Krul Heroics Upsets Spurs | Tottenham Hotspur 1-1 Norwich City (2-3 on pens) | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

After goals from Jan Vertonghen and Josip Drmić forced extra-time, it was goalkeeper Tim Krul who was the hero of the penalty shoot out.

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The Emirates FA Cup
The Emirates FA Cup:
🤔 Best game we've seen so far this season?
Deklan T Smith
Deklan T Smith:
Moral of the story: Never take Norwich and Krul to penalties.
The Hh
The Hh:
It's a Krul game, Spurs are in a Dier situation.
Afraz Hafeez
Afraz Hafeez:
U can take poch out of spurs but you can’t take spurs out of spurs
sum wong
sum wong:
Krul penalty expert, spurs bottlers expert
Ebiegberi Adonkie
Ebiegberi Adonkie:
Tim Krul: Boys, just take it to penalties and leave the rest to me😄
Maarten van der Poel
Maarten van der Poel:
Krul did it during the 2014 world cup for The Netherlands and now for Norwich! True Legend!
Arnab Jyoti
Arnab Jyoti:
Krul and his bottle knocked out the bottlers.
Danjo Manjo
Danjo Manjo:
Spurs: We're not gonna bottle this

Krul: Here look at my bottle
Liverpool Leftback
Liverpool Leftback:
Parrot vs the Cannaries, I love that.
Tottenham has a lot of problems without Kane, Son and Lloris
Realis Achsani
Realis Achsani:
0:31 Tottenham's Goal (J. Vertonghen)
4:22 Norwich's Goal (J. Drmic)
9:32 E. Dier (Goal)
10:06 K. McLean (Miss)
10:52 E. Lamela (Miss)
11:29 A. Idah (Goal)
12:17 G. Lo Celso (Goal)
12:57 M. Stiepermann (Goal)
13:36 T. Parrot (Miss)
14:20 T. Cantwell (Goal)
15:17 G. Fernandes (Miss)
Thank me later! :)
Larger than Life
Larger than Life:
The only time Eric Dier attacked in the game was not included in the highlights.
Losing to Norwich without Pukki🤣🤣🤣🤣
Reinardus Darryl
Reinardus Darryl:
krul always "drink" after the shot lol, cheat sheet on his bottle
Olivianne Melody Huang
Olivianne Melody Huang:
Gedson penalty was a joke. Norwich really prepared penalty shootout seriously.
I guess you can say Spurs lost because of a “bottle”
Admiral General Aladeen
Admiral General Aladeen:
spurs fans really thought Mourinho will win them a trophy 😂
big bad Krul 🐺
Sevril K.A
Sevril K.A:
The Underrated Tim Krul is BACK!
Shrek _Donkey
Shrek _Donkey:
Isn’t Krul also the hero for Netherlands vs Costa Rica? (2014)
Paul Wiffen
Paul Wiffen:
This is made all the better by seeing Harry Kane so excited on the sidelines before the inevitable Spurs collapse. Superb!!
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey:
Let’s all laugh at the spuds 🤣🤣
Vishaal Venugopal
Vishaal Venugopal:
Todd cantwell was probably thinking about young thug when he took his pen
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey:
Jose Mourinho has lost his winning touch.
Tottenham finishing very poor had many chances i thought Mourinho was the reason. And then mistake from keeper. They missing lethal precision from Son and Kane.
“He used to make us wait to take our penalty shots, he was CRUEL” 🥺😂
Momo Claywater
Momo Claywater:
Without Kane and his Son, Tottenham has been sandwiched
8:43 This aged well...
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty:
How can people call this park the bus...SPURS MISSED OPEN GOALS
nobody gonna talk about the awful Spurs GK?
Erick Juma
Erick Juma:
Krul played mind games on Tottenham's penalty takers and he won. That's what experience does
David Sinclair
David Sinclair:
Tim Krul is a decent keeper, Tottenham's bubble has exploded.
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc:
When was the last time spurs won a game I legit dont even remember.
Dan 0
Dan 0:
7:16 aurier kinda just waiting
Krul always so jumps off the line before the kick
San Morales
San Morales:
The last guy though, didn’t even try
ABR Horizon
ABR Horizon:
Tim Krul: Attackers and midfielders drop back and go extra defensive then I’ll do the rest.
Muhamad Aldy Alfian
Muhamad Aldy Alfian:
I remember Netherland vs Costa Rica. 😅
got last
got last:
why premiere this video? Why not just upload now?
Tottenham keeper has trouble catching the ball
Spurs went from 5 wins in 7 undefeated games with son to 4 straight defeats without son
Alex Tabara
Alex Tabara:
1:12 are we going to ignore his skills??
If I am not mistaken, the goalkeeper has to keep at least one foot on the goal-line before the kick is taken. (Which were not the case with some of the saves).
Ynwa Sagar
Ynwa Sagar:
Adam lallana's replacement Todd cantwell seems sharp....
deadly sins
deadly sins:
When you get booed and scores at the top bin. Thats how u deal with it
Ofcourse Media's Darling continues to sweep all the trophies
ken boon
ken boon:
As a Chelsea fan nothing brings me so much overwhelming emotion than watching Tottenham crumble on penalties !
Nishan was here
Nishan was here:
Oh so krul... sucked in spurs... and the icing on the cake hopefully a nice long suspension for dier
Freddie Bradley
Freddie Bradley:
Cantwell shushing the spurs fans is legendary
Such a poor final pen from spurs, how could he take it so nonchalantly?
Tanh souksavath
Tanh souksavath:
Love those couple owner of Norwich 💛 wish they can get through Wembley
Shawn Francke
Shawn Francke:
Spurs once again bottle an opportunity to win a trophy lol. Yet they somehow still run their mouth as if their team is even relevant.
12:44 you can clearly hear Harry Kane say, “Leshhh go!”
The Daily Snail
The Daily Snail:
15:25 odd pronunciation of “city"
Lebo Makgetha
Lebo Makgetha:
Parrot's pen: Tim Krul leaps off the line to make the save

