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Actress Kristen Stewart takes a break from her InStyle Cover Shoot to answer your fan mail. Ever wonder where Kristen gets all of her t-shirts? Or why she took her shoes off on the Cannes red carpet? Tune in to watch her answer these and other questions submitted by YOU, her biggest stans!
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00:00 - Intro
00:57 - Q1: If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would play you? @thekristensstewart

01:23 - Q2: Now that you’ve joined the 30’s club, what do you think is going to change about your life? @krisbian_h
02:27 - Q3: You can only save one item of clothing, what would you save and why? @stewartquotes
03:23 - Q4: What tips can you give new actors? @kristenstewartu
04:07 - Q5: Why did you take your shoes off on the Cannes red carpet? Do you still have the Get Off My Dick t-shirt? - Liza
04:53 - Q6: What is your favorite part about being from California? - Desmond
05:50 - Q7: We’re going to get to see you portray another iconic woman, Princess Diana. What’s your process to get to know the character you’re going to play? @iconic_stewart
06:34 - Q8: What movies make you laugh or cry hysterically?
- Chantal
07:33 - Kristen Stewart's message for her fans

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100+ comentarios:

taezin b
taezin b:
i don't understand why people hate her like y'all she's a sweetheart love her personality
She’s the type of celebrity you wanna be friends with
Anjali choudhary
Anjali choudhary:
She has become more confident and sassy than before... Gorgeous✨✨✨
Yasmin Rodriguez
Yasmin Rodriguez:
This girl never changed I swear she still looks 18 actually she just get pretty every year. I honestly don’t get why people hate her.
She gets prettier as she gets older
I’m actually surprised by the positive comment section for once, she would always get SO much hate in the ‘Twilight days’ .. always felt sad for her and never understood why people criticized and hated her for no reason and compared her to other actors her age.
Max Mayfield's wife
Max Mayfield's wife:
She does not look 30, she looks like she's in her early 20s ❤️

