Kyle Rittenhouse was wrong?

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Ziva Riva
Ziva Riva:
He was going to be beaten to death if he didn't protect himself.
The only people shot were the ones actively assaulting him, repeatedly....
i guess the rioters got what they asked for- “violence”.... He was straight defending himself against these dudes..
asdfgamer 1232
asdfgamer 1232:
It was self defense. His trial is more politically motivated along with his charges.
Melissa Mckinney
Melissa Mckinney:
He would be dead if he let Domestic Terrorists kill him....Common sense.
Geoff Nelson
Geoff Nelson:
That’s such a good point. One person sets a dealership on fire, they get arrested. 20 people set a dealership on fire, no penalty.
Scribe Mundos
Scribe Mundos:
He seems to stand... walk... with rifle pointing DOWN. Not hostile
He IS NOT in prone position to attack multiple targets - He seems like a young man trying TO DEFEND HIMSELF AND OTHERS - Also he is showing HIS FACE - NOT HIDING.

This just my personal opinion,
I am just thinking, trying, with all of you, to understand what I see.
Sandman Attorney representing him. Once found innocent, going after fake media 🇺🇸👌
The black guy who drop-kicked him didn't get shot....Kyle missed him. It was the skateboard guy who got shot in the chest and died.
Spartan Dogs
Spartan Dogs:
He wouldn’t feel the need to come from another state to protect the citizens and property if the states governor and law-enforcement was protecting there own state.
Billy Badtouch
Billy Badtouch:
If our government starts putting people away who defend themselves and their property it won't end well.
traveling Cat
traveling Cat:
The man injured in his arm publicly admitted in a writting he wished he had been quick enough to kill Kyle!
tim ferguson
tim ferguson:
So let me get this straight.....they hate the cops and want to defund them EXCEPT when bad shit happens to them. Oh....okay....makes perfect sense now. SMH....
Greg B
Greg B:
Brandon, when Kyle was being chased you missed a guy in a red shirt/white head covering shoot at Kyle with a handgun, at his back. Two people pulled and/or shot at Kyle. He was running for his life.
dad bear
dad bear:
Incredible to note that everyone Kyle shot was a convicted felon while Kyle had no record and was treating people that day. It also necessary to note that the guy he shot in the arm was holding a gun and others were shooting at Kyle, he is innocent of all charges
Ian Wagner
Ian Wagner:
Just goes to show you how stupid these rioters are chasing down someone who is open carry and attack him with a skateboard
Kelly Bishop
Kelly Bishop:
He shot the guy in the head because the guy was chasing him AFTER throwing a Molotov cocktail at him. That’s why he was behind the cars, he was running away from the guy chasing him. I can’t imagine the guy chasing him was going to hug it out after chucking a Molotov cocktail at him 🤷🏼‍♀️
PJ Jones
PJ Jones:
This is going to happen more, Americans are sick of our Cities being destroyed!!
Is it a coincidence that everyone who attacked him was a criminal? Long shot here, who is responsible for releasing them from jail? Why were they actually there?
Funny the media says white but on his arrest its says RACE: Hispanic 😂😂
Basketball Clamper
Basketball Clamper:
So I guess now if you’re a white person self defense isn’t legal
Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan:
GoFundMe is waging war on conservatives, they took down Kyle’s page but leave up the criminals!!
Morrigan Fey
Morrigan Fey:
People need to be suing the mayors and such personally for refusing to uphold laws and protect citizens. If they'd let the police do their jobs, this wouldn't have happened.
Eco 1234
Eco 1234:
I'm not confused at all, it was self defense. And he was their protecting his country from domestic terrorist because the government refuses to do so.
If you’re white and you stand up to them, you’ll be called a white supremacist by default.
They are murderous criminals who didn't care if they killed that kid, kicking his head. They got what they gave. Too effing bad.
Marc Wareham
Marc Wareham:
The left have blood on their hands for stirring racial hatred that’s caused all this nonsense in the first place!
Spartan_ 4154
Spartan_ 4154:
SEND the national guard.