Assistant ref: "I haven't seen a better save"
Abdulrahman Mohamed
Abdulrahman Mohamed:
spurs are so lame they lose to Norwich need to win cup
Norwich players: Tottenham is too strong

Tim Krul: just get me to penalties...🤣🤣🤣🤣
Goonercow X
Goonercow X:
Tim Krul! He did it for Holland in 2014 . He did it again . Ronald koeman are you watching ?
Mohamud Mohamed
Mohamud Mohamed:
I can't believe Tottenham loses to Norwich they are so bad
Unanimous Man
Unanimous Man:
This is one of the best performances I’ve seen from Norwich this season.Yes they made mistakes,but the determination and enthusiasm they showed was top notch.👍
Samuel Watson
Samuel Watson:
12:21 That slip reminds my of John Terry's penalty miss in the 2008 Champions League Final against Man Utd
Jonathan Rivero
Jonathan Rivero:
14:30 believe it or not, she's only one year older.
Ibrahim Mohamud
Ibrahim Mohamud:
spurs are so lame cause they lose to Norwich that why they
Spurs are so funny. 'Cause they are flops.
Adi Zegman
Adi Zegman:
15:00 histórico!
Jose Rodriguez Roblox and More
Jose Rodriguez Roblox and More:
Tim Krul is the hero just like the penalties he saved in the world cup 6 years ago.
MegaBeast 2006
MegaBeast 2006:
More people need to know Tim krul he is actually an amazing goalkeeper
Yu shon
Yu shon:
The way spurs lost was so Krul.
Abdirahman Mohamed
Abdirahman Mohamed:
He is looking at the bottle
"Parrott against the canaries" haha loved that line
Zach Szala
Zach Szala:
Dude said, " statically you're more likely to win if you go first" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Potato
The Potato:
4:37 here we see 2 free spirits and a few bunch of statues.
dona mulyana
dona mulyana:
15:19 When the goalkeeper is your girlfriend. lol.
David Leo
David Leo:
Tim Krul once again cruel for the opponents, this time spurs!!
Repeat of @2014FIFAWORLDCUP
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss:
I guess you can say Spurs lost because of a “bottle”
ABR Horizon
ABR Horizon:
15:21 must be painful to watch as a spurs fan from behind the goal
risky adrian
risky adrian:
mourinho's strategy is outdated only physically strong players like inter and porto players can survive
Tim Krul will always be one of my favourite keepers.
Hmmm I’ve seen this before. Happened against Colchester as well😂
The last penalty taker needs to take a few more practice sessions hahaha let’s be having ya
Dan Lambert
Dan Lambert:
Looool man had his tactics on his water bottle, Tim krul is the penalty king.
Devraj Bandopadhyay
Devraj Bandopadhyay:
When u read where the players gonna most likely shoot from ur bottle
Jonathan Rivero
Jonathan Rivero:
15:31 Krul gets choked :(
Base Jesse
Base Jesse:
No way Krul isn’t going to be at least on the bench for the dutch during the European Championship this year
This was a match of; Who’s got the best Dutch goalkeeper?
Semir Drazanin
Semir Drazanin:
I didn’t watch the match, but this is a thrilling highlight reel.
Harry Playz
Harry Playz:
15:25 did he swear?
עידן קרני
עידן קרני:
When it comes to penalties, he's Tim Cruel
12:12 the John Terry penalty
Brandon Moncada
Brandon Moncada:
HAHA! Krul like 3 feet off his line but poor finishing from Spurs.
Man of the match is "Bottle"
Football TV
Football TV:
It's happand again <3
Rizqi Pulungan
Rizqi Pulungan:
Love that Jan's celebration
Jatin Deshpande
Jatin Deshpande:
Why is that commentator sounding like Homer Simpson
Alpin Novianus
Alpin Novianus:
what do you expect, this is the specialty keeper that is subbed on just for the penalties in the world cup.
Aco Bat
Aco Bat:

al d
al d:
Krul literally ran to parrott🦜 talked to him , and made the save the absolute madman
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
lets all laugh at spurs