Btw, I didnt say that 30 is old, I was just saying that if I had to look at her for the first time I would probably think she's in her early 20s
Ryker Hayward
Ryker Hayward:
She’s a lot more confident, less awkward than she was in the Twilight era.
she kinda looks like her younger self in Panic Room
A B:
I remember how much hate she would get for existing (and still does). Even when she took her heels off to walk around and sign autographs, there would be a hundred articles written the next day calling her ungrateful, miserable, emo, moody, etc. JUST for wanting to be comfortable!!! Insane.
Dorina Trokthi
Dorina Trokthi:
She’s so inspirational and I could listen to her talk forever. She really is a person to look up to.❤️
Bxbxb 1_
Bxbxb 1_:
I'll literally watch anything if it has Kristen Stewart, even if its a 5/10
False God
False God:
When she said she is scared of motor cycle I automatically remembered the twilight scene lol
Jamie Spicer
Jamie Spicer:
I absolutely adore Kristen. Seeing her grow up and evolve in to a more confident and open person is amazing. Shes just has a beautiful soul.
sounak ray
sounak ray:
the fact that kristen is getting her due in hollywood indicates the changing nature of the industry and people's mindset too
O.M. Khin
O.M. Khin:
I just love this woman 💗 always genuine and down-to-earth
Marisol Rocio
Marisol Rocio:
I love to see how much she has grown and how she feels more comfortable doing interviews. I'm so excited to see her play Princess Diana
samhitha 065
samhitha 065:
she seems to be more confident and expressive in this interview her
A A:
She's the most down to earth celebrity. She's so real and relatable. I love her.
Francesca Truss
Francesca Truss:
Kristen has always been one of my favourite actresses ever since I watched all The Twilight films. She seems a lovely person.
I don’t think I’ve seen her talk this confidently , casually . It’s really nice to see her happy ❤️
Melissa Ngai
Melissa Ngai:
She can pull off any hairstyle!! Always looking amazing. Can't believe she's 30 already (not like that's old, but just wow we all grew up huh). Time sure flies.
ruth karenina
ruth karenina:
she’s so well spoken and down to earth !! i always admire her since years ago like she’s definitely one of the celebrity that i want to hang out with 💓
Laura Peña
Laura Peña:
love the way she has evolved and seeing how happy and relaxed she is these days warms my heart. and she looks amazing. loved her InStyle interview with Clea Duvall. you do you, Kstew ❤️
She's going to be such an amazing Princess Diana. There are so many similarities and parallels between them. Both women who dealt with a lot of scrutiny and criticism and pressure from such a young age but retained their kindness and empathy.
Melissa Ngai
Melissa Ngai:
Kristen's presence just makes me smile. Like she's got this effortless coolness and no matter how young or old she is, I wanna be her and be her friend simultaneously hahaha
This put me in such a good mood! I’ve missed her face! She’s has grown so much and her confidence and comfort is so clear. She also looks just like her Panic Room days here lol
She looks pretty even without makeup now that's beauty.
Aline Martins
Aline Martins:
I really think she played it cool while answering about the Krisbian thing, because I´m sure she knows what it means. I remember clearly an interview during the Twilight movies times, in which she is asked about it and gets super shy to answer.
Simbelmyne 444
Simbelmyne 444:
She's my daughter's age so I've watched her grow up and I'll always be a big fan of her and her work! Thanks for the video!
Rea Fajardo
Rea Fajardo:
since she doesn’t have social media i sometimes wonder how is she and what project she’s working on so i’m thankful for this video<3
Adeyldes Reis
Adeyldes Reis:
i love her so so so much, she's amazing. i couldn't be more proud <3
Katie Tayler
Katie Tayler:
Wow hasn’t she grown and matured. She has a real sense of herself- that comes with age. Even 5 years ago she would’ve struggled doing a segment like that. I will always love her.
I feel like Kristen and I could be friends based solely on the fact we both heaved crying while watching "A Secret Love" 😂😂😅
Dorina Trokthi
Dorina Trokthi:
Sonam C
Sonam C:
gotta apologise to kristen because my younger self read twilight, found bella boring and drew a link. could not have been more wrong. you go girl! :))
Aditi Kumari
Aditi Kumari:
This woman is power. she's so freaking inspiring!😍🥰
Taylor DuHart
Taylor DuHart:
I love her. People don't like her because she has what they don't confidence and a kick ass attitude. One thing I learned from her is stop caring about what everyone else thinks because it makes you less of who you were until you realize it was all for nothing. She is my favorite actor.
I have such admiration for her. She’s so powerful. I bet she’s the most amazing best friend could ever have
KRISTEN STEWART! she's hell awesome!!!! There are no words to describe her.. she is the greatest n my one and only favourite actress forever!!!
E Meyers
E Meyers:
Her skin is gorgeous, she is still beautiful, I love that she found her confidence, and talking more comfortably in interviews.
Kate A
Kate A:
she looks so confident now! She’s glowing ✨
Petra Leopold
Petra Leopold:
Honestly I don't care what people think of her,she made my childhood pretty awesome with Twilight saga. I also don't understand why some people still typing mean comments abt her,like seriously do you all think she gives a damn for your opinions? So shut your jealous and negative mouths and just live your life,thanks.
The Morgane Club
The Morgane Club:
*She’s so adorable!! So glad to see her BACK!! And Her T SHIRTS ARE THE BEST!!* 🥰❤️❤️
amari ♡
amari ♡:
She looks so different now that she's grown out her hair, but she is still absolutely beautiful and funny
Franchette Pomar
Franchette Pomar:
The growth! The confidence!❤️ she’s so at ease 💓 this makes me stan her even more!!!! 😭💓
I wish I could send a mail too,
You're awesome Kristen, keep it up❤️
Lee Marie
Lee Marie:
I swear she started ageing backwards, she’s looking more like she did when she was on panic room, also she’s looking great for 30 😍😍
She seems so authentic now, 30's suited her just fine
Diane Kennedy
Diane Kennedy:
I think she's a wonderful girl I've been watching her since she was a kid and she's been in so many movies I just love her and I'm an old lady 😁❤️
She's beautiful even without any makeup❤️
Ellie Simpson
Ellie Simpson:
she seems genuinely happy
I hope she writes a autobiography or something she is so great 🥺🥺🥺
She’s more out of her shell. I think the whole twilight years was overwhelming for the young actress. She’s come a long way x
Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller:
such a beauty, have always loved her. she’s so smart and passionate and a fantastic actress ♥️
Lorena Coelho
Lorena Coelho:
muito orgulho dessa mulher maravilhosa
Linnae Willis
Linnae Willis:
I have been a fan of kristen's since Twilight, I think she's just got this bad ass with a soft side thing going for her, and I love it !
When she said "I recently turned 30" I freaked out, she looks great 😍
I feel like she is so comfortable in this interview, her most natural interview.
She has come such a long way!!! Love u Kristen xxxxx 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Nicole Anderson
Nicole Anderson:
She has blossomed well, I think people disliked her because of her acting in Twilight...her facial expressions...I get it...but I love her now, I saw her on SNL, and she's hilarious...I love her...the beginning was rough to watch, but she's always had a great her! And bless her for being herself.
I've always thought that she's such a chill person. I'll always be her fan
Amanda Fenton
Amanda Fenton:
Love this woman, anything she does is so cool xxx
Stasa Mijic
Stasa Mijic:
I love her so much! She is amazing in every way possible!❤️
Brittni S
Brittni S:
She has literally never looked better, you can tell how happy she is being herself
Silver swimsuit
Silver swimsuit:
She seems so much more confident, she's glowing. I loved her and am so happy for her.
Marie Elise
Marie Elise:
She's stunning & speaks so eloquently. Obsessed with her!!
Just Emma
Just Emma:
I literally LOVE her now, she’s so much more herself nowadays so happy for her :,)
damn , it's actually so refreshing to just hear her speak during something that isn't some movie promo or quick min interview on the red carpet. truly love her.
Afterallthistime __
Afterallthistime __:
Such an amazing woman! She seems like she’d be so cool to hangout with
Del Picsla
Del Picsla:
She’s really nice and cool. She gets too much unnecessary hate
Oshay LÜM follow me
Oshay LÜM follow me:
Love seeing people evolve in their own time (:
hey 123
hey 123:
Guys am I the only one who got Panic room flashback with this look,plus its so refreshing to see her with long hairs.Love her :)
Ashlee Nicole
Ashlee Nicole:
Aw I love Kristen I feel like I grew up with her in a way 💕
Varsha Shaktawat
Varsha Shaktawat:
Love you kristen . Love your acting . YOU ARE THE BEST😍😍
Pinki Naik
Pinki Naik:
I love her. Could listen to her talk forever.🖤💗💎👑
Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo:
And every day I see your YouTube videos and hopefully I can get to see a new one 😉 so please never stop making them much ❤️ and can't wait to see more of you 😘
My celeb crush since 2007 when I first saw her in “In the land of women” movie. She’s soooo beautiful 😍😍😍 I love her in Seberg and personal shopper, those are good movies. Underwater was good too❤️
Fernanda de la Luz
Fernanda de la Luz:
She seems so much confident and happy, Also that hair suits her so well! She looks even younger
Nick Daly
Nick Daly:
I'm the same age as Kristen and basically grew up watching her, and the way she talks about 30 is exactly how I feel too. That's quite cool to me.
Ameer Maniyar
Ameer Maniyar:
I don't know why people hate her
But she is my life ❤️
I have a theory that Kristin really really found herself, like went to her core and just went through a self love journey. Either way, she's really comfortable with herself and just doesn't seem to care now, and esp with everything she was getting I can't imagine how much she found herself and loves herself to be happy now