All these “protest” remind of the movie Chappie when the police units were shut down 👎
Denise Darnell
Denise Darnell:
And at this point , the Governor if Illnois will NOT LET HIM BE EXTRADITIED
Loud Gamingtv
Loud Gamingtv:
Can’t wait to see Kyle walk the streets a free man
The word "self-defense" does not exist in BLM and ANTIFA.
Konner Mitts
Konner Mitts:
I heard that the guy going up to Kyle with a gun was going to execute him, I dont know if its true but either way i believe Kyle's actions are self defense
Mary Kennedy
Mary Kennedy:
The First shooting was caused by the man chasing Kyle grabbed his Rifle Muzzle, fact ....
kev vandy
kev vandy:
He was using his God given (and US Constitutional) right to defend himself from anti-American fruitcake liberals looking for trouble. Earlier that day he was cleaning up graffiti,
and performing repairs for damaged property.
I’m not sure but I would be willing to bet Kenosha is a den of Democrats.
Ron Smith
Ron Smith:
The black guy standing there with his hands up and he doesn’t shoot him proves he only shot people attacking him and he’s not racist
matt krincle
matt krincle:
Should be charged for crossing state lines while having unlawful possession of a weapon. Dudes from Illinois
David Bond
David Bond:
Great White hype
Great White hype:
He wasn’t chasing someone. Someone was chasing him. And he was shot at prior to shooting the guy in the head. All the way around self defense. This is the exact reason self defense laws are in place.
Nicole Heiland
Nicole Heiland:
I am behind kyle on this that kid took a beating and fought back.
Jacked Up!
Jacked Up!:
How ironic how these 'protesters' now expect the police to step in and do their job. What...a...joke!
Brian Mcclelland
Brian Mcclelland:
There’s another video that shows first shooting was self defense also
John Nunnelee
John Nunnelee:
All three were justified! I just hate that only two of them died!
SouthAfrican Guy
SouthAfrican Guy:
"Don't take a skateboard or a little gun to a rifle fight" Spot on as always Officer!
not me
not me:
Brandon, they tried to disarm him and kill him.

