her kids. She lets Travis grope her everywhere while they’re present. That is to be done in private. Less than 5 years for them.
I give it 2 years.
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly:
3 Weddings ... but there will only be 1 Big Divorce !!
Jessica cuellar
Jessica cuellar:
I've noticed her kids always came first but now , kids are second and to much sexuaral display in front of the kids and for the world to see, now she's trying to be this cool wife and mom, i mean omg check out how she is dressing she's lost her class, all for traves to try to fit in and be cool, and trys to look like a rockef chick, sorry to late your ship has sailed
Jessica cuellar
Jessica cuellar:
Hope they signed a prenup
Cool Story
Cool Story:
So cringe.... oof
ilana Green
ilana Green:
Who cares
Betty Le Roux
Betty Le Roux:
Thank goodness they didn't invite Mrs Jenner.
Art Watson
Art Watson:
Nooo body cares
Jane O'Leary
Jane O'Leary:
So stupid if your friggin VEIL is bigger than your dress. So tacky but no surprise. They never disappoint in the ugly dept