Md Minhaz
Md Minhaz:
My favorite,🤩🤩.Idk about everyone but I can listen to her all my life. Inspiring & Inspirational actress.
Kaylee Rebekah
Kaylee Rebekah:
This might be my favorite hair she’s ever had, she looks gorgeous
Shaye Greene
Shaye Greene:
Kristen is gorgeous without makeup she is a natural beauty
Monica _Needs you
Monica _Needs you:
Please no hate to her let's just respect and support her no matter what decision 💜💜💜
Jennifer Juneau
Jennifer Juneau:
My favorite actress. She's so real.
Jennifer Zouros
Jennifer Zouros:
Kristen is an absolute Queen
Raghad ااا
Raghad ااا:
I really hope she makes her social media public
I can keep my life everytime I see her smile:) I want her to be happy all time.大好き!
Shraddha Mishra
Shraddha Mishra:
Hey I Love Kristen Nd Robert Seriously!💯
I want them backkk!💖
Soleil Smith
Soleil Smith:
I just wanted one person to ask a Twilight question. It could have been anything. 😂
She seems to be a very beautiful person (inside/outside). I don't understand why people hate her. She is so inspiring. I'd like to meet her, just some minutes, just to tell her how special she is for me.
Beautiful and inspirational ❤ I love herrrr 🥺♥️
Daisy 🤭
Daisy 🤭:
I’m so happy to see a new interview of herrrrr. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jess Cuz
Jess Cuz:
This is the first time I've ever seen her so talkative and comfortable
TG Sarcasm
TG Sarcasm:
I love her personality. And I am looking up to her since I was a child actually. Really dear human being 😍
Jan-Erik Ella
Jan-Erik Ella:
I find it impossible not to love her (platonically). I envy the alternate universe me that gets to be friends with her.
Moo Han
Moo Han:
I like her no matter what she did, everybody did mistake, is better to get off of mistakes and live better afterwards.
I’m 🇯🇵 raised in LA when she said she’ll make anyone that comes to Cali love the place I was like wish that was meeee hahah

I’ve been watching Twilight series all over again on Netflix. Just finished watching all 5 movies.. been so many years but she really hasn’t aged!!? still looks 20! always stunning ❤️❤️ Just became more confident - carefree - talkative 😉 Kristen’s my first girl crush and I’ve admired her for like 16 yrs now!! Her shy introverted personality reminds me of myself. I’m an INTP and read that she is too!?

Love how she’s afraid of motorcycles but had to ride them in New Moon and Personal Shopper 😂💕

Also her hair!!! Her roots! It’s gotten so dark! She’s a natural dirty blonde! I want to see it full with her natural hair color. Dark brunette/black hair Kristen era is my fav look 💖💖
Aura Garcia-Gabriel
Aura Garcia-Gabriel:
I love KStew from her panic room days and im so proud of this confident young woman!