What would you have done. B

John Stone
John Stone:
A boy doing what grown ass men won't do. Respect
Josh j
Josh j:
If they shot and killed Kyle, it wouldn't be in the news.
Jordan Rahman
Jordan Rahman:
they started to chase him after he put out a dumpster fire right before this happened
Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart:
This kid is a lot more innocent than the "heroes" these "protesters" are rioting over.
Daniel Love
Daniel Love:
What about the fact that he’s a 17 year old with a gun
John Allen
John Allen:
Self defense to me, he didn’t shoot until being chased down and attacked twice.
Like I say what is a (Kid) doing in a middle of a warzone
Pagans R Us
Pagans R Us:
He even cleared a stoppage whilst on the ground then carried on fighting.
Steven Foust
Steven Foust:
Darwin is right again. That “kid “ has brass ones to be able to remain in control . Totally justified 100.
Joshua Tunis
Joshua Tunis:
6:44 "I guess after you put some lead on a few people, they back away." LOL, I love you man
Scott Brock
Scott Brock:
Kid showed enough restraint not to mag dump the whole crowd after they chased him down.
Kid has shooting skills! Totally justified! They are overcharging him -they’ll have to find him not guilty because there is no way after watching these videos it’s anything other than self defense!!
Kyle Rittenhouse is charged with 5 felonies + 1 misdemeanor. He is facing a max sentence of life + 170 years & 9 months. The most serious charge is Intentional Homicide of Anthony Huber, max penalty life + 5 years. Evidence shows Huber hitting Kyle with a skateboard while Kyle is on the ground, then Huber struggling to get the rifle out of Kyle’s hands. One shot is fired during the struggle. Kyle is charged w/ Reckless Homicide in the death of Joseph Rosenbaum, max penalty 65 years. Kyle was running from Rosenbaum, who was chasing him & threw an object at him. The moment he was shot, Rosenbaum was attempting to grab Kyle’s rifle. Kyle is charged w/ Reckless Endangerment of a reporter who was not injured. Max penalty 17.5 years. Kyle is charged w/ Reckless Endangerment of “unknown male”, max penalty 17.5 years, for shooting and missing a man who was about to kick his head in. Kyle is charged w/ Possession of a Dangerous Weapon under age 18. Yet, the law exempts RIFLE possession.
m t g
m t g:
Good analysis as usual. Kyle Rittenhouse is a legend!
S Della
S Della:
I would protect myself too!!!....finally we fight back!
Don't bring a skateboard to a gun fight!!!
dwight 88
dwight 88:
You get 1 true American on the jury, he's good.
Iain Bailey
Iain Bailey:
I’m fairly sure he was there to essentially protect the “protesters” from any civilian attackers. Literally no way he can be found guilty for 1st degree, he was attacked from behind which you can see in a different video.
barrel dreamz
barrel dreamz:
"I have a public school education so don't worry about it!"😂😂😂😂😂 Dude your the best
Brandin Shaeffer
Brandin Shaeffer:
"i don't know why they chasing somebody with a gun" ...when I say I screamed.. lollll
Worldwide Sojourner
Worldwide Sojourner:
Anyone else thoroughly impressed with the execution of the kid in the face of madness? He seems pretty level headed, and extremely badass
Jason kojack
Jason kojack:
Nope wasn’t wrong at all and I see charges dropped no way he is
J Bettis
J Bettis:
It was either them or him. 100% self-defense!
Sinek Us
Sinek Us:
SMH ..... how much are they paying you. I know for a fact u can’t sleep at night.
It’s simple he was jumped so he protected himself
Wade Roper
Wade Roper:
I’m sorry but if the cops won’t do anything. One day this could be us defending our city. Good for him!
Jacob Malloy
Jacob Malloy:
He said running around with an assault rifle😂
Lj Lx
Lj Lx:
I would hire him as a member of my security for sure 👍
5:54 guy shoot at Kyle, later gets shot in the arm
9:40 whats up with the leg
10:34 blast in arm
Tatum my man, i believe it's said Rit-Ten-House or Written-House.
Looks like Kyle will be judged by 12 instead of being carried by 6.
Mr. Rapture
Mr. Rapture:
Armed security guards also need to be licensed, do they not? When do these laws apply? A 17 year old will get in trouble for carrying a gun if busted, but he wont get in trouble if he kills someone in self defense while carrying illegally?
I just wanna know what was that kid doing with an AR in first place?
Seek Truth
Seek Truth:
I wonder if those ant ifa terrorist turds are still waiting for those two “riot game players” to re-spawn?
L D:
The million dollar question... “why chase someone with a gun?” #freekyle It was self defense!!
Hey look the white guy shoots a few thugs and then has the sense enough to put his hands up and listen to the police...see the difference
Ster Fry
Ster Fry:
How do we know he wasn't defending himself from something he started in the first place?
Declan Hanson
Declan Hanson:
Damn 17 years old and has a commie body count of 2😳 respect ✊
Liza Wake
Liza Wake:
"Life in Wartime"..Talking Heads..."This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin around."
René W.
René W.:
People think they're immune to consequences by having 'good intentions'. You can apply that to all parties involved.
cere tomer
cere tomer:
When the politicians won't let the police do their job, stuff like this happens.
Chris Coon
Chris Coon:
I always learn so much from your breakdowns .
John Smith
John Smith:
“I have a public education so don’t worry about it”

Preach brother 😂✊🏻🇺🇸
Money Bags
Money Bags:
Has anyone thought he was running away because he shoot the first guy in the head 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️ lol he seems like a good guy.. its always those type of ppl are the ones to shoot up stuff 😆
Al Taylor
Al Taylor:
Hear the first person shot had handgun rounds in his back?
GameDev Arkitect
GameDev Arkitect:
the boy would've actually died had he not shot and his gun would've been stolen at the same time.
Real american Fan
Real american Fan:
Is me are do it seem all American citizens are in the military🔥🔫🇺🇲
S. B.
S. B.:
Those kids thinking they're playing Fornite or call of duty
Vic Rider
Vic Rider:
“What planet you livin on Mayne?” 😂
Chandler Undefeated
Chandler Undefeated:
I agreed with everything you said until 11:26. Those are two different situations. U doing the same thing u said these news outlets are doing
He's only being called a "white supremacist" because of a blue lives matter Facebook post it's complete propoganda by fake news media
David Gainey
David Gainey:
You defending an trying to defend to the max remember he killed a guy 1st.
Sherrie Farris
Sherrie Farris:
I love your videos and share them with my family every day. One thing-- as an Illinoisian... the "s" is silent.
0:50 there’s a lot of videos and pictures of these riots and the FBI got time
Platinum Johncrow
Platinum Johncrow:
I knew the school shooters would come save us. Gta players get ready